Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life's not a bike ride

Men's Journal posted an excerpt from its April cover article on Jake Gyllenhaal. Sounds like the writer had to go through quite a workout to do the job.

Jake Gyllenhaal proves to be a man of his word, unfortunately. Yesterday he promised me a “really fucking hard climb,” and that’s what he’s engineering now, up and down Garbage Hill in Griffith Park, 
then over to the Hollywood Hills for a second round 
of ascents to Mulholland Drive. It starts out easy enough. As we zip over the flats along the 5 Freeway, portions of the ride spool by in bike-geek chitchat. I ask about his velodrome-style Look frame. “I’m not really a gearhead. With biking, the spirit of it is — whatever you can find. To be honest, I know nothing about my bikes. I know how to change a tire; I know how to fix my bike if need be. I just know none of the names.”

Then he leans left, veering off the park’s perimeter road, at the base of our climb. “From here on, there’s not much traffic,” he yells back, as if I’d been secretly longing to let it rip.

Jake Gyllenhaal is something of a cardio monster. You might not guess this at first glance. At 6 feet and about 180 pounds, the 30-year-old is visibly in shape, but he doesn’t sport the typical road-biker, my-body-fat-is-lower-than-your-mortgage-rate frame. For his past two action roles, as the title character in Prince of Persia last spring, and as Captain Colter Stevens in the new thriller Source Code, he’s cultivated more of a military build. But left to himself, what he likes to do is run or bike. Inevitably, though, he pushes hard, even too hard. He says he suffered shin splints before he started barefoot running. “I’ve had to teach myself to slow down a bit,” he confesses. “Because I get so into it, it becomes a real addiction. But it’s like a New Year’s resolution.”

“To exercise less?”

“To sit down and read a book. Life’s not a bike ride. I wouldn’t say exercise less, but sit with myself.” Good thing there’s the action-star loophole — Jake believes he can “sit with himself” while he’s running. “It’s not: ‘I’m having a shitty day and I’m going to go for a run,’ but ‘I’m having a shitty day and I’m going for a run and I’m going to try to work out what’s going on.’ Not just get my serotonin levels up and feel good. I’m going to think about things. And the only way you can do that is to slow the pace down.”

On this outing he’s got me to slow him down. As we start climbing, we settle into a compromise pace — Gyllenhaal alternately cycling ahead then slowing down to let me catch up. I cheat to the inside on every switchback, trying to catch up.

Soon his advice starts to have a positive effect on his pace, too, and he shoots off up the road. I get close enough to ask why this route — three miles and change in distance and 800 vertical feet up to a peak above the Griffith Observatory — is called Garbage Hill. “I don’t know,” Gyllenhaal says. “I’ve heard it called Trash Truck Hill, too. Maybe there’s a dump somewhere around.” He shoots me a Lance-like glance over his shoulder. “Or maybe we just don’t let any garbage in here.” He chuckles and pedals out of sight around the next switchback.

That was a very cool beginning to the article. I like it when writers mix things up. Looking forward to reading the rest of the piece.

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


Anonymous said...

he looks so cute in those pics. I had wondered how much biking he still does. I know Lance Armstrong gave him a workout in France. So I guess he decided to give this reporter one too

I have to see if I can find this magazine.

bobbyanna said...

“I’m not really a gearhead. With biking, the spirit of it is — whatever you can find. To be honest, I know nothing about my bikes. I know how to change a tire; I know how to fix my bike if need be. I just know none of the names"

I love this about him! Now I know I won't feel embarrassed if he ever sees my bike...which could be described, politely, as "vintage."

I had to smile when the writer was trying to describe Jake's body type as more a military build, or not quite a biker, or whatever. I really don't care what they call it, it's an effing work of art!:)

UltraViolet said...

Just FYI, anon. The pics in this post are all old. We posted the newer pics the other day. Hoping there will be more in the magazine.

I loved that part, too, Bobbyanna. And I certainly agree on Jake's body.

I just really appreciate the interviewer doing something different. I know it's a fitness magazine, so it's probably not new for them. But it's refreshing to see a different approach to a Jake interview.

Two tweets from LA-based folks that Jake is on their flight to Austin. Along with Vera Farmiga.

jake gyllenhaal on my flight to what's a good excuse to go up to 1st class w/o getting arrested by a marshal?

And more quick twitter reviews:

Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan were great in #SourceCode Another well done film by @ManMadeMoon (Duncan Jones) Doesn't disappoint!

Just saw #sourcecode starring #Jakegyllenhaal - it was really good! I'll b posting my video review @therussparrshow soon!

UltraViolet said...

This poor guy.

Jake Gyllenhall just cut me in the TSA line because he was late to his flight. And because of the resulting backup, I have to sprint to my gate, only to see him relaxing in first class on my plane. Glad he has cutting privileges, that bastard. I'm going to quit him.

Love the last reply:

please tell me you have a direct flight to austin...if that's a yes...i will pick you up from the airport just to see him :)

Extra said...

I remember the first and last pic, it's from 2007 from Interview magazine!

