Sunday, April 25, 2010

Surfers up

Updated to include a new picture from Russian GQ:

Japanese poster for PoP:

Stephanie posted a second Prince of Persia featurette from the Disney surfers. Jake Gyllenhaal talks about preparing for the role of Dastan and his love story with Tamina.

Nice still :)

It's hard to remember, but I think there are a couple of new snippets in this one.

Enjoy your Sunday!

(Stills and video courtesy of IHJ.)


Josie said...

Jake and Gemma really look good together , nice chemistry. Thanks so much for the link!

From the previous thread: I wish the L.A. premiere was about Pop only, the tribute could have been done seperately.

It's been 2 years since Jake had a movie out and with Brothers dissapointing promo I was looking forward to Pop. I still am but stuff like the Bruckheimer tribute being attached to the Pop premiere is irritating.

Warms my heart to see the Jake and Atti pics!!

FluorescentLamp said...

Hmm...that video comes up as "Private". What up?

Anonymous said...

X17 have the video of Jake at the medical building on Friday. It's short and you can't see much.

Josie said...

You have to sign up to view it FL. I did it via my google account.

Tweety said...

I can't access the video either!

Isn't Busy Matilda's Godmother? Jake has been catching up with his freinds this weekend!

HectorRochas: I just ran into Jake Gyllenhal and Busy Phillips at Hollywood Farmers Market.
about 2 hours ago from

JF said...

Jake looks so good as Dastan. Sigh.

Isn't Busy Matilda's Godmother?

Yes, she is. Jake is obviously catching up with friends.
I loved the Prince of Persia with the White Queen tweet as well. ;)

Anonymous said...

Reese has purchased a German Sheppard similar to Atticus it appears. She and Jim Toth were photographed walking it in LA today.

Anonymous said...

I saw that dog (The pics from yesterday) and he does look like Atticus except his face is black). I thought the dog was Toth's even though she was walking him becasue he picked the dog up and put him in the car.

He reminds me of Jake (same height, built, etc) Looks like she tried to get a "clone", LOL!

Methinks she isn't over Jake and turned to the nearest guy for "comfort".

Yes Busy is Matilda's Godmother.

He does look so good as Dastan doesn't he?

Get Real said...

ore PoP goodies...nice.

Jake and Gemma seem to have really nice chemistry. and LOL at him and the ostriches!

I think he looks good at the airport and onset SC. Even though I am not a fan of Crocs, as are most here, they are supposed to be comfortable and since they are not a bright color, like the Mario Batali orange, I will give him a pass. Just as long as he doesn't wear them all the time. :p

Really great to read tweets that he is out with friends. I like those folks too, especially Anne.

UV and FL, I hope you don't mind if I say this but, Anons, can you stop posting about Reese here. She and Jake are not together and I think the Jake bashing in regards to their break up in People is disgusting. Enough is enough, imo.

Get Real said...

Meant to write, "More PoP goodies"

Bronx Beat said...

Yes, we don't really need to know everything Reese does now, do we, now that she's not with Jake. (he's adorable, btw.) They're ovah. Ovah. We want to concentrate on Pop!

Monica said...

I went to the cinema to see Alice and I saw the trailer of POP. So nice to see Jake on the big screen again!

Alice is a film any note. Johnny and Helena are great as always. What most surprised me was Anne Hathaway. I do not know, but I think she hit her head and forgot how to act.

Shondra said...

I'm having a problem viewing the video as well. I love the stills, thanks for posting them UV!

Glad you got to see the Pop trailer on the big screen Monica, I haven't had a chance to see Alice yet.

Thanks for all the tweets of Jake in L.A. , glad that he is catching up with friends, especially Annie:))

I think the place to post Reese news is on a Reese blog.

Get Real said...

Try this version of the video it should work! :)

suvee said...

Thanks, Get Real, for the link..... it worked fine.

I absolutely loved the "Nice knife." "It's nothing." scene.

I have one last comment about the GQ interview. I had no idea that Jake's attraction to blonde women was born at such a young age! I would love to know what Martha Plimpton thinks about 5 year old Jake crushing on her. :)

UltraViolet said...

