Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The May issue of SFX has hit the stands, and we have scans - thanks to Gemma Arterton Online. Mike Newell is the main player, but Jake was also interviewed.

"It's Noah - not with water, but with sand."

"I keep fucking going back to time travel! I don't know why."

"This is the world of the imagination."

In case people missed these last night, a new behind-the-scenes featurette, as well as a WonderCon interview:


FluorescentLamp said...

Man! The publicity machine is overwhelming almost. I still haven't watched the complete Wondercon panel videos from like 3 days ago!

And yet, I have a feeling we ain't seen nuthin' yet!

UV you deserve a medal, or a holiday or at least a cuddle from somebody for staying on top of this.

Monica said...

UV, you need a month of vacation after all this. To prepare for the publicity machine of LAOD!hahahaha

Thanks for the scans!

sheba said...

I must get my copy today. Thanks for the reminder UV.

There's Jake's favourite word again. Is Prince of Persia 12A or PG so that he can get to use the word once in the film?

Cathy E said...

This is just an incredible article, and I think Jake hit the nail squarely on the head with what he said about why Chris Nolan's Batman works - making them more real than comic book characters. I love Gemma too, and Mike Newell's thoughts. Really looking forward to this.

Tweety said...

Wow, the scans are beautiful and I love the interview. You do deserve a medal UV and flowers, chocolates, etc!! You have doo=ne a great job, thanks so much.

from twitter:

Kyla89: Jake Gyllenhaal is filming in my city right now. At our hockey arena, and Boys Like Girls are just hang around they city too. Fml.
25 minutes ago from UberTwitter

UltraViolet said...

Aww, group hug :) Thanks, everyone. I think we might all have to take a week off for the PoP-demonium!

FL, do I get to pick the cuddler? ;)

I did finally watch all of the panel videos. But it took a while.

Really, we probably haven't even seen the beginning of it. Yikes!

To prepare for the publicity machine of LAOD!

Oh, Monica - you are evil! Hee.

I actually do wonder about that. Jake will have to do publicity again after doing this huge blitz. Makes me worry that they'll have Anne do too much.

Yes, I'm greedy.

Sheba, I think PoP is PG-13 here. So I'm guessing the F-word probably won't make an appearance.

Cathy, though I'm not a fan of the Batman movies, I agree that the philosophy is the right one. Try to make it a real world you believe in.

Tweety, that poor tweeter found out it's not Jake and is Cuba Gooding, Jr. An Oscar winner, sure, but he's no Jake!

UltraViolet said...

We haven't had an Olive+Gourmando sighting for a while!

Je suis chez Olive & Gourmando et Jake Gyllenhal est a la table a cote!

Jake Gyllenhal a Les yeux bleu, mais BLEU!!!

I think he likes Jake's blue eyes! (And I think he says Jake is at the next table.)

sheba said...

Just popped out to get my copy of SFX, though my big son keeps rubbing his hand all over the front page to tiss me off :DD

I thought for PG13 you are allowed up to 2 swear words before the censors kicked in. I guess it would seem out of place in 6th century Persia.

And Jeez, you think they could tell the difference between oscar nominees and oscar winners ;D

Shondra said...

I thought that the cover said SEX!!

That was a great read, if this is what we are getting now can you imagine the deluge when it finally comes out!

Don't forget Jake's other favorite phrase Sheba: AMAZING!! Though that is safely G rated.

Let me join in adding many thanks for keeping us all updated with all the latest Jake/Pop news!

UltraViolet said...

I think more than a few of us have made that mistake, Shondra!

Sheba, I'd guess we'll hear a few damns or maybe even shit, but not the f-word. This is still Disney, after all!

I can't embed this, but another short video interview. Jake sort of needles the interviewer for asking the "What would you use the dagger to go back to?" question.

sheba said...

Hehe, yes Shondra, saw an ad today that reminded me of Jake so I'm gonna steal their phrase and substitute it with Jake:

"If Jake were a Dinosaur, he would be an Awsomeasaurus"

Carla said...

Did they use the F-word in ancient Persia......???

UV, do you ever sleep? I was not even able to watch all the goodies so far. Thanks so much for your hard work - you really deserve a virtual group hug....!

I just try to imagine how someone could confuse Jake with Cuba Gooding jr.?

What a wonderful article in SFX (I would not mind SEX - looking at those pictures..hehe) I will try to buy the magazine in our airport bookshop, they ususally sell international magazines.

Tweety said...

Slow sex? Slow or fast, np problem Jake!:

Tablehopper alerts us to Jake Gyllenhaal's recent appearance at Café Gratitude, where he shared some vegan noshes with friends and was only accosted later, upon leaving, by a girl with a t-shirt that said, "Ask me about slow sex." Let's hope for Jake's sake that he didn't. [Tablehopper]

bobbyanna said...

I did it too! :) It's an easy mistake to "see" the word SEX as a headline for that picture of Jake!

I don't think UV ever sleeps! You've spoiled us rotten (((UV))).

This was a fun read.

Cathy E said...

I'm loving that turquoise bead in addition to the silver one in Dastan's hair - some of these SFX (I keep seeing SEX too, lol) photos are amazing. Dastan on the horse is so incredibly beautiful. I don't know if I can stand the wait. Thank goodness we've got UV keeping up with all of this information. It's a lot, and I love it. He was funny in that last video interview, going back in time to 6th Century Persia with Daniel Day-Lewis. :)

Chica said...

The images are breathtaking, just gorgeous. I love all the attention Pop is getting and i can't wait until May. Pop wil be opening overseas first then here so there will be almost 2 weeks of Jake promoting Prince of Persia!!

I don't think my poor heart will take it.

Get Real said...

I am loving all the promotion going on, more Jake interviews, pics, videos, tweets, etc.....Gyllen-information overload!!!!!! :D :D :D

Thank you so much UV and FL for all the updates (((GROUP CUDDLE)))

mary said...

thanks UV for keeping up with every thing the next few weeks im sure will be pretty busy as more publicity stuff comes out going to try to see if barnes aand noble carries the sfx magazine this weekend they sell alot of the british mags keep up the good work we really appreiciate it

lawgoddess said...

Thanks for your hard work, guys, and all the great info. This is such a fun time, leading up to the PoP opening.

Love the pictures of jake and Gemma.

UltraViolet said...

You all have sex on the brain ;)

And yes, I do sleep. Just not at proper hours!

Cathy, I love the turquoise bead, too.

Tweety, thanks for the Table Hopper sighting. Here's the full, funny original:

A Star Sighting to Be Grateful For: Jake Gyllenhaal

This report from a tablehopper reader was so cleverly written that I’m just gonna post it verbatim: “Just had lunch at Cafe Gratitude en la Mission and ~Jake Gyllenhaal~ was there with a small group of people who looked very non-crunchy SF. Everyone was cool in the restaurant till he got up to leave, and then there was a flutter of folks trying to talk to him. Best was the chick in the “Ask me about Slow Sex” shirt who went up to introduce herself and talk about….? Ah, I love San Francisco. He’s so yummy, I know it sounds cashew-cheesy but I hope he ordered the ‘I am beautiful.’” Amen, sister.

Chica, I forgot about all the European press coverage. Eek!

Hi to Get real, Mary and LG! Sorry if I missed anyone :)

UltraViolet said...

Believe it or not, there's another new featurette, as well as a new Jake (short) interview. So a new post!