Friday, March 11, 2011


Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga and Duncan Jones all attended the premiere of Source Code at the South By Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas, on Friday night. The film was selected as the festival's opening night showcase.

The twit reviews are streaming in, and they seem very enthusiastic. A sampling:

larry411: Source code @sxsw from @manmademoon dir duncan jones is spectacular, edge of your seat fun #sxsw another hit for summit

lmelnick: 4 stars for source code now q and a with cast, dir and writer. awesome

shivvy: SOURCE CODE was a great lil thriller. Audience did roar w/ laughter when Jake G used Bing on a cell phone. #productplacement

screenjunkies: Source Code is great. Tight thriller, smart science and a positive worldview.

cdab: SOURCE CODE was awesome!! What a great way to start #SXSW. Thank you so much for that movie, @ManMadeMoon. #DuncanJonescanmakeamovie

dooglar: Loved "Source Code" it also moved me emotionally. You get save-the-world drama, sci-fi suspense of belief & the value of relationships

georgkallert: Source Code is fantastic / great performances and an intense story / loved it !!!

crispyfuller: Source Code was AMAZING. Inception fans will love it. Actually, I think everyone will.

movingreviews: Instant Review: SOURCE CODE is fantastic. One of the best films I've seen come out of @SXSW. A must see

They are not all positive - I'll post the negative ones in the replies :)

And according to Cinematical, "Duncan Jones' sophomore effort, 'Source Code,' is not nearly as original as his first film, but it is the next best thing to unique: it's two or three familiar ideas tossed into a blender, whipped into a tasty concoction, and delivered with a great deal of style and confidence."

He calls Jake's performance "excellent."

IndieWire gives it an A-:

Drawing on time-shifting concepts reminiscent of “Groundhog Day” and “Run Lola Run,” Duncan Jones’ “Source Code” inhabits the spirit of old-school sci-fi while effectively providing a measure of pathos. As he did in his prior film, “Moon,” “Source Code” showcases Jones’ ability to provide ample entertainment value with sharply drawn characters in a minimalist setting.

And a 9/10 from Coming Soon:

More than anything, "Source Code" is a film full of emotion as Jones gets as strong a performance out of Jake Gyllenhaal as he did with Sam Rockwell, Gyllenhaal ably fitting into the type of everyman protagonist role that helped Hitchcock's thrillers work so well. You're really pulled into Stevens' dilemma as he interacts with his handler, played by Vera Farmiga, and tries to figure out how to fulfill his mission, while also using his military background to explore how real soldiers are affected by returning from war. ...

The Bottom Line:
This is an impressive and ambitious second feature from Jones, one that shows he's capable of handling a fairly complex premise with lots of moving parts. Like the best science fiction, "Source Code" is quite deep and affecting on many levels with a premise that never gets dull or predictable or feels gimmicky. It's very much the type of movie one can see over and over again and appreciate more of its intricacies each time despite knowing some of the many twists going in.

Bit of a mixed bag from the Hollywood Reporter but overall positive:

Its four main actors play sharply delineated characters, not with much depth but, hey, who has time for depth when Chicago is about to blow up? Source Code, which premiered at South by Southwest, could develop into a minor hit for Summit Entertainment, thanks to the fine casting, a sense of claustrophobia and an intriguing race against time.

Variety didn't love it:

Solid execution and some provocative ideas can't save "Source Code" from a fatal hubris, as it thinks itself far more clever than it actually is and assumes it's earned emotions at which it's only hinted. Sophomore director Duncan Jones is becoming an adept craftsman of such modestly scaled, cerebral speculative fiction, and had this been a SyFy original movie, it would have been most impressive. But as a follow-up to the startlingly inventive "Moon," "Source Code" just doesn't quite compute. SXSW opener ought to do solid but unspectacular business, with better odds in ancillary.

