Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jake: The Year in Pictures

People Magazine chose this photo of Jake and Reese as one of its Celebrity Photos of the Year:

What would your selection for Jake or Jake and Reese photo of the year be?

I do know what the photo of the day is - Jake on the Brothers set yesterday. Happy Birthday to us! He looks great.

More year-end plaudits for Jake and Reese! Life and Style proclaims Reese one of 2007's Most Stylish:

Reese Witherspoon: The comeback queen

As cute as apple pie, Reese's dimples, petite frame and blonde locks make her the list's cutest contender.

Her new arm candy Jake Gyllenhaal is SO a good look for her.

And proving that the Brits love Jake, he makes The Guardian's Top 20 Best-Dressed:

12) Jake Gyllenhaal

Winner of "best facial hair" and "hair of the year" for starters. Jake's sartorial attitude is classy with not a jot of try hard.

Yes, effortless is definitely the way I'd describe Jake's style. (Though I'd also put him at 1 and not 12!)

Here's the happy, stylish couple together, in one of my favorite pictures of the year:

So, what are your favorites? (I think this one is the winner, so far.)

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


mclovin it said...

"Winner of "best facial hair" and "hair of the year" for starters. Jake's sartorial attitude is classy with not a jot of try hard."

Clearly this is correct! Jake wears a beard better than anyone else in Hollywood.

FluorescentLamp said...

Uh huh, yes, that pic of Jake and Reese is probably one of my favorites of them as of my favorites where they aren't touching each other. ;-)

bobbyanna said...

flourescentlamp!!!! I also love the last picture. LOL!!! Yeah. The whole series of pictures from the stage of Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto.This one and also the one where they have that "Awww, shucks!!!" look and they have their hands in their pockets. The camera really captures their expressions so well! I giggle when ever I see it. My other favorite from the year is the one in Rome, when they are walking away from us, and she has her hand in his pocket. (sigh.) IMVHO, that is one sexy picture!

bobbyanna said...

Sorry for the double post, but out of twenty people, how in the world did they place Jake as number twelve when it comes to dressing up!

lawgoddess said...

I agree with Bobbyanna, the one with the rear view with her hand in his pocket is a favorite. I have it as a screensaver right now. I also like the pictures with him with his arm curved around her, looking protective. Pushes my buttons.:)

I'm hoping we will see some posed pictures of them soon where they are acknowledging their relationship, not pap pictures. Maybe a premiere, or the Academy Awards?

I haver to say that even though jake looks good with the beard, I prefer cleanshaven or stubble. Why hide beauty behind thick hair? B.

suvee said...

One of my favorite pics is the same Rome photo that bobbyanna likes. Reese's hand tucked in Jake's back pocket, his sweet little kiss on her hair.... that was the picture that confirmed for me how serious (and established) their relationship is.

sass said...

Hi everyone:)
My favorite pics are some of the TIFF pics; even my beloved darling son, who has battled Autistic Spectrum Syndrome all his life, who would kill me for saying this, a nd who has had to learn proper emotional expression from when he was a tot, said to me, looking at their pics, over my shoulder, while I drooled at the computer, "he loves her huh?" Then he saw the Jake with her and family snap from SF on my desktop and says to me, "He want to be a family man huh." Puleeze:)

This is not rocket science; those two adorable cute nerds are so easy to read.

My favorite Jake Reese we are not together poses are posted below. We had read here and there, they'd been dating for a while. I think they were spotted on the FWY this past spring by some enterprising paps...arrrgh. They had some time-line.

So easy to read, my entire family laughed at this pose

Another favorite from TIFF

Jubilant Jake and smiling Reese... are both so so happy and why shouldn't they be

love this reminded me of when I was a wee thing and was carried about on the back..and the front;) of my love

sweet Jake and Reese. one of my fav snaps


another fav pic and loved by People Magazine

Happy couple ready to come out later and stroll the streets of Rome together

tons more pics in my possession...

annie said...

You posted some of my favorite pics Sass! Personally I would have loved to see a pic of 'they danced briefly but divinely', from the Michael Clayton party in Toronto, as mentioned by someone from Time magazine!

Anonymous said...

ok, well here is my wrap-up response to my own question, hehehe!

I watched the Jon Stewart interview (with the City Slickers/BBM joke at the end) in slo-mo on my comp, but the picture's not that great and I have zero hope of ever figuring it out this way. Thank you to sass, get real, suvee, bobbyanna and uv of course for your all your feedback. And bobbyanna, thanks for that enlightening post about the machinations of the talk show circuit.

This concludes my reportage on this subject for the time being. :*

Anonymous said...

