Thursday, March 3, 2011

All aboard the SC promo train

Lots of new stills from Source Code, plus interviews with Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Duncan Jones et al, at Trailer Addict. Plus three videos of b-roll from the set and a new scene. First up, Jake's interview:

The new scene. You might not want to watch - spoiler alert! (The spoiler is written on the video, so jump down if you don't even want to read it.)

Wired also ran a spoilery article sbout the science of SC.

There's news of Jake's other projects, as well. First up, a scene from the Love & Other Drugs Blue Ray:

You can watch a second deleted scene here.

Finally, news on unseen/unfilmed Jake projects. Variety reports that Jake is in talks to film a new movie with David Ayers, writer of Training Day and director of :

Exclusive: David Ayer is set to write and direct his latest cop drama "End of Watch," with Jake Gyllenhaal in early discussions to star.
Ayer and John Lesher will produce through Ayer's Crave Films and Lesher's Le Grisibi's Productions.

Plot details are vague; pic's being described as a gritty cop drama that follows the friendship between longtime partners. Ayer and Lesher are still putting the movie together and are out to financiers, so no production date has been set.

Deadline has information on the Nailed test screening:

The trouble is, he washed his hands of the film last summer because of all the money problems, and I'm told that last night's screening played like an assemblage of rough footage, without the nuance Russell would have injected had he finished.

The backers are going to shop the film for distribution, but it is obvious that Russell will do everything he can to appeal to the Directors Guild to remove his name.

And here's a not a very encouraging report from someone who saw the screening.


UltraViolet said...

Video with very brief glimpse of Jake arriving at the Vanity Fair party.

Cute story about the short films winner:

tephen also recalled how Jake Gyllenhaal teased Luke when he was having his photo taken at the media room after the awards.

According to Stephen, Jake told Luke, ‘Look at all these photographers. They are all your new friends!’"

Stephen recalled that at one of the parties they went to, Luke saw Jake again.

As Luke wanted to talk to Jake again, he followed him. "Since we, his entourage, were all following him, we followed Luke too. It turned out that Jake went to the men’s room. So suddenly, there was a long bee line outside the men’s room!" Stephen recalled, laughing.

This Guardian reporter saw Jake at the Oscars:

Behind me, I hear Jake Gyllenhaal talking to a friend. "So," says Jake, "what other parties are you going to?"

UltraViolet said...

Please let me know if you can't view that second deleted scene. It says it's blocked in certain locations due to copyright.

mary said...

i have to laugh at all those guys following jake and he was going to the mens room LOL wonder if luke got to speak with jake again after that or if jake knew he had a following:)

Monica said...

This movie sounds interesting, but the problem is the director and screenwriter. Only one of his films was considered good (Training Day) and this is something troubling.
Interesting to see that Jake is going to that side of the action and drama.

UV, the video is not working for me.

I wanted David to finalize the movie, but with an Oscar nomination and other projects, he probably will not want to return.

OT: I do not know how this video wasn't shown: Oscar 2011

Shondra said...

I'm going to skip a lot of the SC stuff UV too spoilery! I'm so excited about SC, this is my kind of movie!

I love cop dramas but I share your concerns Monica with the director, Training Day is his only good film.

What a funny story about Jake and Luke!

Odd how they are going about with Nailed, I don't see Russell wanting to be attached to this film anymore.

bobbyanna said...

Such riches this morning! UV, the second deleted scene video won't work for me either.

monica, I have a few concerns for the same reason, but I'm glad Jake's interested in movies like this. I've seen other Ayers movies, and casting Denzel in Training Day definitely elevated it. Harsh Times was well acted(except for Eva), but it just didn't work.

I'll be very interested to know how the casting goes. It doesn't sound like it's a done deal yet, but it probably is about to be.

Don't know what to think about Nailed. Almost hope it dies. If they mess it up in post, by moving forward without Russell's involvement, it may really harm the actors.

