Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SXSW: The festival that keeps on giving

A couple of new Jake Gyllenhaal interviews done during SXSW. the first was done before Source Code's premiere. Jake talks about his affinity for science fiction and whether he had to learn all the science in the movie:

In the second, Jake has an outdoor sit-down with Ben Lyons and talks about fainting for his art:

They were at Gourdough's, apparently a famous Austin doughnut trailer. Jake ate a sinful looking concoction, but that was shown only on the news and isn't on the tape. In the E! News interview, Jake talked about how being an uncle made him think more about family and food. He touched briefly on the Edible Schoolyard program.

More from E - Jake talks music. Adele, Civil Wars, the Boss and Tibetan bells:

Jake talks Oscar hosting:

Jake likes to ride:

Source Code reviews continue to be good. It has a 75% tomatometer rating at Rotten Tomatoes. And Richard Roeper gave it an A, calling it the best movie he's seen in 2011.

The contrast between these two random Jake-with-stranger shots amused me.


UltraViolet said...

For you Jason Mraz fans, Jake was apparently seen talking to him last night in LA, at a place called Cafe Gratitude.

tungkaran hati.blogspot said...

blog marche ....! Votre blog est super.

Tweety said...

I saw that tweet UV and fangirled big time:):)

That has to be the first Lyon's interview that didn't annoy me, maybe because it was brief!

I hope the rottentomato score stays steady, loved the Roeper review.

The fan pics are hilarious!

bobbyanna said...

Roeper's review was great! No reservations! I'll take 75%, but I hope Rotten Tomatoes goes even higher.

Cute pictures. Love the facial expressions.

Gratitude's a new vegan/raw food place. It's a very "spiritual" restaurant, as reflected in their menu items.;) Maybe Jake wanted to undo the effects of Gourdough's.
I missed the E! segment, so thanks for the video.

Chica said...

That is a major thumbs up from Roeper, that's great!

75% is good , I just hope it goes a bit higher once all the reviews are out.

I avoid shows like E, so thanks for posting rhe interview.

The fan pics are funny, good to know that some fans at SXSW had some class.

UltraViolet said...

Tweety, so glad a JMraz fan got to enjoy that sighting :)

I generally don't mind when Ben Lyons interviews Jake, because they are usually wacky. It just bugs me that Ben Lyons gets to interview anyone at all, anywhere!

I'm not expecting SC to go too much higher, though it would be great. It's just nice to see that Fresh Tomato there!

I wish the full E! interview were online. Not sure why they don't make those available.

UltraViolet said...

No idea why this blogger had dinner with Jake, but he has some nice things to say about him.

Also, there was a tweet from someone who thinks Jake is in London. No info. /we'll see if he pops up there!

mary said...

if he is in london its probably for SC promotions SC opens over there on april first too so we should hear soon if he is in london

UltraViolet said...

Apparently, E is going to tease us to death, with short little snippets of the Ben Lyons interview. Just added three really fun segments to the post. All different from what was on the news.

UltraViolet said...

Jake has interviews scheduled for this weekend in LA, apparently. So if he is in London, and there is zero other indication he is, he won't be there long.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the interviews. Those donuts look like they have a million calories. I think with all the running/biking Jake does he won't have a problem shedding any pounds.

I wonder why that guy was having dinner with Jake? what it was an interview for?

So far he is listed on Jimmy Kimmel but I'm sure they'll be other talk shows added.

UltraViolet said...

I don't know that it was an interview. He might have just been having dinner near Jake and chatted with him. The guy seems to be a self-help Life Coach of some kind. I don't think it was a professional thing for either side, but I don't know.

Speaking of food... this video has a little snippet of Jake talking about cooking. And you have probably seen the million retweets of this People story, where Michelle Monaghan talks about Jeff's French chef alter ego.

There's also a nice quote form Jake about what he'd do if transported to someone else's life for the last eight minutes:

"JJake's really, really funny," Monaghan, 34, says. "And I'd never seen that side of him in his films. To have the opportunity to spend time with him was so much fun. He's fabulous."

Of course, Gyllenhaal, 30, has a serious side, as well. Talking about his character, the actor shared his thoughts about what he would do if he were given the opportunity to cross over to another man's identity – and it has nothing to do with French cuisine.

