Saturday, December 29, 2007

Jake and Reese Pursuit of Happiness

I had a whole post planned and no time to post it, due to the Patriots game. Thanks for saving me, Jake and Reese!

Check out super happy couple Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon out and about in Santa Monica today. After getting some coffee and lunch, the love birds did a little shopping in Brentwood, all the while playfully flirting and having a wonderful time together. Also, notice the rock on Reese's hand. A Christmas gift from Jake perhaps?

This is the perfect post for the Patriots' pursuit of perfection.

Will add more later...

(Photos courtesy of Flynet Online)


FluorescentLamp said...'s sparkly...and huuuuge whatever it is.

And look at him awwww'ing at the little doggy. Awwww.

Must find HQs of these.

bobbyanna said...

I SAW that FL!!!!!! Which hand was it on???? Very sweet.

FluorescentLamp said...

Looks like ring finger RIGHT hand.

Anonymous said...

OMG what a nice late prezzy to all of us!! *swoon* this is the perfect post IMO. :D

suvee said...

Finally! Great pics, and don't they look so happy? My faith in Flynet has been restored.

So now there is yet another ring we have to look out for? I'm not sure I can keep track of all the jewelry Jake has presumably given Reese.... I need some kind of visual guide.
: )

Anonymous said...

If Jake and Reese are really an item I think that they have been dating a lot longer than we think. I always wondered why she would do Rendition. I think Jake was in it and she signed up for it, too. I think that she and Ryan were not together and she and Jake were (long before a divorce was announced). It would explain the absence of women in Jake's life (publically).

It would help explain the seriousness of their relationship.

sass said...

I always check flynet when I've been away from here for more than a millisecond;)

What a great surprise...a Reese Jake happy pic...I even thanked me...then I come here and find those same pics...don't they look happy.

* sass doing her happy dance*

I hope iheartjake will have HQ's soon...I've not seen Jake look so happy in years...which makes me happy too:)


agent_krycek said...

Well that made me squee very loudly. Lovely photo, and they look beautiful together. Not entirely sure about photos and mirror images, but that looks like the left hand to me in the dog photo, cute dog by the way.

Thinking about it, doesn't Penelope premier in February, could we possibly get some red carpet Jake/Reese official photos then *crosses fingers*

annie said...

Nice. Thanks for the link to the rest of the pics!

smile said...

Well, that´s a nice little biggie, isn´t it? ;)
Did someone ever see that rock before on Reese?
They seem to be more relaxed now than in the beginning when being papped, or is this just me thinking that?
Concerning the right hand: Reese is left-handed, so maybe she wanted to wear it on the right hand because wearing it on the dominant hand might just be impractical. Just a thought.

Hey JP, I agree reading HF was much more entertaining.

FluorescentLamp said...

Is she really left-handed, smile? I need to go in search of pics then. It seems I would have known this long before now - I always notice lefties in a crowd.

No a ring wouldn't bother her, however, a watch would. Tis why you see so many of us lefties wear watches on our right wrist. ;-)

JP said...

Do you guys think they are engaged?

bobbyanna said...

FL!!!! OMG!!! I, too, am a leftie!!! And you're right. Rings don't bother me, but watches definitely do. They've both had rings on before, but somehow...this one seems...different.
jp, I really hesitate to say I think they are engaged...but I wouldn't be surprised if they are "engaged to be engaged..." does that make any sense? They definitely seem serious, that's for sure. Honestly? I think we may have to wait another year...with all its ups and downs to suffer thru, before something like that...but maybe not. (I'm so confused!)

JP said...



Ya I doubt they'd get married anytime too soon. But I think an early 2009 wedding (maybe a little sooner) would not be totally out of the question.

JP said...

But then again...

That diamond ring seems a little bit on the big side to be just a simple "friendship ring." That rock is HUGE! That ring probably cost Jake half a million. Go back and look at it and really appreciate how big that thing is.

Given her behavior in the past regarding jewlery (rumored to have been given to her by Jake), it would not surprise me at all if it were an engagement ring and she were just wearing it on the opposite hand to throw people off. After all, wouldn't that sort of thing be in keeping with how she has handled these types of things in the past?

Anonymous said...

They look so happy and relaxed together.

FluorescentLamp said...

You know, it might not even be a diamond. It could be. Could be some other light colored stone. I'll reserve judgment until I see HQs.

Oh and mystery solved. She's a rightie.

smile said...

