Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hottest Commodities

Our Wondercon coverage continues with photos of the two most sought-after items in San Francisco this weekend, all in one place: Jake Gyllenhaal and an iPad, at the Disney post-Wondercon cocktail party.

As one tweeter put it:

Hard to say what's the bigger attraction at this Disney party: Jake Gyllenhaal or the iPad.

A few flickr shots of Jake on the panel:

Hitflix interview with Jake, where he discusses PoP, LaOD and SC:

The Jake Gyllenhaal who appeared at Saturday's WonderCon in San Francisco was in a markedly better mood than the Oscar nominated actor this journalist met on the set of "Prince of Persia." Visiting the London production in December of 2008, Gyllenhaal was incredibly serious and almost dazed when sitting down to discuss the movie adaptation of the popular video game with HitFix. On this afternoon, however, Gyllenhaal was the smiling, self-deprecating, friendly and genuine actor the press and industry is used to working with (basically the polar opposite of his sister Maggie).

Finally, you won't ever lose your keys again if you get this amazing keychain!


UltraViolet said...

I didn't want to put these in the main post, as I wouldn't want this FBer to get in trouble. But he made two videos of the PoP panel.

The first is three minutes and has one JM question and one for Jake.

The second is 12 minutes long and is dominated by Jake questions.

My favorite exchange is after Jake says he'd go back in time to his birth and the moderator first says, "That's weird, dude," which cracks Jake up. And then he says, "I wish I could go back to before you gave that answer." Jake loves it, hee.

There's also a very jumpy youtube vid. Not great picture but the sound is better. It's only one question.

Finally, a photo of the dagger of time.

If you missed it, make sure to check out the last post for all the photos and tweets.

UltraViolet said...

A good wrap-up of the PoP panel. The author wasn't "blown away" by the clips but said they were decent.

But there's a good summary of what was said, plus some photos.

sheba said...

I don't care.. I'm gonna do it... squeeeeeeee.... there, I feel better now.

Thanks so much for all the coverage you guys gave for us and transported us to WonderCon. That's our Jake. He was so freaking adoreable. Those women made him blush but they're so brave to say that to him publicly. I'd loved it when she said: "You were cute and cuddly before now you're hhmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnn" LOL!

Thanks so much for these two fabulous videos UV - amazing.

sheba said...

Oh, and here's a video from the 1st press conference.

Carla said...

It is so wonderful that our Jake is getting these great comments and reactions from the Wondercon crowd.
I am trying to catch up with all the pictures, reports and videos.

He looks superhot and is so relaxed and charming. I am happy for him.

Good to see even non-Jake fans like Faraci make some positive comments.

Paula said...

I have a lot to catch up on I see, thanks everyone for doing such a bang up job keeping up with all the news from WonderCon!

I'm thrilled with the reaction for Pop, and it's no surprise that he charmed everyone! He looks great and so happy in these pics.

He is really excited about SC and LAOD, he is going to have a great year and so are we!

Have a great Easter everyone that celebrate.

Cathy E said...

Just amazing - I'm so glad Wondercom was such a huge success! He looks incredible too. :)

Thanks for all the great coverage, and Happy Easter to those who celebrate! :)

I'm gonna have to savor every word and pic later.

Get Real said...

Wow, wow, wow, the updates keep just getting better and better!!! I am squeeing at the videos, tweets, etc, etc. :D :D :D Jake with the iPad, omg I want one of both!! :p

Happy Easter!! Hope everyone who celebrates has a lovely day!

bobbyanna said...

A very Happy Easter to all those who celebrate!!!

UV & FL you've outdone yourselves!!! Which is pretty hard to do! Kudos!!! This is the BEST BLOG EVER! PERIOD. What a wonderful surprise to wake up to!

((((UV & FL)))))

I wish I had a bigger vocabulary. So I'll just say, Damn! Jake is adorable! And Jordan? I think it's safe to say that he's officially "crossed over" and is an unapologetic Gyllenhaalic. LOL!!!

I'm always impressed with Jake's poise. He's wonderful with a live audience, and with doing press. He makes it all look so easy. And yes, he's flirty, but you could say that anytime he makes eye contact.

Josie said...

He was a hit at Wondercon, yes!! I'm busy getting ready for family and Easter dinner but I had to take a break to stop by my favorite Jake blog! Thanks so much for all the tweets, and videos updates, I feel like I was in SF at the Con ( I wish!).

He looks amazing and sounds so excited not only about Prince of Persia but his upcoming movies: SC and LAOD as well!

I'm off to finish cooking but I will be back later!

I hope that everyone that celebrates Easter has a great day!

Anonymous said...

OT: Happy Birthday to Heath, who would have been 31 today.

mary said...

HAPPY EASTER to all those who celebrate off to my brothers place for easter see yyea when i get home have a good day

Sag actor said...

Pop went over very will with the Con crowd, thanks for the coverage !

Have a great Easter!

Chica said...

Thanks so much for all the video clips (especially the FB videos!), and photos from Wondercon!

Sounds like the presentation was a success, what great news! I wish I was there, I haven't been to a fan convention in ages, they are so much fun.

I think it's safe to say that a lot of gamers at that convention became Jake fans based on the tweets!

He so excited about SC and LAOD too which is great.

I want an I Pad!

Happy birthday (((Heath)))

Have a Happy Easter everyone.

bobbyanna said...

