Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Picture Time

Figured we could take a look back at how Jake has celebrated his birthday. Happily for him, but sadly for this post, he's mostly been able to celebrate in private.

But in 2003, he had a big day - getting his car serviced:

And then buying a juicer!

Love the artistic touch. Or maybe the pap just realized that Jake's arms are a work of art! Last year, he went for a bike ride:

We don't yet know how he enjoyed his 27th birthday. Though he does have another distinction to make him proud. From the Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery:

Happy Birthday to Jake Gyllenhaal, one of our Hollywood’s Hottest Looks! For the last two years, our patients have voted Jake as one of the most desired features for eyes and nose they would like to have and we can’t blame them!

Have their patients not seen Jake's lips?

In any case, we hope Jake's birthday was filled with fun, friends and frivolity. And that it left him overcome with happiness:

To many happy returns of the day, Jake!


Anonymous said...

Ok, I know I'm three days late on this, but I want to reference a pic from Monday, the vid of Jakey and Jon Stewart to be exact. I have watched that great clip over and over and over, soooo funny! :D :D they seem really REALLY comfortable with each other :), ....both such funny guys :)

So here's the $64,000 question: after that amazing joke at the end, when Jon pokes fun at our Jake for his first gay cowboy role in City Slickers, Jake cracks up and then appears to be scolding Stewart, and I am just dyin' to figure out what he says there. Has any Jake-ahaalic here been able to read his beee-yooo-ti-ful sensuous lips and figure out what Jake says there? Anybody???

Anonymous said...

I hope Jake had a very good birthday, I think he was probably filming yesterday going by what was posted on IMDB.

I cannot believe that on a couple of sites the picture of Jake, Reese and the children was not even mentioned, as if it did not exist.

JP said...

Who wants to surmise that Jake and Reese have a special rendezvous this weekend?

Why, you ask?

Think about it...

It's Ryan's weekend with the kids. It was Jake's birthday yesterday and, being that it's Christmas week next week, they each probably have the week off beginning this weekend.

Be on the look out for more sightings this weekend.

Just call it a hunch.


P.S. It's even possible that Reese might go to New Mexico. I believe Jake's last day of filming before the break is Saturday. This comes according to a friend of Ray Pruitt, who has a part in the film, and posted it on imdb. Ray is the same Ray of "hairy underwear guy" fame. lol. His scenes are with Jake and Natalie.

Since we know that they've been filming in Los Alamos this past week, well i'm guessing that looking there might be a good start.

Do they have gossip columnists in Los Alamos? lol.

FluorescentLamp said...

I cannot believe that on a couple of sites the picture of Jake, Reese and the children was not even mentioned, as if it did not exist

It's a shame, but some people don't feel Jake's happiness or current romantic relationship is worth writing about. As if it doesn't even exist. How odd.

I loved that picture at the Pier of the four of them posted yesterday. Not for any other reason than it put a finer point on the fact that yes, he was in SFO that weekend, and yes, he did see Reese, and yes he was with Reese and the kids.

Chica said...

I notice the lack of mention on some Jake sites as well. It was mentioned here, IHJ, Gyllenspoon forum their IMDB pages and a few non-Jake sites. Very immature IMO. Jake looks like he is happy, if they were truly his fans, they would be happy for him.

PS: I'm so glad that picture showed up! And I bet it was some fan with a cell phone because if it were the paps, there would be more pictures.

Narcissa said...

"I notice the lack of mention on some Jake sites as well"

Also Lashers at DC. Some brave soul posted the pic but everyone just ignored it. Denial ain't just a river in Hollywood, baby!

UltraViolet said...

Has any Jake-ahaalic here been able to read his beee-yooo-ti-ful sensuous lips and figure out what Jake says there?

I never could understand it. I guess I could watch the clip a dozer, I mean, a few more times and try to figure it out!

I hope Jake had a very good birthday, I think he was probably filming yesterday going by what was posted on IMDB.

Well, according to a totally unverified sighting, Reese was on the Brothers set yesterday.

Could be total BS and fair warning: If you read the comments, you'll see the usual inanity. But it's nice to think she was/is there!

UltraViolet said...

Who wants to surmise that Jake and Reese have a special rendezvous this weekend?

As I posted above, she might be there now. :) Now all we have to do is wait on that bevy of Los Alamos gossip columnists to let us know!

Felicia, chica, narcissa - you are all spot on. I can't figure it out, still but some places prefer to act as if Jake exists in, forgive the metaphor, a bubble. He's trapped in time, circa Jack Twist, and nothing he does can or will change the idea of what they want him to be. So they can't let a little reality intrude.

