Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Standing Room Only

That's what it was tonight in Boston for a screening of Jake Gyllenhaal's Source Code, followed by a Q&A with director Duncan Jones. FL and I were lucky enough to attend. It was by far the most crowded sneak peek I've ever been to, and we were worried we wouldn't both get in.

But we did, very happily. And we got to enjoy a great movie with a great performance from Jake. Duncan Jones was engaging, witty and seemingly very happy to be there, answering questions thoughtfully and humorously.

As you can see from this Making Of video, Duncan and Jake are game for anything, and Duncan conveyed that. But he also takes movies seriously, and the film is a true reflection of his - and Jake's - attitudes. (Thanks to Monica for the heads up on the video.)

There was not a lot new in the Q&A but there were some interesting observations from Duncan:

He revealed that they shot the movie in chronological order, so as not to even further confuse the process or the participants. He and Jake will be doing an audio commentary for the DVD. They moved the film setting from NYC to Chicago for "sensitivity reasons." He made special use of The Bean sculpture because he thought it was unique and extraordinary.

When urged to produce his next movie in Boston, Duncan replied that he thought you had to get a "special visa from Ben Affleck" to do that.

This photo does not do justice to how good Jake looks in a flight suit.

Oh, wait, it was FL who said that.

Jake looked very good and played the part very well. The praise for his performance is well deserved.

The movie seemed to get a very strong response. There was lots of buzz as people were leaving, with cries of "Awesome" heard from some of the fanboys. Lots of chatter and questions as people filed out. This was definitely a crowd pumped to see the movie and excited to hear from Duncan Jones. They seemed to get what they didn't pay for and more.

Personally, I loved it. Many of the shortcomings I noticed or feared from the trailer were not present. This is not a favorite genre, and I was worried at the beginning that it wouldn't engage me. But I definitely got sucked in by the Source Code and can't wait to go back.

Feel free to ask any questions. If I can't remember, FL probably can!

Jake with Tony Toscano of Talking Pictures:

Jake talks to AMC (theaters, not the movie channel):

Jake talks to Bonnie Laufer from Tribute Canada. Not as hilarious as their PoP interview but still fun:

Jake on Extra, talking about edible gardens and trying not to talk about bathroom photos:

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


UltraViolet said...

Looks like Jake was at Cafe Gratitude again tonight (and again with Jason Mraz, tweety!). And then he apparently went to see Limitless.

mary said...

lucky girl too bad jake wasnt thereglad you enjoyed it

Tweety said...

Wow, you and FL were so lucky !

A screening and a Q&A with the director I am so jealous!!

I won't ask any spoilerish questions, but I was curious about the length of the movie. I know it's kinda short, around 90 min? Do you think it's a plus or minus?

Jake and Jason again, squee!!! I wonder if they are just friends hanging or to they have any project in the works?

bobbyanna said...

I'm SO happy you two got a chance to see it, and see the Q&A with Duncan!!! According to Duncan's blogging, he's really enjoying the discussions and being with the fans in spite of feeling sick from the flu! His schedule gives a real sense of how hectic it's been for all of them.

Jake in a flightsiut. :-)(sigh.)

Tweety I'm guessing on the Jason Segel dinner sighting. I just assumed it was him, since he's part of the cast of HIMYM the tweeter referred to.

FL said...

I won't ask any spoilerish questions, but I was curious about the length of the movie. I know it's kinda short, around 90 min?

Yes, I think the run time is 93 minutes.

Do you think it's a plus or minus?

It gets the job done in 93 minutes. Naturally I'd have loved if it was 2hr30min since Jake is in practically every scene.

FL said...

Tweety I'm guessing on the Jason Segel dinner sighting. I just assumed it was him, since he's part of the cast of HIMYM the tweeter referred to.

Hmm...Jason Segel looks nothing like Zach Braff. I mean, NOTHING. And then there's the mention of Jake being there at the same time as Jason Mraz. Jason Mraz doesn't look like Zach Braff either. Nor does he look like Jason Segel. Oh it's a mystery. :-)

By the way, UV is correct, that one photo we have up of Jake in the flightsuit from SC does NOT do justice to how amazing he actually does look in it in the film.

UltraViolet said...

I posted this at the end of the last post, but should have reiterated. I think the Zach Braff lookalike is the HIMYM lead, Josh Radnor (I think that's his name).

Tweety was referring to Jason Mraz, of whom she is a fan :) It's hard to tell if they were there together or just at the same time.

Tweety, I agree with FL on the movie length. It's a fast paced movie, and if it had been longer, might have gotten repetitive.

Jake's being in almost every scene makes up for the short length. But it also would have been even better if Jake were in almost every scene of a much longer movie!

Also, feel free to ask spoiler questions. We can answer by e-mail or by fair warning.

Viv said...

UV and FL

How do you rate SC(1 to 10) ?
Will SC become the top 3 in all Jake's films?

I heard some people have complaints about the endind,do you have the same feeling? :)

Viv said...

I mean"ending"

Tweety said...

Thanks UV and FL and yes I was squeeing about Mraz!

