Sunday, December 9, 2007

Poll time

THANK YOU so much for all the great responses. Sorry if I missed you, but I'll go back and reply, I promise!

Our friends at Pop Sugar, who are mostly Jake-friendly, have some year-end polls running:

Reese and Jake-Their holiday in Rome melted my heart!

Jake and Maggie-They've gotten even cuter as their family continues to grow.

Currently, Jake and Reese are icing the competition, while Jake and Maggie are just behind the Mary Kate and Ashley.

Oh, the humanity!

And thanks to the last "Anonymous" on the previous post for this sighting: Jake, Reese and her kids at the aquarium!

Yesterday, while working at the shark pool at the aquarium, a handsome and bearded man in a baseball cap walked past me for the exit. Normally, I'm not one to swivel my head to watch guys go past, but there was something oddly familiar about this man. And as he passed over my left shoulder, I realized it was Jake Gyllenhall.

I spent a couple of minutes wondering if I'd really just seen Jake Gyllenhall. And then Reese Witherspoon walked in with her kids and eliminated all doubt.

I helped Reese Witherspoon touch a shark.

(Thanks, as always, to IHJ for the pics.)


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to post some observations I have experienced on many Jake blogs and how I feel the best way to react is.

Stay away from certain blogs, just don't go there, it's that simple.
If you cannot help stopping by one of them to see if they have any new Jake sightings then just look and leave. Posting is down on most of these boards and the topic has lost it's legs, when we argue a certain belief that doesn't support their Austin agenda that just feeds them and works to rally them. Let certain forums blog amounst themselves and then we can blog amounst ourselves.

Also, remember every linked blog will spread on the net in minutes, keep in mind that maybe the person who reported the sighting doesn't realize what lenghts some Jake fans will go to get their point across. WFT bloggers will post and bother anyone, they have forced certain unknowing folks to stop blogging because of volume increase as a reaction to their post. My point is that JohnnyLexicon is now an unknowning victim of this, his link is already on at least 4 blogs as I post.

UltraViolet said...

I totally agree on your first two points, anon. I have sworn off those blogs, and I don't engage them here, on their boards or on other boards.

As for the sighting, it's already out there. Once someone posts something on the internet, it's fair game. And he's not a victim of anything so far. I haven't seen any posts harassing the LJer. Hopefully, folks will be mature enough to leave him alone and will be respectful. But news is news, even if it's not important in the grand scheme of things.

I like Johnny Lexicon's observations about celebrity. I hope he doesn't become victim of the phenomenon himself.

bobbyanna said...

Sorry, I forgot to post this in the last thread, but I wanted to say Hi, to "Flourescent felicia!!!" LOL!!!This will be a fun time! I wonder. How does one get close enuf to pet a shark...or even touch one! Guess the reason I'm prolly the way I am is bcz my Ma never did that for me!

FluorescentLamp said...

I wonder. How does one get close enuf to pet a shark...or even touch one!

Very very carefully? ;-)

*waves to bobbyanna*

sass said...

Hi there to you UV and everyone,

Just bounced over; what a perfect way to end my Sunday after enjoying a perfect movie, Juno; a fan sighting of my most favorite actor and his new family.

sass said...

Hi again Sarah,
God I'm daft. I just put together UV and fluorescent. *grin*

And I just read the entire post of the person who spotted Jake with Reese and the kiddos at the shark pool; all I can say is I love how he thinks.

get real said...

UV, thank you for starting this blog!! My online Jake world has dwindled to only the very few sites. I was feeling pretty frustrated at the immaturity, paranoia and utter nastiness in a lot of the supposed fandom and around the internet. :( It means a lot to have this blog as another respectful and mature place for Jake news. :)

Also. appreciate the Jake/Reese SF news.

Btw, if you see my name anywhere else but here and WDW then it isn't me. I mostly lurk at IHJ and DC.

JP said...

So was the author of that blog saying that Jake WASN'T WITH REESE?

S/he seems to suggest seeing Jake and then moments later seeing Reese (BTW, I think they're back in hiding mode). I would hate that myself, if I were out with my girlfriend but couldn't hang out with her. Was he just walking around all alone?

Second, I told you guys that Jake and Reese are a popular couple to the VAST majority of people. In that poll, they destroy their nearest competitors by 50%. They get 20% more than the other four COMBINED.

That was with nearly 7,000 votes cast.

Just an observation, not wishing to cause problems. I think I may have taken my rant a bit too far on the last thread and I apologize for that. I was just venting something I that I believed to be true. This poll confirms what I suspected.

That's all i'm ever going to say about it.

JP said...

Also, is it just me or does Reese seem very "touchy, feely?"

Another observation...

