Monday, March 28, 2011

Premiere prepare

It's Source Code premiere day in Hollywood. We will update the post tonight as photos and tweets come in.

Omg Craziness!!!! The yelling for Jake Gyllenhaal is nuts... "I wanna have your baby!" seems to be the general consensus among yellers...

But to get ready, we have Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan in a Moviefone Unscripted interview.

It's definitely not as much fun as the Brothers Unscripted, but Michelle gets a good question in for Jake:

Very interesting about the ear bud. And I think you can see that they have a good rapport.

Also while waiting, you can read some more Jake interviews. It feels like we've gotten better print interviews from SC than we did with L&OD. Here's one from the Hamilton Spectator:

“I have a relatively strange mind,” Gyllenhaal says. “Some strange things are going to come from it.”

While there has been the occasional payday, like “Prince of Persia” (“Even there I tried to throw in a little bit of something,” he countered), he’s also done “The Good Girl,” “Lovely & Amazing,” the grossly underappreciated “Zodiac” and, more recently, “Brothers,” the Jim Sheridan’s adaptation of the Susanne Bier’s Danish film.

“I loved that story and I loved that character,” he said. “In fact, I loved that character maybe more than any I’ve played; I’d like to bring him back in some kind of incarnation again ‘cause I just loved what he was struggling with.

“But yeah,” he added. “I think things work the best when I listen to my own instincts.

Roger Moore interviewed Jake for the Orlando Sentinel:

At 30, he’s a little young to be carrying Sinatra’s no-regrets “My Way” as an ethos. But that’s sort of who Gyllenhaal is. He makes no apologies for trying his hand at last summer’s flop, “Prince of Persia.” There’s no looking back longingly at ex-girlfriends (Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift, among them).

Revisit his two years at Columbia University for a clue about why that is.

“Every choice I’ve ever made is probably informed by my interest in Eastern religions and philosophies,” he says of his college courses. “’Source Code’ explores a ton of different philosophical ideas, that there is no real linearity to life, that time and space are flexible — all things that aren’t just about science but that concern religion and philosophy, particularly Buddhism.” ...

“What would you change if you had the chance? Not much. Not in my life. I’ve been blessed,” Gyllenhaal says.

“But what I learn from this movie is it’s not what you do, it’s how you respond. It’s not going out and never making a mistake. It’s how you respond afterwards. That determines who we are.

“The ultimate goal is to help others, not yourself.”

Another cast interview:

In case you missed it from the last post, a video of Jake onstage at the Harvard Westlake Film Festival.


Josie said...

Thanks in advance for covering the SC premiere, I'm loking forward to seeing Jake on the red Carpet.

I've been playing catch-up on all the SC stuff you have been posting, I love stopping by GB!

The Moviefone interview was cute and i'm enjoying reading all the interviews with Jake and Duncan.

Great to hear some Tommy/Brothers love from Jake, I loved him in that role.

I think he is on Conan tonight as well. I really don't like him, I only watch when Jake is on but his interview will be floating around tomorrow so I can avoid watching that unfunny carrot top!

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for all the new goodies, UV. I'm looking forward to the tweets and photos from tonight's premiere.

UltraViolet said...

Looks like Jake is at the premiere. From twitter:

Omg Craziness!!!! The yelling for Jake Gyllenhaal is nuts... "I wanna have your baby!" seems to be the general consensus among yellers...

Chica said...

I'm going to try and stay up and check out the updates here but I have to tell ya I'm exhausted, I had a long day!

Jake and Michelle do have a nice rapport and the reviews have been mostly positive.

I love that tweet!!

mary said...

thanks UV love that tweet too and jake looks good

cant wait for conan

UltraViolet said...

Posted a few pics. Jake looks very dashing. Will continue to post as the night wears on, even if you can't stay up :)

bobbyanna said...

I love that tweet too! LOL!!! I hope he enjoyed all the love!

Here's a twitpic.

I like him in blue.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, I liked that one, Bobbyanna. But what's with the looks-like-photoshopped, looks-like-it's-in-a-sling left hand?

Monica said...

You're quick, UV!
Nice suit!

UltraViolet said...

We try :)

It is a lovely suit. Michelle M looks like a goth bridge. She's frightening. And Duncan is wearing a tie! And not over a t-shirt.

Chica said...

I'm so glad I stayed up, he looks great, thanks for posting the pics so quickly!

UltraViolet said...

Posted some more pics. Oh, and I meant goth bride, not bridge, lol.

From Amy Paffrath, an E! reporter, I think: Jake Gyllenhaal's a flirt. Dug his energy. Goodtimes.

Jake is very amusing on Conan so far.

bobbyanna said...

He looked delicious, and he always seems very relaxed when he's on Conan. Very at ease, not "on."

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

He did look yummy and relaxed and funny! Conan isn't on of my favorite talk shows, I only watch it when Jake is on the show.

And speaking of yummy , I love the zred Carpet pics!

I don't like what Michelle is wearing whatever it is:(

Lola said...

From the pics you posted i actually like Michelle's dress. Jake looks amazing, and so young! I love that tweet you posted, very funny. The unscripted videos dont work for me so unfortunately i can't watch them. I'm off to watch conan:)

bobbyanna said...