I heard about some complaints about the end, w/o giving it away did you like the ending? And how did the audience react to the ending?

UltraViolet said...

You know, I didn't have a problem with the ending. I'll have to go back to read what the specific complaints were. I know Duncan Jones said he changed the ending from the original script. But it's hard for me to imagine it ending another way.

Viv, it's so hard for me to rate Jake's movies, because I really have enjoyed all of them, and almost all of them a lot. I'd say Jarhead is still Jake's best role, merely because the film allowed him to do so many things.

This is a shorter, more genre-y movie. But he plays the hell out of the role.

It's certainly as good as anything he's done.

Chica said...

Congratulations UV & FL, this is the second time you two got to see a screening of one of Jake's movies!

Happy to hear that Duncan is doing some Q&A's at the screenings and to hear the response of the audience is fantastic.

I have a question about his character and Michelle's. Since their contact is really only 8 minutes and he keeps repeating their contact, how did they connect on screen? The trailers show that he wants to go back and try and save her.

bobbyanna said...

I'm really happy to know the movie is so well done, and that Jake's performance is well received.
I hope all the enthusiasm translates into ticket sales. I already know I'll definitely be seeing it several times, especially on opening weekend.

I have two or three very spoilery questions, but I'm going to force myself to just wait and see the movie!:-) No, really.

UltraViolet said...

Good job, Bobbyanna! I was happy I didn't know more going in. And annoyed that one big part had been spoiled for me inadvertently.

Chica, Duncan has almost won me over completely. I was resentful during this process that he seemed so intent on Moon still. But he is always very complimentary of Jake and always gives him credit for bringing the movie to him. Duncan was very friendly and relaxed and seems genuinely enthusiastic to talk to people. So I give him props.

And he helped Jake give an amazing performance.

UltraViolet said...

Chica, I forgot to answer the romance question. It is rushed, I guess, but it's not overwhelming. It's very much the beginning of something. And they do have chemistry.

Plus, there is one moment where Jake gives Michelle a come hither look that is just delicious.

Added another interview, this time from the woman who did the fun Amazing Race interview for PoP. No such fun this time, but it's not bad.

FL said...

Plus, there is one moment where Jake gives Michelle a come hither look that is just delicious.

Worth the price of admission that. But it's more than just a "moment".

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got to see the movie UV and FL. I missed my opportunity when the movie and Duncan were in DC weekend before last

I'll have to wait until the following week after the opening weekend because I'll be away the first weekend in April.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I don't think I can imagine Jake looking any more yummy in a flight suit than how he looks in the pic posted, but I will take FL's word!

How cool that you got to see the screening and to hear that the audience loved it. Yeah Duncan has changed my mind these past few weeks and I love that he makes sure that it was Jake that talked him into directing SC.

I'm going to hold off on asking any questions but I don't know how long that will last:)

bobbyanna said...

LOL! Duncan just tweet- invited 'everyone' to Lincoln Center for a screening and Q&A! "Come on down!"

me, again said...

Forgot to say, it's tonight.:)
@ Lincoln Center.

Chica said...

Thanks for the chemistry answer UV:)

Damn, i'm home already Bobbyanna, sigh.

Monica said...

I am very happy to know that you two watched the movie. Thanks for all these wonderful reports.

I'll wait a little longer to watch Source Code. We have a new release date: May 13.

OT: Anne Hathaway and Jammie Fox are in Brazil.

Extra said...

How great that you 2 got to go to the screening last night!!

Wonderful news that it was so crowded and and the audience really liked it.

I will try and remain cool and not ask any questions, I already have seen way too many SC spoilers!

I love that Jake is taking such and interest in Edible Gardens.

Enough with that photo creep in SXSW alreay , I hope that they don't bring it up when he does the talk shows.

Monica said...

Doug Liman's 'Moon' Heating Up at Paramount (Exclusive)
Doug Liman's untitled Moon project at Paramount may be getting back in orbit.


Gyllenhaal has moved on, and Liman is now determined to find his two or three leads in one shot. The filmmaker would like to shoot late summer, although no green light has been given and the strength and chemistry of the leads will be a factor in Paramount moving forward.

bobbyanna said...

monica, I'm sorry you'll have to wait until May 13th. Thanks for the update on Liman's moon project.
It sounds like he's going in a different direction. This news item could be an attempt to generate interest and financing.

We're having freezing rain. Looks like it will go on all night.

UltraViolet said...

Ugh - we're supposed to get snow tomorrow night. Blech is right.

I have mixed feelings about the Moon project. I loved the idea of Jake working so closely on it, and we know from Source Code that it can pay dividends. On the other hand, it seemed like they couldn't decide what the move really was.

But it was another movie Jake was supposed to make. He needs more of those!

Haven't searched for reactions to tonight's screening. Hope it went well.

Monica said...

I was never happy with this film Moon. The story always seemed meh.

Chica said...

