Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welcome to Morocco

Update: A new behind-the-scenes featurette for Prince of Persia and a new WonderCon interview from Latino Review:

After all the current interviews from Wondercon, we step back for a visit to the Prince of Persia set in Morocco. Some kids from a Disney program called Movie Surfers got to pay a visit and speak to stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton, as well as director Jerry Bruckheimer.

It's a short, fun look at the making of the movie.

One more Wondercon pic, where it looks like Jake is hypnotized by Mike Newell:

And a new WonderCon short interview:

I liked this assessment of Jake from a San Francisco filmmaker:

Q: Which filmmakers and actors seem to “get” WonderCon?

I thought that Pixar did it right, where they got the audience and cast involved in an actual demonstration. It was fun and really changed up the pace. I also thought Jake Gyllenhaal was a total pro. He was able to be completely serious about presenting Prince of Persia, while also indulging his fans, having a great sense of humor, and just putting everyone at ease with his undeniable charm.

Be sure to check the past few posts and replies for lots of links to videos, pictures and articles. And definitely check out this UGO interview, if you missed it from the last post. Jake and the interviewer banter about Top Gun, New York Jews and parkour. And we finally get some info on Nailed, though it's not good news.


sheba said...

Thanks for all the updates, keep them coming. Good Gosh, these interviews are fabulous, effortless Jake. I like the descriptions of 'professional', 'funny', 'put you at your ease'. That's Jake to me.

What does he mean by 'it seems like I keep having this conversation over and over again'?

I loved the young Disney kids promo as we get to see new/extended scenes and that's the market to aim at. If the kids go, they'll bring their moms, dads, groups etc. They will also be the best source of advertising as their enthusiasm will be contagious. Us fans will go regardless.

I cannot wait to see that one shot (the 360 degree shot just before he jumps off with a rope attached) on the big screen. I'm gonna have to contain myself at the cinema... somehow....

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

What a fun clip, i'm looking forward to Pop more and more now, thanks for all the greeat updates!

What a difference from promo for Brothers which was non-existant. he really is enjoying himself.

What a a fuuny interview with , the whole NY Jew and the Top Gun stuff is too funny!

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...


2010 MTV Movie Awards Live Sunday, June 6th at 9PM ET

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Cathy E said...

OMG, you guys killed me with this post. I think this clip is my favorite ever - the film's energy and beauty really come through, and Gemma and Jake look so cute together. Gemma looks so perfect in the role, and Jake, it just can't be said enough how great he looks in it, I love the accent. My inner child is also going to love it. All the promotion has been so enjoyable too. It's going to be a classic Disney movie, great for families, but something for everyone too. I hope I can wait until May. :)

sheba said...

LMAO at that picture of hypnotized Jake.

Scenario 1: (Mike Newell) Now I have you under my directoral power, you will never leave my side and star in every picture I do for the next 20 years.

Scenario 2: (Jake) I wonder if that's a hair piece......

Scenario 3: That reminds me, must clip my nose hairs.

Scenario 4: Did I put the trash out?...

Sorry, they're getting silly now :DDD

UltraViolet said...

Cathy, I love your enthusiasm! I'm feeling it, too. I really was a skeptic at first, and I know there will be naysayers. But this looks like a lot of fun and a lot of Jake. What could be better?

Thanks for the voting reminder, Leonor! I'd love to see Jake recognized by someone for his Brothers role, even if it is MTV.

OONP, you are so right. It's like night and day from Brothers promo to this. Of course we knew Brothers wouldn't be promoted heavily, but it was such an amateur effort. It's refreshing to see the pros have at it.

Sheba, I think we're all going to have to take time off to keep up with the PoP promotion! And I agree - this is the perfect description of Jake.

Are we, shall we say, more mature fans allowed to squee at the theater? We'll have to control ourselves somehow!

UltraViolet said...

Ha - sheba. I love the captions. I should have done some for the post! I think I like #2 the best.

We should have a caption post someday, because there are some very funny Jake photos out there!

Here's another great description of Jake from someone who attended WonderCon:

Jerry brought both of his movies to the show starting with Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. I have to completely change my opinion of Jake Gyllenhaal he was funny, energetic and really commanded the room.

Jake really did seem to win people over.

