Friday, April 23, 2010

Au revoir, Montréal!

Now that Jake Gyllenhaal has wrapped filming his role in Source Code in Montreal, he's leaving the city. but before his departure, we got some snapshots of him on set in uniform and out of costume with Atticus.

More press for PoP: IHJ has some scans up from Sci Fi Magazine.


brothers spy said...

Are you sure that Jake's finished? Two days ago Duncan tweeted that there was still "1 and a half weeks" left in filming. That would put the finish date at around April 30 or May 1, which is what was originally stated.

It's possible that Jake's finished a week earlier, maybe because of his POP obligations? There are scenes involving Jeffrey Wright and Vera Famingha, which don't involve Jake, so maybe they're filming those next week?

I guess i'm just wondering if you got official confirmation UV.

I think I know why Jake shaved and what his "final scene" is. I won't give it away but just remember, from earlier press releases, that Jake is playing a helicopter pilot in the army. I think these are flashbacks, that's all i'll say.

Thanks for the photos.

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say thanks to Extra and Bobbyanna for the Jake pic links!

BS, Duncan Jones tweeted earlier today that Jake wrapped yesterday. If you click the link in the post, it takes you there. Duncan also tweeted that he's five days from finishing the film.

I also posted a link to a pic of Jake at the airport. So it looks like he's done.

brothers spy said...

Sorry UV, I just checked the last post as well - I haven't been here for a couple of days. Thanks for the updates.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Atticus!!! It's always good to see him and Jake. Yeah, it looks like Jake is done filming, this has been one of the shortest shoots for Jake in awhile.

I'll never tire of the Pop promo via Disney, this has been so great for Jake fans.

mary said...

per jake will take part in a tribute to jerry bruckheimer along with other stars from his other films which will be done may 17 to conincide with the pop priemier no mention when or if it will be show on tv which i imagine it will be at some time

Anonymous said...

Wow. Hawt. :)

Monica said...
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Monica said...

Jake at the airport:
Punk D

Anonymous said...

I know we're not supposed to talk about it. But why does People take Reese's side? 'Jake Who?' is so disrespectful to him. I don't get it.

brothers spy said...

This is all i'll say about this.

"People" is definitely getting its stories from Reese, beginning with the break up story coinciding with the Brothers premiere and now this with Jake finishing his film and about to start a promotion tour.

I'm sure even the Ojai hand-holding pic was staged because it was given a People cover as well. Let's not forget that Ojai was Reese and Jake's getaway originally.

This is now the third cover/story they've written at the behest of Reese. They also took down an earlier article that mentioned Jim Toth's party/player ways on their website (when they first started dating), probably because she asked them to.

On her birthday there were no less than FIVE separate stories about Reese on the People website. Make no mistake, People Magazine is on Team Reese.

I also think it's obvious now that Jake broke up with Reese and she's very bitter about it. Reese just needs to get over it. If she really does love the new guy Jake shouldn't matter. The fact that she's still acting like this, six months after they broke up, is proof IMO that maybe she's not as happy as she claims. Happy people don't do this, and stage all those photo-ops with those fake smiles.

We shouldn't dwell on it though because Jake has a lot going on right now and is totally better off without her.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the link, Monica. Jake looks good. interesting sweatshirt - I can't quite make out the symbol.

That shoot seemed to fly by. Wonder if it felt that way to Jake, too.

Anon, I know it's tempting to discuss all this. From what I've heard of the People story, it does sound insulting to Jake.

We have no idea how much Reese or her "people" are driving the coverage.

When you get into dissecting photos and saying she set them up, you accuse her of the same thing the haters always accused Reese and Jake of doing. It's an unwinnable game.

Also, as BS pointed out, there are much better things to be discussing about Jake these days. I get that people are angered or frustrated by the Reese stuff, but it's not worth dwelling on and it never leads anywhere good.

And the people who come in and post nasty tidbits are not here to discuss Jake but to spread venom. And this is not the place for that.

Anonymous said...

I think all that would be needed would be she once dated Jake and then go on with a story about her and her new guy, etc.
This constant put down of Jake as "immature" and she's with a grown-up now is so unfair to him.
I'm sure since she was free and Toth gave her a call it was nice to go out and then its almost like that - see I've got someone so quickly after you.
It seems to me with this "Jake who" stuff still going on he has been the mature one in this. First of all he has made no actual personal comments other than the GQ and her name wasn't mentioned.
If Jake was the one to break it off (looks like it) then i doubt if we will hear him say it.
They'll probably have to do something on him with Prince of Persia. Be interesting.
Also wasn't it in People where Natalie Portman made her wonderful comments about Jake.
I'd hate for this article to be the main thing some people pay attention to who don't know much about Jake.

Anonymous said...

Did want to say I don't feel like we're (the majority) bashing Reese in a hateful way. People break up all the time and if she finds someone else that's o.k. It's the Jake comments (tho not directly from her as in "Reese said") which are annoying.
(This didn't disappear on the "comment" page so forgive if this is a 2nd posting.)
Did want to mention when Maggie was on Jimmy Kimmel's show she mention Vera F. who was a friend of hers. Thought that was neat.