And not all DCers, thankfully. Just the ones the rule Lashers.

Gabbana said...

I am late as usual but I hope Jake had a wonderful birthday with the ones he loves.

While reading Jakes birthday posts and the threads with the last SF pic with Reese and the kids on non-fan sides it looks like more and more people are accepting Jake and Reese as a pairing, the "usual suspects" are obviously always the same from some certain blogs.

There are pictures of Tobey M. leaving Mr. Chow (?) last night on dlisted and ONTD. Is Mr Chow in LA? Could that mean Tobeys shootings are over at the moment and its Jakes and Natalies turn?

Interesting is that neither Michael K. from dlisted nor anyone of the ONTD posters seem to know that he is apparently filming with Jake. And many people seem to really dislike him.

And thank you Sarah and Felicia for creating a blog where EVERY aspect of Jakes life and work can be discussed... Usually I don´t like to comment on other fans sides but what happens on DC at the moment is really sad. People are pretending that everything is light hearted and fun - but it isn´t. I feel uncomfortable - it is like everyone is walking on eggs trying not to say something wrong. The real fun is gone. What a shame.

Sheba Baby said...

I noticed too that they didn't seem to know that Tobey is filmung a movie with Jake, sites like that seem to be only interested in who he is dating and not anything to do with his career, that's why I love gyllenbabble, it respects Jake and posts about his career and you can discuss Jake and Reese w/o any harrassment.

It's a shame what has become of some places like DC forum (The lashes thread) shocking really. And I agree with you UV that some would prefer that Jake remain trapped in time, he will always be Jack Twist no matter what he does.

He has grown and matured so much ofver the last few years IMO and some refuse to acknowledge that.

PS: I think that Toby isn't neede right now in NM, I read on the IMDB board that someone was looking forward to filming with Jake and Natalie today and tomorrow, no mention of Toby. I think that will be it for filming there until after the holiday.

smile said...

Thanks for the link to the sighting, UV. And I think I know what you wanted to say in your post to me. Thank you and pleasure joining you in GL.
I think it is best to not feed the Ted C cheer-leaders while they are spinning in their little blinder-protected world. If you want to see desperate, google for ViggOrly or some such, you will see, that there are still people out there believing the Ted C BIs about Viggo Mortensen and Orlando Bloom and their hot men-on-men-love. He´s done it before, he will do it again, he caters to his ponies and relies on the friendship of Jake with Austin Nichols. If there should be new pics he will prance, like the ponies he tirelessly feeds to get their hits and their promotion, about their unique love and their still blooming romance and they will buy it hook, line and sinker. It´s absolutely useless to even try to argue with them. These are mindwashed, single-track-minded people, who will repeat like a mantra that Jake is the sad closet case with the Poo-friend, forced by this whip-cracking manager to stay in the closet and Reese is the cold bitch who´s only interested in selling everything she has to the media, her kids included. They pretend to be on a crusade for gay rights, when most of them are only interested in how Jake gets it on with his "poo". There is nothing you can do to change that. Just let them be.

Mary said...
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FluorescentLamp said...

Smile, thanks for the post.

LOL, you just mentioned about 10 things in that post I had hoped would never make their way to this blog. ;-DD

It's all good though.

get real said...

Hope Jake had a great day yesterday! Hope that sighting, thanks UV, is true and that Reese helped him celebrate! :)

JP said...

Wow, did I call it, or did I call it?

I don't mean to brag, but wow. I impress myself sometimes. I just made that all up. I just guessed that she'd go out to see him, given the other information I provided. I guess I'm two for two now, huh? First Nashville for Thanksgiving and now this.

You know what I thought of yesterday (because I am a loser and spend time 'ruminating' about such things)? I think since Reese is in New Mexico and Jake is filming these next couple of days with Ray Pruitt (this information came courtesy of his friend who posted it on imdb). Maybe Ray Pruitt will write about it in his blog (the address to which I can not remember --- but remember it being linked to on this site). I believe there was a comments section and maybe we could ask him some questions about Jake and Reese. Perhaps, if we're lucky, he may be obliged to answer those questions. Just a thought.


Personally I think the whole "Jake is gay" gang are losing their clout. I read those comments and only four or five of them insinuated that he was gay and four of the posts were written by the same two people.

Everyone was jumping all over them for their stupidity. I think they are losing their resonance --- fast. The echo chamber now seems to favor a Reese/Jake union.

