Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jake Gyllenhaal - This Day In History

December 27, 2002: The estimable Wall Street Journal calls The Good Girl one of the top 10 movies of the year.

Jake Gyllenhaal is wonderful, too, as an amorous adolescent who calls himself Holden after J.D. Salinger's young hero.

December 27, 2003:
The Good Girl airs on Cinemax channel 4410 in Kingston, Jamaica.

(Kingston, Jamaica)

December 27, 2004:
The Calgary Sun reports that Ang Lee has introduced Jake Gyllenhaal to the Canadian national pastime while on location filming Brokeback Mountain.

And while the production gave Calgarians a chance to glimpse Gyllenhaal and Ledger — along with their co-stars Anne Hathaway (Princess Diaries) and Gyllenhaal's squeeze Kirsten Dunst (Spider-Man) — around town, it gave the actors a chance to witness the excitement of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Lee himself introduced Gyllenhaal to hockey, attending many of the Flames games.

(Game 6 Stanley Cup Finals, June 5, 2004 - Tampa Bay Lighting at Calgary Flames)

December 27, 2005:
Jenelle Riley for has a fabulous interview with Jake - Jake Of All Trades - where he talks about the three films he had coming out late in that year.

On his role as Jack Twist,

Gyllenhaal says the most difficult part of playing Jack was being unfamiliar with the feelings of his character. "It's foreign to me to be in a love story with another man, being able to make that real and try to move myself into that," he notes. In addition, Jack is the one who pursues the relationship; Ledger's Ennis is more reticent. "To be the one encouraging it, not fighting it, saying, 'This can work, I believe in this' - I've never been in a situation like that," Gyllehaal adds. "A lot of times, as an actor, you can go back and say, 'I can relate this to my life.' And I can relate to being in relationships with women where I've said, 'This can work, this can work.' But there was an added aspect to this that was totally foreign territory to me."

Also on this same date an interview appeared in Los Angeles Times with Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal in advance of her film, Bee Season, being released. Sadly, only an abstract of that interview is available online.

(Premiere of Bee Season at Toronto Int'l Film Festival, Sept. 11, 2005)

December 27, 2006: A year ago, famed Manka's Inverness Lodge suffered a devastating fire in the early morning hours. As we all know now, the Gyllenhaals were staying at the Lodge at the time. Luckily all were able to escape while losing only sentimental possessions (all of Stephen's underwear and Naomi's jewelry).

(The aftermath of the fire at Manka's Inverness Lodge, December 27, 2006)

December 27, 2007:
And finally, MSN Pop of the Day looks back to a year ago in the life of the Gyllenhaals.

Photos courtesy of IHJ, SFGate, Backstage, the Internet


sass said...

Hi Sarah and everyone,
I came over to post and sent you a post a few minutes ago.
I can't see any of the pics in the former post. Nothing makes them the red x...nothing. HELP!!!

I didn't realize the fire happened when Jake and his family were there December 27th. I was in shock when I heard about it. I'm so happy they got out safely. Now I'm off the read the rest of the posts on the last entry, then
back here later to read and post. :)
The Youtube spelling bee post is a riot.

JP said...

Poor Jake probably only got three or four days off for the holiday --- maybe if Ryan gets the kids for a couple of days, she might go to New Mexico for a visit (assuming she gets the full week off).

I think those photos of Natalie all but confirm that they are going back for more shooting.

I guess that poster on imdb, whose post has since been eerily erased, was telling the truth. He said that 1) they were shooting through most of the holidays with only a couple of days off for Christmas itself; 2) Jake was filming on December 22 and returning on the 26th. Giving him three days off 23-24-25.

I would bet you that they saw each other over Christmas. It would be weird if they didn't.

But another thing that occurs to me: Jake has been working every week since they began, with the exception of that one week where they filmed all of Tobey's Afghanistan scenes when Jake was in San Fransisco with Reese, right?

Tobey didn't film at all last week, and there are still no sightings of him there this week, right?


