Monday, April 5, 2010

It's Time

March Madness viewers have been tweeting about Disney's ads for Prince of Persia, but the commercials hadn't shown up online until now. Courtesy of Latino Review, take a look at the two new TV spots for Jake Gyllenhaal's PoP:

You can view the whole Wondercon PoP panel in GF, care of The Netwerk. Here's part One:

All six parts are here.

The folks at Moviefone talked to Jake about his Wondercon experience:

"It's so great to hear everybody cheering after the clips," Gyllenhaal told Moviefone. The 'Persia' star and first-time Con attendee was unintimidated by the raucous crowds. "That's the scary thing, people are seeing a little piece of this movie that's just been our own for so long. Granted, 2,000 people worked on it [laughs]. It's great to hear people get psyched, and see the sea of cameras and people."

I like the light effect on the last one. Those eyes...

Check out Jordan Mechner's blog for a taste of the insider whirl of Wondercon.

I bet we'll be getting more Wondercon coverage today, so be sure to check back. And check out our previous two posts if you missed the Wondercon-Gyllenhaal mania.


A very amusing and informative interview with Jake from UGO. A little taste:

Jordan Hoffman: Before I want to go, I want to ask you –

Jake Gyllenhaal: You know you sound like Jimmy Kimmel?

Jordan Hoffman: What are you trying to say? All New Yorker Jews are the same? [Actually, Kimmel is actually, Italian – ed.]

Jake Gyllenhaal: Oh, are you a New York Jew? [Yelling to his handlers.] Why am I talking to a New York Jew? Who put me on the phone with the New York Jew?

Jordan Hoffman: We have a mutual friend in [redacted] by the way.

Jake Gyllenhaal: Oh, great, another New York Jew. This is making me – I don’t know what to say. Who put me on the phone with this guy? I won’t mention that if you don’t mention me, cuz I’m a New York Jew.

And finally, someone asks Jake about Nailed:

Jordan Hoffman: And what’s the story with David O. Russell and Nailed?

Jake Gyllenhaal: The financing for the movie, uh, we had one last scene to shoot of the movie. We were pretty much, I would say 98% done and uh, the financing fell through. So that movie is yet to be finished.

Jordan Hoffman: So this is something that’s 98% done and we’re waiting for somebody’s uncle to put up some dough to finish this thing? Is that basically the story?

Jake Gyllenhaal: Yeah, talk to the financer.

Jordan Hoffman: Wow. Well, I hope it comes out.

Jake Gyllenhaal: You never know. You never know.

Jordan Hoffman: Would you ever endorse sort of an unfinished version or something? If your schedule and his schedule can’t get back together once the financing does come back through?

Jake Gyllenhaal: Well my role is done. I shot all my roll in the movie but, uhm, yeah I would without a doubt. I think David is like, an extraordinary filmmaker and I always think there’s a way around it. It’s just, you know all those contracts you gotta get through.

Come on, someone - make it happen!

A video interview with Jake in which he describes his Lego figure as "just a buffed-up Indiana Jones lego with a mullet." Hee.

And from MTV, Jake talking about Damn Yankees, which does not sound like a sure thing:


UltraViolet said...

Please let me know if those youtube videos are too shaky or don't work. My ancient computer doesn't make it easy to view them.

I have to watch the HeyUGuys press conference video at work tomorrow. Yes, that is what powerful networks/work computers are for!

Another article with more description of the PoP footage shown at Wondercon.

Interesting interview with Jerry Bruckheimer on Oddly, they do not directly ask about the casting of non-Iranian or non-Middle Eastern actors.

Anonymous said...

If you guys head over to the entertainment section of The Huffington Post there is a story dedicated to how hot Jake looked at the WonderCon. I'm totally serious.

The funniest part are the sixty or so comments (so far) celebrating his hotness. Opinions range from "really hot" to "super hot" to one person declaring that "his hotness this weekend was responsible for the earthquake."

UltraViolet said...

That's funny, anon. Seismologists are going to have to track Jake's movements!

PopSugar has a good interview with Jake from Saturday.