Hi Felicia,
I first noted Reeses left handedness, while watching Walk the Line. When she took the fishing tackle, there was something off. I looked again and realized she was left-handed. I am also lefthanded, don´t know if I did notice it because of that, but something did look different. I checked and found something on Wikipedia, but have not found it again.
Still one source:
and I would guess some others, maybe I´ll look later. Am a bit in a hurry now.
And while I agree, "normal" rings would not bother her, this little biggie is something else, I guess. BTW I have my watch on my right wrist, guess a lot of lefties do that.
Oh hi, Bobbyanna, you too :)

bobbyanna said...

FL! Just looked at the picture you so generously provided of Reese signing with her right hand...but all I could do was notice her "backless" dress. And this is from TIFF Rendition Gala???? Backless??? Who knew.

Of course I wasn't exactly paying attention to Reese's outfit except to notice she is short, thin, and very pretty...and they matched.

lawgoddess said...

Wow, those are great pictures! Jake looks good. Damn good.

Nice rock, too, but is it on her right hand?

Thanks you guys. I was hoping for some pictures and you hooked me up. Yum. ;) B.

FluorescentLamp said...

but all I could do was notice her "backless" dress. And this is from TIFF Rendition Gala???? Backless??? Who knew.

I don't think I noticed it that night either remember...there were *other* things to notice. Hee. Oh hi, Jake! Oh hi, Chris!

I noticed later in pics that her dress had a sheer panel across the back - so backless, but modestly so. :-)

suvee said...

I'm a "rightie", and I have always worn a watch on my right wrist.... hope that doesn't mean I'm more weird than I think I am!

I really need to see a good HQ of that ring. Hard to tell from the current pic what stone that is. If it is indeed a diamond, well.......

Anonymous said...

Theres a video now.

chica said...

What a treat! They look so happy and relaxed and that ring!!!Hmmmmmmmmm.

UltraViolet said...

It's been a fun day, relishing the Patriots' win and reveling in these photos.

Left hand, right hand, necklace or no, it's just great to see Reese and Jake so happy and relaxed. And enjoying life. If I have a wish for Jake for 2008, it's for that happiness, confidence and peace to deepen.

I have other wishes that involve Jake's alleged fans allowing Jake to live his life in peace, but I realize that's probably really a wish for me. Because Jake, bless him, seems to enjoy his life without regard to the delusions and aspersions of others.

I hope this blog can continue to celebrate Jake's life and work in 2008. It's been a short ride, but fun so far. Thanks to all of you for coming along.

sheba baby said...

Her are 2 seperate videos of them from the same day. In the stit looks like Reese spotted the paps and an back in the diner and then came out.

I think she i wearing two rins: the band on her left hand and the new one on her right, but I may be wrong.

UV, thanks so much for this blog and FL too! There is som uch i want to add regarding your comments regarding some of Jake's so-called online fans but I will save it for another time, i'm just too giddy/happy with the pics today!

sheba baby said...

Sorry for all the type o's! Too giddy and blogger has been behaving badly for me today!

That should be the first video and she spotted the paps and went into the diner then came out!

I want to wish everyone here a Happy New Year and would like to extend that to Jake and Reese too!!

FluorescentLamp said...

Thanks for that second one, sheba baby.

Her are 2 seperate videos of them from the same day. In the stit looks like Reese spotted the paps and an back in the diner and then came out.

Looks like she forgot her bag and ran back inside the Cafe to get it. Ugh...scary thought.

Narcissa said...

Nice to see them spending some holiday time together.

Interesting about the jewellery.

And, sadly, as far as DC is concerned, this is just not happening! Jake fans who completely ignore Jake news and pics! Whodathunkit?

FluorescentLamp said...

Well, narcissa, it's because Jake is in a relationship and happy. Which seems to be a strange foreign animal for a lot of people to grasp.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about DC anyway?!!! pfft! That website is washed up, there's hardly two dozen people left there anyhow.

JP said...

Anon 9:20,

Exactly. I had never even heard of it before. I think it's obvious, given that it was the place to go when Brokeback came out, who his "fans" there actually are. I bet you few people even know of it's existence. Those people are such a small minority. They post at places like PerezHilton and The Awful Truth because they are among their kind.

But that doesn't make them any more numberous than they proport to be. That Flynet site was attacked by those idiots exactly when? Oh ya, after someone on PerezHilton posted a link in the messages.

The majority like them together.

UltraViolet said...

Guys, let's try not to dis other sites. I think you're referring to the Eyelashes thread at DC, anon. And I agree that it's odd that they can't acknowledge Jake and Reese's relationship. But the DC Forums are a big place, and there are a lot of true Jake fans there.

JP, while some DCF posters might post on the blogs that I don't care to name, most of them do not. Please don't generalize about posters that way.

