Monday, March 7, 2011

The Fittest Guy in Hollywood

Looks like Jake is the cover boy for Men's Journal this month, with a story entitled "The Barefoot-Running, Hill-Attacking Life of the Fittest Guy in Hollywood."

Not sure if there will be more photos in the magazine, but these are pretty good. Especially the one with the bike!

We also got a new Source Code poster today. Four total now and still not a clear standout in the bunch.

Many more from this People photoshoot at IHJ:

I think Jake needs some new Zoolander moves!


UltraViolet said...

Wish he were a little less pouty on the cover :)

Another good SC review:

@ManMadeMoon No problem, brother. Really enjoyed it. Expect high praise from across the Nerd spectrum.

Needless to say, if you're a regular reader of this Twitter - it should be on your Must Watch list.

SOURCE CODE is fucking smart. Blockbuster pacing, but still that same great Duncan Jones understanding of sci-fi. Well played @manmademoon.

bobbyanna said...

"Wish he were a little less pouty on the cover :)"

I love that he's on the cover, UV, but I agree. Even with the bike photo, which I really like, I'd love to see his beautiful smile.
Sometimes he's too "zen.":)

(Don't these health/fitness magazines usually featured the celebs shirtless...? :/)

Duncan's sure enjoying all the great feedback for SC. I'm glad.

UltraViolet said...

More positive twitter reviews:

Source Code is exactly the sort of movie you hope someone as smart as Duncan Jones would make, if given a budget.

BTSjunkie SOURCE CODE marks a second home run for @ManMadeMoon. A heady sci-fi film infused with wonderful popcorn entertainment & heart.

RWJBoon Source Code is your typical sci-fi if by "science" you mean "totally" and by "fiction" you mean "kicks your ass" @ManMadeMoon

Chica said...

Less pouty would have been nice but still swoon-worthy, sigh.

Loving all the mostly positive SC feedback!

Durri said...

Always nice to see Jake on the cover of a magazine. That first black and white pic, his eye--yikes! The early SC reviews sound encouraging. After finally seeing Moon, I'm more optimistic about this one.

Chica said...

I forgot to add: The latest poster is an improvement, but it's still lacking.

Chica said...

I forgot to add: The latest poster is an improvement, but it's still lacking.

mary said...

love the pics from mens journal cant wait for the magazine to come which should in a few weeks i wish he was smiling too but maybe thats the way they wanted him to look either way he looks gorgeous:)

Shondra said...

He does look gorgeous, I love the one of him leaning on his bike.

The People out take pics are smoldering, he looks hot in that T!

I'm not loving the latest SC poster, not bad just meh.

Monica said...

The new poster looks like a dvd menu!

mary said...

no one rocks the white t shirt like jake does:)

Tweety said...

I love the NY Jake tweets!:

.SPOTTED: #1 celeb crush of all time................JAKE GYLLENHAAL!! Oh sweet thaaaaaang.....
25 minutes ago

I hope there are more pics in the issue too, he looks a bit too serious here, not that i'm complaining, he's on the cover!

I love b&w photos and this set from People are just gorgeous.

The new SC poster is just Ok.

Monica said...

much better:
Source Code: Poster By Daniel Norris

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Whoa, this sure makes up for the soggy day I had, I was waiting for Noah and his Arc to show up in my driveway!

He is looking mighty fine on the Mean's Journal cover and the People pics. I skipped the AICN review since it looks like its very spoilerish but the tweets are fine.

I assume AICN will be at SXSW this weekend, I can't wait to here the response from that crowd.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

That is a better poster Monica, it has a Hitchcock feel to it.

Lola said...

I think that's my favorite poster yet monica. That new one with jake is a little off. seeing the health magazine photo's are starting to get me really excited about source code and all the new interviewsfor it. I love the motorcycle photo, he looks bored on the cover, but still good.

Happy Birthday Peter Sarsgaard!

Viv said...

twitter time!!

Majiesto: Saw Source Code this evening. Felt like I was watching an episode of a good way :)

Wow....SC indeed being mentiond lots of movies or TV series LOL

Chica said...

I noticed that too Viv, they mention The twilight zone and Quantum leap too!