That writer also mentions that the Toy Story 3 people were an hour late, which is really annoying. I hadn't seen that anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we need Nick Cage to star in POP. Just looking at the comments on AICN for his time at Wondercon and his movie and tho of course there are always negative (those people live for that) the majority is we can't wait to see this movie and Nick is great, etc., etc.
Of course Nick didn't have (that i'm aware of) this female presence in the audience who were vocal in their reaction to Jake.
I rem. way back when Elvis was first getting started and sometimes guys would want to start a fight with him because their girlfriends liked him. Then there was a guy who started a "I hate Elvis" club.
I think for some of the fan-boys they have an automatic anti-reaction to Jake because he doesn't seem like "one of them". But he's in a movie that you'd think they'd be anxious to see.
As the one guy said who was at Wondercom his whole impression of him has changed, tho I'm not sure what that was. Apparently he has never read much about him or understood his passion for acting and his sense of humor.
Hope there are others who will give him a chance and change their "jealousy" or whatever it is and give him the respect he deserves.

UltraViolet said...

AICN is definitely not Jake-friendly, but I'd say the reaction elsewhere has been far more positive. There's a section of people that will never like Jake - the number of comments about how people can't look at him the same since BBM is astonishing. But you just can't worry about those people.

Posted another new interview with Jake - it seems like he did dozens of these mini-sessions on Saturday. And I want to see all of them!

Cathy E said...

...sometimes guys would want to start a fight with him because their girlfriends liked him.

This is what I thought during the DSF debacle (sorry to bring that up!) Glad to see Jake's bodyguard prominently in one of the videos.

I love how he described playing Dastan, incorporating his "outsider" American status into Dastan's being an outsider to his royal family. I love how actors think. He looks just gorgeous in those pics with Gemma.

Anonymous said...

Did everyone have the same reaction to Heath in BBM? They seemed to love The Joker..How many were saying they'd never see Heath the same way after BBM?
Jake was the one penalized for BBM for some people.
But - hey, being a serious actor who is interested in doing the best he can and to take varied roles. Some have deep meaning and some are done for fun tho always they have to be done first-class. They still don't have to be a fan of or like every movie but just have some understanding of it & why the actor takes the role. The actor doesn't live in a "narrow" world.

Tweety said...

Ok, i spit my coffee all over my keyboard when I saw this:

mollyology81: Ladies of CHI, if u get a tingling sensation later this week it's not a full moon or your monthlies. It's Jake Gyllenhaal. He'll be in town.
3 minutes ago from web

I don't think Jake will be in CHI for SC, it will be his double along with M. Monaghan's double.

I loved the Disney kids video, you get the sense of fun, danger and a bit of romance.
Disney really knows how to sell their product. They both really look great.

Thanks again for all your work UV in reporting the news from WonderCon!

That's a great description of what seems to be going on with some fanboys Anon. I hope they go see Pop and change their minds about Jake.

Of to vote for Jake for the MTV awards, thanks Leonor!

Cathy E said...

When I first heard about Heath playing The Joker, I was skeptical. I always saw The Joker in a certain way, a comic book character. But that was before Heath redefined and gave entirely new meaning to The Joker. Now I will forever see him as Heath's portrayal. The DVD said "Prepare to be Wowed" and I was. :)

I don't know why Jake seemed to be the one who was penalized for his role in BBM, Anon. Maybe society isn't as enlightened as we think. Because it's a role. Jake was fantastic in it, and beautiful. I'm forever grateful that he was brave enough to take the role. Maybe he was just too good as Jack Twist. But in time, he will be associated with other roles. Jack will always be in our hearts tho.

bobbyanna said...

You know, there're ALWAYS people out here who need to be negative and highlight the negatives. It's unavoidable.

There were people disappointed in Zodiac because they expected something different, and people who saw Rendition who disagreed with the perspective they thought was promoted, and people who thought Jarhead was a huge disappointment as a "war movie."

There were even people at WonderCon who still want to talk about Bubblyboy and Donnie Darko, as if Jake hasn't done a single thing worthwhile since then!

But what sticks out in my mind, is that WonderCon was a comparatively uncontrolled environment. JB and Jake sort of "stepped into the arena." And Jake was greeted with tumultous applause! They liked him. They really liked him! (Sorry Sally Fields!)

I don't begrudge Nicholas Cage his fans or his audience. But Comparatively speaking, twitter exploded for Jake, with probably 8 out of ten comments being favorable.

Yes there are negatives, but IMO, they're becoming so inconsequential they're hardly worth mentioning. I'm happy for him, and relieved and delighted that PoP is being so enthusiastically received.

Anonymous said...

All famous people get nasty things written about them, no matter who they are. We're more sensitive to things said about Jake because we're fans of his. If we were fans if Leonardo DiCaprio we'd be saying the same thing about him. If we were friends of Will Smith we'd be saying the same thing about him, etc.

