Monday, December 31, 2007

The Year In Jake

So USA Today ranked Jake Gyllenhaal at #21 in their 2007 Hottest Celebrities. (Reese came in at #14.) We've done some polling of our own, and curiously Jake is in the top slot for all:

  • Moment that Should Have Been Captured on Tape: Hollywood's It Couple of the moment danced briefly but divinely
  • Couple of the Year
  • Star of the Year
  • Movie of the Year (oh, this one is a tie!)
And in keeping with the spirit, and namesake of the blog, our 10 favorite GyllenBabble quotes of 2007 from the man himself:

No. 10
  • Jake Gooberballs. If you only knew. . . if you only knew.
Late Show With David Letterman
October 15, 2007

No. 9
  • Do you wanna smell it?
Late Night With Conan O'Brien
October 16, 2007

No. 8
  • And you had told her that I called you a couple of months before to play hoop and you had said that you couldn't and then I didn't call you back which made you think that I thought you sucked. And I just want to set the record straight that I think that you sucked.
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
February 28, 2007
No. 7
  • Ellen? It's Jake again. C'mon, just pick up the phone. I know you're there. Just call me back, will'ya.
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
January 26, 2007

No. 6
  • Jonathan, I don't fly; I swim.
Friday Night with Jonathan Ross
October 12, 2007

No. 5
  • You're stressing me out man; I got two and a half minutes.
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
October 18, 2007

No. 4
  • Maggie, hand me the child.
Late Night with Conan O'Brien
February 27, 2007
No. 3
  • Aaah-maaaay-zing!
Late Night With Conan O'Brien
February 27, 2007
No. 2
  • If I'm going down, baby, I'm going down.
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
October 18, 2007
No. 1
  • I'm a Red Sox fan.
Late Night With Conan O'Brien
October 16, 2007

End of year note on behalf of Sarah and me - a toast! Thank you all for taking this ride with us. Thank you for your comments, links, conversation and generosity. We couldn't have done it without all of you. Happy New Year and on to 2008! ~~~felicia

Thanks as always to IHJ for their limitless supply of photos and media.


sheba baby said...

Thnaks for listing all of Jakes most memorable comments of '07!!!

Here is a bit from popsugar today regarding the pictures on Saturday. I didn't realize they were voted the favorite couple!!

Happy New Year!!

bobbyanna said...

Happy New Year to everyone!!!! Love and best wishes!!!!

annie said...

Thank you for another great post and all the best to you and everyone else for this new year that has just begun over here! Best wishes to all.

lawgoddess said...

Great post, Felicia. Fun to see the year of Jake in review.

Someone on their LJ said 2007 was the year they fell out of love with Jake Gyllenhaal.

I scratched my head. Is that possible?

chica said...

Happy New Year everyone!!

I love this blog, thans so much FL and UV!!!

BTW: It looks like a diamond to me and the setting is square:

sass said...

Happy New Year again Sarah and Felicia!

Glad to be on board in 2008.

suvee said...

Happy New Year to all GB friends!

A heartfelt thank you to Sarah and Felicia especially. Hope you two know how loved this blog is, and how many people you have made happy. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to what 2008 has in store.

Perfect post to end the year with.... Jake is always good for many great, memorable quotes. I personally would add his "take no prisoners" response to the ugly and insulting comments directed toward Reese and their relationship.

Q: What qualities do you admire in Reese?

A: She can grow a mean beard, that's for sure. I don't know if you've seen her beard - it's amazing!

I just loved the way he sent his message.... ridicule sugar coated with humor. And I imagine some of the "fans" that sarcasm was meant for still didn't get it. But I bet he and Reese got a kick out of it.

Now I need to go take a good look at the ring... thanks, chica!

sass said...

Happy New Year one more time!
I enjoyed the Reese beard comments too. And the pics with commentary..and and and...:)

And since it was brought up earlier... whose scarf is this anyway? Well, the color matches;)

Reese grey scarf, really big grey scarf, too big for her size -0 frame grey scarf.:) humor me please

Jake grey scarf, just right, the right size for his gggorgeous frame, please be kind:)

chica said...

Hey Sass!

The color does match but Jake's scarf has fringes on them, still it's way too big for her and it does look like a man's scarf!

