Monday, February 28, 2011

After words

Jake Gyllenhaal had a busy night. After presenting Oscars in the Short Films category, Jake hit up the Vanity Fair party.

Watch for some funny moments of Jake and Amy Adams backstage with winner Luke Matheny. I love the way Jake interacts with the winners. He seems genuinely happy and tries to calm their Oscar nerves.

More images of Jake from the evening:

Jake wondering two things: Why is the camera so close? And why am I taking a photo with Judd Nelson?

Job well done, Jake!

(Some photos courtesy of IHJ.)


UltraViolet said...

Something funky going on with the pics, I know. I'll fix it when I'm home and have my real computer and not this frustrating iPad.

bobbyanna said...

That video clip of Amy & Jake with the winner was fun! Jake looked to be in a great mood last night, very upbeat and yes, UV, genuinely happy for Matheny. I like the pic with Gwyneth, too. He's making me like her again. (!) He seemed very animated at the Vanity Fair party, too.

Thanks for posting all these great pics and to IHJ for being on the case, too.

FL said...

Something funky going on with the pics


FL said...

The two photos of him and Michelle in that tight embrace are almost too painful to view. Too private a moment I think.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the fix, FL. And those Michelle photos are very hard to look at. Poignant

Bobbyanna, I thought that video was so much fun. Very glad they posted it on the AA site.

mary said...

thanks UV love all the pics its seems like jake did have a good time and those pictures with michelle are very moving

bobbyanna said...

Yes, I found them very hard to look at, too.

Anonymous said...

It's Robert Downey Junior. Zodiac flashback :)

UltraViolet said...

This is a cute pic: Jake, Tom Hanks & Quentin Aaron. Shame about the flash!

VF said...

Michelle and Reese:

Monica said...

I'm in love with these pictures of Jake and Michelle.


bobbyanna said...

I'm just realizing there are at least two lovely pictures I've seen so far of Jake with Susanne Bier! She is the director and maybe the writer of the original "Brothers." The Danish film that was remade by Jim Sheridan with Jake, Nat, & Tobey.
She won last night for Best Foreign Language film. She has a very impressive body of work.

Chica said...

I'm loving all these photos, looks like Jake had a great time at all the parties.

I love the pics of Jake and Michelle but a few are hard to look at, makes me a fit sad.

bobbyanna said...

From Twitter:

"At M Cafe having lunch with Jake Gyllenhall. Kind of."
3 hrs. ago

Sheba baby said...

I got all freklemted looking at the pics of Jake and Michelle.

The best parts of the show:

The opening movie montage

Jake and Amy presenting

Helen Mirren and Russell Brand presenting

RDJ and Jude presenting

Javier and Josh and thier matching tuxs

Natalie, Colin and Bale winning

The end when the kids sang Over The Rainbow

The worst:

Timberlake and Kunis presenting

James Franco

Kirk Douglas, sorry I know he is a legend but he should not gave been up there

Leo's "surprise" at her win, please it would have been a surprised if she lost, she annoyed me.

Sheba baby said...

Ferklempt, I guess I really am.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

The guy who won best Documentary short looks like a cross between Horshack and Juan Epstein from Welcome Back Kotter!!

Sounds like Jake had a ball last night, all of these dualing stories about Jake snd Taylor is making my head spin!

I remember seeing a tweet about Jake sitting at a bar (near the Kodak theater?) with a woman with the Oscars on a TV and neither was paying attention to the show, it would explain wht he wasn't seen when the camera panned to Gwyneth or Hilary.

I can only imagine what memories were going through Jake and Michelle's minds in these photos.

The Oscars last night was an experiment that went wrong.

Anonymous said...

very moving pics of Jake and Michelle, I bet they remember when Heath was with them at the oscars in 2006

bobbyanna said...

From FB:
Kevin Foster:
"Will be in LA for the week for a number of meetings. There's been high interest in turning my life story into a feature film (from the electrocution to cycling the Great Wall of China), with the possibility of Jake Gyllenhaal playing me. So... what's the consensus on the choice?"

He's made a documentary and written a book. Seems to know his way around films. He also mentioned a budget and rewrites. So the project sounds like it's more than an idea.Don't know any more about him. He has a Bicycle shop out East.

bobbyanna said...

More info at the link. He's a world famous cyclist. According to this the Chinese gov't is cooperating and is supposed to be investing in the movie.

