Friday, April 9, 2010

"He worked his heart out."

Update: Moved the pics of Jake filming in Chicago to a new post :)

That's Mike Newell on all of the preparation Jake Gyllenhaal did for his role as the Prince of Persia. In this clip from ReelzChannel, Jake talks about the trust he placed in everyone around him in order to do what he had to do:

In this clip, Jake teases a local L.A. reporter about his sartorial choices:

We have some exclusive screenshots of a Prince of Persia battle scene:

What? I didn't say it was from the movie! According to the flickr poster, these are screen shots of a LEGO ad. I've never seen a LEGO ad, so I don't know where or when it aired or was printed.

For fun, just a couple of goofy shots of Jake from the WonderCon panel. From flickr:

Four new PoP posters, though just one of Jake. These guys also liked the PoP footage they say at WonderCon.

(PoP photo courtesy of IHJ. Twitter photos by suesues and its_kelseyy. SC series photos courtesy of the Parsons Family.)


sheba said...

And it shows :DDD

Thanks for the new info UV, although I can't see the embedded video of the SF reporter Jake teases.

I really don't get why everyone is so surprised that Jake could pull this off. Maybe we're too into him and see much more than they will ever know such as his potential for almost any genre, his athleticism, work ethic, humour, grace, charm, intellect, serenity, beauty and of course 'the dark side'.

He's been very smart and done some serious stuff in the first part of his career so maybe that's what they see a serious actor. So the next part should be totally fun and fabulous for him. Yiekes, he's been in showbiz nearly 20 years?!!! We gotta have a party man when that hits.

A lovely sunny day over the pond today. I'm happy for all of us especially me enjoying all these goodies, it's a good time.

Sheba baby said...

Yes it does show! I think people are surprised Sheba because Jake has always done serious roles (with the exception of BB and TDAT) that didn't call for stunts, this is a whole new genre for Jake. Jake obviously had fun doing Pop and I think he may visit this genre again (Of course if Pop is a hit we will get sequels)

The Reelz clip will probably run all weekend on the Reelz channel, thanks for posting it.

The Pop Legos sets are so cute, and i'm not a fan of legos at all!

I can't see the embedded video either:(

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, UV. I love hearing people like Mike Newell, his director, praise Jake for "working his heart out!" Jake's way overdue for that kind of acknowledgement. And of course Jake turns it right back to the crew.

sheba said...

Hi Sheba baby! Nice talking to my namesake :D

I do understand that this is a whole new genre for Jake but there have been many times over the past 5 years we watch a film and many of us have said: "They should have chosen Jake for that role" so this has been a long time coming.

Oh, and remember, Jake did his some of his own stunts for BB ;D. I wonder if he did the one whee he got hit by a bus, I've always wondered how they did that :DD

Monica said...

This video is so funny:
Jake at Wondercon

Anonymous said...

Tho TDAT wasn't an action film as we know them Jake did have to deal with a lot of water and he got to run around some. It was a physical role to some extent.
We know all the roles Jake has done and we Know he can pretty much do any type of role handed to him.
Lots of people just go to the movies and don't delve a lot into the actors lives other than glancing through magazines.
Then there are others who kind of know movies he has done but haven't seen but a few and (as i'd mentioned before apparently have never seen his funny and outgoing interviews on the talk shows) have no perception of him as an actor and the range he has.
One thing i've been meaning to mention I think it was an interview with Sam Mendes saying something along the lines of Jake didn't have a non-spontanious bone in his body.

UltraViolet said...

Hello, shebas :) That video Monica linked is actually the local reporter video I embedded. Maybe you can see it from that link? (I'll add the link to the post, as well, in case others can't see it.)

Gray and rainy here, sheba. Glad the other side of the pond is having better weather.

It is true that Jake is known for serious roles, but I mean, come on - Bubble Boy, people! I think it's funny that Quint also thought of him as a serious guy. It was fun to see that perception altered.