Gyllenhaal could likely do this sort of bedroom-eyed soldier role in his sleep, but he plays the part with great energy and conviction. Farmiga uses the opportunity to add another warmly maternal bureaucrat role to her scorecard, and Wright makes for a nicely sinister string-puller.

Earlier in the day, Jake and Michelle taped Moviefone's Unscripted at the AOL Studios.

An interview with Jake about the SC game:

Plus some late pics from the Q&A:

Jeff Wells praised the movie and also took some video of the beginning of the Q&A.

Finally, Jake in the audience for his own movie :)


Sag Actor said...

Excellent! The geek fanboy in me is beyond the Moon!

I can't wait until April 1st, thanks for the coverage tonight.

Monica said...

Video from premiere: Source Code

mary said...

thanks UV love all the good tweets and jake looks great looks like hes having a good time cant wait for april 1 and im off that day so i can see it the first day

bobbyanna said...

This is wonderful! I'm glad there's so much enthusiasm for SC, and for Jake and Duncan. UV, you ended the last thread before I could respond to your comment about the nasty criticisms.

All I wanted to say was that I've had the opposite impression. There is definitely a nasty aspect to some of the Jake "critics." They seem to crawl out of a sewer every time he has a new movie coming out.

But I don't see them growing in numbers at all. I think they're losing support and Jake's gaining fans and respect for his acting talent.

I don't think he'll ever win support from a certain demographic, but he seems to be gaining with everyone else.

mary said...

like any other actor hes always going to have those critics they wont like him no matter what he does which is probably par for the course of being an actor

UltraViolet said...

I think it's more than just the usual "some critics like him, some don't." There's a kind of negative swell, mostly because Jake's movies have underperformed at the box office. That makes it easier for people to put him down.

I'm not denying Jake has made new fans. but he needs to make money! So I'm hoping SC will be a hit.

Hee, Sag Actor. I tihnk Duncan said that onstage tonight :)

Monica, I couldn't get the video to work but I'll try it again. My computer is having issues. Thanks!

UltraViolet said...

Also, posted links to three more reviews: 2 raves and a mixed/positive.

UltraViolet said...

Here's a Jake interview. i can't find an embed code.

Some tweets from the evening:

had dinner next to jake gyllenhaal at Uchi sushi. he's just as pretty in real life.

Sledd: Just did a portrait ok Jake Gyllenhaal backstage at the paramount. He laughed at me for saying y'all.

fandango: The kids are going wild for Jake Gyllenhaal. He seems very, very appreciative. Here's a pic

And I really hope this one is not true. I can't believe they didn't follow this tweet up with more information:

Guy just tried to take Jake Gyllenhaal's picture while he was taking a leak. Cops came. Brouhaha ensued.

Negative-ish review from Ugo:

As a B-movie thriller, Source Code is fun, and it is good to see Jake Gyllenhaal shake some of that Prince of Persia dust out of his hair. As a follow-up to Moon, it can only be considered a disappointment.

UltraViolet said...

Apparently, y'all have gone to bed. So I'll just keep posting stuff. Wells actually liked it! Of course, it will probably be like L&OD and next week, he'll start undercutting it. But I can try to forgive him because he posted that awesome video from the Q&A.

B_ from ThePlaylist:

Ultimately, “Source Code” is slightly frustrating. It’s an entertaining, over-the-top science fiction trifle that will likely keep you dangling on the edge of your seat, and yet it’s a forgettable work that will not burrow into the recesses of your mind like you’ve been incepted (yes, we realize, that’s a hard act to follow and they are different-sized mindbenders). It’s a worthwhile effort, and yet it’s not an on-par follow-up to Jones’ “Moon.” For all of its mainstream trappings and dulling down of rough, interesting edges, Jones remains a strong and original voice in a genre badly needing of both. Unfortunately “Source Code” doesn’t really demonstrate that voice either. Worth your looped eight minutes and more? Sure. One for the ages? Not really. Are we expecting too much? That’s for you to decide.

Yes, you are!

Cinema Blend is probably the most negative, though they say Jake gives a "commanding and captivating performance."