Missed a great conversation last night on the previous post.

Here are my favorite J&R Pics.¤t=normal_004.jpg¤t=normal_003-1.jpg

bobbyanna said...

Great pictures, sass!!!! Those hands in their pockets ones are exactly what I meant! LOL!! I love the TIFF pictures. And the Rome pictures.
Well, I am off to battle the hordes of Christmas shoppers, so See you all later!

chica said...

Thanks sass for posting some of my favorites, love the piggy back picture!!

gr77 said...

Jake and Reese are a very stylish couple indeed (I love that their getting some recognition :p)

My favourite pic of theirs is the one in Rome with Jake hugging Reese and looking worried at a pap taking a picture of them.I think it's because Jake looks so protective.

And what can I say about the new pic of Jake on set(finally!!!).This is going to be one sexy movie!!!!

UltraViolet said...

So sorry, folks. My office actually seems to expect me to work today!

Thanks to everyone who posted pics - I love the one where they are smiling at each other in the car. And the "We have a seeecret!" TIFF pics always make me smile. I added the hand-in-pocket one to the post, since it seemed to be a fave.

And annie - god, what I would give for some video of that "brief but divine dance." Sometimes just thinking about it makes me kind of swoony.

UltraViolet said...

Anon, I took my assignment seriously and rewatched the Daily Show segment, but I couldn't decipher what Jake said. I don't think he was angry, though. Just kind of bemused.

Any other video assignments for us??

smile said...

This was the first pap picture of them together, posted on Just Jared. I liked the attached story of the pap, who described exactly how they reacted in the car and how they did it.

LA PAP @ 07/31/2007 at 3:39 pm She picked him up from his crib. Visors down matching sunglasses looking like top gun fighter pilots or cia agents than a couple in love. The couple did not know the photogs was on to them. From observing them driving down Beverly Glen they joked smiled and she even rubbed his head and made him smile like a kid. Other photographs shows that they were very giggly like teenagers in love. At one point he even showcased his shoes which looked like a Chuck Taylor from others clearer photos. This images you can clearly see her looking down at it while he holds it in his hands which you cannot see. If you look closely so can see the top of the shoe, black with red trims. I have 2 in my closet. My partner and I decided to go ahead and go for the shot because during the drive we anticipated that they were heading to her Brentwood home. As elusive as they are it was an apportunity to do what we do best. Capture the moment and that opportunity might not present itself again.
1st Photog went ahead of traffic and timed the traffic light at the corner of Sunset and Beverly Glen. It was also executed again at the next corner west of Sunset at the Bellagio light where tarffic lights are back to back. 2nd Photog feeding the 1st Photog real time info of the location and position of the couple. 1st photog tells the 2nd that the light has turned red and asked for the couples lane position. 2nd photog responded, outside first lane. 1st photog positions on the inside curb 2nd lane. The couple was one car lenght behind the 1st photog and he snaps away. This was done 3 times until Reese spotted the photog. Jake then ducks down never to be seen again until they reaced Reese’s compound. It’s been so many months and the opportunity was right there. Taking the chance and burning the shot was a must. Burning the shot is a Pap lingo for shooting until seen or spotted. After that there won’t be another. Jake returned again the next day at Reese’s Brentwood home at 10;30am and not leaving until mid afternoon.

Here you go Just Jared fans, a play by play by the real people behind these images that you love seeing.

Scary somehow but very detailed, don´t you think.

I, like most of you, love the pic that UV put up now, her with her hand in his pocket, he grabbing her and kissing her on top of her head. Very, very sweet and intimate.

And this one was very interesting to me because of his expression. I did not say anything then, but I still think he is looking at her with a kind of proud togetherness, some kind of "this is my woman" expression, if you know what I mean.

Sorry Felicia for bringing up the nasty, won´t mention it again. And sass your post yesterday was spot on and much more to the point in the end.

get real said...

I find that pap description very creepy and teh details scary. That is why as much as I want to see Jake and Jake/Reese, I would rather they have their privacy. I don't like them stalked or hounded like that.

Despite that, I think the year in pictures is very nice. :)

Chica said...

Sort of OT: Zodiac makes EW best film of the year list at #10:,,20162677_20164091_20167411,00.html

10. Zodiac
Drawn, with meticulous precision, from the actual case files, and shot under dank fluorescence, David Fincher's raptly unsettling docudrama about the hunt for the San Francisco serial killer is a journalistic procedural mystery in the tradition of All the President's Men. Yet it's also an investigation into the obsessive addiction of mystery itself. The killer creates a reign of terror metaphorically evocative of the one we're in now, and as the case gets bounced from one precinct to the next, finally landing in the hands of a cartoonist and amateur sleuth (Jake Gyllenhaal, in an underrated performance), we're trapped in his desire to look the monster in the face — and, more impossibly, to make the monsters go away.

sass said...

