Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Post premiere post

Yay -presents!

Monday night saw the Source Code premiere at the Arclight Cinerama Dome in Hollywood. Jake Gyllenhaal, Duncan Jones, Michelle Monaghan and the rest of the SC gang were in attendance. (This is a long post, so get some popcorn!)

First up, the red carpet: Jake interviewed by Ben Lyons. Awkward at the beginning and end, as always. But in between, we find out that Adam Levine is a better bowler and Jake might be looking at NYC real estate:

Interview with AP:

Jake upclose with the LA Times:

For Entertainment Tonight, Jake, Michelle and Vera respond to the classic SC question about what they'd do if they could go back in time. Vera has the best answer yet:

Video of Jake signing autographs. We get to hear Mr. B do his thing:

I can't believe those poor people were there for four hours!

Some further red carpet video of the SC stars and other celebs in attendance.

Post-premiere-party photos!

Before the big premiere, Jake stopped by Conan:

Some Jake-with-strangers backstage:

Another Jake junket interview, this time with the Guardian.

And an interesting story about Jake. I love the kudos to Jake's acting but don't like the dismissive tone of much of Jake's work. Nor do I think of Jake as not grown up:

His portrayal of a pumped-up, acrobatic hero in the summer popcorn pic Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time forced him to talk more about his rock-hard abs than his performance, while his romantic-drama Love and Other Drugs had viewers applauding his (and Anne Hathaway’s) appealing nude bits rather than the film itself.

It’s time the 30-year-old actor gets dressed and gets back to acting — something the son of a screenwriter-mother and director-father does exceedingly well. ...

Gyllenhaal’s angry, desperate and poignant performance reminds you how good an actor he is when he’s fully clothed.

Some of Gyllenhaal's best work has been in films in which he plays a military man, or that focus on the role of the military in people's lives — Jarhead, Rendition, Brothers — and it's a topic that piques his interest.

"You hear it many times, the military will make a man out of you because it teaches responsibility, community and following certain orders you might not necessarily agree with, and that's what fascinates me about it.

"But you can challenge the cliché. When we did Jarhead, I remember Bill Broyles, who wrote the script and who was in the Marines, and whose son is in the Marines, he said after our first read-through, 'I just love that you’re playing this part because you're so like the guys I served with, and not the way the movies portray those guys normally.' This idea of a tough guy is a very interesting thing."

Whether it's playing a tortured soldier or a gay cowboy or a videogame prince, Gyllenhaal deals with a common dilemma; even at 30 he seems not-quite-grown-up. In his case perhaps it's also because he's a bachelor who won't be pinned down — he recently ended relationships with Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift. That manchild vibe is something his hero Paul Newman — who was a family friend and gave the young Gyllenhaal career advice — never faced.

"[Paul Newman] was a mentor in my life. I'm looking for mentors like that to show me things all the time. What is it to be a good person? And what is it to be a good man? That's a very important question, and it's not something you can perform, it's something you can sense. I feel I'm moving towards knowing myself, and being confident in myself."

And another junket interview. Hirsute is the word of the day:


UltraViolet said...

Jake on SC motion sickness.

A little audio of Jake on BBC1. It's in the Big 5 section.

mary said...

thanks UV i wonder if jake gets to ask for a the same body guard since he always seeme to have the same one nad i wonder what the peesent is for and whatin it

UltraViolet said...

The present is odd, Mary! But colorful!

Not sure why Summit hasn't gotten Roeper's "best film of the year" tagline into an ad. This critical acclaim ad mentions two critics no one knows or cares about.

Interesting in this interview, probably done at SXSW, that Jake doesn't answer the Bourne question. By junket time, he said no. I wonder if something changed or if he's being deliberately ambiguous.

Last answer might be a little spoilery.

UltraViolet said...

Funny Jake interview.

Jake Gyllenhaal is dreamy. When you tell him this, his big blue eyes dart away in an embarrassed fashion and he just says something about being ‘a big proponent of dreams.’ Not that I just blurted it out or anything. It was a question suggested by our readers. The rest of our interview with the star of Source Code was all business, folks, as he told us about his hefty role in getting the sci-fi thriller made, how close he came to dancing with bears, how hard it is to ask a girl out for coffee, and a troubling update about his next film, David O. Russell’s Nailed. I’m amazed I got that much out of him, since I spent most of our exclusive interview lost in his eyes.