Thanks for all the party info & videos, too, guys! ;)

FL said...

Is there a secret to getting the L&OD deleted scenes to play? Specially the one from the Post? I see the second one has already been blocked by Fox due to copyright.

Shondra said...

I forgot to add that the video isn't working for me either:(

Monica they should have never deleted that clip from the Oscars, adding it would have improved the show!

Monica said...


Bob, I am also happy to see him in movies like this.

Yeah, Shondra. James is so hot.

Monica said...

word search:

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Monica. In case you missed it, you can watch the second deleted scene here.

The Post video works for me. Not sure why it won't for you, FL.

Shondra, I didn't watch the b-roll videos because they were too spoilery. But I did watch the scene in the post, I confess!

I wasn't crazy about the Grease clip, really. I can see why they didn't use it.

A big part of the potential new movie is also who plays Jake's partner. I also wonder how close they are to financing.

bobbyanna said...

Has anyone else tried monica's word search game? I got 235. I'm going to try again later.:)

Not real crazy about that Grease parody.I did enjoy the opening video sequence with Anne & James in the nominated movies. Especially the Inception sequence.

UltraViolet said...

I didn't try it, Bobbyanna. Looks like you scored :)

A couple of SC screening reactions:

NEWSFLASH: Many things in SOURCE CODE were amazing...but the only one I can mention now involves Jake's delicious face. Beards, winning!

Y'know, for a film that's really just 12 MONKEYS meets GROUNDHOG DAY with a dash of SLIDING DOORS for flavor, SOURCE CODE is not bad at all.

That last tweeter apparently also said it was literate and worth seeing.

UltraViolet said...

Eek - not a very encouraging report on Nailed. Grain of salt and all, since it's an unfinished film.

One commenter says he heard it was "refreshingly funny." Another commenter on Deadline wrote:

Saw it. It’s unsalvagable, even with Russell. Tracey Morgan has some funny bits and Jake Gyllenhaal is surprisingly funny as a geek, but Jessica Biel is terrible.

Anonymous said...

There's time for Jake to make a movie before the Ayers movie.

Chica said...

The news on the Nailed front doesn't sound positive. I'm with you Bobbyanna in kinda of hoping it won't get released. Interesting that they omitted the title of the film for the screening.

The Grease clip is cute, but I don't think it would have helped that awful telecast:(

I don't have time to check out the SC video or Monica's link, that will have to wait until I get home!

bobbyanna said...

From Twitter:
"Jake gyllenhall is at my office right now and the two girls that work here got all dolled up for the dude ."


Paula said...

I'm loving the stills from SC, Jake is looking mighty fine!

Thanks for the trailer, spoilerish but I couldn't resist.

The VF party bits are too funny, better than the silly Jake/Reese/Taylor stuff!

I think the ship has sailed on Nailed, I think the best thing to happen to it if it went straight to DVD.

I'm all for Jake starring in a cop-buddy flick, with SC, his name attached to Bourne and now this, it seems like that may be his focus now.

My LAOD DVD came today, I can't wait to watch it again tonight!

Monica said...

@ManMadeMoon Duncan Jones
Very excited to be able to announce that some time tomorrow, the amazing @ollymoss will be revealing a spanky new Source Code poster! YES!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I am so on the SC train/promo tour, thanks do much for posting all the SC goodies!

It looks really intense and yay! for a new SC poster!

I think they need to stick s fork into Nailed. I was really excited sbout this film at first, loved the script but too much time has passed and Russell has abandoned it, not a good sign.

End of Watch sounds interesting but I'm not a fan of the director.

Paula said...

I just watched that VP clip of Jake arriving at the party again UV. I couldn't tell if that woman arrived with Jake or not, she was sort of walkng behind him.

She looked young, dark brown hair. If it's one of his PA's, then she's new.

UltraViolet said...