Back to the ring, I took another look at it and it appears to be stones, diamonds? in a pattern of a flower. I think I counted six pedals and a center. The stones appear to be white, so they can be diamonds or some other white stones. Either that or I had too much adult beverages and my vision is blurry!!

BTW I have guests over and they think i'm nuts, LOL!!!

sass said...

Hey everyone again and chica backacha,
I think you're right a bout the scarf. Oh well:(

So I'm going to help you with the ring investigation. I have yet to imbibe the rest of my diabetic brandy eggnog mixture, so I should be able to make an immediate assessment, and get the results back here to GyllenBabble in a NY minute. *big grin*

Help! Is there a HQ ring photo available yet?

JP said...

Happy New year guys...

Let me just ask for a general consensus here. If we can determine that the ring is in fact a diamond, and given the placement on the ring on her wedding finger (albeit on her right hand) would it be safe to assume that they are in fact secretly engaged?

Do boyfriends buy rings of that size just to say 'they care?' I don't think so. It's the sheer size of it that leads me to think that it confirms engagement.

sass said...

Happy New Year again everyone!
I'm oh So glad we here in the Big Apple were able to have a happy safe time in Times Square.

Will continue my ring research...what with all the concrete information flowing here and there, it shouldn't be a problem:)

Here's hoping Jake and Reese have a wonderful New Years before work calls.

I've been meaning to make this comment since October 2007, when I was initially misdirected to one certain site. This wonderful site and the now defunct GSD, no matter what any of the administrators and posters think about a Austin and Jake liaison, past, present or never, I'm very grateful, that we have never seen fit to sully his moniker, by linking it with Jake's and concocting vile, despicable, loathsome, disgusting childish epithets as has been done with Jake and Reese's name....

We can be proud; we are a class act.

FluorescentLamp said...

jp, you're assuming Jake bought her that ring? Well we don't know if her ring is new, old, purchased by her, her children, her parents, her brother OR Jake. So to make any sort of assumption whatsoever is not only premature but foolish. :-)

I've been looking at a lot of Reese candids lately and she has worn various rings on that finger through the years.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I passed with flying colours, I remember ever single one of those quotes! hahaha :D

suvee, you have brought up a subject that I almost posted about yesterday, but then I resisted. Basically it's a discussion:

Based on Jake's comment about Reese and growing a beard, I was thinking about that, and wondering to myself where/what did Jakey hear about or read on the subject of Reese as a beard? I am extrapolating that Jake somehow found out about the skeptics, but the question is, how did he hear about the bs? I don't think he reads the Eyelashes thread, does anybody think that?

Where/what did Jakey hear about the bs about it being a showmance?

I personally think it's a small minority that is deluded that way, and if Jake thinks that lots of his fans are skeptics, well that's a GDBOAUS. He should know that he has thousands of fans that don't believe the outlandish stories, we should tell him!

Anonymous said...

Can someone please answer a little question, what happened to the Gyllenspoon Digest, and why was that whole blog erased? TIA!

agent_krycek said...

Happy New Year to you all, and thank you once more for this lovely blog :D

I'm very undecided on the ring, it does look major, and I've certainly not seen a photo of Reese wearing it before, so I do like the idea Jake bought it for her, engagement ring though, really don't know, and it doesn't help as we're still not entirely sure of when they got together, they could be coming up to a year together, or it could still only be a matter of 5 or 6 months.

With regards the Reese/Beard comments, which I found hilarious and so spot on, I did actually see on other site, which Jake was obviously ridiculing with the comments, a post that what in fact he was doing was pretending to joke about it, whilst all the time he was telling the truth and covering it up as a joke. As I've said before, somewhere else, Jake and Reese could marry, have dozens of kids and live a long and happy life together and these people will still be claiming he's seeing Austin on the side *rolls eyes* It's amazing that we're ridiculed for believing photos, dozens of private blogs sitings etc, but they apparently are completely correct for believing the unsubstantiated ramblings of an often proven wrong gossip coloumist.

(Apologies for the desent into ranting)

Anonymous said...

What a great post as always, there where so many classic quotes last year you done well felicia to name just 10. AK I loved the beard comment from Jake as well, I am so glad I gave up reading those "blogs" months ago and now whatever they say does not bother me at all.

Hope everybody had a great New Years eve and looking forward to lots of Jaking in 2008.