JP said...

shelbababy and gabbana,

The fact that they didn't know that Tobey was filming a movie just goes to show how stupid and uninformed those websites actually are, and why you should take anything they write with a huge grain of salt.

I mean not only is it obvious that they have absolutely no sources to speak of...they're also too lazy to do even a simple google search, which would give you all the information you need.

get real said...

Well, as much as I would like more people to acknowledge the Jake/Reese relationship I am glad this new picture wasn't all over the gossip sites. They are so cruel and nasty and I would rather their relationship be respected and not gossip fodder.

Sheba baby, I do agree that it is really unfair how some people want Jake to be in a bubble (no pun intended, lol) and only be Jack Twist or act they way he did at that time. Like who he is now isn't okay?!? And man is it frustrating that some of these stupid blogs don't even get their facts that Tobey is filming a movie, with Jake, Natalie, etc.

While I am happy that Reese is probably in NM, I wouldn't ask Ray Pruitt about them. He is there to work and asking him about working with Jake would be very cool. I think asking him about Jake and Reese would be a bit invasive. JMO.

twofold said...

New HQ pics of Jake on the set of "Brothers" on IHJ. He has a neck tattoo. He looks good! Love the blog UV and Sarah!!! You both do such a great job...thanks so much!!!

twofold said...

Oh I forgot to say also it is winter gear Jake that look on him also like you. I find him so hot looking with the ski cap on and bundled up for some reason. It must be pretty cold there too as the girl in the pics with him is also wearing a winter coat.

UltraViolet said...

Hey Gabbana - good to see you!

And thank you Sarah and Felicia for creating a blog where EVERY aspect of Jake's life and work can be discussed

Thanks for the thanks : ) Like you, I don't like to get into dissing other places. I spent many a happy moment on DC. But as you and sheba have pointed out, it is so weird there, as if this whole aspect of Jake's life isn't happening.

And it is like walking on eggshells. I hope people don't have to do that here. With the exception of the nonsense that smile mentioned. All of that is stuff I don't want to read about. That's my own little bubble, I guess. But we get so much of that other places, I don't need to see it here.

Though as many of you have mentioned, there does seem to be a growing acceptance of Reese and Jake. Fingers crossed.

sass said...

Well Gabbana, I don't walk on eggshells over there, but I am uncomfortable posting Jake/Reese pics, so I've quit doing it until the forum changes...and it will change...they all do over time.
Many of us have all ready moved, to blogs and forums, less hostile to this pairing. .

I saw the pic of Reese Jake and her children in SF, in the Eye candy section of, where Steph usually posts her new pics, before she posts them to her media site, but I chose not to post it to on Lashers.
If the old Jake & Reese thread was still up, I probably would have posted it, but I can take a hint. Especially after one of my fav male posters over there, said that he would never post or visit the old Jake/Reese thread. Some fans there just don't like them together; period.

I am sorry this schism happened on my favorite thread, but I've been through this before on other forums; most recently, with Russell Crowe, when he was wanted by many many women over a certain age, back in 2001-2001.

His hookup with Meg Ryan blew the roof off one of my favorite forums, and the awful things they said about his present wife for no reason, I can't post.
I always thought Russell, read those awful posts about his present wife...he like Johnny Depp reads his forums...and they turned him against his female fan base.
He began top call us names, fat;)which some of us were,and other not so nice names. So he lost 90% of his female fan base, reflected in his BO numbers, but he could care less.
I hope Jake doesn't know what his so-called fans are saying about Reese; I would hate to loose his affection.
I think from his "Reese sure can grow a great beard" comment in an interview, that Jake knows some of what's being said about her, and that must be a little sad for him and it has to change his how he feels about some of his fan base.

Just goes to show ; those who want acceptance by Mainstream Anerica can be as mean and as small-minded as anyone else in this harsh world. Folks are folks, never forget it; I did forget it for a while in my zeal to right the wrongs as it were, but never again.

UltraViolet said...

JP, I think a few of us hoped Reese would show up on set :) I'm still waiting for that pic!

Get real, I'm with you. I hate reading the mockery of Jake and Reese, so it was almost a relief not to see the pic everywhere.

And twofold, thanks for the link! Jake looks great. Winter gear, tight jeans what more could one ask. Oh, a neck tattoo! Off to look again.

UltraViolet said...

Hey Sass - you posted in between my posts. I'm so happy you haven't given up on DC. I do often wonder how much Jake knows or cares to know of what people say about him. Sometimes, I hope he doesn't even own a computer.

(Though of course we know he does!) And since he does, I do hope he knows that not everyone out there is delusional or judgmental about his choices in life.

bobbyanna said...