Funny review from The Examiner. B+, plus a bit about Jake:

By the way: Because my film-festival companion and I are both going to be interviewing the cast and crew of Source Code later in the week (tomorrow, to be specific), we decided to get a head-start on the long walk back to our festival-mobile by skipping the post-screening Q&A. While walking up and out of the theater, we literally walked directly into Jake Gyllenhaal, who was headed into the theater to answer what I suspect were some very confused questions from the audience. Dude's tall. But more importantly, this is the closest I've ever been to seeing Anne Hathaway naked (it's two degrees of separation, but still). It was-- with the exception of that Insidious screening I'm embargoed from talking about-- the highlight of my day.

Recap of the Q&A:

The strikingly handsome Gyllenhaal, dressed in black jeans and boots, said that he related to the time-jumping narrative of the film because his mind “does not work in a linear way.”

Also linked the Variety review in the post.

UltraViolet said...

Loved this description of Jake:

Outside of Kyle Chandler — whom Austin claims as our own — Jake Gyllenhaal may be the most intimidatingly charming actor in show business.
Even on a red carpet in front of the Paramount Theatre amid the screeches of adoring fans, he focuses just on you. His eyes do not wander. He answers question after question with the deft intelligence of a trusted advisor, but the down-to-earth quality of the star next door.

“I love the artistic aspect of Austin,” he said about his frequent visits here. “It’s a city but also a town. And unlike elsewhere, everyone at this festival is kind.”
He walked the carpet for “Source Code,” the thriller receiving its premiere at the South by Southwest Film Festival. And like his director and co-stars, Gyllenhaal spoke persuasively about the project concerning a time-traveling soldier sent to avoid a train explosion.

“It depends on how you define science fiction,” said Gyllenhaal, trimly attired in a gray shirt and neat jeans, when asked about his roles in the genre. “There’s always a bit of science fiction going on in my mind when I’m creating a character. We create our own roles when we act in science fiction, so you can make any choice you want.”

Funny FB tidbit:

Tonight I went to the world premiere of "Source Code". I tried to go to the concession stand and was told to wait because they had to clear a path. I knew what that meant! I got in line with the rest of the staff (plain clothes) and pretended that I worked there. Hunky Jake Gyllenhaal walked right by me! The movie was really good!

FL said...

UV, spectacular job of wrangling everything together. Food for thought, fun tidbits, some excellent reviews, great pics. Well done. Now get some sleep!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, FL! nights like this are fun, even if my computer is cranky and uncooperative.

This is really unbelievable:

Story via @joblocom and @misterpatches who were in the bathroom when it happened

Gyllenhaal apparently grabbed the dude mid-photo, threw him against the wall and was like, "are we really gonna do this right now?"

Best story I heard tonight was the guy who tried to take a photo of Jake Gyllenhaal at the urinal, and Jake went all badass on him #sxsw

UltraViolet said...

Another rave, this time from Screen Crave. And a pan from IGN.

Chica said...

Thanks for all your hard work UV!

I was out to the wee hours and this is a great post to wake up too.

Love the comparison to Hitchcock from comingsoon.

Jeff Wells liked it??!! I just hope he still likes it by April 1st.

Love all the pics, especially the one with Jake in the audience.

That story about that guy trying to take a pic of Jake at the urinal is outrageous :(

mary said...

thanks UV hope you got some sleep cant believe the nerve of that guy good for jake in cases like this i dont blame jake for going after the guy hope they were alble to confiscate the film

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal on film, games, and storytelling's future (Q&A)

Sheba baby said...

The SC PR train has left the station, wow! There is a lot to catch-up on.

Thanks UV,FL and everyone one else here at GB for making this the to go to Jake blog for all things Jake!

I loved the banter between Jake and Duncan at the Q&A but I felt kind of bad for everyone on stage, couldn't they find some chairs for them to sit on?!

The reviews seem to be a mixed bag, leaning towards the positive.