Hi again,
Of course I have to post this for gr77; it's one of my favs too:)

Leave us alone NOW...Jake looks at paps and is not happy..assumes male protective that...lucky girl:)..I also love his oral fixation so he can stay quit of ciggies

Smiles, Yes, I do remember reading that sighting report, LMBAO, and Jared's subsequent post.. Like I said, Jake and Reese had been up to absolutely no/some good, since the April Fwy sighting, by either x-17--may they rest in peace--or, which, fortunately for that web site, is run by Harvey Levin, an Atty, who knows better than to name names directly with no actual proof, and will hopefully avoid being sued for 40 Million dollars.

sass said...

Hi Sarah and everyone,
I can't leave:)
finally landing in the hands of a cartoonist and amateur sleuth (Jake Gyllenhaal, in an underrated performance), we're trapped in his desire to look the

Jake is sometimes called underrated and miscast by critics.
One critic called him a reticent actor. I know what reticent means, but as it refers to acting, I'm still not sure, I understand its meaning.

Jake was restrained in his performance in Rendition and praised for it by some critics not praised by others. Some critics don't think much of his lack of histrionics on screen with some of his roles and want more, more, and more , though more of what, I'm sure they don't know.

I have come to prefer Jake's performance in Rendition over Zodiac; it may have legs as times passes, especially with the January DVD release, and after this horror of a war is over, when we Americans, can discuss and evaluate our present Iraq programs and policies honestly and openly with each other.

get real said...

Sass, there is a difference between underrated and miscast of course. I am glad EW said Jake was underrated because it acknowledges that he was better than most critics gave him credit for. I don't agree that he is reticent, which I think means that he is afraid to stretch his abilities. I think Jake knows exactly what he is doing. I agree with you that Jake is restrained and sadly that is harder than it looks and most times goes unnoticed. I really like what Esquire said about Jake. Sorry don't have the exact quote right now. Jake is a much better actor than critics give him credit for. He is pretty amazing when you actually pay attention to his performances.

I'm putting my vote in that I also love the picture of J/R with her hand in his back pocket and him holding her tight and kissing her head. :)

UltraViolet said...

Smile, I remember that JustJared pap report. It's intriguing and repellent at the same time. As get real said, reading it makes you glad Jake and Reese have been able to avoid a lot of that intense scrutiny.

Of course, they haven't avoided it completely. Those car pics taken as they were leaving (allegedly) Jake's parents house and the ones at Madeo were pretty disturbing.

Thanks for the EW link, chica. I saw that earlier and thought it might make a good post. The other EW critic put Zodiac at #5 for the year!

suvee said...

sass, I loved your description of your son's comments about the Jake and Reese pics. Kind of makes you wonder about those "fans" who cannot (or will not) see what is so obvious to the rest of us.

Annie, like you, I would have loved to see photos of J & R dancing divinely (what a wonderful description). Maybe someday we will....

Lastly, the late, great movie magazine "Premiere" (which only exists online now) has named its best films of 2007. Their film critic has "Zodiac" at #7.

UltraViolet said...

Oh suvee, maybe we should hire you ! You reminded me of everything I wanted to comment on.

I loved your description of your son's comments about the Jake and Reese pics. Kind of makes you wonder about those "fans" who cannot (or will not) see what is so obvious to the rest of us.

Yes, sass, that was quite poignant. It must have made you smile to see that you son recognized the emotion so clearly.

Annie, like you, I would have loved to see photos of J & R dancing divinely (what a wonderful description). Maybe someday we will....

Yes, yes, yes - I would so love to see photos or, even better, video of that. The description is so tantalizing and so yummy.

All the Zodiac love warms my heart. I intended to do a post on all that. We'll see if I can get it together.

Thanks sass, annie, suvee and everyone else who commented.

suvee said...

"Oh suvee, maybe we should hire you !"

Yeah, right..... like you and FL need any help. : )
(Just think of me as one of your worker bees.... doing my part to help spread the Jake goodness.)

And I agree, a video of the divine dance would be ideal. Honestly, why can't these magazines and paps be more accommodating to our needs?!

UltraViolet said...

Exactly. And you know if it moved the Newsweek movie critic to describe it that way, it had to be special. It's not like he's a gossip columnist.

Sigh. We'll never see it, which is probably as it should be. But still...