Sheba baby, thanks for mentioning the Reelz channel. I think they said at the end that there would be more with Jake on their Sunday show. I don't get that channel, I don't think. But if you do, be on the lookout!

Bobbyanna, I did like the way Jake turned it around. I really liked his answer.

Anon, I like that quote about Jake from Sam Mendes. I'm sure it gives directors headaches at times, but they seem to end up appreciating it.

You can see why Fincher's 70+ takes would take a toll on him!

Tweety said...

I love hearing Directors and other actors praise Jake too Bobbyanna. Jake is so generous with his praise when he talks about the films he has done. Just listen and read his comments about SC and LAOD for instance.

That link is funny Monica, thanks!
Speaking of SC, there have been several tweets about jake filming in CHI. I just assumed that it was his double they were seeing but this is a twicpic from filming:

I can't tell if it's Jake or they just assume it's him.

Anonymous said...

Tho a number of people do know Bubble Boy it's still not a Jake movie that has been seen compared to some of the others.
I love that performance. Even reviews that didn't care for the movie they had praise for Jake. What great comic timing he has. Just the scene in the store where he goes to get the beer and after when he's sitting there and takes a sip. Can't think of anyone who could do that better.

bobbyanna said...

Yeah! I found these tweety. I'm inclined to believe them. Unless Jake has a double who looks like his clone. LOL!

Jake Gyllenhaal in Chicago's Millenium Park filming a movie.
9 minutes ago via TweetDeck

JosephUK: I'm within 15 foot of Jake Gyllenhaal at the Bean in Chicago.
43 minutes ago from Tweetie

ReplyRetweet phil_robinson: LEGIT. jake Gyllenhaal shooting a movie downtown

UltraViolet said...

Annie, don't hit me, but I've never seen Bubble Boy all the way through. I know! I don't know why, other than that I like the idea of having one Jake movie out there I still haven't seen. I keep saving it for a rainy day or something.

Tweety and Bobbyanna, I think that might actually be Jake in Chicago.

mary said...

sure looks like him to me too

FluorescentLamp said...

I keep saving it for a rainy day or something.

You should look out your window, UV. It's raining. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yep I think its Jake

Tweety said...

It sure is! I guess Jake is filming in CHI but Duncan isn't directing these scenes, the 2nd unit is.

Tweety said...

As if we need more proof, LOL!!

Audarshia: I LOVE JAKE G!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RT @ParkGrillChef: Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan just had lunch at Park Grill (in Millennium Park)!
2 minutes ago from TweetDeck · Reply · View Tweet

tankdilla: Just saw a high-speed chase being filmed for a movie in downtown Chicago. It appears it's a Jake Gyllenhaal movie. ne 1 know what movie?
2 minutes ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

ParkGrillChef: Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan just had lunch at PG. Jake had French Onion Soup & Turkey Pastrami Club...and yes he ate the fries

sheba said...

Yep, that looks like him. I'd know those ears anywhere ;)

Aw UV. Not seen BB all the way to the end? Shocking :DDD To me watching BB makes me feel happy, giggly and all right with this cynical world. It's a film you've got to "Go With". You should listen to Jake's commentary it's hilarious. Anyway, not gonna get on your case about it, you'll get to it when you're ready.

Love to see those Tweet observations as long as they didn't disturb his lunch.

UltraViolet said...

It is indeed raining :) It's not that I don't want to watch it because I don't think I'll like it. It's that I don't want to run out of Jake material.

It's just an eccentricity. I'll get over it, I'm sure.

Just posted a front pic of Jake, from twitter.

And Michelle and Jake's visit soawned a little twitter battle.

bobbyanna said...

I definitely had to get "ready" for Bubble Boy! LOL!! UV, it took me countless tries. Each time O got into it further, I can now say I've seen it all the way thru. But it definitely took several attempts. Several many attempts.:)

I forgot to say how powerful those fight scenes are. Lego!Jake looks very intense.

