Monday, December 17, 2007

Jake Gyllenhaal - The Pickup Artist

Jake is a sporto. We all know it. We all love him for it. Today's blog will touch on Jake's love of the pickup game.

Some of the pickup games might be impromptu one-on-ones.

Sometimes one-on-mini-ones.

Or maybe a more organized two-on-two.

(I love the flavor of shooting pics through a 10' tall chain link fence; adds to that whole paparazzi experience.)

Other times Jake's pickup games come in the form of a challenge to a talk show host.

I've also read some great accounts of Jake's prowess, or some might say, his roughness, on the court, for example:

this morning I was playing in a pick up basketball game around 11, on the venice beach back court. Anyways, it was a 5 on 5 full court and Jake Gyllenhaal was on the other team. I am new to this site, but I found it because I was impressed by his height. I thought he was short, but he was the tallest on the court. Around 6'1, no shorter than 6.05. Also, he was playing really rough. It was surprising, but he was shoving a shorter defender around on offense and on D he was pushing through picks and cursing at people.

The above comes from the oh-so-humorous site -

And oh how I envy those at the College of Santa Fe who were at the gym at just the right time last week after Jake returned from SFO and wanted to have a pickup game. They are the luckiest of all.

i went to the gym last night to play basketball with some friends, we played a pretty amazing game of five on five. my team = me, jenica, shannon, nick, nate. the vs. team? jake gyllenhaal, tobey maguire, their trainer, executive producer, and a set guy. (with a brief appearance by natalie portman). bottom line: i have jake gyllenhaal sweat on me. i'm never taking a shower ever again.

Whether he's playing one-on-one, two-on-two or five-on-five it sounds like Jake is always bringing his A-game to the court. I wouldn't expect anything less.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Janice.

All pics courtesy of the Amazing IHJ 2006/2007 Collection.


UltraViolet said...

Okay, I know I should let our readers post first, but this post kills me. One-on-mini-ones is classic! Oh, how I love those pics of Jake and Chris that day, especially the ones of Jake with the little kid.

And that Celebrity Height site has always cracked me up. It makes me feel better about my/our own obsessive little corner of cyberspace. I mean, really - arguing about how tall people are?!

And the through-the-fence picture reminds me of the Gilded Moose's paparazzi art series.

Man, I used to love that place, but it's gone downhill.

Finally, the sighting. How excited would you be to be challenged to a pick-up game of b-ball by Jake G-haal?

Hey, Jake, I was the MVP of my CYO team. Call me!

suvee said...

"Also, he was playing really rough. It was surprising, but he was shoving a shorter defender around on offense and on D he was pushing through picks and cursing at people."

Oh yeah... a little of that badass Jake!

Love this post! Those blue shirt NYC bball photos just do something to me (it might involve actual drooling). I would not spend $50 to go to an NBA game, but watching Jake play a pick up game.... priceless.

Thanks, FL..... now I can go to bed happy.

FluorescentLamp said...

I hope in some little way this post will create some sweet dreams for you, suvee. The kind where you wake up with a smile on your face. ;-)

sass said...

The celebrity height site has me on the floor nearly PMP. It's good to know I'm not alone; there are others out there experiencing their own personal brand of weirdness and totally enjoying themselves too.

I fell in love, with the mini-pickup pics, when I first saw them on iheartjakemedia, and now I'm sitting here, oohing and aahing over them again. Jake is so cute helping that precious tot with his basketball.

Is it any wonder Reese cares for and maybe even loves Jake? Children make most divorced moms, starting to date again, look for a man who is good with and loves children...that is if they have ever have the energy to start dating again. *grin*.

As for washing up after playing BB with Jake, that person expressed my sentiments exactly. Love me, love my played Basketball, with Jake G. two months ago never been washed since hands.

lawgoddess said...

Jake likes to play rough? I may need a little lie-down to contemplate that.:)

How lucky that person in New Mexico was! Serendipity.

Love this blog.Great job by both of you. B.

UltraViolet said...

Hey, suvee, I am trying not to dwell on the image of Jake pushing and swearing his way through defenders. Yum.

And I love your MasterCard ad parallel. Hope you're having sweet dreams!

UltraViolet said...

Sass, I know, that site is, pardon the pun, the height of absurdity! As felicia has assured me, Jake is definitely 6', so I just laugh at the controversy.