Gabbana said...

"Based on Jake's comment about Reese and growing a beard, I was thinking about that, and wondering to myself where/what did Jakey hear about or read on the subject of Reese as a beard?"

Johnny Depp has stated in an interview (sorry, I don´t have the link) that he is reading some of his fan sides to get a feeling what his fans are thinking and how they are discussing his new projects.

I am not sure whether Jake is reading his own fan sides, but I am sure his PR people are doing it. And I am also sure that they know about IHJ, the DC side (which is mainly a BBM forum, Jakes eyelashes is only one part)this blog and also the other "Jake is with Austin" blogs. The internet has a certain amount of power and it would be stupid to underestimate it.

What a wonderful post - some of Jakes comments are real "classics"...
He has such a great timing for his funny, hysterical comments - I really hope he will do an intelligent comedy some day.:-))

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Jake is aware of the sites but I think his family are. There was something on JakeWatch either late 2006 or early 2007. Was going to post the link but I am unable to find it know, not sure if BPB deleted them or they may be in the old forum but can't find that either.

Of course that was a while ago so Jake may know of them now.

bobbyanna said...

Hey, ya know, there's really nothing new some people can say. It's all variations on the now that it is 2008, I'm gonna forget all that nonsense. No time for it. I am looking forward. The people who refuse to acknowledge the relationship will become more and more isolated.And I love the fact that they are being checked when they say stupid stuff, right there on the websites where they say it.

As for the nature of their relationship. All I can really feel comfortable saying as they are clearly serious. And they really are quite taken with each other. And I love that they seem always to be talking and joking around when we see them out. I've even noticed how their body language and their expressions seem similar in certain situations! LOL!!!

Have fun today!

Narcissa said...

The people who ran JakeWatch had some kind of run-in with Stephen G. - quite a while ago. It could have been when Ramona was born. Just before they shut up shop, Stephen wrote to them. Can't remember the details.

Jake has said that people bring things - apparently from messageboards - to his attention and he finds some of it very funny.

So, basically, Gyllenhaal family and/or reps do check out internet sites.

Anonymous said...

Pictures from yesterday.

FluorescentLamp said...

Ha! Well wouldja look at that.


::goofy grin::

He looks like a natural.

Thanks for the link, anon.

agent_krycek said...

Thanks for the link Anon

*Joins FL in grining goofily*

sheba baby said...

Thanks for the link anon!! I think my ovaries just exploded!!!

JP said...

I think it's cute how Jake is carrying Deacon on his shoulders. They look like a nice family. The kids seem to really like him.

gr77 said...

Happy new year everyone!!!

The new pics of Jake,Reese and kids are too adorable for words but I'm sorry that they look so unconfortable being photgraphed by the paps

Anonymous said...

I lurked on the DC forum and was shocked to see both set of pictures!!! There were some comments that he looks unhappy/stressed (eye roll)but someone pointed out that it was the presence of the paps that probably dampened a fun day.

gabbana said...

"There were some comments that he looks unhappy/stressed..."

In this case I have to agree - none of them looked very comfortable - but who can blame them with the paps in their faces?

As much as I love to see Deacon on Jakes shoulders and them strolling around like a "normal" family - I really hope they can protect some privacy.

FluorescentLamp said...

I've made this same argument in several fandoms for several years that unless you see the celeb flipping the bird at the pap, get up into pap's face with an angry look, punch, kick or spit at the intrusion of being papped, you cannot, simply cannot determine from a split-second frame of a paparazzi photo whether someone is upset, stressed, angry, etc. etc.

But...people like project whatever it is they want to see and you can't change that.

I'm just happy we're seeing him, and them together, at all.

get real said...

Happy New Year!! Great year in Jake post and what is better than new pictures of Jake, Reese and kids! Although I hope the paps don't bother them to much.

Have to catch up on posts and comments.

Thanks again, UV and FL!

sass said...

Hi everyone,
Now this is a treat, family pics.

No matter how uncomfortable they look at the paps...and who wouldn't...they seem very comfy with each other.

So happy for them:)
TY again

get real said...

I agree, Sass they look all look really comfy together. Deacon on Jake's shoulders is just so awww worthy! :D

suvee said...