With Jim Sheridan giving Tobey a couple of weeks off for Christmas and making Jake and Natalie work means that Jake's parts will wrap before Tobey's do. Since the film wraps completely on January 31 (or a few days later - since I have read that filming has taken longer than originally expected), I think it's a safe bet that Jake finishes either the last week (or even second last week) of January.

It's amazing what one can figure out just by sifting through little bits of information.

FluorescentLamp said...

With Jim Sheridan giving Tobey a couple of weeks off for Christmas and making Jake and Natalie work means that Jake's parts will wrap before Tobey's do.

I don't think they've filmed their scenes together yet, have they? I don't want to put out spoilers (from the original film) because my co-conspirator would never co-conspire with me again, but I believe there are many post-Afghanistan scenes with Jake AND Tobey yet to be filmed.

JP said...

Well up until the final week before Christmas, and excluding the week they shot the Afghanistan scene, every time Jake has been onset so has Tobey.

I'm guessing they filmed a lot of their scenes together then. If you forced me to guess, I think Jake and Natalie are shooting their scenes right now. I think Tobey gets the week before, during and maybe after Christmas off and he returns and finishes his scenes with Jake. Jake leaves and then Tobey and Natalie shoot their scenes in the last two weeks of production.

I still say Jake finishes before everyone. With Natalie getting another break halfway through January.

After all, it would explain why he'd have to work through the holidays and Tobey wouldn't. Tobey finished his scenes on December 15th and hasn't returned since. I'm not sure when he gets back.

What are some of the scenes Tobey and Jake have to shoot together? I haven't seen the original version yet. Just preface it with a SPOILER ALERT.

agent_krycek said...

Having confused the hell out of my OH who found me watching a Danish film with subtitles for no apparent reason the other day, I would guess that they're part way through filming the Natalie/Jake scenes at the moment (the Ray Prewit (sp) story about him in his boxers makes a whole lot more sense now) - there's definately Jake/Toby scenes coming up.

I'm really looking forward to this film now, although, without giving away any spoilers, there's a certain section where I hope this version gives more of a sense of how much time has passed, it's one of the few things I felt the original lacked, it would make one of the character's actions a lot more explainable

bobbyanna said...

Hooray!!!!! Finally got to see the "coincidence or fate..." series. FL/UV that was totally brilliant!

I think Natalie was arriving at LAX. Could be wrong. Maybe she was back East and is now in LA? Reason I say that is they had similar pics of Benecio Del Toro arriving at LAX so the paps must be camped out there. Altho, she could be leaving LA to go to NM. Natalie lives in NYC and spends very little time in LA.
I 'm wondering if they will be doing any of the interior stuff in LA? I know NM is standing in for Afghanistan for Toby's scenes. And they are definitely using a lot of exteriors,the church, etc. in NM for Jake and Natalie, but maybe they have some shooting they are completing in LA. Does anyone know any details of the shooting schedule?

bobbyanna said...

LOL!!! Sorry. I wrote that last before reading thru all the other posts! And FL, I am definitely going to rent Brothers again. Haven't seen it since long before I ever heard about a remake.

Thanks jp, for sifting through all the tidbits of info.

suvee said...

sorry, this is OT, but just found yet another accolade for "Zodiac". I would love to think all these "best films of 2007" lists will help it's Oscar chances, but I doubt it. : (

Anonymous said...

You can fly directly from Santa Fe to NYC. So there is no reason why Natalie would be a LAX if she went home to NYC for the holiday.
Neither Jake nor Natalie had any reason to switch at LAX if they went home to NYC for the holiday.
So if either went to LAX it was to visit with somebody or spend time there. LAX is not the place you would tranfer traveling from New Mexico to NYC, it out of the way.

The are filming the entire movie in New Mexico, there is a studio being used at the college.

sheba baby said...

Another great post! And thanks everyone for all the tidbits.

Methinks Jake and Reese will be seeing each other over the holiday, from Christmas Eve to New Years, that's a lot of time to get together and we don't know the shooting schedule for their films over the holiday.

sass said...

Morning UV and everyone... all my pics are back on, TY. :)

Zodiac is on nearly every critics,
2007 top ten films list. Yeah!