I will be checking back here later, I think Jake and the gang will be doing press this morning.

I wished Jake did more than throw that guy against the wall, he should have beat the shit out of him, some people are insane.

bobbyanna said...

I wish I could have stayed up for all of this, but UV, I have to echo what everyone else said, you've outdone yourself once again. There's so much information bubbling out, and you've done an amazing job, not only posting it, but capturing the excitement and the atmosphere of SXSW, too.

The praise for Jake is great, and the praise for SC gives me hope:)

(The bathroom intrusion sounds outrageous! I'm glad Jake reacted so fast,slamming the guy against a wall, etc. Quick reflexes. I love BadassJake but where was the BG?)

Chica said...

I was wondeing where the BG was too Bobbyanna! He was definately with Jake in all the videos and pics I saw, too bad he didn't have to take a leak the same time Jake did!

UltraViolet said...

Morning, all. Glad you enjoyed the post. More coming today though I don't know if I'll be around for all of it. Have a few errands to run.

Hope this had nothing to do with the incident. I wonder if anyone will ask Jake about it:

Studio rep says Jake Gyllenhaal is not feeling well and his 9AM interviews are rescheduled for late afternoon. Everyone else on schedule.
38 minutes ago

UltraViolet said...

Another good review and a little more info on the incident:

There was some hubbub just before the Q&A for the film, when someone in the theater actually followed Gyllenhaal into a public restroom, then took a picture of him at the urinal.  Gyllenhaal made the guy delete the picture and cops were indeed called to the theater, one of two such incidents I heard about happening tonight at the festival.  Seems like everyone's a little rowdy as SXSW gets underway, but I hope that doesn't ruin the overall experience for the filmmakers, because it played beautifully in the room tonight.  I think "Source Code" is accessible, charming, and breezy, a film that flies by, a movie movie, if you will.  It left me smiling and satisfied, and when the closing credit ran revealing who voices Gyllenhaal's father for an off-camera role, I laughed out loud.  Duncan Jones strikes me as a guy who's built for a long and solid career, a talented but unpretentious director, and with just two movies under his belt, he's already turning into someone you can count on, a welcome addition to the genre ranks.

Anonymous said...

The bathroom story - are we sure it is something that really happened or one of those situations where something might of happened and by the time it gets around to everyone it has been embellished quite a bit.

As for some of Jake's movies underperforming. One reason might be because he has made some movies that aren't the type of movies that will Have a big audience. He did them because he thought they were good roles and had something to say. There's also a "timing" when movies come out that this one or that one just might be what people aren't in the mood to see no matter who the star is. Now 2 years down the road maybe the mood might change.
You can look on every actors, singers, sports figures sites and will find hateful things said about them. It goes with the territory of being in the public eye. There is a jealousy and envy from some people for anyone who has the type of life they don't have.
Way back in the day Elvis use to be confronted by guys at the end of shows to fight him because their girlfriends liked him.

Jake's way more popular than any segment that might not like him.
And as always said he has a career for life. He'll be fine.

UltraViolet said...

Sorry, that was from HitFlix. Nice words for Jake's performance.

Get Real said...

EEEE!!! So loving all the Jake/SC love going on!!!

Great videos and pics!!

bobbyanna said...

UV, I bet Jake had too much fun hanging with his friends last night. :) He had sushi after the Q&A. Maybe he should pass on sushi when he has a early call.

Duncan's tweeted that he's awake but his eyeballs are hurting! LOL!

BG should've either accompanied Jake to insure he wasn't diturbed, or restricted access until he was done. That's SOP. BG isn't supposed to listen to their principal if they say it's not necessary. BG is working, not hanging out,etc. A BG is not a "friend."

UV I hear you about Jake's movies needing to make money. It would be so much easier if he moved into that rareified "first look" tier. :) Financing would flow faster too. He'll get there. I just feel it in my bones! :)

I am very glad to hear how involved he is in the entire process right now. Finding scripts chosing directors,making casting suggestions, etc.