That poster is an improvement Monica, and Happy Birthday to Peter!

I hope he, Maggie, Jake and all of his friends and family are having a blast!

OT: I'm watching TCM tonight, they showed The Black Swan ( The version with Tyrone Powers and Maureen O'Hara!), a pre-code film called Safe in Hell which was fascinating: murder and prostitution and an Island populated with sleazy cast-offs and now they are showing Whatever Happened to Baby Jane!

bobbyanna said...

The SC posters are definitely improving.

I found a FB post frm the maitre'd at BG's @ Bergdorf and he was gushing about Jake. Said Jake "shut down" some girl who wanted her picture taken with him. But he was "so sweet." LOL!

Chica, I should've watched a movie. I went to my 3rd political book club meeting & I have a headache. It felt like a seminar. The books are too heavy. I'm in the mood for something lighter! This book club is over for me.
"Safe in Hell" sounds fascinating. I wonder if I can find it somewhere. Hmmm.

Happy Big 4-0 to Peter!

mary said...

happy birthday peter

UltraViolet said...

Chica, you and bobbyanna are our movie aficionados.

The poster Monica linked is a fan-made poster. Not bad. But it's a shame they didn't get a kickass pro poster.

A couple more tweets. First from a Variety editor:

saw "The Source Code" over the weekend. while gyllenhaal+action ain't bad, the plot proves sterile halfway thru #meh

Then from Scott Weinberg, of Cinematical:

Like many of my Austin pals, I quote enjoyed the SOURCE CODE. Smart, tight, quick, fun. See it at #sxsw or next month. Review on Friday.

I think he means "quite" enjoyed.

Still far more positive than negative, which os a good sign.

UltraViolet said...

From a blogger referring to items in Us:

* My favorite feature this week is Inside Scoop: Oscar 2011, which gives us a timeline of what all the stars were doing on Oscar day. For example, did you know that 11:15 am, Helena Bonham Carter was eating boiled eggs with cappuccino while Skyping with her kids? Or that at 8:17 pm, after Natalie Portman’s best actress win, Jake Gyllenhaal comforted Michelle Williams? Speaking of which, do we think that Michelle Williams really thought that she had a chance against Natalie Portman, or was those tears of joy that she was shedding?

Also, I rewatched a bit of the Oscars, and the woman with Jake at the Vanity Fair party was sitting next to him. FWIW.

Extra said...

You can ask Jake and Michelle questions here:

Ask Source Code Stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan a Question :

I'm encouraged by the SC reviews so far and why is it that the fan posters are more interesting than the official one?

Jake in a T-shirt and jeans are my favorite look on him, I just wished he smiled, he has the best smile.

I didn't tape the Oscars UV (good thing) interesting that she was sitting with him at the Oscars.

Did he comfort her during the telecast? because when Natalie won I don't recall seiing that, hmmm.

Tweety said...

I wonder if the woman with Jake on the night of the Oscars is the same woman that made fun of the guy in the fez!

I followed that tweet from a few days ago and he made it sound like that he shouldn't have bothered Jake while he was eating (which is true) but he also mentioned that the woman at the table with him made fun of his fez hat.

I don't know about Jake comforting Michelle after Natalie won but he seemed to be comforting her before the Oscars based on the pics IMO.

Monica said...

I do not believe that Michelle thought she would win. And I do not think Jake was comforting her because of it.

bobbyanna said...

The pics of Jake and Michelle Williams are from after the event, as people were milling around. There are others similar.

It wasn't about Natalie.IMO,I think we have a better idea of what that "moment" was about: Remembering 2006,& missing Heath. Jake and Busy would've understood that. Michelle was probably in a very emotional space that night.

If you go to the AMPAS site has three candid photos,and two were of Jake!:) In one he's talking to Tim Burton & Gwyneth's standing close by, in the second, where Jake's talking to Amy Adams,you can see Jake's guest better. Very pretty.

Wish I'd've taped it. I found it impossible to find Jake in that sea of faces,they panned the audience so quickly.

bobbyanna said...

Wanted to add,I also think Michelle really appreciated Jake's support along the way with BV,co-hosting the screening, actively involved in lobbying for the rating change, being supportive at the GGs. With Ryan absent,not nominated, maybe she relied more on Jake & Busy's support.