I enjoy this blog SO much. Sadly, there are only two places I feel comfortable posting anymore. Your right. There's a definite air of false gaiety on one site in particular.

I, too, was very sad to see how Jake and Reese with the kids, were ignored on the pier. I agree with what you all have said about it. But when you think about it, I know, based on recent history, you didn't really expect anyone to say, they looked comfortable together. Or that this must be a real important relationship. I mean, this woman is working on location in SF. Her kids come up to see her. Time is at a premium. So it ought to be pretty clear that Jake must be a real important part of their lives if he shares this time with all of them.

I did see that someone cropped the picture to only show Jake's crotch.
Now that IS sad.

get real said...

Damn, that picture of Jake onset of Brothers is great! Can't wait for rough Jake, with neck tat and all! So sexy!!

I'm just really greatful for this blog and that it is a place to appreciate and celebrate Jake and Reese as well as a respectful and interesting place to talk about Jake's career, life, etc. Sad that other places aren't like that. Although, I have always appreciated and lurked at DC.

Bobbyanna, what picture are you talking about that was cropped to show Jake's crotch? That really is ridiculous.

suvee said...

"All of that is stuff I don't want to read about. That's my own little bubble, I guess. But we get so much of that other places, I don't need to see it here."

UV, it's my little bubble, too. I have zero interest in hearing about the hateful and/or delusional Jake and Reese comments on other sites. I could not possibly care less what those people think.

Now, let's contemplate how freaking HOT Jake looks in those "Brothers" photos. There's something quite sexy and alluring about a "good" boy with a tattoo. :)

I hope this movie is as good as I think it will be. Jim Sheridan and the 3 lead actors certainly have an abundance of talent.... I'm expecting great things.

sass said...

Hi UV...great minds, eh?
Oh bobbyanna...NO! Not the cropprd crotch shot again:(
Well, UV I hope I can find a forum...hint hint hint... can post Jake pics again. Thanks for the new Gyllenhaal Gallery site...I am duty bound to post him everywhere.

The new photo-shoot pics are gorgeous...are these the rejects...Damn he's so fine:)
Jake is gggorgeous

and more gorgeous

More gorgeous Jake if I may

and even more gggorgeousness.

Jake Jake Jake...TY Sarah...hinthinthint

sass said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bobbyanna said...

Hi, get real. If you go look at pages 400 -409, I believe, and it isn't as lengthy as it sounds bcz there are tons of pictures posted to celebrate the b'day boy, you will see it. Someone posted the pier picture, and a few posts later someone else cropped it.

Jake looks scruffy and tough in the pictures from the set of Brothers. All badass! I think this will be quite a role for him.

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea: why don't all of us who love Jake and his integrity take a page out of his book, and refrain from posting about, do not mention, discuss, vent about, or otherwise give life to and free press about all the bullshit negativity that we all agree that we dislike intensely? I refuse to even name it, I think you can all figure out what I am referring to. BS pretty much describes it in a nutshell.

Why not just push those subjects right out of the orbit of this blog, and STOP TALKING ABOUT THE BS???

I asked a question in the first post, and for some reason my question was ignored by all but one person, thank you UV for giving your answer. Why is that question beneath everyone's interest? I realize that the Jon Stewart show was a while ago, but given that Jake has made it known how he feels about all the lame-o BBM jokes, I am interested in knowing what he said to Jon Stewart there.

That joke of Jon Stewart's: "....technically, BBM, not your first gay cowboy movie." was sooo fn funny, cute, IMO THE BEST, most harmless but apropos BBM joke I have ever heard. For me it comes across with zero bad karma, just a fun funny lighthearted joke. And I'd like to think Jake appreciated it as such, although he seems to be scolding JS in spite of what a cute harmless joke it was. Anyway I hope that Jake took the joke all in good fun, and I am never gonna stop wondering just what his words to JS were there. And btw UV, I have tried watching it (way more than) a dozen times, and it feels like I can just about make out what he's saying, but not quite.

(Here are a couple of my guesses: dog!.....
..... not supposed to.....)


get real said...

Bobbyanna, thanks for the info. Such an unnecessary thing to do, imo.

Anyway, OMG Sass, those pics are so stunning! And I am LOVIING badass, tattooed Jake in Brothers! Makes me all excited!! ;p

get real said...

9:43 PM, you are right. We should all keep this place loving and supportive. As for your question, I have wondered that myself. Of all the jokes and such, I think Jon's was really harmless. Jon and Jake have a wonderful chemistry and genuine affection for each other. Seems Jake was just saying "wow, you had to go there, lol". :)

sass said...