Report on the SC after-party:

But was he able to get his flirt on at the after-party with any available ladies?

Nope, seems like the bachelor is all business right now.

At the after-party at Boulevard 3 in Hollywood, insiders tell Celebuzz Jake held court at a middle table inside and was seen talking with mostly studio types. A few other celebs in attendance at the bash aside from Jake’s Source Code costars included Mark Sanchez and Shameless star Cameron Monaghan.

“Jake was so nice, he talked to everybody who came up to him telling him congratulations,” the partygoer tells us. “He was overheard saying he was really proud of this film in particular and was excited that it was being well received so far.”

Funny stories from the LA Times:

When Jake Gyllenhaal stepped onto the red carpet at the Cinerama Dome for Monday night's premiere of his new sci-fi thriller "Source Code," a girl across Sunset Boulevard who had shimmied up a tow zone sign shrieked, "Jaaaaaake! I wanna have your baby!" A few people on the press line, including at least one man, nodded in agreement. ...

Monaghan, dressed in a slim, white dress, said that acting out the same eight minutes over and over was a real challenge. But the highlight was working with her talented colleagues, especially Gyllenhaal.

"He's an amazing, seasoned pro," she said. "And he didn't disappoint. He's smart and charming and funny." ...

Peters' sense of humor made a star appearance on the red carpet too. The Canadian comedian is one of the key players in the film but was not on the media tip sheet. So journalists, not immediately recognizing him, were not asking him for interviews, which was clearly driving him nuts.

"Where am I?" he asked, playfully grabbing a reporter's tip sheet and looking it over. "Nobody knows who I am! You know what I'd do? I'd go back eight minutes in time and make 'Access Hollywood' talk to me, and then I'd go back another eight minutes and put myself on this tip sheet!"

Aww, poor guy!

And a tweet from Adam Levine:

Saw source code last night. It kicks large amounts of ass. Don't be a dummy and go see it when it comes out!

Good friend! Though his last line is unfortunately ambiguous!

Sheba baby said...

I can't believe I'm looking at a photo of Duncan in a suit, he looks good!

Jake looks snazzy and I'm so happy that SC is getting such a positive reception.

Wow, the BG is in every video, looking out for Mr.G, thanks BG!!!

I like the frowning pic you chose of Jake for that qoute UV, the manchild label doesn't apply to him anymore.

Sure he's acts goofy sometimes and has a great sense of humor, but underneath he comes across as very mature and serious.

I think the awkwardness that comes across when Ben is interviewing Jake may come from the fact that Jake's family, on his Mom's side are friends with the Lyons.

So they must have known each other for years even though they grew up on opposite sides of the country, Jake does spend a lot of time in Ny and is thinking of buying a place there as he has indicated.

I thought that Ben mentioned his Dad at the end of the interview, something like "you mentioned my Dad" and I swear that I read somewhere that the Lyons lived across the street from one of Jake's Aunts in NY at one point.

It would explain why Lyons seems to be the only one that interviews him from E. He is a major fanboy and when Jake started out DD was all the rage, I bet he bragged that he knew him before he became Donnie Darko!

I guess they really can't mention it, it would be sort of like Adam Levine interviewing him.

UltraViolet said...

Sheba baby, I never knew any of that. Very interesting. They definitely have a different relationship compared to other entertainment reporters. I'll be watching even more closely now.

Speaking of looking closely - have you really looked at Duncan's suit? LOL. Tattered might be a good word for it.

Glad you liked the frown photo placement. I thought it was appropriate! Jake is definitely beyond the man-child phase.

In case anyone is wondering, someone did actually ask Jake about reese's wedding. They showed it on ET but only jake's reaction. Which was a very neutral but seemingly not heartfelt "I'm so happy for her."

I can only imagine how they phrased it.

Monica said...

He said Ben was look like Nolan?
Poor Nolan.

thanks for all informations!

New realise date for Source Code in Brazil: June 17!

Extra said...

I think SC is the best reviewed Jake movie since Zodiac so far, no wonder Jake is so excited!