This goes back to a post you did yesterday - not everyone on the Jake-is-gay bandwagon is gay. Not everyone at DC is on that bandwagon. There is a diversity of opinion on Jake among men and women, straight and gay fans online and off.

To me, its nice to the positive replies on Flynet about Jake and Reese. The delusionals will never give up, but we don't need to feed them.

Anonymous said...

"The delusionals will never give up, but we don't need to feed them."

I totally agree with you UV.

May I wish everyone a Happy New Year and may this site go on and on, great site.


Gabbana said...

Thanks UV and Maddie - I agree with you both.

A Happy New Year for everyone here - and a wonderful 2008 for Jake and Reese.

I really hope we will be able to watch "Brothers" in 2008 and don´t have to wait until 2009. And I also hope that Jake and Reese relationship will stay strong between all that Hollywood nonsense.:-))

get real said...

Aww, great to see new pics for the new year! :) Thank you UV and FL and of course Jake and Reese!

Happy New Year everyone!! May 2008 be a great year for this blog, everyone who posts here and Jake and Reese!


agent_krycek said...

That video is lovely, they look really happy and relaxed with each other - the vibe I get is they're way beyond the 'honeymoon' phase of a new relationship, this is a very established relationship, and I so need to see a clearer picture of that ring :D

BTW, with regards comments on other sites, I did notice when searching around for this story yesterday, a lot of the 'beard' 'he's gay' comments seem to be dropping away, and those that do post are being challenged a lot more, which is all good. The only thing I was a bit annoyed at, but refrained from commenting on, was seeing Reese referred to as 'the blonde' on another site, which I found completely disrespectful I'm afraid.

Anyhoo, Happy new year to you all, hope you all have a great 2008.

jp said...

I think the VAST majority of people who think Jake is gay, are themselves gay. It's not meant as a put down or an insult, only an observation.

There seems to be this army of people online who are homosexuals and make it their business to try and figure out who are closeted gay actors. These people tend to congregate on sites like PerezHilton and the Awful Truth because these sites have created a cottage industry of "outing" such celebrities.

Among this group a sort of consensus has developed about certain celebrities being gay. They include, but are not exlusive to: Tom Cruise, Will Smith (he's the new big one), Jake Gyllenhaal, George Clooney, etc.

People used to think the same thing about Matt Damon and others, but they seem to have dropped off. This group of people are the ones who go from site to site making comments, almost never with any proof. It might not be a politically correct thing to write, but it happens to be the truth, in my opinion.

I agree with agent_k, there seem to be fewer and fewer people making these claims and more standing up to them. I guess we are left now with the last few "true believers." Even Ted C. has vowed never to write about Toothy Tile again.

But Believe it or not, I have no problem with homosexuality or gay people. Just read my posts on the "Milk" imdb page. I strongly support that film, which is the next big "gay movie." I just like "busting their balls" and calling them out on their BS when I think it's warranted. But that being said, I'm going to call it the way I see it. I don't suffer from any kind of white liberal guilt and give people, even oppressed minorities, a free pass when they write or say something I disagree with.

Simply, the way I see it is that the VAST majority of people making these claims are themselves gay, and perhaps came to honestly believe that Jake was one of them. Most of them, i'm sure, are good people who were only disappointed to learn that they were essentially lied to by Ted Casablanca. A few others have become catty and offensive and absolutely refuse to accept the truth. It's not homophobic or offensive to say any of this. It's the truth.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with what I wrote yesterday. If I come across as argumentative sometimes, then it's only my nature. I'm just the type who doesn't suffer fools gladly. If someone writes something I know to be incorrect or even disagree with, then I will say so.

Example, like you, I am a huge Patriots fan. I can't be the only one who has notices all the online attacks on Tom Brady (regarding his baby mama situation) and the Pats in general (regarding Spygate and their being perfect). Some comments are alright and insightful. Others are stupid and petty. I take a similar approach in defending my beloved Pats. Again, go to the Tom Brady site on imdb.

It's just the way I am.

Sorry about the long post, but I wanted to defend myself since you called me out, UV.

bobbyanna said...

Wow! Today is New Year's Eve!!!!UV and Felicia, thank you so much for taking the plunge with this site. It's been lots of fun, and I hope we will enjoy more of the same in the months to come. Felicia, I am SO glad I had the pleasure of your company at TIFF!! A singular experience, eh? (OK. I expected Jake to be a beauty, and to be hot, and he was...but Chris was a total revelation!!!! Gorgeous!)