"If I were to go into someone's body whose life I felt was cut too short," he said at the premiere, "there are a number of circumstances I can think of. In fact, it's kind of hard right now to be at a movie premiere at a festival when you think about what's going on in Japan. To be able to change things like that."

Gyllenhaal continued: "Or how great would it be to be able to go into Martin Luther King's body? And to be able to tell him: 'Don't do this. Don't go there.' That would be an amazing opportunity."

On a side note, I love wind-blown, sunny Jake in those E vids.

mary said...

i love that look too UV i noticed how the wind had blown that little piece of hair over his forehead:)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

It took me forever to watch those E clips but it was worth it despite the presence of Ben.

I think what irritates me about Lyon is that he thinks he is a movie critic and an interviewer but he isn't, just a geeky fanboy whose father happens to be a critic.

He didn't annoy me here so much but I did like the wind blowing through his hair, he should do interviews outdoors more often!

I can imagine Jake doing a French accent pretending to be a chef, it must be so much fun to work with him.

I loved his answer about whose body he would like to get into change things: MLK.

bobbyanna said...

I enjoyed the interview snippets with Ben Lyons! I agree with OONP that he's a geeky fanboy, and I get the impression he thinks Jake is way cool! :)

And yes. The wind ruffling thru his hair was...indescribable.
I just wanted to hug him for his answer to the
"8 minutes to live" question.

Lola said...

I don't mind Ben Lyons, and jake seems to like him. He always gets good interviews with him. I love the setting this interview took place in, outside with the sun, and wind messing up his hair:)

Thanks for bringing the people chef interview over, i hadn't seen that.

bobbyanna said...

From FB:
"So this time, Brittany and her friend are hiking at Runyon Canyon yesterday. After some time, they come across the guy who plays Oscar on The Office (love that show!). Shortly after, they cross paths with Jake Gyllenhaal. Never know who you're going to run into out there."
28 min. ago

I can believe people were talking about Jake hosting the Oscars; and he's SO diplomatic about saying no way! :) I love how he defended Anne and James. Sounds like he might be in favor of Billy Crystal coming back.

Monica said...

I can't stand Ben Lyons. But the videos were fun to watch. Thank you.

Sag actor said...

Not a fan of Lyons either but I did like this interview.

He was very diplomatic about James and Anne, she was ok and he was just plain awful.

Jake does have the type of personality to host a show like the Oscars but I would love if Crytal came back.

Love the rotten tomatoes ratings so far.

UltraViolet said...

Looks like Jake will be on Conan on the 28th and then on Regis on the 31st. Hope we get an Ellen appearance, as well.

UltraViolet said...

I liked Billy Crystal as Oscar host but I wouldn't want him to do it every year. I've liked most of the hosts, but this year's... well, they didn't quite do it.

Jake was very diplomatic.

Hope more people did outdoor interviews with him that will pop up, but who knows. It's fun to get them out of the hotel room/junket suite.

The Runyon Canyon sighting seems more reliable than the London one :)

UltraViolet said...

Nice interview with Jake and Duncan. Love the crispy bacon bit. And when Jake tells Duncan how much he kisses D's ass in interviews. I also love the part at the end, where they talk about Duncan's style. I like when Jake gets all film-y.

Another Jake interview here.

I loved the People article, but the tone was odd. All light and fluffy, then Jake's serious answer at the end. I was also happy to see Jake's mention of Japan. It had to be weird to have that major, awful news dominating the rest of the world while you try to celebrate your movie.

bobbyanna said...

UV, a woman tweeted that she was unable to travel to do an interview with Jake tomorrow. She was pretty upset about not being able to go. Now,I can't find it.

I've been checking out Civil Wars & Tibetan temple bells.:) Civil Wars is interesting,not bad at all. Folk music fused with blues, etc. with a edge & I like some of Adele's music. She has a very powerful voice. But Tibetan temple bells? No, Jake. No. I felt like I was at the spa.

I enjoyed that out door setting, too. (Jake looks delicious.)

Tweety said...