Odd if Jake and Duncan will be in Germnany for a screening next week if it's not going to be released until June but perhaps IMDB is wrong or that's the only time Jake and Duncan are available.

I never heard that about the Lyons and Gyllenhaals either Sheba but it would make sense.

They seem to be in on some inside joke or something!

Thanks again UV for all the SC updates!

Monica said...
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Monica said...

Good to see the friends of Jake, Adam Levine and Busy talking about Source Code.
It is not the first time I see Busy talking about the movie. This girl is adorable.

Village Voice gave 3 / 4.
But they said the name of the villain. So, do not read.

bobbyanna said...

UV, I'm really enjoying the coverage of the SC premiere. Thanks for all the goodies you keep finding.

Kudos to Busy & Adam for plugging the movie. This movie means a lot to him and I'm glad they are open about supporting him!

I have such affection for Duncan's suit!:) Bless. Also enjoyed seeing pictures of Jake interacting with Jeffery Wright.

So much of what Jake enjoys doing is involved with being outdoors; biking, running, hiking, growing his veggies, etc. I would've guessed something closer to San Francisco instead of NYC.

OTOH, I can understand him wanting to be closer to family and friends who are NYC based or out East. I guess he'll be bi-coastal like so many actors are.

I watched ET and must have missed that question. Glad I did. I mean WTF is he supposed to say!

I thought in the exchange with Ben Lyons, Jake called him "Mr. Lyons" and Ben said "that's my dad" or something like that. Interesting background on their connection, sheba.

Monica said...

He has spent much time in NY. Especially last year.
Not a surprise that he wants to buy a place in NY.

mary said...

yea i saw the et interview where they asked him about reeses weddinghe was backing away as they asked the question like he knew it was coming.

interesting about the lyon connection e news also did a run down of jakes films.

not surpised that he he is looking for a place in new york either

Monica said...

I saw the video of Roger Ebert on Source Code. He just says that Duncan made ​​another good one.

bobbyanna said...

Oh, I guess I'm not surprised by the NYC interest, just always thought that long term, he'd be based out West. He did seem to like the area around San Francisco.

Anonymous said...

I think he wants a place to stay when he's in NY, not unusual for a celeb that travels back and forth. I think his homebase will be LA and he'll have a place, besides staying with his sister, to call home when he's in NY

UltraViolet said...

Loved the E! retrospective, though they didn't mention Donnie Darko. Lots of cute brief old interview footage, including a Kirsten mention. Hope they put it up on the site.

I didn't notice the spoiler in the VV review, Monica. Thanks for warning folks. Extra, I was wondering what Jake's other best reviewed movies are on RT. Zodiac makes sense. I assume BBM and maybe DD or October Sky, too.

Not surprised at all to hear Jake's thinking of getting a place in NY. I'm sure he doesn't want to always sleep on Maggie's couch :)

UltraViolet said...

Love this commentary:

Hot Guy Alert! Jake Gyllenhaal Is So Hot It’s Not Normal

Don’t feel too bad for Jake Gyllenhaal. While his ex Reese Witherspoon was off getting married over the weekend, Jake was doing just fine, attending premieres for his new movie, Source Code and looking all-around perfect. And hot. The first time we saw these pics we thought it was his wax figure or something, because there’s no way there’s actually someone that perfect looking. Wow.

Sure, it's from teen.com, but I clicked anyway!

And I think this will make FL smile:

Question: What do you like to imagine that other Jake Gyllenhaal’s are doing in other quantum realities?

Jake Gyllenhaal: I don’t want to imagine what those things might be. Well, I mean what’s amazing about my life experiences so far, choices or regret or triumphs, all those things are the biggest lessons of all. Right now, I’d be running the L.A Marathon if I could be. In other parallel universes, I’d be winning it.

And this was interesting. Not sure if there's a pointed answer or just some G-babble:

Question: As an actor, do you depend on your own instincts when picking projects, because you’ve gone from action to personal stories?

Jake Gyllenhaal: No, I never trust my instinct (laughs). The lesson I learned from a famous actress is “I learned never to trust my instincts.” I do.

It's a good read. Check it out!

Chica said...

How cool that Adam and Busy are tweeting support for SC, I don't remember them doing that for LAOD or Pop!

I'm surprised that it's taken Jake this long to look into getting a place in NY. Not only because of his family ties here but so many other actors have places in NY and are bi-coastal.

