Monday, December 10, 2007

Cleanliness is next to godliness

Or in this case, two places away:

Soccer star David Beckham scored higher than Cambridge cutie Matt Damon by a mere 2 percent margin to win SoCal Cleanse's "Cleanest Celebrity" award, according to SoCal Cleanse's website.

The detox denizens asked readers to vote for the "Cleanest" female and male celebs, as well as the "Dirtiest," and released the results over the weekend.

The British kicker got 28% o the vote, while Damon racked up 26%.  "Jarhead" hunk Jake Gyllenhaal came in third, followed by Matthew McConnaughey and Zac Efron, respectively.

Any list that ranks McBongo on the clean side is automatically suspect.  What were they thinking?  I mean, come on - just look at these pics.  Leaving aside any dirty thoughts they might inspire, have you ever seen an actor more devoted than Jake Gyllenhaal when it comes to keeping us happy and himself clean?

(Pics courtesy of IHJ)


Anonymous said...

No 3, I don't think they read his interview where he says he showers 3-4 times a day.

get real said...

UV, from the previous thread, yes I am a total movie buff. I think you (and most people here) will love Juno. As for NCFOM, yeah it is not an easy movie. But it is extremely well done and has fantastic perfomances from Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones. It is already getting awards.

Jake and showers are ALWAYS a good thing! ;) But McBongo?!?! WTF?!?! The man can look like a homeless Yeti. No comparison to Jake's cleanliness. ;p

gr77 said...

Just to comment on the previous thread,I love the new Jake,Reese and kids sighting.I don't know why but the thought of Jake hanging out with Reese's kids warms my heart.

This new poll must be the most ridiculous ever (I can't immagine what they will think of next!!:p).
I don't think you can really tell how clean or dirty someone is just from his appearance (for example many people seem to think Kirsten and Sienna are dirty because of their rock chic look).
I am surprised however that Zac Efron has made the list of most clean.He seems just the opposite to me (maybe it's because of the heavy make-up and tons of hair gel he uses :p)

Anonymous said...

And another poll

Who's the best dramatic actor of 2007.

Jakes in last at the moment.

agent_krycek said...

McBongo always looks like he'd smell slightly of stale burgers to me ???

Jake, even when looking beardy and scruffy, always looks like he'd smell lovely - hence one of the most popular questions to those who've been lucky enough to meet him 'What does he smell like'

P.S. Yes, Ultra Violet, it's an X Files reference, or more particularly a reference to my fav character and a long term crush on the actor Nick Lea - and thanks for setting up this lovely place :D

Mondavi said...

Woot honey, just catching up. I love your blog so far and have it on my favorites to check on. You know how much I *adore* Jake and Reese together.



lawgoddess said...

Jake has always struck me as someone who is "in to" personal hygiene, you seldom see him looking scruffy, although there are a few exceptions ( the infamous owl shirt :)).

Great photos.

I am glad to see you are previewing comments, it is your blog with a particular point of view and we don't need another place to fight the Jake Wars.

I do hope that this can be a positive and upbeat place, celebrating Jake's goodness. I understand people's hurt feelings, but I want to move forward and not bash other places and rehash past events.

Just my two cents, of course.

Thanks for the great update. B.

lawgoddess said...

Need to clarify, maybe you are not previewing comments, I thought I saw a message that said that, but it appears I was wrong.
In any event, the people who are negative about Jake or want to "use" him have other places they can be.

My philosophy- " Girls just wanna have fun- with Jake." :)

gr77 said...

Thanks anon for posting the new poll.
I voted for Jake because I think he was amazing in "Zodiac" and because ,while I appreciate the talent of the rest of the actors,I'm not really a fan of any of them (except maybe Casey Affleck who I loved in "Gerry).
However,how could they not include actors like Bardem or D.D.Lewis in this poll ??!!!

bobbyanna said...

I composed an excellent post for the last thread but then I "Oops'd!"
So very quickly, I really want to see Juno and Atonement. (Ellen Page was incredible in Hard Candy with Patrick Wilson!)I think the movies that will generate awards season buzz that I haven't seen yet are Eastern Promises, NCFOM, Things We Lost in the Fire, Into The Wild, and Sweeney Todd. I'm holding out hope for both Rendition and Zodiac. I felt Rendition was seriously underrated.
Lot of very dark films out this year, with lots of violence.

Once upon a time, in another blog, there was a person who posted regularly about the fact that there should be a clause in all Jake's contracts that he BE SEEN to shower regularly, and often, in all his films. I LOVE the pictures of Jake in his swimming trunks, washing the sand off in the outdoor shower. I think those were in Hawaii.The other series I love is the "Baseball Game/Green shorts" series...where he really needs a shower. I heard him say "3 or 4 times a day..." but he had to have been exaggerating...wasn't he?

ROTFLMAO, Agent Krychek! "...slightly...stale burgers..."

bobbyanna said...