Don't know how current the info is, but he wants to shoot in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if this is a joke.

Gonna see a pre-screening of "Nailed" tomorrow night, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel! Hope it's decent!

Anonymous said...

My comments are disappearing again, there is an article on about Nailed.

Viv said...

I found a twitter on manmadmoon:

@ManMadeMoon Just watched Source Code. Fitting follow up 2 Moon. Well done sir

and I also saw some people on facebook mentiond SC
one said SC will be his one of his favorite movie,the ending was cheesy tho:P

another one said SC is fitting and solid after Moon.not as much as chew on, but there's meat on the bone.(I don't know what does this mean:P..maybe the same person on manmade moon twitter??)

sorry for my bad engilsh and memory.....

Viv said...

so far the early reviews of SC are solid,not GREAT!!CLASSIC!! but really solid and positive(almost all).I am very happy for that, even though I know we can't trust early screening review too much:)

JF said...

Jake did a great presentation job at the Oscars. Love all the pics, especially the two with Michelle.

Thanks for the updates about Jake's upcoming projects. :)

Tweety said...

Thanks anon. regarding the Nailed news. It seems like they are having a test screening in L.A. to see if there is any interest in the film. With the sucsess of The Fighter, he may get some funding to finish it even though
Russell is on the record as sying that he has no interest in completing the film.

The Jake/Michelle photos have an intimacy that makes it uncomfortable to look at, but I can't not look at them, so poignant.

I love the rest of the photos except the pics of Jake and 50 cents, I despise that jerk.

Jake did do a great job presenting with Amy JF, but I give the hosts a D-!

Tweety said...

Thanks for the SC news Viv!

I remember hearing about this project last year Bobbyanna, there have been so many Jake peojects that have never got beyond the rumor stage.

bobbyanna said...

Tweety, at some point didn't Russell issue a release saying he was not longer associated with Nailed, and he walked away, very disgusted? This was after Ron Tutor took over?

Maybe they've patched things up or something, and think with Russell's success from The Fighter, they can finally get distribution for Nailed. Wonder if they even finished it? Maybe that's what the squabble was about. That & $$$.

Thanks for the reminder about the "Great Wall" project:) This cyclist Foster's story allegedly now has $25M committed by the Chinese Gov't, along with their cooperation, and Foster said he was working from a $50M budget.

Don't know if all the financing is in place, but it seems like it has moved along since we last heard. Or not.:)It sounds like something Jake would find attractive.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the Nailed info, anon. Sorry about the disappearing comments. I haven't heard other complaints but Blogger is very temperamental.

I hope we get some word about Nailed from the screening.

Viv, thank you for the SC scoop! Sounds pretty good so far. "Meat on the bone" means that there is something of substance there, something to chew on.

I remember the bicyclist, too, tweety and bobbyanna. It's not clear if it's something Jake has actually been approached for

Extra said...

Nobody rocks a tux like Jake, he looked amazing . He did a wonderful job and yes the category he and Amy presented always screws up the office Oscar pools!

Love all the photos from the parties, i'm sure Jake worked and charmed the room:)

I remember the chatter about the cycling movie too, I forgot about it. If it does get of the ground, it sounds like it won't be for awhile.

I was really excited about Nailed but there has been so much bad karma surrounding it i'm not sure if it's a good idea to try and finish and bring it to the big screen.

Thanks for the SC info Viv, looking forward to it and it looks like Jake is back at on of his CZ in L.A.:)

Blogger has been a bitch with me for the last few days UV:(

VIv said...


on twitter:

victormoreno: Saw SOURCE CODE; well done film - Shades of 12 MONKEYS & esp. THE JACKET with a fun Quantum Leap related cameo to namecheck that influence

I guess SC will get solid reviews on tomatoes so I will worry more about BO success :P

Monica said...

BOM said the film will open with 17 million, but will finish with 55 million domestically.
I'll look for the link.

I saw this on twitter: Jake in LA

Monica said...

Here: BO

bobbyanna...a LAOD rhapsody said...

Thanks monica!:)

Tonight I watched LAOD in the comfort of my own home! What a lovely movie! And it was a lovely movie because of Anne & Jake.

They were exceptional. Perfectly matched. They just shined. I was able to appreciate more fully just what an exceptional actor Jake really is.