Sharing with everyone below, Rotten Tomatoes Editors' list of top 10 films of 2007 with Zodiac at number 5. When will the awards come? It presently has an 89% fresh tomatoes rating, which is hard to come by over there. I'm so happy for Jake...another criticaly acclaimed film in his filmography is fantastic.

Rotten Tomatoes Editors top Ten Fims of 2007

JP said...

Could someone post a spoiler thread involving the other "Brothers" film. I haven't watched the movie, my local Blockbuster is obviously run by idiots who have never heard of the movie, so all I go by are little bits of information given here.

I don't think people should spoil the whole film. Maybe just give context to some of the scenes that we know are being filmed (ie the Ray Pruitt underwear scene --- could someone explain this scene to me please. Why was poor Ray in his underwear suffering the sharp wit of Jake?).

Just caption your post with a SPOILER ALERT... and give people not wishing to know about the film the opportunity to scroll down.

FluorescentLamp said...

jp, I think the best place to go for info and insight would be the User Comments section at IMDB for the original film.

User Comments for Brodre (Brothers) IMDB

We don't really have the ability to start a new "thread" on Blogger for spoilers.

suvee said...

Love this post, FL. December 27th apparently is a magic day for Jake related news.... wonder what will happen next year?

I was sorry the entire article on Naomi wasn't available..... "Bee Season" is a great book, and I thought Momma G. did a very good job with the screen adaptation.

I know I'm late to the Jake/Reese Cartier jewelry discussion.... I actually bought a copy of Star magazine today. (The things I do to feed my Jake addiction!) One of the reasons I am inclined to believe there might be a kernel of truth to this account is that they mentioned that he was there for 2 hours. Doesn't that sound like the same guy that spent how long in Bloomie's earlier this year trying to decide what kind of underwear to buy? : )

Anyway, I'm going to choose to believe that Reese got an incredibly beautiful (and meaningful) necklace for Christmas from her wonderful boyfriend.

UltraViolet said...

I hope everyone can see all the pics now, especially on the Coincidence or Fate post. That one was a felicia masterpiece!

I'm still giggling at Agent K's significant other's confusion over the newfound love of Danish movies!

As felicia mentioned, this blog set up isn't the best for a spoiler thread, We could start a Brothers post and keep comments open, and all you folks who want to discuss can keep going back to it for discussion. But it would drop off the front page pretty quickly.

So wonder if Jake is back on the set, and if he'll get a New Year's Eve break. I hope we get some photo evidence of his whereabouts soon!

UltraViolet said...

Oh, and better late than never. Here's the Star article. Wish I cold include the picture of the necklace. It's purdy.

Also, and not to be materialistic, if Jake is looking at engagement rings for Reese, the $3000-range isn't going to cut it!

It looks like Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon are on the fast track to the altar. After months of keeping their romance on the down-low, Jake let the cat out of the bag when he was spotted checking out pricey diamond engagement rings.

With sister Maggie in tow, the 27-year-old actor paid a hush-hush visit to Cartier in Beverly Hills on December 13. And Star has learned exclusively that he spent two hours checking out the ring bling!

"Jake was adorable," a Cartier clerk reveals. "He was like a teenager with a crush, asking his sister, 'Which one should I get?' He kept talking about Reese and how she's classy and fun."

But after poring over the diamond dazzlers and pondering a pair of matching $3800 Love rings, Jake put the ring thing on hold and instead snagged a $3050 necklace from the store's Love Collection – a nifty Christmas gift for Reese, 31.


While Reese might not find a ring under the tree, pals believe Jake will pop the question in the New Year. "He's not one to wait," a friend confides. "He's ready to settle down. A necklace now, then a ring!"

Jake's romance with Reese kicked into high gear during a recent getaway to San Francisco, where they were spied smooching over an intimate meal. But while he enjoys his one-on-one time with Reese, Jake's ready to be a family man. He's really into Ava, 8, and Deacon, 4, Reese's children with ex-husband Ryan Phillippe, and he bought each of them the season's hottest toy, the Nintendo Wii. "Jake is crazy about the kids," says his pal. "And he'd love to have some of his own, too."