I voted for Jake at buzzsugar! I saw Yuma and American Gangster. Excellent films. Definitely not "best performances" for any of the three guys...and I like them all. I also saw Michael Clayton and 300. Again, excellent work, but not worthy of a "buzzsugar" award of excellence. It's really tough, but ya do whatcha gotta do!

Since you posted these pictures, UV, I've been doing a LOT of thinking...I like the Jarhead shower scene(s) best of all!

UltraViolet said...

Holly! Yay - welcome! I'm glad you have a place to check for all the Jake tidbits. And I hope we get a new one soon.

So I had the day off and have managed to waste it all and now have to get ready for my work holiday party. While attempting smal talk, I'll flash back to these shower images to get me through the awkward pauses.

Though I guess it might create more, with what I'm liable to blurt out!

Glad you all enjoyed them, too. And Bobbyanna, I assume you've seen the essential frontal Jarhead pics?

I will also be giggling about McBongo smelling like stale burgers. I think that's the perfect description, Agent K!

As for comment moderation - we haven't done it, and I'm not expecting to. But I won't let this place turn into a troll fest, so we'll be vigilant.

See you all later tonight!

smile said...

Will certainly go and see Juno and love Joe Wright, he´s cool and funny, so I´m sure I´ll love Atonement. He can teach us some about remaining cool. When he had to face the P&P hardliners, he told them to "go jump in a lake". Sorry, that was OT.
Read somewhere that McBongo (can´t really spell the name right) is obsessed with brushing teeth. Maybe that counts too?
I liked Zodiac in it´s complexity, but honestly, I think it won´t get a lot of nominations, because it´s demanding attention while watching, doesn´t offer easy solutions and has no nerve wrecking fight-scenes and no happy ending. You know, not exactly what the average movie-for-distraction person wants. Could be wrong though, at least I hope so.

Well, I´ve seen some sharks, and must admit that I did not want to touch them, these are archaic creatures, and while I would not want to hurt them, I would not love to touch them either. I like their unassuming way of keeping the kids entertained, but think it´s sad that he had to go ahead of them, so that no pics could be made or buzz could be prevented.

Have no idea if Jake and Chris ever went back to Manka´s UV, but can well imagine they did. These two can surely be as low key as he and Reese and I would think they kept their word, if they gave it.

bobbyanna said...

UV, of course I saw "The Scene" from Jarhead. I own Jarhead, and there are certain parts of it I study a LOT. That Sam Mendes! Whatta guy!

On the aquarium outing, what think is sad, is that Jake and Reese have to team up to insure the kids aren't disturbed. Bcz it really is about the kids, not them. I remember the infamous Halloween video, if I'm not mistaken, Reese walked right into the cameras talking, telling those guys to turn off the cameras, etc. She was deliberately engaging them, but way in the background, it seemed to me that Jake had taken Deacon's hand and was leading him in an opposite direction, away from all the commotion. It was done very smoothly and discretely and with no fuss at all from Deacon. I just think Jake and Reese have it down to a science where those kids are concerned. And that IS sad. But necessary. I admire Jake a lot. I think he is the kind of person who has no problem putting his own wants aside for other people.

suvee said...

Regarding Jake & the kids..... thinking about that Halloween video and Jake's taking care of Deacon. I remember seeing some pap pics of Jake, Maggie and Peter out for a stroll w/ Ramona when she was quite young. I think the pics were taken in LA. Anyway, I was quite struck by Jake's palpable "protector" stance. He and Atticus were walking in front of the others, almost literally shielding them from the paps. And he had a pretty serious "don't mess with us or my big German Shepherd and I will get you" expression on his face. I think he feels the same about Ava and Deacon..... he will do all he can to protect them.

lawgoddess said...

Suvee, I've noticed Jake out in front of his parents on occasion too. I think he is naturally protective, and also maybe feels like his sister wouldn't have been hounded by paps when she was pregnant if it weren't for him? I'm guessing she would have a much more private life if it weren't for him.

I'm just speculating, of course, who knows? but his body language says a lot.

suvee said...

LG wrote:
"I think he is naturally protective, and also maybe feels like his sister wouldn't have been hounded by paps when she was pregnant if it weren't for him? I'm guessing she would have a much more private life if it weren't for him"

Great observation. I had never really thought how Jake's celebrity might "bleed" over in less than good ways, especially as it impacts Maggie. I agree with you that being Jake's sister probably lessened her privacy more than it would have without that connection. OTOH, look what a great uncle her daughter has! : )

bobbyanna said...

Maggie at least understands that fame and a certain loss of privacy is part of the down side of her professional choices with or without Jake. (When Secretary came out, Jake was still Maggie's little bro and not a household name at all.)

I recall that she said she loved the low budget, indie movies she did, but she wanted people to see her films and enjoy them, bcz that's the point of making a movie.Batman TDK isn't going to help her maintain a low profile. Neither is being an underwear model.