Can I just say, aside from the collective "Awww!...." of Jake and Reese finding each other, the thing that just gives me the greatest pleasure, is that Reese is so obviously and clearly smitten with our Jake. It shows in almost every single set of pictures I've seen. And he deserves every bit of it. They send out such joyful vibes together it really warms my corny as that sounds. And that she trusts him enough to have him spend time with her kids speaks volumes to me. I am really happy for both of them, but especially for Jake. He is a loved person.
On that note, the happiest of New Years to everyone!

chica said...

I found these set of pics from that day with Jake and Reese and I don't think that the last 3 pictures were posted on their site:

In one it looks like she wants to rub his back! Thanks so much for this blog and Happy New Year to everyone!

mary said...

Did you notice one thing?Jack and Reese are always talking.They are such a cute couple.

FluorescentLamp said...

Nice find, chica! Thanks for that. It looks like Jake and Reese were double-teamed by paps that day - the Reese finger pointing we've already seen but from a different angle.

chica said...

The HQ's are up at IHJ:

I've seen Reese with that scarf before but it aways looked to me like a man's scarf, yeah I know i'm reaching!!

FluorescentLamp said...

Thanks for the head's up, chica!

I have to comment on how matchy Reese always is - even if she's dressed way down. She puts together so well. :-)

suvee said...

Thanks to agent k for the "Penelope" premiere reminder. I had totally forgotten about it. Like you, I am really hoping Reese and Jake will make their first public couple appearance there. They would make a killer red carpet couple!

mary, I have also noticed how much J & R talk and laugh. It's clear that they really LIKE each other and enjoy each other's company and conversation. That's one of the main things that makes me optimistic about their future...... having the hots for each other just isn't enough to build a long term relationship on...... you have to also be friends IMO.

smile said...

Thanks for the IHJ link. Noticed that Jake is wearing two different outfits, must have been two different occasions they were papped.
Big talkers, yes.

Happy, prosperous, healthy and successful New Year for you all and them.

FluorescentLamp said...

smile said...

Thanks for the IHJ link. Noticed that Jake is wearing two different outfits, must have been two different occasions they were papped.

Early in the morning while they were at breakfast he was wearing the blue plaid over his black shirt. By the time they got to Brentwood Country Mart he had taken it off, probably left it in the car. :-)

JP said...

Does anyone have any Hi Res shots of that ring yet? Do we know if it's a diamond or not?

Anonymous said...

Smile: I think at one point he took his jacket off and put it in their car, if you watch the video at one point it looks like they are near a car. Anyway I think it as taken the same day.

Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

jp, all the pics so far of the ring are terrible. Either you can't see the ring for the sunshine, or else it's too blurry, or the angle is all wrong..... not a good situation :(

sass said...

Happy New Year everyone!

Yeah, it's great to see them engaged in so much animated conversation. And on such things do relationships and couples hang.

Not to bring down the mood here--but then how could I-- I'm remembering what President Clinton said to his mother, when she asked him how he could become engaged to that "girl with those coke bottle glasses," when he could have any woman he wanted.

He told her, he had to have someone he could talk to, and with his reported 180 plus IQ, I believe him. Anyway Jake is Extremely intelligent, as is Reese; and so it goes Detective Lieutenant.

For me this blog has been a haven; from something I never anticipated: Those so-called Jake fans calling him a liar, questioning his integrity and calling him out on his new relationship with Reese, by calling it a fauxmance.
I couldn't believe what I was reading, once I was directed, or so should I say I was misdirected, to OMG and WFT and it's taken me this long to make my peace with this situation.

I take my cues now from the happy couple.

Jake and Reese did not have this relationship to promote Rendition. Jake has too much integrity to perpetuate this fraud on his fans. How some of his fans could forget what he's made of is beyond me.

Jake and Reese didn't have this relationship to sex her up???, or straighten him out???, as I have read on some of those so-called Jake love forums.
And NO, he is not having a secret relationship with anyone, male or female, while engaged in an open relationship with Reese. Remember his Integrity? Hollywood be damned. If Jake can't be gay who can?
I refuse to believe, or read articles, or postings, or associate with people, who believe, or state, that he has such low moral character.

Jake is still a youngster, to me, but he clearly has the makings of a righteous man. He knew what making BBM would do to him and for him...and so it happened.

Yet, he didn't forsake his male friends, or pair up with a woman in an attempt to seem heterosexual, nor did he date around, or hang out with shapely starlets. but still he's called out for dating Reese.

I wish Jake and Reese, all the love and happiness that life can bring them. I am their biggest can be attested to by my family, poor darlings:)

Narcissa said...

Awesome post, sass.

FluorescentLamp said...

And so say us all, sass.

Your comment was in no way mood deflating - it was pitch perfect.

Jake and Reese are lucky to have you on their side and we're lucky to have you on this blog! :-*