UltraViolet said...

Obviously we care more about what's said about Jake, as this is a Jake blog. The fact that nasty things get written about other people doesn't make it less annoying when they are written about Jake, especially when they are inaccurate.

Speaking of inaccurate, how about that stupid People article that has been retweeted about a thousand times. They make it seem as if Jake says he got his muscles from doing parkour. We all now the extreme training regimen Jake did, and we know his arms didn't get built up from free running and jumping.

Do the people at People even know basic biology?

Bobbyanna, I agree. WonderCon was a trimph for Jake, and it's great. We don't need to dwell on the small percentage of negativity.

That is a funny tweet, Tweety. I feel bad for all these folks who think they're going to see Jake in Chicago this week.

He looks just gorgeous in those pics with Gemma.

I agree, Cathy! I love the way they look in the snippet where the cast/crew are getting their picture taken. It's sort of swoon-worthy.

Chica said...

I love tweets but one of the drawbacks is that inaccurate info gets tweeted ad nasuem, for example that People blurb you pointed out UV. With People, that's just being plain lazy.

I love That Disney video. I have several nieces and nephews that are the targeted audience for Pop and I know that a few of them are talking about it!

I remember all the negative comments on Heath's IMDB page wheh it was announced that he was going to play the Joker, some couldn't get past him and BBM.

I hope all the naysayers will have a different view of Jake after Pop.

He and Gemma do look good together don't they?

Anonymous said...

I guess that would be right - about people writing about how wrong it was to have Heath playing The Joker. (why didn't they get a Real clown...).
But seriously. That is true about so many roles that are cast before people even see them. Much complaining and then when the movies comes out the majority of the time everything is just fine.
I don't know tho if the people against it sort of go back into the woodwork or admit they are wrong or just still don't like the person.
And of course it's right too that every actor or anyone who is in the public eye will always have detrators and haters, etc.
And I don't begrudge anyone being a fan of anyone else.
I think its the misconception that is bothersome.
I have always liked Keanu and there is still this talk about how he must be stupid. (You know - he's really like Ted. Again, he played that part so well people thought it was him)(sweet character by the way).
But they never see comments by people who work with him who talk about how intelligent he is and how well read. He is admired by the people he works with.
So - again - we all have people we like and aren't such big fans of, but it would never dawn on me to go to a site and tear them apart.

UltraViolet said...

What does he mean by 'it seems like I keep having this conversation over and over again'?

Sheba, I realized I forgot to answer your question. I guess Jake must have been asked frequently about Damn Yankees. It could be that Jake's involvement or commitment to the project has been overstated or that Jake didn't realize that his attachment was well known.

UltraViolet said...

Keep forgetting to post these: a couple of Jake-with-fans pics:



Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what has pushed me over the edge about wanting to see Prince of Persia, not that I didn't always want to see it. That theme song - it gave me chills, goosebumps and the ending makes me teary. Extreme I know. I can't wait to see what it all means. Hooray! :)

Carla said...

We all saw some of the negative reactions after the first Pop pictures were released. I have to admit that I started to fear whether the film would be accepted by the gamers and fanboys. But the WonderCon was a huge success and many people have obviously changed their mind.

Until the release date we will get much more Jake goodness and I really hope this film will be presented and enjoyed as a family film. I never understood the comparisons with "Clash of the Titans" - IMO a complete different target group. (According to the critics and poor WOM COTT must be horrible.)

The "Ain´t it cool" report was interesting - I don´t always agree with H. Knowles and Quint but they are doing a fine job and are real movie geeks - they don´t deserve the idiotic comments of some users.

One cannot compare the role of The Joker with Prince Dastan but I will never forget the reactions of some people when Heath was announced as the Joker.....
The new video was wonderful and despite the bad wheather here I enjoyed the whole easter weekend with all the goodies.

And I just hope that PoPs box office will prove all naysayers wrong....

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the twitpics, UV. It has been so much fun keeping up with Jake and all the great, positive energy coming out of Wondercom!

He looked SO incredible, and happy, and was really working hard doing interviews, etc. Love seeing him out here enjoying himself.

I'm really looking forward to the coming weeks of PoP coverage. I wonder if E! or ET or Access had anything on the convention?

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

..."even if it is MTV".
J. in Brothers was stupendous! (I saw he 3 times and already I asked the DVD.)
... ... ...
... ... ...
"There's a section of people that will never like Jake –the number of comments about how people can't look at him the same since BBM is astonishing. But you just can't worry about those people".