And Aint It Cool has a rundown of the PoP panel, with the usual asinine comments.

Anonymous said...

Nice article from Thoughtful and even-handed.

Extra said...

Those eyes, sigh. Love all the WonderCon pictures.Thanks for posting the trailers, they work fine, I can't wait till May 28th!

I will ahve to check out the interviews on, Popsugar and AICN during luunch.

I saw the Huffington Post bit last night, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Is there a video of Jake talking about Rachel McAdams? I read that he was interviewed at Wondercon and he was asked about her.

Extra said...

I think he brings up Rachael with some reporter from Popsugar, it came up on google. The "interview' looks more like bits from Jake and bits/filler from the interviewer to fill in the fact that it wasn't a one on one interview.

I found this bit funny. Jake will b linked with any woamn he walks by!:

"When a journalist in a press conference asked him how things were going with Isabel, Gyllenhaal didn’t know what he was talking about.

“Who?” Gyllenhaal asked the journalist who’d asked him about Lucas.

The reporter then asked if he was in fact dating Isabel. The actors had been spotted together and rumored to be dating. Either those reports are false, or Gyllenhaal is taking the fifth. “It’s news to me, my friend,” Gyllenhaal said. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

To deflect the personal question, Gyllenhaal’s colleagues joked that he would like to meet this mysterious Isabel. Then the actor played along.

“Yeah, yeah, that would be nice,” Gyllenhaal said.

First of all it wasn't that he was dating her but that they were hanging out one night and he asked her to dance, geez.

Loved he response!

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, the Rachel answer is alluded to in the PopSugar summary, but they don't show it in the interview or on any video. Hope they do give us the video - I'd like to see it.

That Isabel Lucas story was funny, Extra. Without seeing it/ it's hard to determine if Jake was yanking their chain or was actually puzzled.

Here's a new picture of Jake with the iPad. I hope he actually got one and didn't just get to play with it.

I got to use my nephew's yesterday, and it made me want one even more.

UltraViolet said...

If you don't want to wade through all six of the press conference videos, this one shows Jake having some fun with Mike Newell.

They certainly seem to get along - I noticed Jake grabbing Newell's arm in the press conference. So either that one report we read about friction was exaggerated or they made their peace with each other. Which is a good thing, since they have to spent a lot of time together!

bobbyanna said...

Yaaay! More Stuff!!
Love the picture with the light shining on his eyes, too, UV. Makes him look...divine? :)
All the pictures, really.(Sigh.)
Such gorgeousness.

The HuffPo piece made me smile. Especially the comments. They even like his teeth. Hilarious.

I'd love to see video of him talking about Rachel. I don't think he was pulling anyone's chain, playing dumb about Isabel. I think he was genuinely mystified. I don't think she's on his radar.

For all we really know, they might have been in the same club, period. No contact. Maybe one of her people planted it to tease or something. (Considering the source,I don't place a lot of credibility in the item.)

I read an item saying Sean Penn and Madonna had dinner together a couple months ago in a NYC hotel. Of course he was having dinner with someone else and had no idea she was there. They said a brief hello.

Anonymous said...

Newell has known Jake since he was a little boy and that was the first one he thought of for the role.
If there was any "friction" it didn't mean anything..and wasn't anything that lasted more than a second compared to a whole movie. Making movies is a tough thing and if there are disagreements about this or that scene its just people wanting things to be as good as they are and are accepted as that.

UltraViolet said...

Hmm - Jake doesn't seem to know that his name is attached to Damn Yankees.

Anonymous said...

He does say he's been interested in that musical for a long time (I think that's what I heard) so maybe he really can't say much about it because there haven't been any names on the dotted line?
And he does say he would be up for it with the singing - dancing..not so much (tho his character really would not dance as much as others in the film) but then he didn't know he'd be swinging a sword either.

Anonymous said...

I do hope we get to hear Jake really sing, that was a nice clip, thanks! I'd like to hear his voice. :)

UltraViolet said...

Yes, but he also wonders why he keeps having the conversation and says he thinks it's "still in development." Definitely does not sound like a sure thing. Not saying it won't happen, but it sure doesn't sound like it's set.

suvee said...

