Friday, March 25, 2011

He's not painful to look at!

More video and print interviews with Jake Gyllenhaal promoting Source Code. First up, a "generic" interview that's spiced up by some off-camera swearing at the beginning.

This second part didn't work for me - hope it's fixed now:

Jake and Duncan Jones talk to Fandango:

The Chicago Sun Times has a nice piece on Jake, starting out with a description of the crowd that came to watch Jake and company film at The Bean:

His fans call themselves Gyllenhaalics and there is no intervention. They just need to have their fix of those pecs and that sweet smile.

In Chicago, they gathered early in the morning at Millennium Park. Their ages ranged from 5 to 65, and they were on a mission to find the object of their addiction: Jake Gyllenhaal.

The 30-year-old heartthrob was filming a scene for his new movie “Source Code” in the park, and pandemonium ensued.

“Chicago is so cool in my book,” Gyllenhaal said. “We shot in the early morning hours and we had the whole park, but without giving too much away, we were filming in front of a statue that was very reflective. You could see the faces of the fans in the background going nuts and waving. It didn’t exactly fit into the plot about a guy who is hiding out.

“So I asked the ladies to shift a little to the left. It was pretty funny because the crowd moved together like one big dance step. It was everybody to the left in a few big steps. Then everybody to the right. I love my fans. They were so cooperative.”

Director Duncan Jones said Gyllenhaal was the only man for the role.

“I’m a huge fan of Jake Gyllenhaal,” Jones said. “He’s an incredibly talented actor and he’s not painful on the eyes. He’s also incredibly brave. He’s an actor who is always willing to take a risk.”

He became an international sensation playing a gay cowboy in Ang Lee’s “Brokeback Mountain.” His memories of working with co-star Heath Ledger are precious to him.

“I remember seeing him after we were both cast. We were at this party and we didn’t have real space to talk. But somehow we found a little corner and we started doing some of the lines,” he said. “We both thought the story was so beautiful and we wanted to service that story in whatever way possible.

“We had no time to waste.”

Gyllenhaal said his next film is “a beautiful screenplay about two Los Angeles police department officers. It’s about the nature of duty and friendship, and about the reasons why young guys put their lives in danger.”

There's also another spoilery account of one of the roundtable interviews from the junket. I think this one has more detailed answers from Jake. There's a major spoiler of sorts in the article, so hold off if you don't want to be teased!


UltraViolet said...

A very nice comment about Jake in this blog post:

I have a funny, true story about Jake G. Just before Xmas, we went to Sloan Kettering Cancer Hospital in NYC with my daughter who is being treated there weekly. It was our first visit and after being at a different hospital for 8 months, I was really nervous/puzzled/uncertain of what to expect. They have a giant playroom and guess who was there? Jake G! He was there, signing autographs, sitting on the floor to get closer to the little kids hooked up to IV machines having chemo treatment. He had no entourage with him and no press agents. He was laughing and talking to the kids and all the nurses were swooning! This was Christmas Christmas Eve. He will always get points in my book for doing that without any fuss. And he’s a big (tall) guy. The kids looked so small beside him – I guess that’s why he was sitting on the floor with them.

UltraViolet said...

Video of Jake outside of Kimmel.

mary said...

stephanie posted that jake will be on the daily show march 30

ihj said...

Here is a list of Jake's appearences next week:

March 28th, 2011

Los Angeles Premiere
Date: March 28th, 2011
Time: 7:30 PM
Venue: Pacific Cinerama Dome

Date: March 28th, 2011
Time: 11:00 PM
Channel: TBS

March 30th, 2011

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
Date: March 30th, 2011
Time: 11:00 PM
Channel: Comedy Central

March 31st, 2011

Live With Regis & Kelly
Date: March 31st, 2011
Time: Syndicated
Channel: ABC

April 1st, 2011

Meet The Filmmakers: Jake Gyllenhaal & Duncan Jones
Date: April 1st, 2011
Time: 6:00 PM
Venue: Apple Store, Soho (NYC)
More info:

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for all these goodies! I remember when we first saw those photographs of fans at The Bean. Cute the way Jake can move crowds with a wave of his hand! :)

Enjoyed watching Fandango interview ofthem talking process.

I know I'm repeating myself, but I cannot wait! I'm SO happy about the RT ratings & positive reviews.

I have no idea how the movie's tracking & I wish I did. Usually, before a movie opens they do tracking polls to see if people are responding to the marketing, are aware & talking about it/plan on seeing it. They quantify that level of enthusiasm to "project" box office.

It's a shame that the importance of opening weekends is so inflated. I want it to do well for Jake and Duncan's sake, but that's almost overshadowed by my pure impatience to see it and just enjoy it...several times over!:)

Looking forward to Jake's TV appearances. He'll probably do some morning shows as well. Which I will likely miss.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, UV, for all the info about Jake. Was he going into the Jimmy Kimmel show? I noticed yehya (he's been on Jimmy) getting his autograph. I couldn't tell if he got a pic with Jake, that is what he is famous for getting pics with celebs.