I think Michelle's dress is fine for the occasion, but I don't care for her hair & make-up. I can see where you'd think Goth bride! LOL!
Vera & Jeffery Wright were there, too. Duncan looks so happy!

Damn, Jake can wear a suit!
('course he works jeans & a
t-shirt OK, too.)

UltraViolet said...

I like Michelle's dress, too. But the goth make up and overblown hair maker her look scary.

Lola, maybe you can watch the Unscripted videos at the site?

There are two videos there that I didn't post and f and haven't watched yet.

Josie and OONP - why don't you like Conan?! He's a homeboy, so I'm partial. Also, Jake has always done good Conan interviews.

UltraViolet said...

Some tweets. I guess Busy was at the premiere?

Source Code. F-ING SOURCE CODE!!!!! Go see it! Aggghhh!!

And from Frankie Muniz, who saw it in Scotsdale, not LA:

Just saw "The Source Code" and thought it was really entertaining. Had a great time...

From marquismovies:

Good for Jake... After me saying I would go back and change my NCAA bracket in the source code, he said he would have warned Japan.
13 minutes ago via MySpace

Just got to the Source Code after party... It's poppin
36 minutes ago via Myspace for iPhone

Just finished the movie... Really great job. Great acting from Jake... Awesome directing from Duncan Jones
41 minutes ago via MySpace

Talked with Jake Gyllenhaal, super cool guy, really down to earth

Anonymous said...

Lizinhollywood I'm at a secret bowling alley in hollywood watching Punky Brewster watch Jake Gyllenhal bowl strikes in a suit.
30 minutes ago

mary said...

bowling again:) love to see a picture of jake bowling in a suit guess the after party must of been at a bowling alley ? strange place if so but different

loved jake on conan he looked gorgeous i dont care for conan either only watch when jake is on

Anonymous said...

Jake looks wonderful. Michelle looks like a cheap boy's Sandra Bullock.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Looking at Michele's dress again and it's Ok, just a little boring.

I would love to see a pic of Jake bowling in a suit!

I should say that I don't find Conan funny UV not that I don't like him, that honor goes to Leno:)

I do like his interviews with Jake, they have a nice rapport.

Monica said...

Yeah, Michele reminds Sandra Bullock.
The dress is beautiful but not like the hair and makeup .

Tweety said...

It's funny seeing MySpace being used for posting sightings, I almost forgot that it was still around:)

Jake went bowling again and it sounds like the party was at a bowling alley!

Love Frankie Muniz's tweet and I enjoyed Jake's interview with Conan.

Jake looks handsome here and i will add my 2 cents about Michelle, liked the dress but not her hair.

bobbyanna said...

Just read somewhere that Jake was wearing a Tom Ford suit.

I saw a tweet from someone that they went back to The Roosevelt to the Spare Room for the afterparty, but it was just the one tweeter.

I'm another who doesn't watch Conan except when Jake's on. Conan seems likeable, but he's just not that funny to me. Kimmel, Letterman & Fallon are my personal favorites, and Jon Stewart's OK, too. Never watch Leno.

Guess Jake heads to NYC now for the rest of the fun:)

Anonymous said...

Seems Jake will start filming End of Watch in July.

mary said...

thanks for the info anon

a poster on ihj who lives in germany said jake and duncan will be at the germany premiere on april 7 and she was able to get tickets to go

UltraViolet said...

Tweety, was there a myspace sighting or are you referring to that marquismovies guy? I also thought, "Wow, people still use myspace?!"

Trying to get a post together but there's just so much stuff! In the meantime, this is a cute tweet:

MeganDMcDonald: @AdamLevine is a kick ass bowler. Jake Gyllenhaal is the sweetest guy I've met - lol I gave him my number. #wishfulthinking #nevergonnacall

A French site captioned their SC premiere pics with the question: Is Jake Gyllenhall frightened by Michelle Monaghan? Hee.

bobbyanna said...

Hmmmm. IMDB has a list of release dates and it has the Czech Republic for April 7th and Germany for June 2nd.

These release dates make no sense!
I guess it all depends on who has the distribution rights for these countries and their release schedule for all the films. Nuts!

Maybe the fan has tickets for a screening with Duncan, etc.?

UltraViolet said...

Bobbyanna, I think they will be there for a screening. Here's the info.

Maybe they will move the opening date up. Seems odd to have a screening so far in advance of the movie.

Found this on FB - so sweet:

I would like to thank JAKE for being such a wonderful person... My daughter(17) went with my mom(67) to the Dome last night for the premier of Source Code last night... Jake walked the reporter line like everyone else and went in the theater...then did something unexpected when the reporters were gone he went out to greet his fans, that simple act of going out to greet the screeming girls outside was sooo great. Not everyone would take the time to do that... THANKS AGAIN .... my daughter came home very happy and my mom with a great sense of admiration and respect for JAKE>>THANKS AGAIN

Monica said...

awww so sweet!

mary said...

so sweet again thats proves how nice a person jake is

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the info, UV. I agree, it does seem odd to screen so far in advance of a release date. Maybe IMDB has the release date wrong.

Jake is such a sweetheart to do that for his fans!

Anonymous said...

Thanks UV (I love hearing about the tweets)

who are the older guys who Jake is sandwiched between? I don't recognize them

UltraViolet said...

Those are studio types, anon. I don't remember their names, lol.

New post, chock-full!