Extra said...

Thanks Bobbyanna for the correction, makes sense. I agree that it was about Heath and that Michelle was very lucky to have Jake and Busy there for support.

bobbyanna said...

I wanted to post the link to the candid pictures I mentioned earlier. Funny there were so few and two of Jake! LOL!

A few tweets sighting Jake in Manhattan, making people happy.:)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Happy Mardis Gras/Fat Tuesday!!

Today is also International Women's day, so much has been accomplished but more needs to done.

Monica said...

IGN Invite You To See Source Code Early With Duncan Jones!
Man Made Movies

bobbyanna said...

Yesss, OONP, "Laissez le Bon temps rouler!!!"
I saw Gloria Steinhem on Bill Maher's show, and the statistics she gave on the current state of women in America,were jarring and discouraging. You're right OONP, we have a ways to go for sure!

Monica, thanks for sharing than!
It's pretty cool that Duncan's going to travel around to all these cities for special screenings.

Monica said...

Bobbyana, thanks for the link of the photos at the Oscars. Looking at the pictures, she seems to be a assistant. Perhaps a new assistant for the promotion of Source Code.

I remember at the Oscars in 2006, there was a blonde woman sitting next to him and she was one of his assistants.

bobbyanna said...

Right, monica, I remember Jake's assistant in 2006.I also thought the same, then I saw Jake's assistant standing next to her in the Michelle pics.Jake's assistant was backstage in the Gwyneth pic, too.

I've noticed even when assistants dress up, there's a certain style that's less showy, much less elaborate, more professional. This young woman's very stylish, make- up,hair, jewelry, gown, etc.

Also,they'd be more relaxed, as you can see his (blonde)assistant is smiling and enjoying the event.

Jake walks discreetly ahead of her in the video, and she stood off to the side very discreetly when photographers were around.

All I feel sure of is, she's pretty, she was his guest, and they tried not to draw attention. I'm very glad if he had a guest to accompany him to the events and have fun.

I also think a new employee still finding their way around, usually wouldn't go to something this big. It's regarded as a major event. So it's very special, a kind of a reward or gesture of appreciation.

Again, just sharing my thoughts, this is only my opinion.

Extra said...

Also Bobbyanna, if she is the same woman in the VF video, than she decided to wear her hair down for the party which I would think would be odd for a PA.

And as you pointed out Jake's assistant, the blonde was seen with Jake in the those pics, she has been with him for years and I don't see the need for Jake or any actor to have 2 PA's working that same night.

She may have been a new PA but again why was his other PA there, Her behavior IMO looked like a date, but that's just my opnion too!

UltraViolet said...

Lots of fun tweets/FB sightings today. And thanks for the Oscar photos, Bobbyanna. It's weird that they had only three. The one of poor Colin Firth confronted with Sharon Stone was priceless.

Just a couple of notes. The photos of Jake and Michelle are from before or during the telecast, since we posted them while the show was still going on.

I'm sure Michelle knew she was probably not going to win. If Jake "comforted" her, it was probably just a general "next time."

Also, the woman next to Jake at the 2006 Oscars was his agent, not his assistant. And then Chris :) I don't think Jake even has an assistant. At least, he didn't as of the latest round of interviews.

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say "Welcome" to Durri :)

I still haven't seen Moon, so I know Duncan Jones by reputation only so far. I'm encouraged by the twitter reactions so far. Another one today:

Go see The Source Code when it comes out. That and the Adjustment Bureau is making me a fan of movies again. Ppl are trying again.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks UV, for the correction on the Michelle pics. All the people milling around, I thought it was after everything ended. Also for clarifying the assistant/agent thing.

Yes, extra, that's his publicist(not assistant:)). I think she was working the event, too.

His Oscar guest is the same woman in the video. Same necklace, dress,& her hair was probably easier to deal with down, less formal for the VF thing.

Yes, Sharon Stone and Colin Firth. LOL!

Duncan's tweeting his happniess about the great feedback,... and about cleaning out the fridge before he starts traveling.:)

UltraViolet said...

It's nice to see Duncan enthusiastic about things!

New post.