Early, positive take on SC:

Of course, I’m not sure what I would classify the film as it bounces around between mystery, thriller and love story all tied together by an interesting morally hinged plot. But word of warning, the film isn’t all that mysterious, nor thrilling nor is the plot all that complex, so if that is what you are demanding from your films you’re going to end up sorely disappointed.

But what Source Code does offer is a fascinating morality tale that is a pitch perfect compliment to the one found in Moon. But that hardly is the meatiest morsel in this cinematic confection, rather, it’s Source Code’s fascinating take on time travel. As a bit of a sci-fi buff I’ve seen my fair share of time travel films and I have to admit I’m stumped at ever seeing time travel depicted in such a bizarre, yet novel way. It truly is an ingenious twist on the sub-genre and allows for some fascinating introspection because of it.

And that is the true strength of Source Code. While it will entertain you, it isn’t a film that is going to wow you while it is onscreen, rather it is going to burrow into your brain and seduce you on the drive home.

Sounds pretty good. I hope the fact that it might not wow people doesn't mean they'll stay away.

bobbyanna said...

Well, UV at least it's a very positive review. I hope the legend at the top of his blog isn't prescient:"Watching what no one else does." :)BTW: SXSW is livestreaming on IFC channel on 3/11.

Paula,in my personal opinion, speaking only for myself, I think that's his date. She fits the description of the brunette he was reported to have been with for the CAA event Friday,too.

I saw the short blonde woman (publicist)working the Oscars on the red carpet. This young woman's in the pics with Michelle. She's holding two program books,a phone, purse, and what looks like an invitation. Gorgeous necklace, too. Very pretty,nice outfit...and not famous!:)

bobbyanna said...

Oops. The publicist lady who worked with him on the LAOD red carpets is standing next to the girl with the necklace. Picture where Jake's hugging Michelle.

Viv said...'s an early review of SC:

He gave SC high score


IrishMitchy: @manmademoon Seeing Moon and now Source Code, I would have loved to have seen your take on Superman

but of course there will be some negative review:

christineestima: Just saw Source Code which stars Jake Gyllenhaal & opens soon. Was filmed in Montreal & features an ornery Russell Peters. Was kinda dull.

News1130Movies: Source Code - meh. Gyllenhaal always nice to oggle, tho. Opens Apr 1st - review coming that week.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for those, Viv. I loved the first one, though I only skimmed it, since it seemed to be explaining some things I didn't want to know.

FYI, the christineestima tweeter was an extra on PoP. She blogged about her onset experience; we posted it; she got mad and asked us to take it down. She doesn't seem to be much of a fan of Jake's, so take her opinion with a huge grain of salt.

One more mini-review. Granted, this might not exactly be objective:

Just got back from seeing our April cover girl Michelle Monaghan shine opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in the destined to be a spring blockbuster thriller Source Code. This thoroughly entertaining flick about a soldier who wakes up trapped in the body of an unknown man hits theatres on April 1st. Monaghan plays Gyllenhaal's love interest in the film. "Oh my gosh. I can't say enough nice things about Jake,” gushed Monaghan on the day of our cover shoot in Los Angeles. “He's like the perfect concoction of 50 percent gentleman and 50 percent naughty boy.”

Love the description of Jake!

UltraViolet said...

I saw a tweet about this and wasn't sure what to make of it: Jake Gyllenhaal will be in an episode of Man vs Wild

Bear — a man who's drunk his own wee and the warm blood of animals he's killed with his bare hands (he is amazing) — revealed that his yet-to-be-filmed collaboration with Jake came about because of an offhand remark the actor made on a talk show.

"Jake was just joking [about what it's like to be famous]," Bear told reporters during his recent trip to Sydney. "He was going, 'Yeah, it's great, I get whatever I want — if I get in trouble in the wild I just call Bear Grylls."

Bear and Jake had never actually met at that point, but it wasn't long before the former called up the latter and invited him to "put his money where his mouth is". And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you never make jokes about Bear Grylls. The man is hardcore.

Tweety said...