Jake's family also adores Reese, especially Maggie. Says the friend, "She told Jake, 'Don't let this one get away!'"

Anonymous said...

Thanks soooo much UV for transcribing the Star article, that made my day! I hope most of it is true.

Anonymous said...

PS: that spelling bee clip from YT is a hoot! I've watched it three times so far. :D

agent_krycek said...

Thanks for the Star article, does seem to possibly be a kernal of truth in there, or at least I like to think so.

It's quite difficult about Brothers - I desperately don't want to give away any spoilers but would like to discuss various points, but I understand a spoiler thread on a blog doesn't really work. And the OH is still picking up the DVD case and giving me a funny look.

smile said...

Hi GBs!

Reese is in LA:

About the Rome pap-pics:
...When contacted by RedEye with the news, one paparazzo expressed gratitude and thanked RedEye on behalf of his brothers and sisters behind the lenses. Frank Griffin, a partner in the California-based paparazzi service Bauer-Griffin, said his company feeds the public's need to see celebrities. Griffin, who started his career as a rock 'n' roll photographer, counts among his company's "gotchas" exclusive shots of Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon canoodling in Rome.

A set of images of the cautious couple were worth slightly more than $200,000 for Bauer-Griffin, which sold them to international media and to People magazine in the U.S.

That might not sound like much when $1 million photo payouts exist. But Griffin said there are common misperceptions about how much celebrity photographers make, adding that a series of photos that tells a visual story is worth much more than a single shot.,0,2674978.story

careful said...

Smile, Reese may not be in LA. That picture could be old. That same website has this picture of Jake at LAX, dated today. But that pic is from 6 months ago, when he went to NY in June. Check IHJ if you don't believe me. I wouldn't trust anything on that website if I were you.

smile said...

TX careful, may well be. I don´t remember pics of Reese in that outfit, but you´re probably right about this site just selling older stuff for new.
They are really good in keeping it on the down low.

Anonymous said...

smile that site has been having really old pics/news.

Anonymous said...

Photo of Reese and Deacon is from FEB 2006..
Here is the link to just jared who posted it back then.

photo at the bottom of the page

sass said...

Morning Sarah, and smile and everyone,

Even if it's the paps-- now we know who Jake was glaring at, when he was in protective mode, holding Reese in one of the Rome shots-- congratulating themselves on snagging those exclusive Rome shots--well even paps have to eat--it's pretty cool to wake up. groggy and bleary eyed from too much Diabetic brandy and eggnog, and see my favorite couple's name in the news.

Jake glares at paps and protectively hold Reese. What a guy!

Smile, I hope you don't mind, if I make your wonderful find into a link, so I can come back later when my head is clear, and read the entire site at my leisure.

Red Eye Jake Reese in Rome

I agree about the other website . That post fell into my mailbox this morning with Jake pics from the summer. arrrgh!

smile said...

Of course I don´t Sass :) Hope you´ll be right as rain in seconds ;)

Thanks again for pointing out that this site is a waste of time. I hope I´ll remember this imtshingua-thingy next time. And kudos for remembering their pics from 6 month ago!

UltraViolet said...

Man, I hate that site! They are constantly popping up with old headlines like "Reese dumps Jake!" Which we know never happened! :)

But, Reese is in LA.

I laughed at the close-up of The Rings. Im always happy to see them! But I think it's funny the paps are just catching on.

And thanks for the pap/redeye story, smile. It is fascinating how this all works.

UltraViolet said...

It just occurred to me that the picture of Reese's hand was probably taken to show shes NOT wearing an engagement ring. But it makes us happy because we know she's wearing The Rings.


Also, you can almost see part of what looks like it might be a white-gold necklace in this photo. But it could be part of the iPod paraphernalia or just an optical illusion. Not sure shed wear the new necklace, if she even got it, out jogging.

smile said...