I liked how Jake waved to his fans.

I'm still hoping he might get on Ellen. Even the following week.

Sag Actor said...

I wanted to thank you UV for answering my question about the CGI effects in the previous post!

Love the Daily Show, glasd to hear that he will be on it.

UltraViolet said...

De nada, Sag Actor. I'm psyched that Jake will be on TDS, too. It's been a while! Thanks for the info Mary and ihj.

Anon, yes, that was Jake at the Jimmy Kimmel show. Here's another short clip.

Bobbyanna, I saw something on Box Office Mojo that SC was tracking in the mid-teens to high-teens. I think. I can't remember exactly.

Chica said...

No he isn't painful to look at, what a lucky bunch of fans:)

What a great story about Jake at Sloan Kettering I remember the tweets of him there, he was key low-key about the whole thing.

Paps did catch him leaving but you can tell that he was trying to avoid them.

It has ben awhile since Jake appeared on the Daily show, I think the last time was for Rendition.

UltraViolet said...

We've gotten some interesting tidbits in all these interviews. Fascinating the way Jake talks about following his director - if DOR isn't on Nailed anymore, then Jake doesn't want to be, either. He even defends Fincher. Would love to know more about the dynamics there.

I also thought it was interesting that Jake said he and producer Mark Gordon are close. Hopefully Gordon will continue to bring good projects to Jake and vice versa.

Some good stuff from Ben Ripley, the SC writer, and DJ in this story:

Ripley spent a few days on the Montreal set during production and confirms that director and star spent a lot of time mining the material for humor. “Most of the comedy you see in the film is the result of improv between Jake and Duncan,” the writer says. “There’s relatively little of that in the script, where most of the energy is devoted to the driving thriller elements. I’m glad they put in some humor and it was incredibly entertaining to watch their rapport. Of course, outside of this interview, I will always take credit for it!”

For Jones, the infusion of humor into the proceedings benefitted not only the movie, but also his leading man’s performance. “What I’m most proud of is that I helped Jake do a film where you see him at his best. He’s obviously an unfairly handsome man, but he’s also unfairly talented, and to see him playing the lighter leading-man role really suits him. It’s kind of like Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones—it’s just something that he’s good at.”

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Ah, another Indiana Jones reference, I remember Mike Newell who directed Pop saying the same thing!

I hope the RT ratings remain in the 80's , SC deserves to have a big opening.

I'm not surprised to hear that about Nailed and Russell from Jake, I think he knows that it will never see the light if day:(

His defense of Fincher is interesting. Fincher has a rep of being an asshole, matter of fact so does Russell.

Finally, a talk show appearence that I can get excited about: STEWART!!!

Off to watch the new videos posted!

Extra said...

That was a nice article, like that they got Gyllenhallics worked into the story:):)

So glad he has added The Daily Show to the list of talk shows next week, hopefully he will do Letterman too since he will be in NY.

Here is a pic of Jake at the opening of Hoyle Jackson that he was spotted at last week:

mary said...

just jared has some pictures of jake taken yesterday leaving a cutom motorcycle shop

T said...

Hey guys JJ has Jake out and about yesterday

T said...

Great minds Mary

Anonymous said...

you can say that again. you gotta be quick to get the word out about a Jake sighting :D

mary said...

jake will be on good morning america march 31

FL said...

kylerengland: Lunch at Cafe Gratitude, star sightings galore. When Ashton and Demi left, Jake Gyllenhaal and Adam Levine took their table. #LAiswild 5 minutes ago

That's funny. And awww, Jake has a new CZ. :-)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks Mary and anon., too bad he wasn't on his motorcycle:)

Maybe he will Fallon and Letterman along with GMA.

That does seem to be his new CZ FL!!

RIP Geraldine Ferraro.

A trailblazer that paved avenues for other women like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.

Anonymous said...

The new People mag. gave SC a good review and they really liked Jake.
(I'm sorry - but this is Reese's wedding day and as stated - Jim is a family man and that's all Reese has ever wanted. - Good grief!)

Monica said...

Thanks for all this information, UV. I love reading the stories from Sloan Kettering Cancer. They are sweet and adorable.

FL said...

Why is it that right about now I have Cee-Lo Green's F*ck You spinning around in my head?

La la la

bobbyanna said...


LOL! Great song!

BTW: For all the old movie fanatics, the original
Mildred Pierce is on at 8PM tonight. Either AMC or TMC. I have to watch it.

Yes, OONP, R.I.P. Geraldine.

Monica said...

Mildred Pierce? That's great.
TCM is one of my favorite channels.
Today Cat On A Hot Tin Roof and Suddenly, Last Summer.

Chica said...

I'm watching Mildred Pierce right now on TCM. Crawford is at her best here and Ann Blyth is incredible as Veda one of the worst daughters in cinema history: "My mother, a waitress!"

I think TCM is airing this tonight because HBO will start airing their version of Mildred Pierce with Kate Winslet , it's more closer to the novel and it's a 5 part miniseries starting tomorrow night.

