Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jake in motion

Jake Gyllenhaal arrived in NYC last night. Is that an imaginary baby he's carrying?

More Source Code videos. IMDb did an original interview with Jake. He gives a nice answer about Paul Newman, then has to shill for the site:

Jake talks to PopSugar about regrets and cooking. For a change!

Jake on comedy, drama and family:

Another interview with the gang, care of MovieWeb. Jake is at the beginning and end:

MTV Rough Cut videos with Jake and Duncan. No Josh Horowitz interview, sadly. At least, not yet.

Some premiere night choreography:

Okay, onto the next block.

Now you want me to go back there?

Make up your mind!

You're kidding, right?

I can't be in both places at once. This isn't actually the Source Code!

I'm staying right here. Try to move me!

(Some photos courtesy of IHJ.)


UltraViolet said...

Funny tweet from a Daily Show talent person:

jake gyllenhaal is on the show tonite - do i tell him my cats are named for him & his sister or do i just keep that to myself?

mary said...

great post UV very funny captions

glad our favorite bodyguard is watching out for our boy and i noticed the arm postion too does look like hes carrying a baby LOL wonder whas going on maybe he talking to someone he does talk alot with his hands

cant wait for the daily show tonite

Anonymous said...

does anyone know what the name of Jake's bodyguard is? he has the same one with him whenever he is doing press/interviews or parties

mary said...

the more i look at the pictures i think jake is maybe describing something to the bodyguard looks like his mouth is moving guest we will never know pictures are snapped so fast

security said...

Jake's BG is employed by CAA, maybe you should contact them if you are so curious about his name. I have seen him with other CAA actors.

Jake and his handlers must feel that he needs the BG most of the time for security reasons, too many creeps out there.

Love your captions, UV, can't wait for the Daily show!

FL said...

do i tell him my cats are named for him & his sister or do i just keep that to myself?

LOL oh I think she should DEFINITELY mention it to him.

...says the girl with cats named after musicians...

bobbyanna said...

Fun captions!

So far, my favorite video in this batch, is the MovieWeb with the whole gang, because I'm enjoying the behind the scenes footage with Jake & Duncan. Hope the DVD has even more.

But FL, have you ever told the musicians you've named your cats after them? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Just saw Entertainment Weekly's review of SC..B+..And "nice work" from Jake and it does mention he's the one that had the script and took it to Duncan.
Think that makes Jake seem pretty smart.

Chica said...

I hope the Movieweb interview is a hint of what will be on the DVD too, LAOD DVD extras were sorely lacking.

The captions are too funny UV, his hand gestures at the airport and his stances at the premiere just cried out to be captioned!

I can't wait to see him on The Daily show tonight, just from that cat reference.

I would love to know the musicians you named youre cats after FL, I had a cat and I named her boo-boo kitty after Shirley Feeney's cat on Laverne and Shirley!

Anonymous said...

"Is that an imaginary baby he's carrying?"

Oh UV you crack me up, some people would take that comment and run with it. SC is doing well critic wise so far (fingers and eyes crossed), I just hope it continues. SC is against a true Horror movie that has alot of buzz and a kiddie movie which always does well at the box office.
So I don't know how well Duncan and Jake's movie will do box office wise.

But this movie will get Duncan more big budget movies and we all know he has great admiration for Jake. So maybe Jake and Duncan will work together in the future. I get the feeling that Duncan will not settle for anything less than the actors he wants. So I hope this movie will give him clout.

mary said...

looks like jake and duncan wiil be in madrid for the SC premere on april 3 or 4 berfore the berlin premiere according to kate on wet dark and wild so he will probably fly to madrid from new york this weekend wonder how long the flight is to madrid?

Anonymous said...

I'm less concerned about where it places at the box office compared with other releases, than how much money it ends up doing.

There's a growing sense that this film might actually be a genuine financial hit for SUMMIT Entertainment, who owns the US distribution rights (along with several foreign markets). They only paid $37.5 million for those rights.

Anything $20 million or above has to be considered pretty great since it all but guarantees a profit at the box office.

Monica said...

Great choice of photos and thank you for all these videos and information.

Source Code is the seventh film of Jake getting certified fresh on RT.

I know that box office is important, but I'm much happier to see all this praise for Jake and for the film. Since Zodiac we have not seen so many compliments.

Sag actor said...

A 90% fresh rating from RT is awesome. I have a feeling HOP will come in first but I would be happy if SC came in second ahead of Incidious.

bobbyanna said...

Box Office Mojo (I think)is projecting only $1M difference between HOP & SC. They have HOP at $18M & SC projected at $17M. They could tie.