But The Jake Factor is also part of it. His parents, Maggie, Peter and Chris have certainly been affected to varying degrees by his growing celebrity. And yes. In some cases it bothers him a lot, I think. Especially when "civilians" are affected.

Reese had to contend with this stuff for many years. She is a realist, I think, and while she gets frustrated, angry, exasperated with it, she also deals with it much better than most. Another reason why I'm kind of glad they found each other. I think they really give each other a lot of support and deal with stuff intelligently.

Anonymous said...

Another sighting in San Francisco

" Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal were at A16 on Thursday, where a spy says they were "kissing and eating."

-- The reason Vince Vaughn's been seen around town - as well as Witherspoon - is that they're filming "Four Christmases." Mark Russell encountered them the other night shooting near the Transamerica Pyramid, totally floodlit for its close-up. "

So now there are at least 4 sightings in San Francico.

Chica said...

It sounds like Jake is back in New Mexico. The visit to SF was just for the weekend!

Anonymous said...

That's true they are filming at the CSF, but I'm not so sure he is back in New Mexico.

This is from IMDB on 12/9
"I go to the college, we have big productions film here all the time because our sound stage is the best in the state. No Country For Old Men filmed here, Employee of the Month filmed here. I was on set with Tobey all-day yesterday. A little later theyre going to film outside of ABQ and later in Taos. The Taliban camp is in ABQ and the heli crash is in Taos. We filmed the heli being hit with rockets yesterday and it was epic."

It's possible that Tobey is the only one of the leads present on set right now, since the focus seems to be on his role. But then again they could have finished that on Sunday.

No photos for San Francisco so far, which is good for them.

Anonymous said...

"No photos for San Francisco so far, which is good for them."

Yes it is good for them, but not for us (only joking).

Anonymous said...

US Magazine has a new Reese photo on set via Flynet

Flynet has not posted these photo on their page yet.

sass said...

Morning to everyone,
I just love having this Jake's good news all round.

I love foodie Jake. Whenever he visits a restaurant I have to checkit our on my fav site

and read the menu:) below is A16...

A16 restaurant

He must be a fun date for Reese, plus he can probably cook most of the menu.
And I close for a while with this thought, a clean Jake is the cleanest of them all and will all ways be cleanest to me...silly me... enjoying such a silly cute poll.

sass said...

I forgot to say that Juno is well worth every minute of my time and is money well spent.
It's one of the most delightful, funny, sad, well acted movies I've seen this year. Ellen Page is a marvel. I haven't seen her since 'Hard Candy' and she blew me out of my chair with that performance. She's phenomenal in Juno.
Please go and enjoy when it comes to your area.

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh well it's obvious why he chose A16.

Thanks to my new favorite Google map feature - Street View - here's a street view shot of A16 Restaurant.

But what's this? Right across the street from A16 playing at the Presidio Cinema (at the time these photos were taken) why, why... It's Zodiac!.

agent_krycek said...

That A16 menu sounds divine.

I feel very close to Jake at the moment, I too love Italian food, plus I've driven up and down the A16 in the UK quite a few times - 'tis almost like I'm dating him ;-)

JP said...

There was no sighting of Jake in NM. The guy just made a general statement about Jake, Tobey and Natalie all living within 500 feet of him. He didn't say anything about seeing Jake or anyone else.

I think he's still in San Fransisco until Tobey wraps up his scenes.

Anonymous said...

Someone else saw them at A16, this made me laugh.

i finally had margherita pizza and it was absolutely incredible, joygasm in my soul...shortly followed up by being in close enough proximity to LICK jake gyllenhaal. although, i didn't...

UltraViolet said...

Sorry to check in so late in the day. I think I had a few too many Pimm's Cups last night!

Looks like Jake and Reese completed their A to Z culinary/kissing tour of San Francisco: A16 to Zuni Cafe.

It's great that Jake and Reese managed to avoid the paparazzi, but I am sort of disappointed not to get even one glimpse! Maybe one of the weekly mags will have something. You know, from a distance.

And I love that picture of Zodiac playing on A16's street. Both Jake and Reese have spent a bit of time in San Francisco apart. And now together!

suvee said...

"It's great that Jake and Reese managed to avoid the paparazzi, but I am sort of disappointed not to get even one glimpse!"

Me, too! I can't tell you how disappointed I am with Flynet. I mean, don't they know that after their awesome Napa Romantic Getaway coup, they have become our unofficial Jake and Reese paps? Where is their initiative, their investigative drive? Clearly they do not truly grasp the need some of us have to see just ONE freaking picture! ; )

(Seriously, I would much rather J & R be left alone than be hounded to death by the paps. I just like seeing pics of them together and happy.)

And thanks Anon 8:07 for that LJ sighting.... best laugh I've had all day.

UltraViolet said...

My Flynet thoughts exactly, suvee! I am so disappointed in them. I'm still holding out some minor hope, but it's dwindling. They had new set pics of Reese and Vincent Vaughn - yawn!

And the A16 LJ account is amusing. But again, details, people. It's all about the details!