Anonymous said...

People magazine may have removed the Jim is a player story but Perez has the story and i think it came from In Touch:

She was spotted on her way to Nashville today, solo. That' where she usually goes when there is any prpblems I hear.

bobbyanna said...

The biggest movie Jake's ever made opens in less than a month. That's where I'm focussed.

I don't care what the tabloids say about Reese. When it first happened,I cared. Not anymore. It's over. That horse is dead.

So what if a "friend" is quoted trashing Jake. It's so obvious, it's laughable that anyone would describe him as the immature, needy half of that former couple.

I'm really sick of this "Anonymous" tool, constantly posting about Reese's love life.

I don't need reports on the latest gossip according to People, Us,perezhilton, etc. about her. If I want to, I can go read it myself.

Prediction: She breaks up with this guy, and the stories are about how she misses Jake, or the kids miss Jake, or speculation that Ryan ahd Reese'll get back together. There. I've saved you time. Reese is irrelevant.

Anonymous Alice said...

Bobbyanna I think there is more than one person using "anonymous" to post about Reese. I have a feeling that many of the regulars here are writing this and just not using their real names. These feelings against Reese run deep and wide.

If I may add my two cents, if Reese did go to Nashville alone then there is definitely trouble between her and Jim. Remember InTouch interviewed Jim's ex-girlfriend two months ago. If she's the one saying that he's calling/texting he probably is. She probably showed them the texts. This is what happened tp Sandra Bullock. Also remember that Ryan was in NYC for more than a week, she had the kids last weekend. This weekend is his weekend. She's alone. Again, if she went to Nashville alone, there's trouble.

bobbyanna said...

There's not a single new thing about Jake in these magazine "reports." It's all recycled, bcz there IS nothing new to say about Jake.

"Alice", you just posted 11 lines about someone going to Nashville. (who was seen less than two hours ago in her car in L.A.)
How is that relevant to Jake's PoP opening? No way this silly, recycled article in People magazine will derail Jake's publicity roll out. This isn't "Brothers." This is Disney.

suvee said...

IHJ has new pics of Jake leaving a (surprise!) medical bldg. in LA today. (I'm convinced he's a teeny bit of a hypochondriac.... and I say that with the greatest affection.)

He looks good (not a surprise), but I'm ready for him to ditch the military hair cut, SC is done. A little longer please, Jake. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry bobbyanna I just checked twitter and there were no sightings of Reese in her car in LA this afternoon or evening. Where did you get that sighting from?

Chica said...

I could give a rats ass about what's being reported in People and other rags about Reese, like you said Bobbyanna, that horse is dead.

Jake at the Doctor's office , what a surprise! He does look a bit thin in those pics.

I always enjoy seeing pics of Jake and Atti!

I want to focus on Jake, just Jake. Reese is no longer a part of his life anymore.

Anonymous said...

ChrisDollyrot: Just let Reese Witherspoon merge onto the street in front of me to get away from paparazzi. she has a nice black GLK!!
about 3 hours ago from txt

Anonymous said...

Just because she's in LA doesn't mean that Toth isn't a cad. She's just not in Nashville.

UltraViolet said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaawn. And here is why I shut down the Reese talk. We don't care where she is or if her new dude is a loser. We certainly don't keep track of whose week it is to have custody.

Anonymous Alice, how are the pot and kettle doing? Most regulars do NOT post stuff about Reese anonymously. It's easy to recognize the one(s) doing it.

The obsessive cataloguing of which parent has the kids on which days is creepy and completely unnecessary. Please stop it, whatever name you post under.

And stop lecturing Bobbyanna and the rest of us about who's posting what and how deep people's feelings run. Anyone who is a regular poster can speak for him or herself.

Suvee, thanks for the heads-up on the new pics. Someone tweeted that they saw Jake on Beverly and I wasn't sure if they meant in the flesh or in a poster/billboard.

I want to focus on Jake, just Jake.

Amen, chica. As Bobbyanna said, Jake's biggest movie is about to open. It's not like we don't have anything to talk about!

UltraViolet said...

Also, I tried to delete Bobbyanna's double post and might have accidentally deleted someone else's, though I looked and didn't see anything else. So apologies if someone posted and doesn't see it here.

bobbyanna said...

"I'm ready for him to ditch the military hair cut, SC is done. A little longer please, Jake. :)"

What she said!:)

Carla said...

I am one of those people who are not interested in Reese whereabouts. There is so much to talk about Jake and his projects and thats why I am coming here.

Just one thought (sorry UV & FL - my only comment on this!) - perhaps Reese should start to making headlines with good new movies instead her "love life" - it would not only make her look classier but also make her a good role model for her little daughter again.

So Jake is back home again? Perhaps he will be able to get some free time before the PoP madness begins.

He does look amused and not annoyed by the paps in LA, hopefully he will enjoy his days until he is heading to Europe.