What a great way to start 2008.... family pics of J & R and kids! I also immediately had the goofy grin reaction. : )

They look so comfortable and established..... just wish they all looked a little happier. I did get a kick out of the matching Sox caps, though!

sass said...

I can't believe how protective Jake is...I see pics of Reese with him, and she's looking all over the place, up and around or down, but Jake looks straight on or he shelters her with his body

I've had that always face the door etc...course he was a cop then.:lol but I'm shocked to see this behavior from grown up now is he...DD is gone forever;)

see Jake below in mild protect mode.

Jake Reese family latest pics

Is it me or is Jake getting complaints here, just checking...see Jake with the lil people...*cute*

Jake seems so much bigger next to the lil ones

chica said...

I agree Sass,he is in protection mode and I love it. Yes, he is gwn and mature now, what a great way to start the New year!!!

sheba baby said...

Not that i doubted they spent the whole New Years day together but , SQUEEEE!!!

Ringing in ‘08 with Jake and Reese… Posted on Tuesday 1 January 2008
It looks like this relationship is for real, and not a fabrication of the Hollywood publicity machine. The tender touches the two shared between ‘make out’ sessions at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, while watching Belinda Carlisle and Rufus Wainright ring in the New Year, were refreshing to see. My birds eye view gave me a great perspective on Reese’s haircolor. Her natural color appears to be a light ash blonde, with subtle highlights of pale blonde woven through it. I’m not sure who Reese’s colorist is, but I have no complaints on either her color or cut. In fact, photos of her are frequently brought in by clients hoping for her highlights or bangs. The only challenge in achieving her color is that few women actually have a natural base color as light as hers. Most women who were blondes as children, get so dark as the years progress that they’re no longer blondes, but rather brunettes. My solution for this dilemma is to alternate a warm golden blonde next to a pale ash blonde, which diffuses the stark contrast that can happen when placing pale blondes on brunette hair. Back to Jake and Reese….she seems very happy with him, I hope 2008 is kind to both of them.

suvee said...

thanks, sheba baby, for that great J & R sighting!

My first thought as I read it was, "Good grief! This person saw Jake and Reese making out at a concert, and all they can write about is her hair color?" But since I am a natural blonde that needs professional help to stay blonde these days, I was kind of interested in reading this critique of Reese's hair color! So thanks..... I got 2 good little tidbits out of this post. : )

P.S. I'm guessing Rufus didn't haul Jake up on stage and kiss him this time!

FluorescentLamp said...

Awww and LOOK! It was an evening of French songs.

Paris A Go-Go
New Year's Eve in Paris
featuring Belinda Carlisle
and special guest Rufus Wainwright
Monday December 31
7pm and 10:30 pm - Two Performances!

Join two of the world’s fabulous jet-setting singers as they bring an evening in Paris to LA’s dazzling Walt Disney Concert Hall for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve! Singing in French and English for a brilliant trans-Atlantic extravaganza, Belinda and Rufus are
your hosts for a special evening as the stage is transformed into a magnificent French cabaret. Singing the classic French pop songs of Edith Piaf, Serge Gainsbourg, and a few surprise hits, the hosts will be accompanied by the top-notch musicians of a quintessentially Parisian band. Sassy French dancers add to the electricity and elegance of the evening, all capped by an unforgettable finale fantastique!

To remind them of their quick Paris break back in May. Awww...

sass said...

Ahhh TY Sheba baby and Hi everyone,

What wonderful news; Jake and Reese had a Happy New Years Eve, filled with love, and hugs, and kisses, and Rufus, and Brenda and fantastic music.

I remember the Paris sighting was the first time a blogger referred to Reese's size as compared to Jake's. Small, I think, was the word used to describe her.
If I were blonde I would certainly take down some of his ideas...


Nosy me; I had to Google his salon and watch his youtube presentation:lol:lol


lawgoddess said...

I thought jake looked a bit tense in the pictures with Reese and the children, and wonder if he saw the paps.

Having said that, the pictures were totally adorable. Made my day.

I love Jake in " protective mode." He obviously cares about all three of them.

And how nice that they walk in the park instead of huddling around the TV or video games. Reese and Jake have good values.

Ded from the cuteness! B.

sass said...