Well UV, I don´t know about the necklace, but Reese has a brand new i-pod shuffle with PINK in-ear-headphones. Compared to her old ones:

this is brand new stuff. I think I remember someone loving such brand new music-thingy-stuff, you too?

It´s a sophisticated gift for a seasoned jogger.

And you are master of titbits! TY!

suvee said...

"It´s a sophisticated gift for a seasoned jogger."

And a sophisticated gift FROM a seasoned jogger, perhaps? Good catch, smile. Thanks!

Love all these little tidbits..... UV, FL, sass, smile (sorry for anyone else I have left out), you are the best. : )

CHICA said...

UV, I think you maybe on to something with the necklace!

And I know that it was posted on IMDB that the cast of Brothers was supposed to be back on set on 12/26, but methinks that Jake was in L.A. for the entire week and maybe won't have to be back on set until 1/21

FluorescentLamp said...

Awww, she's still wearing The Rings. My theory is whenever Jake is away she wears the rings. When they're in the same city together, she doesn't.

UV said...I laughed at the close-up of The Rings.

How funny is THAT??? We're psychic you know. ;-)

I love her Four Christmases baseball cap in those jogging pics.

sass said...

Evening Sarah and everyone,


OK, girl, Are you here, and if so what part of town are you in?

In LA for the New Year's Eve...our fav
I wonder if we who live in NYC will see much as much of Jake...NOT!

smile said...

"And a sophisticated gift FROM a seasoned jogger, perhaps?"

I must admit suvee, exactly that thought crossed my mind :)

One could even imagine that this little thing could have come already loaded with some music, who knows? Would make it a really intimate gift then.
A little something to complement the bigger one, but with a very personal touch.

And may I say that I love that she´s wearing The Rings!

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain the rings for me please, I think I may have missed something

smile said...

Hi anon, you can find some info here:

Don´t take FLs first pics, but the links a bit further down, and then Sass´ link.

Felicia, you´re right. That cap is funny!
And OT (or not) has anyone read Nick Hornbys "High Fidelity"?

Monica said...

Spotted: Jake Gyllenhall and Reese Witherspoon having breakfast together, Saturday morning, at Montana Café in Santa Monica, sources tell us.

suvee said...

Maybe it's because I'm kind of a sentimental girl, but I like Felicia's Rings Theory..... Reese's way of keeping Jake close to her. I like that idea!

"One could even imagine that this little thing could have come already loaded with some music, who knows? Would make it a really intimate gift then."

Smile, what a nice little detail to complete the scenario I've conjured up in my imagination..... TY. And doesn't it seem like something Jake would do?

Anonymous said...

"Spotted: Jake Gyllenhall and Reese Witherspoon having breakfast together, Saturday morning, at Montana Café in Santa Monica, sources tell us".

I know this sounds bad but I hope the paps were around!

Anonymous said...

The ring Reese is wearing, is the one she wore for months prior to going public with Jake, it's the one she wore when leaving LAX for NY and then took off when she arrived at JFK, then it was on her chain in rome. If I was a betting person, I think that Jake gave her that ring and it looks like it could be a love collection ring or a bulari ring and she has been wearing it on and off since Feb/March.

When Perez reports a sighting it is usually followed by photos or some sort of write up by US weekly.
Today is Sat, depending on the value of the photos they might not show up until Tuesday (if they exist).

Anonymous said...

Anon so do I, I'm in desperate need of my Jake fix.

smile said...

Thank you Monica for this first sign of them together since SF!

Suvee, I also think he might be the kind of guy to do that. Just as Nick Hornbys alter ego in the book made his tapes for this really important person and occasions in his life.
It´s nice to imagine that it could have happened ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm not certain they are filming Brothers right now, there is no word from the set. Reese is going to be filming 4 Christmases (love her hat) on location in Long Beach on Jan 3 & 4th.

I doubt any movie is filming until January 2nd. It's possible that the studios might require non-staring actors to be in town prior to filming, perhaps they want to make sure they will be present and nothing comes up to delay them or the production (which costs millions). Booking flights home and paying for them needs to be taken care of in advance. The main stars like Jake,Tobey& Natalie have more options when it comes to travel, such as money & private jets if needed.