I love the bits from this interview and the fact that he admits that he doesn't know the names of his bikes:)

The interviewer is correct in describing Jake's body, it's not a biker bod, military built is a perfect description and yeah he looks yummy!

Loving all the tweets!

Tweety said...

There are going to be a ton of tweets about Jake in the next few days, lot's of people are headed to Austin for the festival!:

Shortlistreps: Jake Gyllenhaal is sitting directly in front of Charlie and Vanessa on the plane en route to Austin! Will...
32 minutes ago via Tumblr

I can't wait until I get my hands on this magazine, it sounds like one of his better interviews.

I bookmarked Duncans GF's blog on the other thread, thanks UV! It should be fun following their posts.

bobbyanna said...

tweety, there's a lot of enthusiasm isn't there!

(Sigh) Sure wish I was in Austin right now. Yeah. But that's OK. I'll just sit here and watch the new 4-6 inches of snow (we're talking serious snow) that'll be falling all evening & into tomorrow morning. :/
(goes off to bang head against wall.)

me again said...

Frm Twitter:

"Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal at the Austin airport.. Too bad we didn't get a chance to talk so I could convince him we are soul mates"

Chica said...

Yes we will be getting an avalanche of tweets from this festival!

Looking forward to reading more from this article, and Jake in spandex, THUD!

You are getting snow Bobbyanna and we are expecting a major rain storm, rain is better than snow but it's still going to be a bitch going to work tomorrow.

Viv said...

From twitter:

gregvellante: Today I saw SOURCE CODE, a fantastic example of the science fiction genre. Then I saw BATTLE: L.A, the complete opposite. Fuck that movie.

But this is from facebook:

Someone said he saw both of films.He said Battle LA was really good,but SC was jsut ok....

hmmm....everyone has his taste:)

Hope to see clip from SxSW :)

mary said...

picked up my copy of mens journal today cant wait to go rad it love all the tweets sure we will be getting alot more from the fesival

love bobbyanna view of jakes body too it is a piece of art

mary said...

well i finished reading the article in mens journal and interesting remeber the sighting we had of jake eating meatballs at ikea? well he metm the interviewer there that day

UltraViolet said...

Ha - that's so funny, Mary! I'm assuming it was Jake's idea. Any other good tidbits?

Given what's happening in Japan right now, this seems trivial, but a funny tweet from earlier:

Flying down to Austin, Jake Gyllenhaall is on my flight...the ladies are giddy, the gents, not so much. #sxsw #goodtimes

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

This issue should be on the Newstand today, if I get a chance during lunch today I will pick up a copy.

I love his honesty regarding his bikes but I would have thought that he would be an expert by now!

Loving all the SXSW/Jake Tweets, SC premieres tonight and I can't wait to read the responses!

What horrible news coming out of Japan, my thoughts and prayers are with them.

mary said...

nothing else really new but he took the guy biking not jogging like i thought mentioned that peter is producing that movie about bareffot running by that authour dont rememberhis name and how fond he is of peter it ws a good read

teerible what happened in japan my thoughts and prayers are with them too

mary said...

the interviewer mentioned that jake only ate the mestballs ignored the potatoes and loganberries that came with them and then they walked around the store afterwards and the guy bought a nightlight gor his son
oh and jake rode his motorcycle to ikea

Monica said...

Thanks for the interview. I'd love to ride with Jake.

Very sad what is happening in Japan.

Indian Poster: Source Code

bobbyanna said...

The news and the video footage of the quake and the tsunami in Japan are just unbelievable. I'm praying for everyone affected.

I have relatives on Oahu who visit us every summer, and I was concerned about them, but it seems everything is OK there.

I'm really looking forward to the SC premiere tonight! Wish they'd live stream it:) I'm also looking forward to the panel and the media stuff. I hope the crowd is as enthusiastic in person as they seem on Twitter.:) I wonder if Jake will get a chance to visit with his filmmaker/friend who did "Crawford, Texas."

The magazine article sounds like fun. I'm really looking forward to reading it. Thanks for sharing, mary!
(Jake is brave. I don't think I could eat the meatballs.)

sass said...

Hi everyone,
Fantastic post...maybe I'll try to buy the magazine...miss visiting here with everyone and all my old haunts but haven't the energy for it...quitting Farmville may help.:)
I can't wait to see this movie, particularly since my son is so excited about it. He loved "Moon" which I haven't seen. Hurry April 1! Love the great reviews!

Monica said...

Bobbyana, I also did not believe what I was seeing. It's all very scared.

Source Code on the bus: Facebook

UltraViolet said...

Sass, step away from the farm! LOL. I never got into that but I did have a few friends who were for a while. Seems to have died down. Hope the good reviews keep coming for SC.

Thanks for the links, Monica. Here are a couple of more posters, Spanish and Russian, it looks like.

Also, cute alert: Jake on Shalom Sesame.

bobbyanna said...

The bus poster and the posters you linked to look really good, monica, UV. Thanks. The premiere is at 7 PM, wondering if the panel happens before or after?

I loved Jake on Shalom Sesame.

Monica said...

This magazine is sold in two places in my town. But I'll wait a little longer to buy my edition.
There is also a Brazilian version of it.