Great Chicago pics!

bobbyanna said...

The one Jake movie I haven't seen is Highway. I know I will one day,...but not yet.:)

UltraViolet said...

Glad you liked the LEGO shots, Bobbanna (and sheba baby). It just cracked me up when I saw the sleek set ups. I was relieved to find out it was from a real ad!

One of the tweeters said that Jake was very smiley and that the teens hanging out near the SC filming were very squeal-y. Who can blame them?

FluorescentLamp said...

I definitely had to get "ready" for Bubble Boy! LOL!! UV, it took me countless tries.

Why is that though? Is it because it's a silly comedy? I've seen other Jake fans who have a problem with Bubble Boy and I'm not sure why. Is it that people have come to know Jake as a serious actor and seeing something from early in his career which is mindless fun ruins how people view him?

I love the movie. Partly because it's mindless fun. Mostly because Jake is totes adorbs in it. :-)

UltraViolet said...

That's not what it is for me. I love the clips. And I loved Jake in Highway. So no preparation is needed. It's my Jake-in-the-hole, so to speak.

UltraViolet said...

Just updated again, with a nice series of shots of Jake and Michelle. Looks like a nice day in Chicago :)

Anonymous said...

Great find UV, love the pics and is that Duncan Jones as well.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, anon. And yes, that's Duncan. Makes sense that he's there, directing the principles.

I'm so happy that family stumbled on the scene and took these pics.

Anonymous said...

He looks so good! Actually, he and Michelle make a great on-screen couple. I haven't seen Bubble Boy all the way through either, but I was totally amazed at what I did see. His natural comedy is amazing. I thought I wouldn't like a movie like that. Plus, he's so boyishly innocent looking delivering some of those comic lines and being in those comic situations - the perfect, funny story about a teenage boy on the verge of manhood. Never more so than when he's running around in his garanimals. lol :)

Anonymous said...

For me Bubble Boy is a story about love and about taking a risk. He didn't know what would happen. But he wanted to be with her and went to the "ends of the earth" (certainly for him) to find her. And then hilarity insued.
It was his idea toward the end with the Bubble (in case some haven't got to the ending yet).
Swoozie is a hoot as the Mother and of course the Father (hello Zodiac..and also The Good Girl)..he's funny without hardly saying a word.
And the comment section should of been released along with the feature. (also the 500 dollars thing was his idea..)
One of the things I liked about it was Jake talking about the people working on the film and knowing what kind of camera was used and also remembering the people in it and where they were currently (or currently when they did this). He's observant and cares about what goes on around him.

Anonymous said...

Swoozie was a riot (Wildfire?), and so was John Carroll Lynch. He's a wonderful character actor. He's in Shutter Island.

I really should add Bubble Boy to my collection. :)

Chica said...

Set pics from SC, YAY!!! I was so waiting for these, but I expected them from Montreal not Chicago!!

He and Michelle do make a great looking on screen couple.

That video of Jake and that SF is so funny!

I didn't see BB when it first came out but I did later on on DVD. I thought it was funny and Jake had such great comic timing and was so good at physical comedy.

Monica said...

Bubble Boy is in my collection.

These photos are great.
People in Chicago are lucky.
Heath Ledger filmed Dark Night in Chicago and now Jake Gyllenhaal with SC.
Thanks, UV!

Yesterday, I saw Kiss Kiss Bang Bang with MM. She has great chemistry with Downey Jr.

UltraViolet said...

Looks like we have a lot of Bubble Boy fans here :)

Chica, I thought we'd get more Montreal photos, too. But Chicago works :)

Monica, don't forget that Jake also made Proof in Chicago. Someday, he'll have to make a movie where he spends a lot of time there. I'm assuming he wasn't there long for Proof.

Not before he makes a movie in Boston, of course!

There were more new photos, so I took most of them and made a new post.