I've heard of Man Vs Wild but I never watched it, should be interesring if Jake actually did the show!

I see the reviews are coming in on SC, mixed as expected. The Wire description sounds like it's a thinking fan boy/girl Sci-fi movie, like you UV I hope that doesn't scare off some people.

Thanks so much for all the updates and pics post Oscars. Interesting that Jake took a date a "civilian" to the VF party (I agree with you Bobbyanna) and all we heard about was Reese and Taylor there. He obviously worked the room schmoozing and networking and his date most likely was in the background but it just goes to show you what a few seconds of a video can really show.

I don't think Nailed will ever see he light of day:(

Monica said...

If Nailed have problems, I hope to see it on dvd, but not in theaters.

Man vs. Wild? wow! Bear has plans to record an episode this year or in 2012 in Brazil.
It is not easy to watch, mainly because of what he eats.

Monica said...

Jake and Amy presenting Oscar:

bobbyanna said...

"If Nailed have problems, I hope to see it on dvd, but not in theaters."

monica, I don't even know if I want to see at all! I almost hope it just goes away. IMO, they'd probably "fix" it just enough to get it distributed so they can try to make some $$ off of it. They won't invest any more $$$ to make it good. David O Russell is hot right now, so they'd trade on his name if they can get away with it.
I get SO frustrated when I read, yet again, that Jake does a great job, but the movie sucks.:(

They said the Bear Grylls episode is "yet to be filmed." Don't know what to think about the Aussie media sometimes. Interesting if it happpens.

Anonymous said...

I love this poster for SC.

Anonymous said...

On ET with their film of the Vanity Fair party you saw Reese and Michelle and Busy talking and then Busy giving Reese a hug.
At those parties tho people come and go and tho Jake might of been there when Taylor was, maybe he wasn't there when Reese was.

UltraViolet said...

I think there's video of Gryllis actually saying the stuff about Jake, but I couldn't get it to play. Or it might just be a news report about it.

As for Nailed, I also worry about seeing it. But I'd be happy for it to go to DVD, at least, because I'd like to see it. No matter how cringent.

I think.

UltraViolet said...

More SC reaction. Things seem pretty positive so far. Still not getting the hopes up.

My big piece of advice is to see it with as little knowledge of it as you can. Works better knowing less about it.

Just saw SOURCE CODE this morning. No embargo, so I can talk about it all I want. But all I have to say is it's a pretty awesome flick


Saw a sneak of Duncan Jones' SOURCE CODE today and thought it was a nifty bit of old-school scifi/suspense.

Interesting that there's no embargo. Guess they are hoping for good WOM. Of course, it's also opening in a week, so what's the point.

Anonymous said...

New pics of Jake out for a run with Atticus on Just Jared.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't look too happy in those pics but God he looks good:).

FL said...

Anon @4:17 are you serious?

Anonymous said...

April 1st can't come fast enough.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the tweets about SC. I'm not enthused about the new poster. What's so difficult about finding a dramatic shot of Jake from the movie, and turning it into dramatic poster with some great graphics?

I think Jake looks just fine, hot actually, and very focussed as he usually is, on his run.

Atticus makes me smile. He's just ambling along. That one ear flagging. Kind of roguish. No sweat.:)

Chica said...

He looks fine to me just focused in those pics, it's good to see Atti!

Why can't they make a poster that features Jake? This one is better thsn the previous IMO but too artsy lookiing.

Monica said...

I like the new poster.

Anon, I know that Michelle has received some advice from Reese at a difficult time. They were good words. I think Jake introduced Reese to Michelle.

Ok, my country is celebrating. A party that goes until next Wednesday. It's carnival!

bobbyanna said...

Yes, it is, monica!! Be well, and have fun!

At some point this weekend, I'm downloading Black Orpheus from Amazon and watching it! Best. Soundtrack. Ever!:)

Monica said...

Good to see Jake and Atticus.