I think this is the tweet Bobbyanna, she is located in the UK:

edibow:Got asked to go to LA tomorrow to interview Jake Gyllenhaal. Currently sobbing into my pillow, I couldn't go. I might drown in my own tears!

She tweeted after that she was flying to Rio so I doubt she is still crying in her pillow!

Ugh, I don't like Conan or Regis. Ellen would be great along with Letter,man.

bobbyanna said...

Hope Jake & Kimmel do a SC skit. I still love watching the "Bourne Identity" skit with Matt Damon and Guillermo.

Two shows in LA and Regis in far. I agree, tweety, he's overdue for Ellen and I enjoy him with Letterman. I'm not a huge Conan fan, but Jake always has fun with Conan. Maybe he'll do Jimmy Fallon too.

UltraViolet said...

There's some fun Q&A footage at about the five-minute mark.

The "sobbing in my pillow" tweet was funny. But yeah, when I saw she was going to Rio, my sympathy vanished!

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for finding the tweet, Tweety!:) Definitely, UV/Tweety, I lost all sympathy for her on the Rio trip. I mean, how could she not go interview Jake! Some people have no sense of the important things;)

The video was interesting, UV to get a sense of how huge and crowded...and fun SXSW is.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the talk show info. If he's doing Jimmy and Conan he'll be in LA, so hopefully he'll be on Ellen. He hasn't done her show in a long time. When he was promoting POP Ellen had just started her summer hiatus. And they seemed to stay in NY when they did LAOD. Not sure why they never did any west coast shows.

I think they're trying to broaden SC's exposure. I want him on Ellen. Too bad he wasn't doing promos this week, Ellen is taping in Universal in FL, it would be wild to see Jake ride the rides with Ellen.

FL said...

There's some fun Q&A footage at about the five-minute mark.

Good god did you have to sit through the first five minutes of that?

Extra said...

LOL!! yeah, that reading in the begginning was a bit tough but it was good to see that there was a line around the corner for SC, thanks for the link UV!

I'm still chuckling over the fan pics, what a contrast and Jake looks so wee!

They managed to cover a lot of subjects with Lyons, I share everyone's distaste with him but that interview was pretty good and that donut was downright sinful looking!

If he is doing Regis than he might get in Fallon and hopefully Letterman.

I also hope they do the smart thing and show SC commercials on the SyFy channel and Spike and G-4 channels, that is the core audience for SC.

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

mary said...

i would imagine he would do more than one talk show while in NYC he usually does letterman, GMA or the today show

Monica said...

Yesterday, had a screening of the film in Los Angeles. A Brazilian critic saw. She said the film is very good and that Jake is great.

Source Code: New York Screening With Duncan Jones March 22nd

Sheba Baby said...

I would think that Jake will do a few talk shows while in NY and not just Regis and Kelly.

I had to back track and check out all the interviews and videos. I think I was most impressed with the Popular Mechanics interview, I had no idea that that magazine still was published!

Jake and Duncan do seem to have develeloped a friendship and have a mutual respect, I hope they get to work together again.

Thanks for the review Monica, I think most of the critics seem to like it!

Tweety said...

Jake will be at La Pomme in NY on 3/31 to benefit See for Change:

vsonsev: This will be a fun event supporting a great cause. Jake Gyllenhaal to Kick Off Silent Auction at See for Change
43 minutes ago via web

Josie said...

Loads of goodies to catch up on, looks like SXSW was a big success for Jake and Duncan.

Jake's taste in music seems to be leaning towards folk rock I noticed. Taylor Swift is a big Civil Wars fan and Adele's latest seems to have some Nashville infuence as well, the Tibetan bells, not so much, LOL!

As long as Jake stays away from Leno, I hate that guy.

Tweety said...

mdahan: At the launch of Hoyle Jackson, a Right Move client, in Santa Monica with Jake Gyllenhaal
8 minutes ago via Twitter

bobbyanna said...

A bit more on the Hoyle Jackson event, Tweety:

This from FB, a young woman who works at Bloomingdale's:
"Yeah, so I just met Jake Gyllenhaal.....

No biggie! :)
about an hour ago via Mobile Web

There was also a different sighting from a girl who was at the doctor's office this afternoon, and Jake walked out of the bathroom.;)

UltraViolet said...