I agree UV !!! Absolutely!

UltraViolet said...

I agree, Leonor. Jake was a standout in Brothers.

Bobbyanna, I think I saw something on Extra, but it was just a quick shot of Jake at WonderCon. Nothing memorable.

Suvee, look away! I just updated the post with another behind-the-scenes featurette. I haven't even watched it myself yet, so I don't know how spoilery it is. But I noticed a few new shots in there when it was uploading.

UltraViolet said...

And updated again with a video interview, by Latino Review's El Guapo, who loves Jake and who was the one to break the story that Jake would be the Prince, way back when.

Another nice comment about WonderCon Jake from MSNBC:

Gyllenhaal, though, charmed the entire crowd with easy affability and no small note of humility. Looking out at the crowd, Gyllenhaal laughed: "An ocean of people." Gyllenhaal also noted how he created this character "from the outside first; I'm a pretty physical person. I'm athletic. So I started training pretty early for the part, knowing that if I made a movie like this I wanted to do a lot of the stunts myself. ... If I was going to run on walls, I wanted to run on walls ... and not get hurt."

Cathy E said...

Wheeee! I love these two new vids, especially the action of the first one. I really don't think Prince of Persia is going to need 3-D. :)

bobbyanna,... gushing again. said...

Excellent clip, UV. It's obvious this is a different movie from the average summer fare. First, it tells a story, with an excellent cast, a first rate director, great production values, and wonderful FX. Nothing's second class.

And this entire massive production is anchored by Jake. No robots that turn into cars, no Cracken, just Jake, in two dimensions. :) All his hard work, the meticulous attention to details, it's just amazing! It's obvious in every clip, every scene. He poured his guts into this project and the results are just stunning.

UltraViolet said...

Ditto to both of you, Cathy and Bobbyanna :) Jake really did work hard for this, and I think all of their efforts are going to pay off. Well, I hope they will!

Another brief little interview snippet, at about the 1:40 mark, I think.

And another PoP panel write-up

During the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time press conference at WonderCon this weekend, it was evident that all major players delighted in each other’s company and thoroughly enjoyed bringing the swashbuckling action adventure to life (especially Jake Gyllenhaal, who appears to have developed a fondness for stuntwork). During the course of the interviews, Jerry Bruckheimer (Producer), Mike Newell (Director), Jordan Mechner (Writer / Creator, POP Franchise) and Jake Gyllenhaal (Prince Dastan) all talked about the challenges and joys of bringing the popular gaming franchise to the big screen, and whether or not Prince of Persia will become a franchise.

Sag Actor said...

All the clips from WonderCon have been fantastic, Prince Of Persia looks awesome!!

Thanks for posting all the updates!

sheba said...

Are they crazy, only 4 seconds of actual Jake on that clip, he looked amazing. He looks at her with such intensity and the light from his dyes were wonderful. Only 4 seconds? Hrmph.

Thanks UV for answering my question. I thought it was because the director of DY had not decided to be attached. Anyway, the truth will out. Such a shame about Jim and Jenny. I feel a Tina Turner/Al Green song coming on.

Extra said...

More goodies! I love the 2 new video clips. I remember when Latino Review/EL guapo broke the news that Jake was going to be the Prince of Persia, that was a quick but fun interview. I don't think he gave his review of Pop yet, we are waiting El Guapo!

I was thinking about Damn Yankees too when I heard that Jim and Tia split too Sheba. Shame, I liked them together but I think that it was interesting that skipped the usual announcement via resp and just tweeted about the break up themselves.

Monica said...

Thanks for all this informations about Wondercon, UV!The videos are wonderful!

I think Jake is interested in making DY, but he can't sign any contract without a script. He's right about that.

UltraViolet said...

Morning, everyone. And you're very welcome, Monica. And I agree, Jake wouldn't commit without seeing the script!

Sheba and Extra, I didn't even think of the Jake connection when I heard the Jim Carrey/Jenny McCarthy news.

Ands Carla - I missed your post yesterday. Are you back from holiday?

The SFX article is out, so I made a new post.

UltraViolet said...

Morning, everyone. And you're very welcome, Monica. And I agree, Jake wouldn't commit without seeing the script!

Sheba and Extra, I didn't even think of the Jake connection when I heard the Jim Carrey/Jenny McCarthy news.

Ands Carla - I missed your post yesterday. Are you back from holiday?

The SFX article is out, so I made a new post.