About End Of Watch, I think the director/screenwriter decided to talk about Jake being in negotiations, because of The Bourne Legacy.
I think he is afraid of losing a possible negotiation if a executive think jake is no longer on the project because of "The Bourne Legacy".

Great, Bob. You should see it up close. Jude Law will see it on Sunday!

Chica said...

Havwe a great time Monica!

TCM showed Black Orpheus last week Bobbyanna, maybe they will air it again leading up to Mardi Gras!

bobbyanna said...

Dang! I missed that chica! I'll check to see if they will be airing it again.

"I think the director/screenwriter decided to talk about Jake being in negotiations, because of The Bourne Legacy."

Hmmm. Very interesting. You may be right, monica.

When Jake "goes to ground" he really knows how to disappear. No tweets.:)

mary said...

great to see atticus with jake and jake looks great

yes jake sure know how to stay under cover when he wants

me, again said...

Chica, Black Orpheus isn't an Amazon rental, and it's not airing anytime soon on TV. I think it was one of the Pre-Oscar movies, bcz it won Best Foreign Language back in the day. Oh, well.:(

Chica said...

I think you are right Bobbyanna, they showed The Red Balloon and La Strada the same day. It was part of their 31 days of Oscars and they were showing films that won or were nominated for best foreign film.

bobbyanna said...

From twitter:

"Did runyon canyon with Jake Gyllenhaal. Okay. I just passed him and his trainer on the hillside trail run twice. Same diff."
45 min.ago

"Just saw jake gylenhaal.. OMG so hot! I love runyon"
1 hr. ago

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Wow Mardi Gras is here already? Have fun Monica!

Black Orpheus is such a beautiful and mystical film, I haven't seen it in ages.

I love that poster too Monica and can we add Runyan canyon as a Jake CZ?

Anonymous said...

Kinda looks like Jake is getting in shape for his next movie. I think when he just runs for the exercise is maybe a bit different than being with a Trainer.

suvee said...

Okay, I have a great idea for Jake's next movie.

According to JustJared, James Franco has dropped out of the new Noah Baumbach film, While We're Young. (Unfortunately Cate Blanchett has also left the film.) It's due to start filming in NYC in June.... it's a drama about an uptight couple that befriend a free-spirited younger couple. An off-beat indie drama....sounds perfect for Jake, huh?

The Variety article makes it sound like the David Ayer's cop drama hasn't been written (or financed) yet. So I'm thinking Jake should be available this summer. :)

Just a thought....

Extra said...

Hi Suvee!!!

That is a great idea and if I remember Jake does know Noah. I remember the pap pics of them I think in NY a few years ago!

Not surprised to hear that James dropped out, he plate is beyond full. Didn't he take over the part of the Wizard in the new Oz film from RDJ?

I can't wait for Jake to start promoting SC, it should be full speed ahead starting next weekend.

It's been really hard trying to keep away from all the spoilers!

Enjoy your Mardi Gras celebrations Monica!

UltraViolet said...

This is a funny series of tweets from Yuri Lowenthal, the voice of the PoP in the video games. Or most of them.

Too bad it didn't work out. When I saw the first one, I wondered if he'd talk to Jake.

Well, Jake confirmed something I already knew, don't go up & bother celebrities when they're eating. That's rude. #evenifyouaretherealprince
about 6 hours ago via TweetDeck

OH: (re: the giant #SUCKERPUNCH poster) "Oh god, I just wanna jump up on that poster and hump that girl!" #noitwasntme
about 6 hours ago via TweetDeck

And the woman at the table with him made fun of my Fez!
about 6 hours ago via TweetDeck

So to placate you guys I DID go up to Jake at brunch. It went SO WELL. #sarcasm #awkward #fuckhimitsmybirthday
about 6 hours ago via TweetDeck

Hey @jmechner Jake Gyllenhaal is sitting next to us at brunch. Is that even allowed? #dontcrossthestreams
about 7 hours ago via TweetDeck

Jake Gyllenhaal just sat down at the table next to us at brunch. I kinda wanna tell him who the REAL Prince of Persia is. #dontdoit #dont

UltraViolet said...