Sorry anon,
I watched that clip a long time ago but I will watch it again for you:) I was can never able make out a word of what he said...but research calls:)
JOn and Jake have been going at each other Since October that is a really cute video...I'll hunt it up...Jake young, confident, and gggorgeous.

Off to and Handsome Jake.

back ASAP!

UltraViolet said...

I love the discussion going on guys! And I agree with the general principle of avoiding discussion of The Negativity. We have to be realistic and know that it will creep in. Sometimes people have to vent. But as much as possible, I'd love to keep us Them-free :)

I did see that someone cropped the picture to only show Jake's crotch.

To be fair, and I don't know why I try, because the same courtesy is rarely extended, I think the pic was cropped just to show the old, (in)famous jeans. The bonus is that it was a clever way to crop Reese out and make a point.

Still, the fact that that was the only comment, such as it was, on the picture, tells the real story.

Can't wait for rough Jake, with neck tat and all! So sexy!!

Now we're talking! I don't know if I can wait!

suvee said...

"Why not just push those subjects right out of the orbit of this blog, and STOP TALKING ABOUT THE BS???"

Anon 9:43, I feel exactly the same way.... I just never was able to express it quite as succinctly!

Like you, I would love to know what Jake was saying to John S. after the "City Slickers" joke. I assumed it was a good natured (because I really get a friends vibe from them) chiding for subjecting him to yet another lame gay cowboy joke.... kind of Jake's benign way of getting his point across that enough is enough.

UltraViolet said...

JOn and Jake have been going at each other Since October Sky.

Sass, you know that cold be taken the wrong way ;) That's quite an image!

And are you telling me you like those Jake pics? I love the second one especially.

And hi Bobbyanna - I think I missed you in my blatherings.

So now we all have our assignment - watch the video over and over. Such a chore...

Anonymous said...

Wowie, now that's some response! :D I am not gonna give up on this, no matter how many years it takes! ;) Like I said, it feels like I'm almost there, but not quite. I think he says two sentences, (I'm going by memory here, it's been about five days since I watched my tape of all the interviews of 2007) Unfortunately my VCR does not do slo-mo, I bet that would help to decipher..... Or if only I knew a lip-reader.... hahhaha thanks you guys!

Yeah, I do think they are friends, well who could not be friends with Jakey if he let you in to his circle. BTW Jon Stewart is 20 years older than Jake....

And the earlier interview he did with JS, that's on the Daily Show archives, and I think Stephanie might also have it, not sure. Wow, talk about a good interview! "I only want to work with icons." what a smart boy/man!!

How many of you noticed what Jakey's doing with his umm, how shall I put this? - well his lower half, if you get my drift *evil eyes * *drool* hehehe

bobbyanna said...

I agree, get real. I think Jake's reaction to Jon was along those lines.When an actor is doing promotion for a movie, there are ground rules. Either a specific request or an understanding the discussion will focus on the new movie. Maybe the PR people asked that there be no BBM jokes. It's over, it's in the past, etc. And of course the host/producers agree. This also happens when a celeb has "difficulties." Publicists will tell the host's producer ahead of time, a certain subject is off limits...unless you like to talk about your scandals, like Lindsay, Paris, Nicole and Britney. So there are definitely ground rules. If a talk show host breaks rules they have already agreed to follow, they run the risk of not only losing a particualr guest long term, but if the publicist is powerful enough, they might also lose other guest opportunities as well. I think the publicists really earned their pay when Jake and Reese were doing promotion for Rendition.One thing Ive noticed:some very skilled celebrities know how to "run the clock." It's easier in a live TV situation than one that is pre-taped. There's only so much time. If you talk too long about one thing, you avoid talking about other things. So while all the talk about poisonous toads, and parents going commando is very amusing, and fun, there is also a reason why Jake comes prepared with funny stories. It is his way of controlling the interview. I think Reese and Jake have good people working with them, and they seem very disciplined as far as how they handle media and message. They also follow a good rule, which is when asked a direct question, don't lie. And they didn't.

UltraViolet said...

Despite all the finger-pointing and whining, I maintain neither Jake nor Reese ever lied about their relationship or their status. They evaded, joked or refused to answer. And no one can point to a credible instance of deception.

Wowie, now that's some response!

The power of the Jake! Thanks for keeping us on track of the important things, anon :)

UltraViolet said...

Don't want to cut the discussion short - please bring it on over to the new post :)