Glad to hear that People that gave SC a good review.

LOL, FL, I hear ya!

Geraldine Ferraro atarted her political career as a congresswoman from Queens. What an inspiration for women everywhere.


Chica said...

A little Mildred Pierce family history: My parents named my older brother after Bruce Bennett who played Mildred's first husband Bert!

TCM in the US has yet to do a retrospective on Taylor yet Monica, hopefully they will the week coming up, I love Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

Tweety said...

I remember all the tweets when Jake and Michelle were filming in Chicago, it's great that Jake has such wonderful memories of the shooting there.

Thanks for posting all the SC interview videos, i'm sure more will be showing up.

I love what he had to say about Heath and BBM .

Thanks for the heads up on Mildred Pierce, I hope I didn't miss too much!

RIP Geraldine Ferraro

Tweety said...

britticisms: RT @colleenclaes: Jake Gyllenhaal. In my face. Right by me. Chateau Marmont.
22 minutes ago

bobbyanna said...

"You've never spoken of your people!"

Veda was incredible! One of my top ten film villains! God those lines were classics! What a script!

I always liked Bert, chica. :-)

Cat and Suddenly Last Summer were fabulous! Katherine Hepburn certainly chewed up some scenery!
"Violet & Sebastian!"
They were both favorites along with A Place in the Sun and National Velvet. (I can only watch Cleopatra without sound. Her voice was grating and the script was pretty bad.)

bobbyanna said...

Also wanted to say that I campaigned for Mondale/Ferraro in Michigan, in '84, and I was really impressed and very proud of Geraldine. She was a class act. A very effective debater, too.

Glad Jake was hanging with Adam, and that he's out and about enjoying himself.

Viv said...

I knew SC will get solid reviews:)
and I am so glad Jake's performance got praised by almost every critics:D

I want Jake and Duncan work together again in the future.

A film like this deserves box office success, not films like Justin Beiber bio or Just go with it.....sigh....

UltraViolet said...

LOL, FL. I was humming that a bit myself. Let's hope Adam and Jake had a fun afternoon, followed by lots of flowing alcohol and party girls at the Chateau.

I campaigned for Mondale/Ferraro, too, Bobbyanna. RIP to Geraldine.

Chica, that's so funny about your Mildred Pierce connection. I liked the movie but don't have any real interest in the new miniseries. I've heard good things about it so far.

Viv, crossing all my fingers and toes for the success of SC!

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say also what a shame it is that Reese's perfect day was ruined by all those helicopters. I weep for her.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope Adam and Jake had a fun afternoon, followed by lots of flowing alcohol and party girls at the Chateau.

Haha maybe not the Chateau.

jake gyllenhaal at The Spare Room Omg partying with Adam Levine
37 minutes ago

Extra said...

But we are over it anon. snd so is Jake, so glad he is having a good time with his pal Adam!

Mildred Pierce is such a classic film and as much as I like Kate, I can't imagine anyone else in that role but Joan.

Let the good SC reviews keep rolling in!

My parents campaigned for the Mondale/Ferraro ticket and I remember the excitement of having a woman on the ticket.

RIP Geraldine Ferraro.

Monica said...

I have not seen Mildred Pierce. I want to see the movie and the miniseries. I love Kate and Todd Haynes.

Yesterday I saw The Tourist. Movie very very bad.

Well, in the moment, I'm much more interested in Source Code. I saw two dates for the movie here in Brazil: May 13 and June 17.
I will not download. This film is to be seen in the theater. So, I'll wait.

mary said...

glad jake hung out with adam yesterday sounds like they had a good time.

maxim magazine has a interview with jake my son gets the maazine and he gave over for the weekend and showed it to me nothing really new in it it was a short interview

bobbyanna said...

Be strong, monica!!:) I hope the May 13 date is the correct one.

I'm a Todd Haynes fan too. Kate Winslet does mostly brilliant work.

I won't compare this to the original. They're saying this one follows the James M. Cain novel more closely than the Joan Crawford version.

Shakespeare gets reimagined/reinterpreted all the time, and we all have our favorite versions.

Wonder if Letterman's on Jake's promo schedule; altho, it hasn't been that long ago since his LAOD appearance. It's been ages since he did Ellen.

Chica said...

Ah, there are so many great quotes from that movie Bobbyanna!

The miniseries is closer to the Cain novel than the Crawford movie. I love Kate so I will check it out tonight.

For anyone that read Mildred Pierce you know that there is one key difference vs the Crawford version.

I admire your strength Monica!

Thanks for the heads up on the Maxim article Mary.

bobbyanna said...

"I can't imagine anyone else in that role but Joan."

I know, extra. I felt the same way back when they first announced it.
I'm just going to look at this one as totally separate & different.

Jack Carson's Wally Fay was so slimey. Zachary Scott was downright repulsive with his sleeze. Classic characterizations.

Kind of like how could they ever attempt to remake Donnie Darko or BBM. Not possible.