A slightly nicer encounter with Jake:

I always thought I didn't care about seeing stars until Jake Gyllenhaal holds the door for me and Lindsay and flashes his gorgeous smile... we will now be having brunch there EVERY weekend!

I think he was at Square One, which is definitely now in the CZ.

UltraViolet said...

Suvee, we have seen Jake out with Noah Baumbach, too. I'd have to know a little more about the script, but I'd love to see Jake do a smaller movie along with the big budget ones.

I wasn't a fan of The Squid and the Whale. I don't know if I've seen any other NB films

Get Real said...

Just saw a SC commercial on SNL!!! It was a really good one too.

Viv said...

twitter time XD

I'll save the "official" review tweet closer to release, but markpfeiffer: SOURCE CODE is a fun, mid-level film that's now an endangered H'wood species.

markpfeiffer@AndrewDignan: Saw SOURCE CODE this morning & had DEJA VU flashbacks. They're not the same film, but there's a fair amount of overlap

markpfeiffer@AndrewDignan: That's kind of spot on, although I liked both films

Viv said...

OK.....these three twitters is the same person.

and have a nice day everyone :)

Viv said...

markpfeiffer:I'll save the "official" review tweet closer to release, but SOURCE CODE is a fun, mid-level film that's now an endangered H'wood species.

Sorry...I can't edit my own post:/

Josie said...

I've seen at least two SC commercials so far along with my 3ed viewing of LAOD on DVD this weekend so far!

Thanks so much for all the SC info and updates on the Oscar parties Jake attended.

Good to see Jake out and about with Atti, the roll out for SC should be fun, Jake and Duncan seem to have really connected during filming.

Monica said...

Photoshoot: Jake Gyllenhaal


mary said...

thanks monica do you know when the photo shoot was done? they look fairly recent

bobbyanna said...

All these tweets are fun! There's a twitpic of the PoP voice-over guy wearing his fez.

I've read several comparisons of SC to Deja Vu, even one that mentioned The Adjustment Bureau. But most people seemed to enjoy it as a fun outing.

UV, I'm not a particular Noah Baumbach fan. I saw "Squid" and another one with Nicole Kidman. I recall they got off to a decent start, then lost steam. Or maybe I lost steam.:)

Very character driven and talky. I Some of his stuff is so personal, I get the impression he sometimes makes his audience feel left out, if that makes sense. Or maybe I just realized at a certain point during the movie, that I just didn't "care."

Didn't see "Greenberg." It didn't look that interesting. But he does have some interesting projects listed on imdb. I guess it's actually his less commercial stuff I have problems with.

bobbyanna said...

Just looked at the photoshoot.
Seems like I remember at least one of those poses from a magazine article when LAOD came out? I do think they are fairly recent.

Tweety said...

Looks like Jake may be back in NY:

diablodamour: Just saw jake gyllenhaal in soho my life is complete
33 minutes ago

Anonymous said...

wouldnt be surpised if he was hes been in LA for awhile and it seems lately hes been jetting back anf forth between LA and NY also hes due to be in austin on the 12th for that film festival

mary said...

whoops thats me:)

FL said...

Looks like Jake may be back in NY:

diablodamour: Just saw jake gyllenhaal in soho my life is complete
33 minutes ago

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that tweet is true and not a case of mistaken identify; Peter's birthday is tomorrow. You only turn the Big 4-0 once! :-D

bobbyanna said...

I agree, FL. Plus isn't tonight the closing night of Three Sisters?
Maybe a party.:)

Chica said...

I got a score of 230 on Monica'a LAOD word game, I need to do it over!

So Jake is back in NY, of course I never see him when he is here.

A early Happy B-day to Peter!

bobbyanna said...