If we are to believe the JFK to LAX supposed insider who blogged on another sight I won't name.
Then Jake was said to have arrived at LAX 12/26 p.m. It's very possilbe that Jake flew to NYC to spend Christmas with his family at Maggie's home in Brooklyn and then returned to California to spend the long weekend with Reese and perhaps her kids.

lawgoddess said...

I tried to post this last night , but it got eaten.

I love the idea of Jake buying jewelry for Reese as a Christmas gift.

Having said that , though, and this is sheer speculation, I can't see them getting engaged so very soon after her divorce. When her kids are older, they'd be able to tell how many months there were between the divorce decree and any engagement, and I get the idea she cares about appearances.

Maybe sometime this year, but I just can't see it at this point.

I could always be wrong, though. ;) B.

FluorescentLamp said...

I see Reese as the marrying type, LBarb. And I see Jake as the same.

I'm pretty sure Reese has her kids' best interests at heart always (I read she'd love to be a child psychologist - that tells me she knows a bit about children, HER children especially) - and I don't think counting out the hours/days/months between a divorce decree and next marriage will mean a lot to her kids, as long as they know she loves them, they love her, they want her to be happy. It doesn't matter.

Regarding Reese and appearances - let's not forget Reese was pregnant with Ava before she married Ryan, so I don't think in matters of the heart she's all about appearances. I think she saves all that stuff for work.

JP said...

What are you guys talking about? What is this site you mention?

I hate it when people talk in riddles.

Is this another one of the "Jake is gay" retard sites? Do people still believe that, even now? Even after all the evidence to the contrary? Are they still denying that Jake and Reese are together (never mind that they are going on a year now being together)?

Honestly, and I do not mean anyone any disrespect by writing this, but these gay men who insist that Jake is gay at this point make themselves look pretty stupid and irrational.

After all, they present absolutely NO EVIDENCE to prove this save what ONE IDIOTIC GOSSIP columnist has insinuated (too chicken shit to come out and say it out right I guess, TedC has obviously heard of "libel"). Yet they have DENIED every piece of evidence showing him and Reese together --- or him with any other woman. How can any reasonable person look at this as anything but willful ignorance?

They are simply obtuse.

Anyway, what was the sighting of exactly? Who "broke" this information and how reliable is this person?


What makes you think that Jake won't return to New Mexico until 1/21?


I have read the book "High Fidelity." Twice actually. I really liked the movie, but reading the book is just a lot of fun. It was an excellent book and I highly recommend it. Very funny.

FluorescentLamp said...

You know, I'm just not feeling the whole antagonistic thing today.

I just deleted several comments I felt were heading in that direction. That's the beauty of having your own blog.

Let's keep this place friendly please.

Anonymous said...

Aanswer to jp, cause I know how frustrating cryptic posts can be.

I don't know for sure if this is the site that was being referenced, maybe it is. I stopped reading there about two months ago for my own cryptic reasons. :p

Dave Cullen Forum

get real said...

Hey all,

As usual, great post! Very cute video on the Gyllenhaal's. Am very glad nothing serious happened to them during last years fire. Thanks for all the Jake and Reese sightings! I do hope the new sighting is true. Although I hate going to Perez I did check it out. So annoying to see that someone used my name. Ugh. As I have said before I only post here or at WDW. I also lurk at IHJ. If you see my name anywhere else it is a fake.

Thanks, FL for deleting any antagonistic posts. This is a friendly and supportive place of peace and love for Jake and Jake and Reese.

Anonymous said...

I'm not being cryptic, I just don't want to draw attention to a site I don't feel needs to have it.
It's not the David Cullen site, which I think if fair compared to two other sites who are all about Ted C and his Toothy Tile saga...

I think Jake perhaps is due back in Santa Fe on 1/2/2008..

chica said...

JP: I meant 1/2, not 1/21!

UltraViolet said...

Hi all - sorry I missed the drama! Wait, no I'm not :)

New post. With pictures!