Great that IndieWire likes the movie! Variety seems to never like anything. One year at TIFF, their critic slammed every movie. I'm not even surprised. THR seems a little more balanced.

Thankfully, more movie goers will be guided by IndieWire than either of those. If the movie does well no one will care about Variety.

Get Real said...

And OMG how fucking disgusting of that guy to try and take a pic of Jake at the urinal....ugh. Glad Jake has quick reflexes.

Monica said...

I read the tweet last night and I did not believe. What an idiot!

More pics: Just Jake

bobbyanna said...

monica, great set of pictures! I can't get over how young he looks in so many of them! My personal favorites are #5 & #11.

bobbyanna said...

OK. The panel discussion's started and Jake is there. Of course everyone is tweeting and it seems as if the entire audience is holding up cameraphones taking pictures!:)

Samples from twitter:

"listening to panel on new movie Sourcecode. Jake Gyllenhaal. Looks like a moviestar in real life."
2 minutes ago

"At Source Code panel with director, writer, & cast (including Jake Gyllenhaal). #sxsw"

"Gotta admit Jake Gyllenhaal is as handsome in person as he is in the movies and quite modest." #sxsw
2 minutes ago

Looking forward to some video...I hope:)

Monica said...

The humorous banter between @manmade moon and Gyllenhaal is incredibly refreshing and make me hopeful for the future #SXSW

Gyllenhaal suggests that fans read the script. Says it was a great read and encourages that #SXSW #SourceCode
1 minute ago via

Picture: SXSW

Monica said...

Very funny:

All the questions are for Duncan. Asked about shooting in Chicago. "Chicago doesn't matter..." laughter #SXSW #SourceCode
3 minutes ago vi

Gyllenhall: I think because they didn't get the Olympics we wanted to set it there... laughter #SXSW #SourceCode
2 minutes ago via

me, again said...

Nice article from THR. Maybe UV can link it properly at some point.
I'm a klutz.:)

FL said...

It's really quite easy, bobbyanna, once you get the hang of it...and makes life so much easier to be able to just 'click' a link.

First - type this <
then type the letter a
then a space
then type in the html code of href = " (but be sure to remove the spaces in that sequence) followed immediately by the url.
then you need to close the code so you endquote your url with " > (but be sure to remove the spaces in that end sequence)
Now you can enter text, what you want to call the link, such as Nice article from THR
Now to put the whole thing to bed before you hit submit you want to close up the whole tag so you type < / a > (but be sure to remove the spaces in that sequence)

Go on, give it a try. :-)

FL said...

This guy is doing a nice job of transcribing the Q&A panel, but damn! I just read something I sort of wanted to be surprised about, so read at your peril.

Another person tweeted she was At the Attractive and Talented People Panel. LOL that about sums it up!

Tweety said...

I have to admit, I can relate!:

ReelVixen:Just one short hour away from my interview with Jake Gyllenhaal for @redcarpetcrash. My vagina is tingling, wish us luck #SXSW
30 minutes ago

Great coverarge , I feel like i'm at SXSW! He looks really good in the pics, too bad about that vile incedent last night:(

bobbyanna said...

"It's really quite easy, bobbyanna,..."

LOLOLOL! OK, FL. (You do know I'm dyslexic and have ADHD, right?:))

Tweety, I saw that! I sure hope she can get some semblance of control over herself before the interview.;) (I'm assuming the interview will be very positive.)

me. again said...

OK, FL if I screw this up you have to delete it! LOL!

<a href="</a>

etc. said...

Before U delete it can you pls tell me what I did wrong...:/

FL said...

You forgot to endquote to close the tag at the end of 167064.

bobbyanna said...


Apologies to everyone for this interruption. :)

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for all the reports! Some very funny tweets.Please keep them coming.

LOL, Tweety - I hope that reporter checks back in so we know how she, er, made out.

Love those Just Jake shots, Monica.

New post :)