Hmmm. justjared has him out jogging today in L.A.

mary said...

yea i was just going to post that bobbyanna just saw those pics so it looks like jake still in LA

Monica said...

Suvee, I loved your suggestion. I also thought about a movie for him these days. A film will be directed by a woman and who will talk about a cop or something like that, who infiltrated a gang of Los Angeles.
The movie will cost 30 million. Looks promising.

OT: It was a fun afternoon. Carnival is a great fun.
Jude Law and Tom Brady are in Rio. They are so hot!

bobbyanna said...

Guess so, mary. There was a FB post about tonite's final performance of 3 Sisters,and the poster named some famous people who were there,like James Earl Jones, Eli Wallach, Wallace Shawn, etc. but didn't mention Jake.

OTOH, there was a 2 PM performance today,(right around the time of the SoHo tweet.) as well as the final, 7:30 performance, and maybe those jogging pics were from yesterday.
Such a mystery! :) LOL!

UltraViolet said...

Someone at Aint It Cool reviewed SourceCode. I think it might be spoilery - I only skimmed. The reviewer wasn't crazy about Jake, but thought the movie was "reasonably entertaining." Kind of a middling review.

As always, read the comments with caution.

Thanks for the photoshoot link, Monica!

Get real, I saw the SNL spot, too. And another one on Sportscenter. Let's hope the ads generate interest.

Viv said...

As we said before we shouldn't keep our hope high about SC:)
I know it won't get EXCELLENT reviews,but good thing is no ugly reviews so far:)
All I want is people want to see it.I hope the studio can promote SC well.

SC is kinda of my type so I will def. check it out in the theater:D

Monica said...

Hmm .. he is not Bruce Willis? What an exaggeration! But I expected to read this type of review.

Sheba baby said...

That AICN review was very spoilerish and mixed. His comment about Willis was dumb.

The plot is similar to a number of other movies but it sounds like it's going to an incredible ride!

I'm looking forward to this movie and I really hope that it opens at #1.

I saw a commercial for it while watching Spike TV, that's the audience the studio should be aiming for.

bobbyanna said...

I hate critics who try SO hard to be jaded they get in the way of their own reviews! AICN's guy tossing in Cage or Willis was dumb. They've both made careers out of playing themselves.

You always know exactly what to expect. They both went from creating their own sub genre of action hero, to becoming self-parodies. (I'm surprised he didn't mention Stallone!)

Seems like the reviewer actually thought SC was more than pretty good, but you don't get that impression from his less than straightforward analysis, because he's "criticizing" LOL!

What I did get from this, is that Jake, Vera, and Jeffrey Wright brought an elevated level of competency to the genree that makes it work, the plot works, and the XFs worked too. Michelle's seems the weakest role.

Sheba baby said...

Yeah, the reviewer did say that Michelle was weak, but overall it was a mixed/good review IMO.

Anonymous said...

Blogger is playing up again with links, Empire has another SC poster.

FL said...

Hmmm. justjared has him out jogging today in L.A.

Methinks those pics must have been from Saturday...

From twitter:

Just shared the sidewalk with #Jake Gyllenhaal on w22nd. about 1 hour ago via Twitter for iPhone

mary said...

how confusing but i guess if we get more tweets of jake in NYC then i guess the date of the jogging pics are wrong

FL said...

This girl seems to be somewhere between Brooklyn and the Chelsea Market.

From twitter:

UM...just saw Jake Gyllenhaal and I died♥Yes friends he is that hot in person #swoon about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

mary said...

well i guess he is in NYC there cant be that many false sightings

FL said...

And more:

Just sat three tables down from Jake Gyllenhaal at lunch!! He's at BG restaurant in Bergdorf's as I'm typing - so adorable! 4 minutes ago via web

bobbyanna said...

Good catch, FL!! I love when he's in the same time zone. And New Yorkers are good tweeters.:)

UltraViolet said...

New York, new post. Not that there's anything about NYC in it, lol.