Anonymous said...

I don't think they are hiding, but I do think they realize they are both A-list celebs and going out with the kids in very public places might draw more attention to the children if they are together, so perhaps at times they split up, so the kids can have fun without all the attention. There have been several sightings of them now, so perhaps some photos will surface, I'm sure they will be sold to the tabloids first, by tuesday the photos will appear if they exist.
It did seem to me that perhaps Jake went first to scope the place out, he then got Reese & the kids to check the sharks out, the source doesn't say if Jake was around, but they clearly leave you with the impression Jake & Reese were together with the kids.

I agree with the person who posted the sighting, it must be hard to be a celeb at times, especially with young children who you just want to have a normal life.

get real said...

Just read through the previous thread and also have to thank Felicia for this blog, along with UV!

UltraViolet said...

Wrap up reply from previous post:

Big welcome to gr77, smile, chica and sheba baby. If I left anyone out, my apologies. Post again and yell at me!

gr77: Glad we are all on the same page re: the haters. Let them hate all they want elsewhere.

smile: Thanks for the Manka's update. I remember reading somewhere that Jake went to Marin to meet with the Manka's folks a few months after the fire. I always wondered if he and Chris were going to help them/take it over :)

chica: Thank you for reminding me about Jake Weird. I added it. And places don't have to be Reese-friendly, per se. Just not anti-Jake or anti-J/R.

Also, I'm happy people are getting the fluorescent lamp joke! I still giggle at the name!

FluorescentLamp said...

JP said...

Also, is it just me or does Reese seem very "touchy, feely?"

Another observation...

She does now. Though I guess one would when one dates a touchy feely guy. ;-)

UltraViolet said...

Bobbyanna - you probably touched a lot of sharks when you were in Toronto around all those Hollywood types!

Sass - I also enjoyed the bloggers comments about celebrity and how weird it is to know so much about someone you don't know at all.

And I can't wait to see Juno. The writer, Diablo Cody, who has gotten so much acclaim, posts on a gossip board I lurk on. It's been fun to see her go on this journey.

get real - Welcome! Great to see you. The JakeInternetWorld is vast, but as you say, not welcoming. Glad you feel at home here :)

JP - I understand how one can get out of control when thinking about these things, so no worries! We all get one free rant, how's that? :)

And yes, many people have mentioned how much more tactile Reese is with Jake. Can you blame the woman?

Like anon, I think perhaps Jake went in first to check out the lay of the land, then Reese and the kids waded in. I think it's adorable that they were there together.

la said...

Thanks for posting that picture of Jake and Maggie , I love that one.

I like the idea of the four of them at the Aquarium, although if it's accurate it's a bit sad that he had to leave before Reese and the kids came in.
They're doing normal family stuff, which makes the relationship seem more serious.

BTW, someone on the Net said Reese looks like Kirsten. I don't think so at all,they're both small blondes, but hardly similar in looks. People are strange.

Thanks for posting today. :)

get real said...

Thanks for the welcome, UV! I do feel very at home.

Just saw Juno yesterday and it was really great. Very witty and smart. Excellent performances all around. Ellen Page is awesome as the kick as HS chick who pulls no punches. You feel for each of the characters and there is a warmth, yet a snarkiness that really works. Highly recommend. Also, really recommend No Country For Old Men, Before the Devil Knows Your Dead and The Savages. All excellent films.

lawgoddess said...

The above post was me, didn't finish my name.

UltraViolet said...

Hey LawGoddessBarb - or should we just call you "la" from now on :)

I also don't think Reese and Kirsten look alike. And yay for the picture love. I know some people don't like that photo of the Gyllensibs, but I love it. I love almost all the photos of Jake from that night.

And get real - sounds like you're a movie buff. I have to admit that No Country For Old Men just doesn't appeal to me. But I guess I'll have to see it eventually.

agent_krycek said...

Just found this place - lovely :D

Happy to say, I've finally got myself off the habit of checking certain blogs to see what they say, as someone pointed out, it's a very, very small minority who chose to believe someone with zero credibility in the first place, and now seem to blame Jake for their little dream being shattered *rolls eyes*

With regards the aquarium, I can see Jake leaving first, I'd guess that a picture of Jake with Ava or Deacon is highly sought, plus the immediate 'Jake becoming Dad' 'Jake and Reese about to marry' etc headlines that would accompany it, and it's a situation that Reese wants to avoid, sad if true though.

UltraViolet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
UltraViolet said...

Welcome, Agent Krycek. I'm not sure, but I think that's an X-Files reference. Fluorescent Lamp, aka Felicia, will cringe that I don't know that.

And yes, the truth is out there, though there are so many, many folks who can't accept it ;)