Thursday, March 24, 2011

Talking Jake: Banksy, BAFTAS and badass moms

Jake Gyllenhaal made another hilarious appearance on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. We don't have a clip yet, but hopefully, Kimmel or Stephanie will upload it soon, and then the post title will make sense!

Here's Part One:

You can find the rest here.

In the meantime, some more Source Code interviews are rolling out. Here are Jake and Duncan Jones talking to HitFix:

Jake interviewed by Collider. Some fun stuff here:

Next, Reelz Channel interviews Jake:

And here's a bit of Jake at the SXSW premiere in Austin:

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UltraViolet said...

Mostly old news but a few new snippets in this interview.

mary said...

jake was hilarious on kimmell but im not sure what or who banksy is i take it there prints of some sorts jake looked good

bobbyanna said...

Mary, from what I gather, Banksy is a street artist, a man of mystery.:) he does graffitti all over the place. The documentary called "Exit Thru the Gift Shop", about Banksy, was nominated for an Oscar this year. Last time I checked it was avaialable free on Hulu. I haven't seen it and I don't know very much about Banksy, but the way Jake described Naomi was hilarious!

I was SO impressed with the video clip Kimmel showed of Jake jumping off the train, and he and Jake making sure the audience knows that was Jake actually doing that stunt.
I cannot wait!

bobbyanna said...

Here's a link to Banksy's site:

Lots of great, provocative stuff.

mary said...

thanks bobbyanna ill check it out

Chica said...

Loved the interview! What a funny story about Jake, David and his tie at the Baftas!!

Bobbyanna did a good job of describing Bansky Mary and how cool that his Mom got him one of his prints for his birthday.

Thought it was funy how he was trying to get his Mom a date and they picked a great SC clip to show.

UltraViolet said...

Chica, I thought it was great that Jimmy asked to hear one of the stories. Wouldn't you love to hear more of what was said?

The Banksy and BAFTA stories were so fun. And Jake mocking the tie was hilarious.

Posted another good video interview, with Collider this time. And here's a nice interview with AICN. Some good stuff in there, ever so slightly spoilerish, so be warned.

Both the Collider guy and the AICN interviewer mention how nice Jake is, which is very cool. From AICN:

When I walked into the room, the slightly frazzled publicist introduced me as "Jake" to Gyllenhaal. When I corrected him to tell him my name was Steve and went to shake hands with Gyllenhaal, he immediately greeted me with, "Hello, Jake. I'm Steve." I found him extremely personable, filled to the brim with passion for this film, something of a devoted science fiction nerd, and so handsome it made me angry. I covered the living daylights out of SOURCE CODE at SXSW, so look for interviews with Jones, Vera Farmiga, and Michelle Monaghan in the next week or so, as well as a review of the film. Please enjoy my talk with the very fun Jake Gyllenhaal…

Anonymous said...

I loved the interview Jake did with Jimmy. I think they have the same sense of humor. I think they could hang out together (Jimmy is always inviting friends and family to his place to watch sports and hang out)

I never heard of Banksy I am going to check out the site. But I like how his mom was determined to get one of his work.

I also liked the BBM story about how his friend was tying his tie and they were walked in on :D

Extra said...

Thanks for posting the interview, I was wiped out last night and missed it.

He was so funny love the Bafta story. I remember seeing David M not only sitting next to Jake at the Baftas but holding Jake's umbrella on the Red carpet!

Jake and Kimmel do seem to have the same sense of humor and how cool was it of Kimmel to point out that Jake did his own stunts.

I've heard of Bansky, he isn't my cup of tea but a lot of people seem to like him.

Thought it was also funny that Jake was trying to get his Mom a date!

FL said...

I think this is a better link to the AICN Source Code article. The other link just takes me back here to the blog. :-(

I'll be the dissenting voice, as I normally am, and say I didn't care for Jake's Kimmel appearance. Mostly the part where he kept ragging on Jimmy's not-all-that-wide-really-Jake! tie. It almost bordered on mean-spiritedness, similar to some of his interplay with Anne on the LAOD junkets.