The talk about Ben Lyon's family reminds me of his father who used to be a movie critic for the local NBC station.

I never liked him, and now I dislike his tool of a son, LOL!

Thanks for the VV warning Monica, the reviews have been really good for this.

That interview sounds like classic gyllenbabble UV:)

I like Duncan's suit, at least he's trying:) And yay for the pics of Jake and Jeffrey Wright, I love him!

FL said...

I sometimes find it best to read Jake interviews with a clear mind and not be bogged down by anything else, like, what time is it? where did I leave that thing? Because the level of Gyllenbabble lately makes my mind hurt.

Why can't he, when asked about the film, just say "It looked like it was going to be a hell of a ride and I wanted on that ride!" Rather than all this deep philosophical garble. As I said...mind. hurt.

mary said...

just jared has pictures of jake arriving at JFK yesterday

mary said...

MR BG is with him too

Anonymous said...

Now and then Jake does wander off but overall have never had problem understanding what he is saying. He's a smart guy - sometimes hearing interviews with people they can't go further than the shallow - am happy he can give answers and interviews that are more than one sentence each answer.
Saw and ad - Roger Ebert gave SC 2 thumbs up.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I think that somtimes Jake just thinks too much before he speaks which = gyllenbabble!

Every answer doesn't have to be or at least sound profound. Some part of him probably thinks that he needs to sound "smart".

I would like to know what was in the SC party goody bag too, and I like that our favorite BG is always with Jake, too many nuts out there which is why he sticks close.

For a long time I thought Jake had a place in NY like a lot of other actors, guess I was wrong!

The RT rating for SC is at 89%, yes!!!

I was hoping there would be pics of Jake and Jeffrey from the premiere, he such a underated actor.

UltraViolet said...

I think you're right about that, OONP. He can overthink/try too hard. I have to say, though,t hat I think the SC interviews have been better than some of the L&OD ones. To me, he has basically it was a thrill ride he wanted to take.

You know Jake is in NY officially because there's been a Chelsea Market spotting. Can ABC Kitchen be far behind?

Working on a new post, but lunch first :)

Monica said...

Certified fresh on RT:
Source Code - 90%

bobbyanna said...

That's great news about RT, monica!!!!

I keep monitoring "Insidious" hoping it won't factor in.
I kind of expect kids movies, like "Hop" to do well.

Duncan was lamenting on his blog about how all those weeks he worked so hard making SC, and it all boils down to April 1st,2nd,
3rd. He's tweeting like crazy.

I've only begun to appreciate in the past five years or so, how important opening weekends are for studios & distributors, and future financiers, as a measure of success.

Tweety said...

I find it hard to believe that E would do a retrospective on Jake's career nd leave out DD, but then again we are talking about E.

Interesting info regarding Jake and Ben and their families knowing each other, I always though that Jake is sometimes mocking Ben during their interviews.

If Jake is thinking about buying a place in NY then I say it's about time, no more sleeping on Maggie's couch as you said UV!

90% on RT is excellent, 2 more days!!!

Don't forget, Jake will be on The Daily Show tonight!

Definately, too much thinking on Jake's part in some of his interviews.

bobbyanna said...

I've been reading Duncan & Michelle's interviews, & they treat certain questions the same as Jake has. Detailed, and serious. All three have been jokey, but generally giving thoughtful answers.

True, Jake can overthink things, but maybe his answers are his attempt to show respect for the person asking the question,& for the film, & the filmmaker. If he was too jokey & flippant, he'd be criticized for being dismssive.

Duncan's such a SciFy techno geek, it seems the PR strategy for SC "boilerplate" answers reflect that, regardless of which news outlet is asking the questions.

Some news outlets don't need detailed answers, just the enthusiasm reflected in what FL suggested.

I think LAOD spoiled me, bcz Jake as a person seemed so accessible. Big contrast.

UltraViolet said...

Up to 91% at RT. I'm trying not to think about Zodiac's high number v. box office low. It's very fun to read all the good reviews. I'm sticking with that and avoiding Box Office Mojo for the week. (Until early Saturday AM, of course.)

I do feel for Duncan and Jake, both powerless at this point over the box office numbers.

New post.