Anne as well. Hank Azaria & Oliver Platt were a pleasure to watch. Jake seems to establishe a genuine rapport with all of them. Scene by scene he works magic. Ed Zwick assembled the perfect cast.

mary said...

i picked up my copy of LAOD yesterday too but havent had time to watch it yet plan to this weekend

Chica said...

I picked up my copy yesterday too!

I haven't had time to watch it yet. I really loved this movie and Jake and Anne's performances.

Can't wait to watch it again and check out the extras.

Monica said...

Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana:

Diana: If Colin Firth weren’t married, I’d propose to him.

L: We wanted Heath [Ledger] to accept for us if we won.

D: We won, and he read what we wrote. We watched it on television, remember? The ceremony was short and amusing …

L: … and done with a lot of British class. It made the Hollywood awards seem vaguely seedy. Jake won Best Actor and was shocked. He was so used to losing he didn’t expect it at all.

D: I wish we’d been able to attend. Jake was over the moon about winning.


L: We went to the Directors Guild Awards in support of Ang. James ate my food again.

D: Jake and Heath did an endearing little comedic routine about Ang before the awards were announced. They seemed so young, without a care in the world.


L: We lost Best Picture, startling Jack Nicholson, who opened the envelope.

D: Did he mouth “Fuck!” when he opened the envelope?

L: I believe he did.

D: He told me afterwards that he voted for Brokeback.

UltraViolet said...

Extra, sorry Blogger hasn't been working for you. I'm not sure what their deal is.

Sadly, my L&OD dvd is at work, and I am working from home all this week. I am tempted to rent it on demand, as well!

Thanks for those snippets, Monica. It's nice to hear them talk about Jake, too. That's rare.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the SC tweet, Viv. Here's another, a rave:

markwalters74: Just saw @manmademoon's SOURCE CODE, a brilliant mindbender of a sci-fi film. Can't wait to talk to Duncan Jones next wee

Someone else who saw it yesterday said he liked it a lot, then made a crack about Jake being his favorite Persian actor. So I don't know if he was kidding about liking the movie, as well.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, and someday, I hope we get to see video of that DGA presentation.

Sag Actor said...

The Oscar telecast ledt a sour taste in my mouth (the show not the winners) so these photos of Jake and Co are great.

More good buzz about SC, I loved Moon and I am looking forward to SC.

Monica said...

David Ayer's next: Jake Gyllenhaal cop pic

Gyllenhaal continues on action-hero track with gritty cop drama

Exclusive: David Ayer is set to write and direct his latest cop drama "End of Watch", with Jake Gyllenhaal in early discussions to star.

Ayer and John Lesher will produce through Ayer's Crave Films Lesher's Le Grisibi's Productions.

Plot details are vague; pic's being describe as gritty cop drama that follows the friendship between longtime partners. Ayer and Lesher are still putting the movie together and are out to financiers, so no production date has been set.

bobbyanna said...

"pic's being describe as gritty cop drama that follows the friendship between longtime partners."


UltraViolet said...

Ooh, thanks for the link, Monica. This would tick off one of the standard actor boxes. You have to play a cop at some point!

Ayers wrote Training Day, which is very positive. But I don't think his directorial efforts have been as successful.

It's good to hear Jake's name with a project attached. But the financing sounds like an issue.

Monica said...

UV, I'm trying to post a link on Nailed and blog are deleting.

Monica said...

I think the problem is with the links. I'll post a different way:

'Nailed' Gets Test Screening, Though Nobody Told The Cast And Filmmakers

UltraViolet said...

Was just about to post it for you, Monica. Not too encouraging, but at least we have movement. I was hoping one of the commenters had attended. Still waiting for any reviews.

Sorry about Blogger.

Monica said...

Do not worry. I'm trying to post a picture on my blog.
I'll try for IE.

I would like to know more about the film.

Hollywood has gone crazy. They will do Blade Runner reboot.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

A cop drama, my fingers are crossed, thanks Monica!

How the hell do you have a rest screening w/o informing the cast and crew???

mary said...

thanks monica for new possible film role would love to see jake play a cop fingers crossed

yea its weird about the screening of nailed that the staff or producers didnt know anything about it curious to see if we will hear any more about it

Monica said...

Source Code stills:

Monica said...

Double posting!

Wow New videos from the movie Source Code:

UltraViolet said...

I had a feeling you'd link that before I got the new post up, Monica :)

Lots of news today - see new post.