Like you, I just adore the pics of Jake with the little boy. And I do think/hope he is as good with Reese's kids as he seems he would be.

I have been assuming it's love between Jake and Reese. We have no way of knowing, but I hope she loves him. He deserves it!

I bet Reese likes it when Jake works up a sweat, too!

UltraViolet said...

Oops - almost missed your post, LGB! I love the word serendipity!

Jake likes to play rough?

Five little words, but oh, the power!

Hope your lie-down was satisfying ;)

sass said...

It's nearly 0100, but I had to come back and tell you that GyllenBablle, The Pickup Artist, just fell into my mailbox, via Jake Google alert:)

It was great fun reading it all over again.

sass said...

You know, I hope she loves him too. He seems the lonely type without a companion, unlike some dudes who are busy being players.

I'm never going to sleep. I just made an iheartjake drive by and saw some Jake/Kiki in London pics posted from 2003, back before he made BBM, and was assumed by some people to be gay. Kiki was just his girlfriend, not a so called beard, Reese's new description by some miscreants. There is still so much work to be done

Jake Kiki London romance

agent_krycek said...

There are some gorgeous pictures of Jake and Kiki in London, including a hysterical one of him on a bike, braving the London traffic and another of Kiki attempting to stuff at least half the produce from an allotment in her mouth, whilst Jake looks on ever so concerned :D

Thanks for those BB photos, the ones of him with that beautiful little tot are precious, IIRC there's a video that goes along with it, I think there was an ad or something being filmed just beside him and Chris.

bobbyanna said...

Love these basketball pics!!! Those pictures with the little boy are priceless...and so are the ones with Hottie Chris. Like LGB, I'm strangely affected by the description of Jake, "playing rough!" The mere idea has me sitting here fanning myself! If by some miracle, I got Jakey's sweat on me...from playing basketball, I'd check to see if there was enough DNA to clone him!

Thank goodness for the sweethearts at IHJ! Their photo archives have helped many of us to get thru these "dry spells."

I thought those biking pictures from London were hilarious, too, Agent Krycek!! I think he was riding some kind of collapsible bike? The kind that folds up.

Chica said...

I always loved these series of pictures of Jake and Chris and the one with Jake and the little boy just melts my heart, sigh. Thanks for posting!

agent_krycek said...

I've just had a look at that Celeb Height site, it's really bizzare - and strangely addicitive, nearly posted that Jake appeared about 4' shorter then Jonathan Ross, who's known to be 6'4 :o *worries about self*

UltraViolet said...

Hey, we made it - we're in Sass's inbox! Hee. It does give me a kick still to see us come up in search. Yes, I need a life...

I've always adored that set of Jake/Kirsten pictures from London. It's sad that people need to try to invalidate years of happiness and love in order to promote their own agenda.

Agent K, I remember that video. I probably even have it saved somewhere. If only I organized my Jake stuff!

UltraViolet said...

I think it's official - the Jake/tot basketball picture is the Most Adorable Picture Ever.

If there were a puppy or a kitten involved, we'd be dead of cuteness overload!

And yes, hosannas to IHJ for keeping us hapy through the Jake dry spell.

I've just had a look at that Celeb Height site, it's really bizzare - and strangely addicitive, nearly posted that Jake appeared about 4' shorter then Jonathan Ross, who's known to be 6'4 :o *worries about self*

Ha! I have had that exact same reaction to posts there, Agent K. And to posts on other, shall we say "less fun" sites. It's usually best not to engage, but I totally understand the impulse.

gr77 said...

The pic of Jake and the little kid is too cute for words!!
So are the pics of Jake and Kirsten.They were such a cute couple and I'm glad they remained friends.

I love the sighting of Jake and Toby at the gym.With all the training these guys are doing I'm convinced we'll see two pretty hot brothers on screen!!!

gr77 said...

Sorry for the double post but there's a poll at popsugar about favprite celeb mom:

Please vote as much as you can because Reese is behind Angelina Jolie at the moment and I hate that (I admit that I can't stand saint Angelina :p)

UltraViolet said...

I voted, gr77, but she's trailing Jennifer Garner now. I think they are friends, so maybe Reese wouldn't mind losing to her!

And yeah, it seems like the only sightings of Jake in santa Fe have been at the gym. I know where I'd be hanging out if I lived there. And, you know, if I were a stalker. Which I'm totally not.

UltraViolet said...
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