OK. I've just done a comparative, "scientific" survey of Twitter to see if alll this excitement was generated because it's WonderCon, or is it Jake.

It's Jake.

Did I say how adorable he is?

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for all the thanks, folks. It's fun to have something big to cover again. Prep for the PoP deluge, I guess.

Sheba, thanks for that HeyUGuys link - haven't gotten to watch the whole thing yet, but I'm glad to see someone captured the press conference.

I haven't seen too many fan pics, but this is a very nice one.

Hope everyone enjoys the day :)

UltraViolet said...

Here's a short video of Jake talking about doing research by playing video games.

Carla said...

Happy Easter to everyone who is celebrating!

And Happy Birthday to Heath - wherever you may be..!

Anonymous said...

Hope Duncan hears about Jake mentioning him and MOON and of course SC.

suvee said...

All this Jake goodness is almost overwhelming, but you won't hear me complain!

A huge thanks to UV, FL for doing their usual bang up job here...... GB is the best Jake blog, no contest!

Sheba, thanks for the HeyUGuys link. Loved every minute of that clip. I always wonder if he ever gets used to the effect he has on people (e.g. "you're pretty!"). He seems to handle the craziness so well, with aplomb and charm.

Happy Easter to all who celebrate!

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Great work! Wonderful! Thanks!

Henry said...

You can buy the Dastan keychain along with Tamina and Nizam at!

Just got mine! >_<

Amazing job here! thanks so much!


Cathy E said...

I definitely have to have a keychain! :)

Shondra said...

Jake looked so good at WonderCon, I especially love the way he looked in his jeans:)

Love the Dastan keychain!

When it rains it pours and I love the downpour! Love that he and Pop got such a fantastic reception yesterday. He poured on the charm I see and won over the masses!!

I have to catch up on the videos and all the other links , thanks so much to UV, FL and everyone else for the updates, it's been a fun ride so far, can you imagine when Pop opens in May???

Happy b-day Heath, miss you.

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I hope everyone here that observes Easter had a great day. This is one holiday where there is no "tension" amongst my family members!

Still catching up with all the Jake goodies, i'm surprised that he wasn't trending on twitter with all the tweets!!

I am so jazzed that he was such a hit (no surprise) and that the attendees seem to like the Pop clips.

He looked so good yesterday, he really does well with the media, so confident and funny. It has to be a dream to interview him.

Let me join the chorus : thanks for making this blog the best place for Jake news , I love visiting here!

I think i'm going to go back and watch the videos again!

I don't know if Jake is still in California, but an earthquake hit S. Ca today, 7.2 in some places. San Diego got some major aftershocks, SF was safe I think. Mary, I think you live in SD, be safe.

Wow, it's Heath's birthday today, I still can't believe he's gone.

Monica said...

Wow, thanks for all videos, photos, informations about Jake and POP at WonderCon.
At first, I was a little apprehensive about the involvement of POP in WonderCon, but I see that everything went wonderfully well. And all thanks to the irresistible charm of Jake.
I think there are more gyllenhaalics in the world than I thought.

Happy easter to everyone!

Happy Birthday, my angel Heath!

Tweety said...

Just got home from celebrating Easter with my family, I hope that everyone had a great day!

Jake and Pop was a smashing success, love all the videos and photos from WonderCon. I think he was just a we nervous at first but he eased right in and was his charming self.

So great to hear him sing the praises for SC and LOAD!

All peeps in Southern CA, take care of yourselves. Jake is back in Canada according to this tweet:

char_hamburg: i was just standing next to jake gyllenhaal at the airport and passed by him 4 times and hes so much more fucking sexy in person. i melted.
24 minutes ago from web

Happy birthday ((((Heath))))

Monica said...

thanks, tweety!

Today, I am a little tired. I do not know if I made any mistake in writing.

Anonymous said...

Duncan seems to know what Jake said about Source Code, he mentioned it on his ManMadeMovies facebook page.

UltraViolet said...

I didn't see any mistakes, Monica. Of course, I could be a little dopey from too much Easter candy :)

Thanks for the info, Tweety. Hope Jake can return to work smoothly after the big weekend. I wonder if it's hard for him, going from working on one movie to making another. I know he's done it before, but the Disney/PoP machine is a whole new dimension.

Henry, you got a keychain! Be sure to tell us what it's like when it arrives.

Thanks again to all of you for the nice words on the blog. It's great to see everyone commenting and having fun. So thank you to all of you, too, for making this place the best.

Speaking of which... Happy Birthday to Heath. This must have been a bittersweet Easter for his family.

Cathy E said...

Thinking of ((((Heath)))) on his birthday today as well.

Getting even more excited about seeing Prince of Persia now, thanks again for all the great info! I have to have one of those keychains. :)

Hope everyone had a great day,

mary said...

nancy i live in moreno valley which is 89 miles from san diego i was at my brothers house in orange county but we sure felt it there my 11 year old nephew said that was fun can we do that again, but my son who is in the navy lives in san diego but happens to be in florida now so he missed it thank goodness but said all his friends texted him about it thanks for asking yea i wonder if jake was still around for it

UltraViolet said...

Hi Cathy. I want one, too!

Mary, I'm glad you and your loved ones are safe. I think Jake might have flown back from LA to Montreal, so he might have been there for it.

New ads, new post :)