That Q&A must have been added at Lincoln center must have been added at the last minyte. I belong to LC/FilmInc and there were no e-mails or FB announcements:(

I did see these tweets, sound like it went great:

RT @mbolish Great time tonight at the #sourcecode screening w/director Duncan Jones. Solid, fun, sci-fi @FilmLinc
about 11 hours ago

RT @ckoh @manmademoon gave extremely likeable & thoughtful q & a @filmlinc
about 11 hours ago

OT: Elizabeth Taylor passed away at the age of 79. One of the last great stars from HW's golden age, an incredible actress , a great beauty and a great humanitarian.


bobbyanna said...

Chica! Thanks for the tweets, Glad Duncan is doing so well with this.

" Elizabeth Taylor passed away at the age of 79. One of the last great stars from HW's golden age, an incredible actress , a great beauty and a great humanitarian."

I completely agree, Elizabeth was one of my all time favorites! I feel sad for the loss, but she lived an extraordinary life, and yes, I believe her work with AIDS and AmFar will be her ultimate signature.
(I'll miss her tweets!:-)

(This is one of the times I'll miss Larry King.:-) )

Chica said...

She did live a full and extrodinary life Bobbyanna and her work with AmFar will be remembered just as much as her film career.

Yeah, Mr. Suspenders was always good when something like this happens:)

I have mixed feelings about Jake not being a part of UMP too. At first it sounded interesting and Jake seemed to be very involved with it like SC but then as you pointed out UV, it started to turn into something else.

Maybe it's a good thing that he is no longer involved.

bobbyanna said...

I agree about the UMP, too. I was glad to see Jake collaborating with him, but the project itself seemed too vague. Now it sounds like either a scify thriller, or a good natured caper film. Not sure.

Don't forget Jake's on Jimmy Kimmel tonight!

Sag Actor said...

I'm glad Duncan is doing these Q&A's and that you and FL got to see him UV.

I'm going to ask a non-spoiler question: How are the CGI effects?

RIP Elizabeth Taylor.

bobbyanna said...

Can I plz just share this one more thing. Another H'wood star I admire :
Jane Fonda statement on Elizabeth Taylor's passing: "Elizabeth, on every level, was a mensch. Kind, generous, brave."
40 minutes ago

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

That is a wonderful statement Jane Fonda made about Elizabeth Taylor.

She was a true legend, beautiful talented and responsible for bringing attention to the AIDS crisis when most in the media ignored it for so long.

She will be missed.

bobbyanna said...

OT: I read on justjared that Ryan Gosling and George Clooney were less that three miles away from my house today, shooting their movie at a local church. I think it's over now. :/

UltraViolet said...

Very sad about Elizabeth Taylor. I wasn't a big Larry King fan, but it's true that Piers Morgan is not the person America will turn to in moments like this.

There are some gorgeous photos of her. I spent more time than I should have today looking through them.

UltraViolet said...

Bobbyanna, how frustrating. That should be Jake so close to you!

SAG Actor, the CGI isn't overwhelming. The explosions are fine. A couple of the effects aren't quite as good as they could be, probably. But it's not distracting. And there isn't so much of it that it's all you notice.

Classic CZ tweet from last night:

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal holds court at Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angles right now!

bobbyanna said...

Hee! "holds court!"

UV, if Jake were ever that close,
you guys, we'd all have the best party!! :)

I'm just frustrated I had to find out about Ryan & George Clooney by reading an internet gossip site!

I pray our new governor doesn't get his way with eliminating the filmmaking tax credits.

I looked at a lot of photos today, too. Pretty amazing. I was definitely a fan.

Sheba Baby said...

Thanks so much UV and FL for sharing your evening with us , i'm so jealous!

Duncan is clearly pumped up about SC and I hope that it translates at the BO next Friday.

I'm not surprisewd tht Jake is no longer attached to UMP, it doesn't sound like the movie I read and herd about when he first was attached to it.

I read about a cameo in the film UV, how did the audience react to it?

One of my favorite Elizabeth Taylor movie was Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with Paul Newman, they were so beautiful that it was almost distracting.

She used her celebrity status to raise money and awareness for AIDS.

There will never be another star like her.

You have greast restraint Bobbyanna, they would be calling security on me:)

FL said...

I read about a cameo in the film UV, how did the audience react to it?

It wasn't a cameo in the traditional sense so most audience members didn't even "get it". I had seen mention of the "cameo" in an article from SXSW so I knew what to look for.

Sheba Baby said...

Thanks FL!

bobbyanna said...

I'm not restrained, sheba, I'm clueless!

Hope I can stay awake long enough to see Kimmel. They always have a lot of fun.

mary said...

i hope i can stay to watchkimmell im usually in bed around ten because on the days i work i get up early but at least im off tomorrow so i can sleep in a alittle


UltraViolet said...

Jake is hilarious so far on Jimmy Kimmel. I'm a little concerned about David M supplanting Chris as the best friend. I guess I could remind myself that it's none of my business. Also, it's Jake babbling!

Monica said...

OT: I was sad when I read the news of her death. She was one of the most beautiful and most amazing actresses.
She was a great human being.
RIP Elizabeth Taylor

Bobbyana, I hope the film of Ryan and Clooney is going to be very good.