Sunday, March 13, 2011

SXSW: Jake's Big Adventure

It's late/early, my computer is wonky and I am cranky. So let's hope some of this makes sense! The reviews, photos, tweets and videos keep rolling in from SXSW. We'll try to give you some of the highlights, with some random photo favorites thrown in.

Tech Crunch interviews Jake about the movie and, of course, the SC game. In an interview at the link, Duncan says that Jake plays on twitter, but under an alias.

Asked about the bathroom incident, Jake is beyond gracious.

Here's a recap of opening night. And here, you can see Jake signing autographs before the premiere. You can also watch him as he takes his seat at the movie.

If you missed the panel coverage, this is a good recap.

And in case you missed it in the replies yesterday, an unlikely pairing: Jake Gyllenhaal and Pee-wee Herman promoting each other's projects. I completely forgot about their Nailed connection until it was mentioned in the comments. Wonder if they remember it?

(Some photos courtesy of IHJ.)


mary said...

thanks again for another great post UV

yea i may work to hard but im going to las vegas tomorrow for a few days:)

you work hard too keeping this place going

Raul said...

Even if the reviews are mixed-slighty positive, i'm so glad that Jake is being praised, even in the reviews who doesn't like it as much the movie!

Paula said...

The reviews are mostly positive from what I have been reading but the buzz from SXSW has been great.

That's a tough crowd, lots of fan boys and girls there.

Paul Ruebens as Pee- Wee was always weird for me, weird as in creepy! I was wondering why he was at the festival but then I read that HBO is there promoting stuff which includes his special.

Thanks a bunch for all the updates and SC info!

Have fun in Vegas Mary!

bobbyanna said...

Some great stuff once again, UV!

Jake is such a sweet guy! Always so accessible. He's especially kind to the noticeably nervous interviewers for the online sites.

Not surprised about Twitter.:) He probably has FB too. Unavoidable if you want to access certain information, or monitor marketing.

mary, have big fun in Vegas!

I'm cranky too! I hate when we have to change the clocks!

UV, IMO, snide comments trying to marginalize Jake aren't credible. People who resent his growing popularity try to promote Jake as a BO failure. He isn't. Glad he seems to be marketing himself more agressively, but it will draw some negative reactions.

They're really attacking his growing fanbase so people feel silly for liking him. Fortunately, most credible critics praise his acting, and most of his films really hold up well.

Chica said...

Not surprised about him and Twitter if true. I cringe at the the thought of him reading a lot of the crap out there but I feel that way about a lot of the actors/public figures.

I think with POP his fanbase has expanded. I'm delighted with the reponse to SC , one of the reasons is that Jake really wanted to do this and had a lot to do with it getting made.

I hate losing an hour:(

Enjoy yourself in Vegas Mary!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, UV for all the info. I hope this movie is a success. when will there be a list of talk show he'll be on?

and what is next after SXSW

Monica said...

If he has twitter, I think he use to get news.
He does not need to read everything that is posted. He just needs to follow the math right.

Thanks for all those links and video.
Interesting comparison with 12 Monkeys, which was inspired by the French film La Jetée. And it's great to see the respect that Duncan Jones has been with Terry Gilliam, who is a great filmmaker.

UltraViolet said...

The reviews are definitely mostly positive. I hope that rend continues. I found a few more; I'll link later.

Not sure what tall shows Jake will be on yet. The next confirmed appearance is kimmel kn ten 23rd. And the premiere us the 28th in LA, I think.

Is it too much to hope that the bathroom story has run it's course?

Interesting notes from a Pee-wee panel:

elliotloh "I don't know why he yelled. I don't think it was reality-based." Reubens on genius director of Nailed. "I'd work with him again."

elliotloh Reubens has high praise for both Jake Gyllenhall and Jessica Biel in Nailed.

elliotloh Reubens on Nailed, a black comedy with him as an abused husband of a politician. Katherine Keener, Jake Gyllenhall & Jessica Biel.

bobbyanna said...

"Is it too much to hope that the bathroom story has run it's course?"

You're reading my mind! :/

bobbyanna said...

From FB:
I just saw jake gyllenhall at LAX! Could have reached out and touched him.

monica, thanks for the info
re: La Jetee.

Tweety said...

The bathroom story is taking too long to run it's course IMO:(

I knew he was on his way out from TX, someone posted a twicpic of him today and it looked like he was waiting either at an airport lounge.

With the exception of bathroomgate, I think SXWS was a hit!

I'm glad to hear that Jake twitters, it's the best way nowadays to get instant feedback, he should feel good about the SC response.

Monica said...

Interview: Paul Rubens talks about Nailed
The Playlist

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the link, Monica. Such a shame Nailed may never be seen as it was intended to be seen. Or at all. Loved PWH's comments about Jake.

I wonder if DOR was abusive when making The Fighter.

Monica said...

Jake talks about new film:

UV, I also love his comments about Jake.

Monica said...

^^Sorry: SXSW

Extra said...

Thanks for the links Monica. I don't think we will ever see Nailed on the big screen, and from what I have heard Russell is an asshole.

It's a shame because when I first heard about this and read the script I couldn't wait to see it on the big screen.

I like the comparison to 12 Monkeys and even Rashamon! I think it has already been pointed out that this is Jake's 3rd time travel movie, the other 2 of course are DD and Pop.

I would assume that Jake will be doing other NY shows that week not only Kimmell like Letterman.

I have enjoyed the SXSW coverage here, thanks !

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for that link, Monica. Used it in the new post. More SXSW stuff there, Extra :)