Sorry for the confusion! I replaced the vide with the viewable one now. Thanks, Josie, for the help and for the link, get real. And thanks, Stephanie!

Loved the "Nice knife" scene, too, suvee!

Glad you got to see the PoP preview on the big screen, Monica. I haven't seen it yet, but I want to.

From what I've read, Anne was doing something very specific for the White Queen. Sounds like it didn't work for you, lol.

And what a surprise, a bunch of anons posting about Reese. Yaaaaaaaaaaaawn.

I bet/hope Martha P gets a kick hearing about Jake's early crush :)

UltraViolet said...

Updated the post with the Japanese poster for PoP. It's a different look for Jake - I like it.

UltraViolet said...

Triple posting - updated the post again with another shot from Russian GQ/that InStyle shoot.

Also found this link on Gemma Arterton's site - it's a Swiss magazine article on PoP.

Finally, this is a cute old story about "2003 Stars," with a pic of Jake getting his Evening Standard award.

Chica said...

Another day and another Pop video!! He is looking good and he and Gemma do have great chemistry.

He looks gorgeous in that Russian GQ pic amd the Japanese Pop poster is so cool! I hope there are premieres in other countries, that would be great.

Happy to hear that he is catching up with his pals!

I remember a lot of guys having a crush on Martha in the 80's. I think it was a combination of her starring in those Calvin Klein commercials and being in the Goonies!

Anonymous said...

If there is anyone from the UK, there is a competition to win
tickets for a preview screening of PoP

or from the US, win tickets for London world premier of PoP

bobbyanna said...

This Russian GQ magazine pic is OK, but I'm loving the Japanese poster!

I just entered the contest. Thanks for the link! Like I ever win anything. Hah!

Anonymous said...

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time to World Premiere in Six Countries

On Sunday, 9 May Disney will create a global first for the World Premiere of PRINCE OF PERSIA: SANDS OF TIME by crossing five time zones to host multiple premiere events around the world in keeping with the time twisting themes of the film. The global event will start in Australia before moving to Asia and then onto Europe and Central America with the stars of the film satellite linked in to every event live from London.

At least this part is something for Carla,

Audiences in Australia and Asia will experience the movie first, with the cast and filmmakers beamed in to introduce the film. At 6.00pm GMT countries including Mexico, Germany and Italy will all connect to London to simultaneously experience a spectacular live entertainment show including a stunning free-running display. The world premiere and red carpet extravaganza will also be simulcast to twenty cinemas across Britain, for what will be one of the biggest movie events the UK has ever known!

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh boy.

Pulling out all the stops.

bobbyanna said...

This is absolutely amazing! I'm just..O.M.G. This is just the coolest thing! Yaaay, Jake!!!!

This is just huge!

mary said...

yes its going to be huge cant wait for all the pictures wish we could see it live

UltraViolet said...

It is huge, but I'm still irritated that all of this is happening in Europe while the US premiere is all about Jerry.

On a lighter note, have you all seen the new preview? ;)

Jen said...

COOL! You know the competition the answer British or English?!?!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Wow, that sounds amazing!!

Yeah, it would be great if the US premiere would just be about Pop and not include Jerry's greatest hits UV.

Still May 9th is going to be an exciting day! I'm jealous of all the peeps overseas!

I wonder if Jake has nightmares about ostriches now, LOL! Great video and the Lego Pop trailer is so clever and cute!

Carla said...

Thanks for the link, anon 10.44!

Perhaps the event will be shown in one of my cinemas here - I will check it.

Yes, this is indeed huge.

UV - from what I have read in some of the movie blogs/sites it looks like Disney is expecting this doing bigger worldwide than in the US market. Some people even think that Shrek (2. weekend) and "Sex and the City" will be doing better during the Memorial Weekend. I do not know whether this is true but it could explain the huge PR outside the US market.

I like the new preview...:-)

sheba said...

Jen said...
COOL! You know the competition the answer British or English?!?!

What's the question then I can tell you the answer.

Jen said...

Sheba: What nationality is Mike Newell :P I dont want to put the wrong thing

Get Real said...

Wow, the UK/Europe is sure getting a big premiere!

I agree though UV that I wish the US premiere were given the same thing.

LOL at the Lego commercial!