No news on a German premiere so far....:-((

Carla said...

I forgot to add - he looks incredibly sexy in those last "Source Code" pictures.....!!

Extra said...

Yes, please let's focus on Jake, he has a big month coming up with Prince of Persia. I hope he does get some down time before promtion, he will be really busy not only here but overseas as well.

SC was a quick shoot, Jake hair grows really quick so the SC haircut will soon be gone!

He does look a bit bemused at the paps here, and he is using the front door this time!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's hurt his foot again whilst working on SC, and that's why he went to a doctor?
Saw pictures of Maggie and Ramona, at the airport, leaving New York.

mary said...

yea i noticed hes using the front door too and hes does seem amused to see all the paps out there and yes lets just concentrste on jake

Anonymous said...

Maybe at the end of a film Jake gets a check-up or as we know there always has to be one before you start a movie.
Before long maybe we might be hearing what he will be doing next.
Movie-wise that is because we Know he's going to have a very busy May.
Oh and Rachel.

Tweety said...

I have no interst in Reese's exploits, and yes Carla she should start making good movies again,she is a good actress. She is wasting her talent with the other BS.

Jake is back home and at one of his favorite haunts, the Doctor's office, LOL!!!

Love the SC and Atticus pics, thanks!

This tweet is actually from yesterday:

Cameronadamsxxx: Adam levine gwyneth paltrow and Jake gyllenhal are all at osteria mozza and Eric is blabbing away with them while I eat a stuffed rabbit lol
about 11 hours ago from Echofon

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this was to do with LAOD,

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway eating breakfast next to me @blujamcafe about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

Anonymous said...

Don't mean to spam but this tweet made me smile.

Ohmy just spotted the prince of persia talking to the white queen outside of blu jam cafe. Disney showdown on melrose. Go jake g! 8 minutes ago via UberTwitter

Anonymous said...

Don't mean to spam but this tweet made me smile.

I've had a soft spot for Jake and Anne since BBM. Didn't Ang Lee say, they were like milk and water? :)

Tweety said...

Thanks Anon.! I love Annie too, can't wait for LAOD !

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

I agree UV!!!
Oh! Yes! we speak of Jake and of ... Peter...

Monica said...

Didn't Ang Lee say, they were like milk and water?

Ang Lee was referring to Jack and Lureen.

Good to know that they are friends.

verdeblusm said...

Hello!Love Jake & Atticus<3 !!!!
...nothing against Reese but (for me)is really not interesting to hear news about her life in this place...especially from anon posts. I find it a bit disturbing.

Carla said...

The PoP premiere will be included in an event to celebrate Bruckheimer:

Disney Gala May, 17

As much as I respect J.B. and think he really deserves to be celebrated, I am fearing that this will be all about J.B. but not PoP.

There will be many stars and films be showing and they will take away attention from Jake and everyone who worked so hard for PoP. This evening should be theirs.

I am a bit disappointed.

Sheba baby said...

Wow, that was a quick shoot, sounds like Jake is finished but Duncan still has a few more scenes to film with the rest of the cast.

I love that he took Atticus to Montreal with him.

Jake does look way too thin in the pics of him at the Doctor's office, maybe it's the angle of the photos.

Great to hear he is hanging out with friends, it's going to be a whirlwind for him real soon !

When I read about the tribute to JB at the Pop premiere Carla, I thought the same thing.

Wasn't it just suppose to be the premiere?Did they just add on the tribute ? Why can't they just schedule his tribute seperately? Sigh.

bobbyanna said...

You're right. How odd! The PoP premiere's the main event. It's a special AFI fundraising benefit. Lots of stars, very glitzy. Unless the AFI thing's supposed to be part of a benefit tribute to JB, too? I shouldn't be so petty, but it's Jake's time to shine, not JB's.

Having old JB movies at various theaters,I don't think the media's going to cover Bruce Willis, or Tom Skerrit showing Top Gun, instead of Jake and PoP.

If anything, PoP is going to over shadow the other stuff.
Disney won't let anything overshadow the PoP opening.

Chica said...

Prince of Persia will be the main event, but the night will be a bit crowded. I forgot that Jerry was responsible for BH Cop.

Remember when Eddie Murphy was funny?

Anonymous said...

Wall Street Journal had comments about the movies out this summer.
About the only thing said about POP was it wasn't in 3D. But I don't think that's a big deal to most movie-goers. The prices for 3D movies are 2-3 dollars more than the regular movies.
I'm trying to rem., but don't think they said that about Iron Man 2 which is also not in 3D.
Of course it's a 2nd in a "series" so people are looking forward to it.

UltraViolet said...

I find the emphasis on Bruckheimer irritating, as well. I hope there's a NY premiere first or something so that it's not all about Jerry.

I know there will be a London premiere, as well. I was hoping for a whole European tour, but that doesn't seem to be happening yet.

Loved the tweet about the White Queen and the Prince of Persia. Hee.

New post.