Stephanie posted that the film's premiere in Los Angeles will be on March 28.

Chica said...

The images from Japan are just awful. My prayers are with them.

I never got addicted to Farmville Sass, but I hear it's quite addictive, it's good to see you!

I can't wait to hear the reactions to the movie after tonight, I think there is a panel discussion tomorow morning Bobbyanna.

Thanks for the links to the international SC posters and SC on the bus Monica!

Jake looking for his lost matzoh is too cute UV!!

Anonymous said...

Pic of Jake being interviewed at SXSW, there are more on Twitter.

mary said...

thanks anon

UltraViolet said...

The techheads are living up to their reputation. Way to go! Lots of pics and even a very short video.

Glad we finally got to see Shalom, Sesama, too. It's one of those Jake news days - when it rains, it pours!

bobbyanna said...

"The techheads are living up to their reputation."

Yes they are, UV! Lots of cute pics and tweets about Jake Gyllenhall...and Jake Gyllenhaal, too! Even the people who are going to interview him seem so excited!
He looks SO good!!! I love the shirt he's wearing.

(It's mystifying how a shave and a haircut can subtract at least 6 yrs from that man!)

Extra said...

IFC will be live streaming from SXSW:

The tweets are fun, I see our fav BG in that video!

UltraViolet said...

Here's another nice pic.

And this might be my favorite set of tweets for the day. Well so far, anyway:

We're getting briefed on how an insane crowd with raging lady-boners for Jake Gyllenhaal will behave...

Am now legitimately concerned for my well being

UltraViolet said...

This is nice. A rave from The Guardian.

Another photo.

And this tweet from an Ain't It Cool guy:

CaponeAICN: Jake Gyllenhaal is the quintessential geek, maddeningly handsome up close, and apparently doesn't own a razor. #scruffymcscrufflepants

Get Real said...

OMG Jake is soooo cute on Shalom Sesame!!! He can find my matzoh any time! ;p

And he looks great on the fitness mag cover too.

I love seeing the pics, interviews and videos from SXSW. Can't wait to see SC. Glad the reviews seem to be on the positive side.

As always you guys are the best at keeping us up on all the tweets, sightings, etc.

Can't get over the news from Japan. My heart goes out to everyone affected.

FL said...

Oh oh oh!!! Look who it is!!! We haven't seen him in quite some time!

UltraViolet said...

Hey, get real. It's fun times. LOL about your matzoh.

I like the way Jake is in the light in this photo.

And another good review. (Might be spoilery - I skimmed it.)

What he said about Jake makes me sad. I do think Jake is the victim of unfair backlash. Some people legitimately don't like him or don't think he's a good actor. But there's often an undercurrent of something ugly and insulting. I'd love it if SC changes some minds, though the author doesn't seem to think it will.

Josie said...

Jake on a bike = a great and hot combo, I can't wait to read the rest of the interview!

Looks like the geeks are really excited about SC which is great because that is the main audience for SC IMO.

I'll check out the live feed from SXSW, he does look a lot younger when clean shaven Bobbyanna and that Shalom Sesame video is too cute!

I can't believe what is happening in Japan, my heart goes out to them.

FL said...

I always like these types of candid Jake pics. From a rooftop party earlier.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for all these great pics. Loads of twipics out here!! This is fun. Everyone seems so positive and so excited. BTW, Jake's filmmaker friends from Austin are in the Paramount for the screening of Source Code.

FL, thanks.:) I love these candids.

Paula said...

Thanks for all the updates everyone, this is so much fun to follow!!

Jake looks very serious but sexy on the cover of Men's Health and love the Jake biking through the years photos.

We should be geting tons of SC reviews after tonight, I've tried to stay away but it's so hard!

The news out of Japan is devastating. my thoughts are with everyone there and to anyone who has friends or family there.

Anonymous said...

It would be funny if anyone thought Jake wasn't a good actor because you don't get nominated for an Oscar and win a Bafta and be a bad actor. And he has been nominated for others and throughout his career he has a long list of nominations and wins.
Its like someone meeting him and saying "I didn't know you were funny". Huh? We've known that forever.
One problem he might have with some movie-goers is he hasn't stuck to just one type of movie. He has tried all type of different roles and there's a segment of fandom that like their actor and his roles to be easily identifiable with every other role they've played.
Then there are some who will feel just that touch of envy that he has looks, he is in a business he wants to be in, and he has money and ladies like him. That's a redflag of dislike right there.
He's very popular with the people who work with him so that's good enough for me.
No one is going to have everyone love them but Jake has a lifetime career and he is loved way more than not.
Rem. the reaction he got from people during sure some of them weren't fans before, but they didn't know much about him and after that they became instant fans.

Monica said...

Photos from the premiere: Getty Images

UltraViolet said...

Wow, it is way too hard to keep up with all these tweets and photos.

New post.

Oh, and thanks for the info on Jake's film-making friends, Bobbyanna :)

Annie, I agree with you that Jake has earned more and more fans with both PoP and L&OD. But there is still a nasty and sadly increasing backlash there.