UltraViolet said...

I love the LEGO ad. Hee.

Carla, I have also heard that they are expecting PoP to perform better overseas. But I don't think they help themselves any by not making PoP its own story. Getting lost amid Johnny Depp and Nicolas Cage and all the other Bruckheimer stars isn't going to help.

Jen, Mike Newell was born in England.

If anyone wants to vote, apparently Jake is losing to Hugh Jackman in the PopSugar voting.

sheba said...

Hi Jen, to cover your bases you should answer British. I don't if he was born in England as he could have been born in Wales. Hope this helps - good luck :)

bobbyanna...trying to stay positive:) said...

Yes it may do better overseas,but I think PoP will do well in the U.S. too. A huge simulcast in London, means only one European premiere. I'm surprised they're not even going to Japan.

Disney's still having two events with the principal actors in the U.S. One in NYC,another in L.A. So PoP's getting promoted here,it just has different tie-ins.

It's hard for me to imagine anything "overshadowing" Jake. We're about two weeks out. I think the media tide will carry this thing with Jake,the "centerpiece."

I just look at the AFI fundraiser as a way for them to "piggyback" on the successful marketing of PoP.
There usually are tie-ins for huge Disney openings.

UltraViolet said...

Just to be clear, Newell was born in England according to both IMDb and Wikipedia. I would have said Wales if it were Wales.

Being of Irish ancestry, I'm very particular about naming the actual country. :)

Bobbyanna, I'm just disappointed because I imagined Jake appearing at premieres all over the world. But I know we're still going to get an overdose of photos. And fun, hopefully.

bobbyanna said...

I know.

There's really no substitute for having him actually there. But apparently, it seems there will be no Paris, Berlin, Madrid, etc.

I was particularly looking forward to him being on live TV in Japan. Some of their talk shows are unbelieveably hilarious. Truly.

Maybe they'll "re-hype" it for the DVD, and he can travel then.

UltraViolet said...

Not that this is a revelation, but you're a naturally more positive person than I am, Bobbyanna :)

From twitter:

Just went to Nozawa the sushi Nazi. Asked for veggie sushi. They said no. They really are Nazis! So we left. But Jake Gyllenhal was there.

Spent the last hour and a half staring at the back of Jake Gyllenhaal's head at Craft. Delicious!

So did Jake get kicked out, too or was he just really hungry? Or, you know, not at one or either place? :)

Interesting piece by the original writer of the Namath bio. Points out how rumors are eventually presented as fact on the web. And like Damn Yankees, Jake's involvement certainly is not certain.

suvee said...

Here's another version of Jake's breakfast at bluejam. No mention of Annie H., so I'm assuming they just ran into each other, rather than being there together.

Anonymous said...

I found the People sightings strange, no mention of Gwyneth P, but the tweeter said that their friend was chatting to them, also their were multiple tweets of Anne & Jake for over 2hrs.

Extra said...

I was looking forward to Jake going to Japan, France, etc too but the satellite premiere is exciting!

I don't think Jake will be overshadowed either Bobbyanna, this is going to be huge, not only overseas but here as well. Bruckheimer is getting on my nerves though, I'll just try and block him out if that's possible.

Thatprofile shot of Jake from the Russian GQ is stunning! Thanks for the latest Pop videos, love the Lego trailer!

Anne and Goopy seem to have dissapeared from the People sightings!

It's possible that they ran into Jake after as you pointed out Suvee.

Sushi Nazi, LOL!!

Extra said...

I just read that link you posted about the Namath project UV, thanks.

So the Namath Bio doesn't have a studio yet and Jake isn't officially aboard yet. The writer makes a lot of good points of how easy it is to spread false information on the net. It's just too easy to repeat and people are just too lazy to dig up the correct information.

bobbyanna said...

" Anne and Goopy..."

LOL! Extra! It took me a minute to realize who you were referring too! :)

Good catch on the Namath project, UV. Amazing isn't it, how many little pieces, (and not so little) have to fall into place before we see a movie.

sheba said...

UltraViolet said...
Just to be clear, Newell was born in England according to both IMDb and Wikipedia. I would have said Wales if it were Wales.