I want to be optimistic, but I'm going to curb it and pray for the best.: )

It's not exact by any means. SC could go as high as $19M or $20M. Box office in general is lagging behind 2010.

I SO hope they keep advertising well into next week. They often drop the ball on things once a movie opens.

Extra said...

A lot of movie sites are predicting that SC will come in second behind Hop or at least close enough for maybe a tie.

I don't know why i'm so anxious, you would think that it was my movie opening!

The quotes are a hoot UV, he does look like he has an invisible baby, LOL!

The reviews have been incredible. I'm happy to see that Jake and Duncan are going to Spain and Germany but I'm surprised that the UK isn't mentioned, I thought it was opening on the 1st as well.

Monica said...

Here is an update to opening this weekend:

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, monica. Interesting, that site measures levels of interest by FB and Twitter mentions.

Anonymous said...

"I know that box office is important, but I'm much happier to see all this praise for Jake and for the film. "

Monica film making is a business, box office is important without it, Jake won't get many films. Unfortunately for some reason Jake does not have a large box office appeal. I think its because of false sexuality rumors. Its sad but tell a lie long enough people believe it.

If you follow the twitter accounts of SC, young men seems to make comments about Jake's manhood. I am so darn fustrated, I'm afraid the damage has been done to Jake's acting career.

UltraViolet said...

La la la la la. I can't hear the low box office buzz. I want to just be happy about the great reception for the movie.

We all realize this is a business. That's why we want the movie to do well. Tracking has been notoriously difficult this year, so I'm just going to hope for the best.

Jake and Jon Stewart were hilarious, as always. With some cringent moments thrown in the mix (underage brides and maternal incest, anyone?)

Twiter is, as always after a jaKe talk show appearance, in love with him. How on earth can so many people still not know Jake is funny after all this time?

(Speaking of social media, for a movie supposedly using high tech marketing, they have done a terrible FB job. And the website sucks.)

UltraViolet said...

Why I'm sure I don't know what you mean about the baby line, Anon 6:29 :)

don't know why i'm so anxious, you would think that it was my movie opening!

This is so true, Extra! I wish I could just not worry about that aspect and am trying. Can't imagine how nervous Duncan and Jake are.

bobbyanna said...

Jake's Daily Show appearance is getting great feedback on Twitter and Facebook!

I'm going to ignore box office chatter from now on, UV. I really am. You're right, tho. The internet, social media stuff is weaker than it should be.

Yes, Jake's still a target of a few random homophobic comments. But it's not nearly as widespread as it used to be, and he's not unique. Most H'wood leading men are.

Leo DiCaprio, Ryan Reynolds, Orlando Bloom, Jeremy Renner, Bradley Cooper, Jude Law, George Clooney, are just a few that readily come to mind.

UltraViolet said...

Let's be strong, Bobbyanna!

Jake isn't unique but he gets way more flak because of his role in Brokeback Mountain. There's just no avoiding that, unfortunately. No matter what he does or how he plays a role, that will always be there for some people.

Very sad but true.

I don't think it's ruined his career, however. He just has to keep going. And it feels like SC is a big step toward acceptance, something he shouldn't have to work so hard for.

Anonymous said...

How many times does it have to be said that - yes box office is important but Johnny Depp and others have had many years when they did movies that were not #1 or even anywhere near it but they are still here...and sometimes it will be years inbetween movies that will be a big hit.
Jake is a fantastic actor - he will continue to act and be in movies and hope sometime some stage work.
We live in a time when if people don't go to the theater to see a movie they will wait and see it on TV or rent or buy the DVD. More people see a movie than what the box office is.
He has taken some projects that from the beginning are not the types of movies that are going to be blockbusters or even of interest to a large audience. Hey he could play the same character and do the same after movie as some do..but he's just not that type of actor.
There is POP but i think it was just a matter of timing for it as its just not the type of movie people are wanting to see at the moment.
The majority of people who talk about him because of BBM are people who have not seen the movie and besides it's just a bunch of guys who are jealous that someone is so liked by women.
As said it's said about every actor who has ever lived I think.
Again - his career is not in danger!

UltraViolet said...

Wow, for someone with such strong opinions, you'd think you'd be able to pick a name and post with it, anon.

Jake's career as a leading man IS in danger. His ability to get projects made IS in danger. You don't have to be a rocket scientist or a movie producer to be able to read the tea leaves, to mix many metaphors.

Of course Jake will get roles. And if SC is not a success and Jake isn't offered the prime parts, he'll do a small part or a big part in a small movie that will win people over again and then he'll be back in the game.

But it's myopic to ignore or downplay the importance of box office.

UltraViolet said...

New post.