I totally agree LG, they obviously saw and heard the paps.
I was a Russell Crowe fan girl back in the Gladiator days. When the paps found out he had a temper, they would yell out all kinds of filth at him to make him explode, which he often did.

I can just hear the paps calling out to Jake, Reese and the children, asking them questions; we all know the drill.

Hopefully, those two love birds will continue to have lots of time to hang with the kids privately, and we know Jake will take good care of all of them.

I think I'll Google the salon owner again and make a note of his shampoo tips. He'll probably wonder why he has so many site hits tomorrow.

Happy times all round.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the answer to this question?

Can someone please answer a little question, what happened to the Gyllenspoon Digest, and why was that whole blog erased?

UltraViolet said...

Hi anon! The person who ran the Gyllenspoon site didn't have the time to run it any longer, so she closed the blog.

You can still access the old posts, but I don't know how long that will last.

agent_krycek said...

The hairdressers sighting cracked me up, not what I was expecting at the start of the account at all - but if I was a blonde I'd be very tempted to follow his tips :D

What a lovely way to spend New Year, so it looks like Christmas with their families (there was a fairly accurate sounding sighting of Jake near Peter and Maggie's house in NYC) and New Year together then?

There's a few of the usual 'they're paying flynet - it's a fake' posts along with the new photos, wish someone would explain where all these private bloggers sightings of them are coming from then, are these people also on Jake/Reese's payrolls then *rolls eyes*

I remember the Paris sighting, must admit I did dismiss it a bit and presumed the girl was more likely to be his blonde assistant, who could pass for Reese at a distance, these days I'm pretty sure it was her and they were having a stolen weekend away :D

agent_krycek said...

Apologies for the double post, but I've been doing a bit of thinking as I'm very bored at work.

Jake attended the last 2 BAFTAs and seems to love going (and fingers crossed for some Zodiac recognition), and that's held at the beginning of February each year, Reese's film Penelope, which was filmed, at least in part, in London is due to premier in London at the beginning of February this year. Now, I know I'm stretching things, but could we possibly see the double whammy of Jake & Reese at the premier, followed by Jake & Reese at the BAFTAs?

JP said...

I remember the Paris sighting. That was actually the event that made me believe that they were together. Before that I didn't believe it, just thought it was more tabloid fodder.

The thing about that sighting was:

1) it wasn't written by a celebrity gossip blogger, but rather a reviewer of restaurants who just nonchalantly mentioned how she had seen Reese and Jake together.

2) Jake was seen leaving Paris (and photgraphed on a train) for London after that weekend. The kids were photographed with Ryan and Reese was no where to be found.

3) It proved to me that not only were they dating --- by then I had conceded that they had probably gone on a couple of dates --- but they were getting serious about each other.

I still totally believe that Paris story. Like I wrote, it's the event that turned me into a full-blown Gyllenspooner.

FluorescentLamp said...

There's a few of the usual 'they're paying flynet - it's a fake' posts along with the new photos, wish someone would explain where all these private bloggers sightings of them are coming from then, are these people also on Jake/Reese's payrolls then *rolls eyes*

A drowning man will grasp at straws.

On a happier note, it would be wonderful to see Jake and Reese at her premiere or at the BAFTAs. I'm not picky. Any red carpet will do for me. :)

Monica said...

sass said...

Afternoon, Of course I went right over to US Weekly...and here's what I found.
Pardon my shallowness...*grin *

Reese and Jake: Will They Last?
Us astrologer Virginia Bell predicts whether this new couple's romance is true inter-stellar love

linking it up for ya:)

Jake Reese USMagazine hike

Anonymous said...

Stephanie has the pictures on IHJ now, they definetly look happier on some of them.

sass said...

Hi there everyone again,
For the naysayers.

If the Jake Reese sighting posts and photographs are from private Bloggers, they are plants from a PR firm belonging to one or both of them...if the sightings are from a private blog or forum, and well documented but with no pap snaps...then comes the inevitable silly comments "Where are the pap pics?
these two can't win;)

On a happier note, we relish and enjoy all verified and unverified Jake and Reese news thanks to UV and FL.

Merci Felicia and Sarah:)

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the new links, guys. I posted the Us link and one of the new pics in a new post.

Belated Happy New Year. I'm happy to see Jake and Reese starting it out together :)

I do love the concert sighting, and the unique hair color perspective!