Help! What am I doing wrong? The MTV link doesn't work for me. I get the MTV page, but there's just a big blank window where the video should be, and nothing to click on bring it up. :(

UltraViolet said...

Hmm, suvee, it works for me. But I embedded it in the post - maybe you can see that?

I did just embed a very funny PoPSugar interview - hope that one works! Here is is.

suvee said...

UV, thanks for trying to help. Still cannot see it...... the embedded video just has the continuous spinning circle and nothing to click on to start the video. Must be something wrong on my end. Thanks anyway.

bobbyanna said...

suvee, I went to the Popsugar site and they talked about chatting up Jake etc. but he wasn't on any video at their site. I was able to see the one you embedded, UV. I would love to see video about his comments regarding Rachel.

Sheba baby said...

For some reason I thought Damn Yankees was a bit more further along than he let on in that interview.Jake seemed to be taken aback with a few things brought at WonderCon!

Thanks so much for all the videos, links and updates from a very busy weekend for Jake and his fans!

What a great reception he and Pop got, i'm so excited!!

I saw Clash of the Titans on Saturday and it was a piece of crap with tacky 3D effects that were added in after it was filmed so it could cash in on the 3D craze.

I'm glad Disney and Bruckheimer/Newell nixed it.

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, PopSugart eased that Rachel McAdams soundbite, but they don't have it in video or text.

If you can handle more, there'a another Jake interview. Just text, no video, but Jake is in fine form. And he finally talks about Nailed!

UltraViolet said...

Forgive the spamming, but we could have had about three different posts today with all this stuff! Yet another video interview, Jake talks about doing a parkour-esque move on the SC set and giving the producers a panic.

bobbyanna said...

The last thing I read about Damn Yankees was that they were going to update it with new songs, and make the steroid use issue a part of the updated version.

It sounds like they haven't got a script yet. I have a feeling Jake is "in talks" but nothing's finalized. It seemed like he was leaning toward "yes."

Anonymous said...

On the panel video, can any one hear what the woman in the audience says about her husband and then Jake apologizes for what he said. I cant hear it on my speakers. Tks.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Vote x Jake!

Chica said...

Spam away UV, I'm enjoying all the updates! Love his interview with J. Hoffman, too funny! Sounds like the only thing that is holding Nailed up is the filming of one scene (which doesn't involve him)and financing.

I hope we get to see it , I loved the script. It does sound like Damn Yankees is still in the talking stages.

suvee said...

Well, I realized my problem viewing the MTV clip was no Flash Player on my Mac. So I installed it, and voila!

Interesting that he seemed genuinely caught off guard to be asked about Damn Yankees. I do remember last year Entertainment Weekly (pretty trustworthy IMO) mentioned that he was "loosely attached". To me that means anything can happen as far as his involvement goes.

And it kills me that Nailed is so close to being complete..... I mean, one freaking scene? I'm going to continue to hope that somehow, some way, it gets saved.

It's been wonderful having all these interviews to enjoy. It's been so long since he's really actively promoted a movie..... it's nice to be reminded how amazingly good he is at this aspect of the business.

Thanks again to UV and FL for keeping up with this onslaught of Jake news!

Monica said...

And I think he is very happy to promote a movie again, Suvee.
The more I know about SC, I get more anxious. Does anyone know when will be the debut of SC?

I don't know, I love musicals and Damm Yankees seems to be interesting, but not like the idea of remakes.

I want to see Nailed!!!!

Great interview!

Anonymous said...

Maybe with POP & LAOD out this year and both will do well and the Oscar talk for LAOD there will be some effort to finish "Nailed"..whatever the scene is or work around it so the loss of that scene won't be important to the storyline.
And someone somewhere will have the money to do that and finally get it on the screen Or if not at least get it to DVD.

UltraViolet said...

So glad you got to see the video, suvee. It occurred to me on my way home that I should have told you what Jake said in the clip! Sorry about that.

Another brief MTV interview, with Jake talking about playing PoP when he was a wee lad. Though not as young as he remembers, I don't think!

UltraViolet said...

Another new video and new post.