Would love to know which Banksy Naomi won for Jake's bday. Could it have been this one?

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I thought he was ragging on his tie as a lead-in to the tie/Bafta story but then he kept on, LOL

Maybe he really hated it or Jake is deveoping an aversion to ties. Love his description of his Mom as badass:))

And his b'day party, I would love to get a Banksy print for my b'day.

I wonder if she appreciated him trying to score her a date on national TV!

I thought the interview was fun and Kimmel gave SC a thumbs up.

Thanks for the AICN link!

bobbyanna said...

FL, I can see what you mean. I didn't care for the repeated ragging about the tie either. It was unfunny to me. Flat.

I'm wondering if Jake had very much time to prepare something, or even talk to Jimmy ahead of time. Something about it seemed rushed to me, and very "improved," but then maybe it was me. At least there were no crude "photos at the urinal" jokes.

bobbyanna said...

I meant "improv" not "improve." :-)

UltraViolet said...

Oops - thanks for fixing the AICN link, FL.

I didn't find anything mean-spirited about the tie stuff on Kimmel. And I don't think Kimmel was bothered by it, at all.

And it was a horrible tie. I particularly liked Jake's ribbon candy comment, because I totally associate that with my parents/grandparents houses!

mary said...

it was all done in fun and i dont think JK was bothered by it either he went right along with the ribbing by cutting it in half to appear smaller:)

im glad he didnt ask about the bathroom icident either

FL said...

Different strokes. :-)

Anonymous said...

who is david? i thought he was talking about chris?

LU said...

Clearly Jimmy doesn't see Jake's comments as being mean spirited or else he would have not played along by cutting his own tie. Man I suppose some of you thought Jimmy's comments about American Idol were mean spirited. Jimmy's is a comedian first and I am sure appreciated Jake's light heartedness. Jake led Jimmy into some pretty funny comebacks.

I think Jake has more than one best friend, David was at the Baftas and he is the same best friend who now lives in Austin who also attended the SXSW SC premiere.

Lola said...

That was a great interview with Jimmy last night. I loved hearing about his birthday, and his mom trying to get him a Banksy print. That's crazy that she was able to win one for free, stuff like that never happens to me. Thanks bobbyanna for the link to his website, i'll check it out. I didn't find any harm in him making fun of Kimmels tie. I can't wait to see him on conan, they have a lot of fun together, and i love Conan.

Monica said...

Talk shows are boring for me, but it was fun to hear the story of Naomi and the BAFTA. I also liked seeing the scene of the train and hear the praises of Jimmy to Jake.
It's a great scene.

In this interview, Jake talks about Source Code, David Fincher and Nailed:

bobbyanna said...

I've watched it two more times. I'm thinking Jimmy was 'in on it' and they were being very competitive.

I made a mistake earlier. Hulu carries Exit Thru the Gift Shop, but it's only available on Hulu Plus, which requires a paid subscription.

You can rent it on Amazon for $3.99
It's about 1:30, billed as a feature length film, not a doc.

Monica said...

Update on The Bourne Legacy: The Playlist

Monica said...

Sorry to double post, but I needed to post this:
With Chicago fans, everything just Jake

mary said...

thanks monica for the article very nice interview he confirmed again his next movie role

Tweety said...

I liked the interview and Kimmel actually sounded like he read the Men's Journal article!

The tie thing was funny but it became boring, glad Kimmel finally cur it, ha, ha!! I did like the Bafta story and how his Mom got him the Bansky print.

Saw SC advertised on the side of a bus today in my area and I really like all the interviews he has given so far.

I enjoyed the AICN interview and review and the review you posted Monica.

I'm getting really excited, one more week!

bobbyanna said...

Well, it's at 83% on Rotten Tomatoes and 90% of the people voted that they want to see it.
I've crossed everything except my eyes! Can't wait.

UltraViolet said...

SC day is getting close. Nice to see the RT rating go up! Hope that trend continues.

Posted some snippets from that Chicago Sun Times interview in the new post :)