Quite posibly the most annoying interviewer from SXSW. She has an interview with Michelle Monaghan that's borderline unwatchable.

The cartoon hearts thing was funny, but I can't believe they didn't actually put them around Jake in the video. If you're going to add lame graphics, why not do those?

Good god did you have to sit through the first five minutes of that?

LOL - no, mercifully. The FF function is a wonderful thing.

Thanks for the info on the New Eyes auction, tweety. I love it that Jake works with them.

And speaking of his old haunts, he seemed to be at a Harvard Westlake event tonight, a film festival for the high school. Busy evening for Jake.

UltraViolet said...

Not too many notes from today's international press junket for SC. A German reporter reported for Bunte on FB was annoyed that the PR person objected when she asked Jake if he'd ever fallen for a girl on a train. She was admonished to "stick to the movie." She rightly pointed out on FB that the movie is all about a train!

I don't know if I can trust someone who thinks that Ryan P and Paul Walker are hotter, lol. But it does sound like an idiotic objection. That is a harmless, easily answered question.

But the reporter seemed annoyed by the "no personal questions" rule in general, so I don't know if there were other issues in the interview. She also pointed out that Jake was willing to answer personal questions at the HFPA press conference.

I hope we get some reports out of that!

A French reporter checked in to confirm to his FB commenters that Jake is, indeed, charming.

And Alicia Malone, an Australian reporter you might remember from the L&OD Sydney tour, is still in love with Jake:

Back from date with Jake! I was secretly trying to Source Code myself into his body to make him propose to me. Damn technology didn't work!

Oh god, girls I just go all melt-y with him! He is TOO cute. He should be scared. There's the red carpet nxt wk!

Monica said...

I agree it was a harmless question, but I also think it was another question from her about his personal life, so the reaction of his PR. I think. And it's nice to see they are directing the focus to the film.

I also like to read interviews with Jake and Duncan. They are funny together, and Jake seems a producer, because he knows everything about the movie.
I wanted to see more of Vera Farmiga and Jeffrey Wright.

OT: Obama is in Brazil.
Michelle is so nice, polite and friendly.

bobbyanna said...

monica, I think this might be the President & First Lady's first visit to South America.

I'd like to see more Vera & Jeffrey, too. I saw him in a play once. Brilliant.

UV, that SXSW interview girl was SO annoying,just. awful. She had a crazy looking eyes,too! Gross.

I'm glad the reporter from Bunde was shut down. She was up to mischief, I think. Keep the focus on SC.

I remember Alicia Malone, from Sydney!:)

I am transitioning to a new computer at some point this weekend. Poor old thing just can't keep up. Bought it in '03, upgraded the software in 06! It's time. Now I can do more stuff.:)

UltraViolet said...

I saw Obama in Brasilia and thought of you, Monica!

I want to get a new computer this weekend, too, bobbyanna. Good luck with the transfer.

A couple of interview tweets:

AshleyAC_ Just got done interviewing Jake Gyllenhaal... And I was so tempted to ask him to marry me. He's so dreamy :)
22 minutes ago

JakesTakes Jake Gyllenhaal is always such a great interview -- brings up past interviews, remembers everything about you. Great guy.

mary said...

loving all this tweets about jake how everyone loves interviewing him

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I think this is the first trip to S. America for the President, I was thinking of you too Monica when I saw him and the First Lady:)

Loving all the tweets about Jake being interviewed, I can't wait until the interviews are released!

Apple tweet said...

Jake Gyllenhall will be at the Apple Soho store April 1st to talk about his new movie.

Chica said...

Thanks Apple tweet, Apple store in Soho on April 1st, check!

The Eyes for Needy auction is for a great cause, I don't know if I will be able to attend, depends on another appointment that I have.

Sounds like Jake has been pretty busy with press junkets this past week!

The President S. American visit is long over due, I'm glad thst he is there along with thr First Lady and their daughters.

Anonymous said...

Just saw this and not sure if its been mentioned before - but a good site on movies to be out the rest of the year. SC is the first one mentioned.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, anon. The good SC buzz keeps building. Fingers crossed.

We expect a full Apple Store report, chica :)

New post.