Being of Irish ancestry, I'm very particular about naming the actual country. :)

I posted my response before I read yours UV so it wasn't in relation to what you had said.

I am also English but British is my nationality (that's what's on my passport). I suppose it's the same as someone from Hawaii being Hawaiian but their nationality is American, (is it? Not sure).

Anonymous said...

This is a random post i found with Jakes name in on facebook. It was posted 9 hourse ago and the guy is from LA. How strange..Jake is obviously not filming (i think) so i wonder why he thought this.

"Constantine del Rosario: It finally happened. I'm now a jaded Angeleno. Jake Gyllenhaal is filming a movie next to my work and all I can think is the film crew are taking up the good parking."

bobbyanna said...

Hmmm. I read that AFI is giving Mike Nichols the annual Lifetime Achievement Award on June 10th, and there's a huge gala planned. So maybe there were some politics involved with the whole "celebrating JB" and his films thing.

FluorescentLamp said...

From UV's link - The Veracity Vaccum.

Ultimately, we are moving at critical mass toward a world where our information comes mostly from the internet, where misinformation blended with gossip and some fact creates a news cycle. And it is certainly not limited to the frivolities of the entertainment industry. Stories that have local, national and global implications are also being left to people too lazy or simply too uninformed and unconnected to the truth to responsibly form an opinion or spread information.

Sing it, David Hollander. I think that's my major complaint with news in general, not just on the internet. People are lazy and don't do any real research. And there's nothing I abhor more than lack of research on something purporting to be the truth.

FluorescentLamp said...

Also, Bench Warrant for Bergstein.

What a piece of shite he is.

Sheba baby said...

Bergstein is garbage and deserves to be thrown under the jail. It's about time his ass got dragged in front of the judge.

I hear ya FL. There is nothing I despise more than lazy journalism. Too lazy to check simple facts. It's bad enough when it happens in the entertainment industry but it's happens way too often in all aspects os the media.

The Pop UK/International premiere is going to be mega huge! I did think that he would do the whole European tour but it doesn't seem to be the case.

I thought that Bruckheimer had his tribute at Showest?

Thanks for all the updates, videos and links! Interesting about the Namath movie, I wonder when that will get the official greenlight?

Goopy,LOL!! Sorry but she annoys me to no end.

UltraViolet said...

I thought that Bruckheimer had his tribute at Showest?

Good point, sheba baby! Enough already.

And a big ditto to you and FL and Extra and David Hollander. We all know, just from following Jake, how rumors are misrepresented as facts. Happens all the time and is always frustrating.

And man, Bergstein has no shame, huh? You know, with all this money trouble, I think he needs to release Nailed and make some back! (I know, I know - not finished, who'd distribute, blah blah. I just want to see it.)

Maybe People omitted Anne Hathaway from the account because she was wearing this and her publicists want that expunged from her permanent record?

suvee said...

Maybe People omitted Anne Hathaway from the account because she was wearing this and her publicists want that expunged from her permanent record?


I thought the Namath article was very interesting, for many reasons. Thanks so much for providing the link, UV. I have never been a fan of this project for Jake, so if it ever does get made I hope it's with someone else.

Paula said...

Jake reminds me a bit of Dustin Hoffman's son Jake in that GQ Russian pic:,_Photographed_by_Ed_Kavishe_for_Fashion_Wire_Press.jpg

Disney should hire whoever made that Lego trailer, I love it!

Jake and Gemma make a great on screen couple, love the video.

I wish that the US was a part of the big premiere on the 9th, I'm a bit jealous! Could do w/o the Jerry tribute on the 17th but I'm sure Jake will be front and center.

Not a fan of Namath and I won't be upset if Jake doesn't do that film.

Extra said...

Jake is @ #5 on People's most beautiful list:,,20360857_20364406,00.html#20776527

They used one of the Disney/Pop promo pics:))

bobbyanna said...

That's very cool, extra!
But People better get their act together! They'll lose what little credibility they have if the don't finally name Jake as #1 in every category! LOL!

(This list includes Rob Pattinson and Justin Beiber?!?!)

UltraViolet said...

Honestly, Bobbyanna. If Jake isn't named Sexiest Man Alive this year, there is no hope for People!

New post, folks :)