Friday, December 21, 2007

It's the weekend!

Do you think Jake and his badboy tattoo will have to work this weekend?

It was all I could do to concentrate on work today. And Jake's thoughts might be wandering to Christmas. And to Reese, who is apparently also working this week. Yesterday, Splash News posted this picture of Reese arriving at the Four Christmases set:

The end of the week brought some happy news for Jake. Both of the Entertainment Wekly critics placed Zodiac on their 2007 Top 10. Owen Gleiberman put it in the 10th slot:

...The killer creates a reign of terror metaphorically evocative of the one we're in now, and as the case gets bounced from one precinct to the next, finally landing in the hands of a cartoonist and amateur sleuth (Jake Gyllenhaal, in an underrated performance), we're trapped in his desire to look the monster in the face — and, more impossibly, to make the monsters go away.

Lisa Schwarzbaum gave Zodiac the sixth slot, and also mentioned Jake:

With a sure feel for manifestations of mass-media frenzy (the way it was then, the way it is now); a great cast of dark-eyed souls, including Robert Downey Jr., Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo; and a primo character actor in John Carroll Lynch as the prime suspect, Fincher turns a police procedural into a nerve-racking thriller.

Neither is my favorite critic, but that was a nice turn of phrase to decribe Jake, RDJ and Ruffalo. And Jake's performance IS underrated, so it was nice to see that acknowledged.

Sideshot of Jake from Zodiac set:

Do you think he's wearing these jeans in the Brothers shot, too?

Rendition has been criminally underappreciated, but Roger Ebert did give it an honorable mention in his year-end review, describing it as one of the 10 films tied for 11th place:

Gavin Hood’s “Rendition,” starring Reese Witherspoon as a wife whose Egyptian-American husband “disappears” on a flight from Cape Town, and Jake Gyllenhaall as the CIA temporary station chief who is shocked by discoveries he makes about the outsourcing of torture.

Let's all join Jake for a nightcap!

ETA: For anyone who hasn't seen it, doesn't have it downloaded or just wants to see it again on TV, Jake's Dreamgirls skit will be on the SNL Clip show special tonight (12/22) at 8:00 EST.


agent_krycek said...

Oh dear, that neck tattoo is really making me come over all unnecessary, I love badass Jake :D

annie said...

I realize it is a fake tattoo but I hope it does not give Jake any ideas about getting a real one later..!! Oh noooooooo! (Sorry, but I have a strong dislike for tattoos and other body mutilations like piercings - just old-fashioned me!)

sass said...

Morning UV,
It's criminal; I can't get my breakfast without a drive by here:)

You have no idea how happy I am that Ebert's year end top 20 list includes Rendition. As much as he vexes me...think Gladiator and Joaquin:)...he is the dean of American movie critics and wields enormous influence in the real world of movie making.

He almost single-handedly pushed Amy Adams-who?-- and Terence Howard to Oscar nominations, and Crash to Best Picture. When Ebert speaks they listen. And since I'm in agreement with so many of his lists of favorite movies--Crash notwithstanding--I am thrilled to have his stamp of perfection on Rendition.

Hollywood is snubbing Zodiac, even as critic associations around the country continue to put it in their top ten lists. I wish I knew why. Was it the film's early release date? Is Fincher not on their list of favorite directors, and will have to struggle for recognition among peers?

I'm surprised that this is happening after Cannes, especially since some of the films recognized there, NO Country For Old men, and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, both excellent films, have been nominated for various awards

sass said...

Morning again,

I forgot to mention my tattoo concerns. Will Jake have more tats on his body? And if so where might they be located?

Research demands answers!

*big grin and double drool*

FluorescentLamp said...

I'm sure there will be other prison-esque tattoos sprayed onto his body for this role. Probably the obligatory spiderweb tattoo on his elbow. Perhaps something on the back of his hand(s) or on his forearms. Something visible while mostly clothed.

So, annie, I take it you're not a fan of most rock musicians? That dirty, stinking pierced and tattooed bunch? Mmmm but they're lovely. I'm quite a fan of body art myself. But I never get after someone because they don't have any ink. ;-)

get real said...

Hey everyone! Hope you all are enjoying this Saturday morning and the holidays. I too had to make this place my first stop. :)

I am glad to see Jake and Zodiac get some critical love. I am also glad Roger Ebert (who's Crash obsession was a HUGE disapointment) gave some acknowledgement to Rendition. I agree UV it was sorely overlooked.

Yes, I am a bit obsessed with the badass, tattooed pics of Jake! As FluorescentLamp said, I am sure he will have a few more being an excon. I don't like a ton of tats on a person and my religion (Jewish) technically doesn't approve of people with tats being buried in Jewish cemetaries. But I know quite a few people who do have tats. I like some of them and don't like others. I wouldn't mind if Jake got a tat as long as it really wasn't the neck one. Even though it looks totally hot and has me drooling everytime. I think the neck is a big deal spot that you see all the time. I wouldn't want his beautiful neck obscured in any way. ;)

get real said...

^^ ETA that the HW/awards shows are idiots for not acknowledging Zodiac. :( Then again they made the biggest snub in history with BBM. I will never forgive that!

As it is most of these awards shows are in jeapordy because of the Writers Strike and probably won't air anyway. Idiots...

sass said...

Afternoon UV,

Sharing this critic's top ten films list--hope you don't mind--Zodiac is at number 1. off to see The Savages...

big pictures top ten films list

Narcissa said...

In the long run, the box office fate of films doesn't matter. Most people think Fight Club must have been a hit because they have seen it on T.V., enjoyed it and rate it as one of Brad Pitt's best. It was a flop on release.

In a recent poll, people voted for Pitt's Tyler Durden and Reese's Tracy Flick (in Election) as two of the best performances ever. Election too was a flop.

Films are on DVD within weeks of exiting cinemas and people often cannot remember where they first saw a film: in a cinema or at home. The point is: did they enjoy/admire it?

UltraViolet said...

Good to see Zodiac topping more lists. And I see we're all still obsessed by badass Jake's tattoos. He's gotta have more and it has to portend at least one shirtless scene, right?

Narcissa, it's true that box office doesn't matter. But I think Jake and Rendition were both unjustly dissed by critics. I hope time wil prove Rendition a success. Zodiac's already there, I think, box office aside.

UltraViolet said...

For anyone who hasn't seen it, doesn't have it downloaded or just wants to see it again on TV, Jake's Dreamgirls skit will be on the SNL Clip show special tonight at 8:00 EST.

Gabbana said...

Jake looks really great with those tattoos. From what I understand he is the "Black sheep", but I don´t think he is really that "bad" otherwise he would not take responsibility for of his brothers wife and child.

Has anyone seen the original version? The reviews are great and the story obviously lays focus on the characters and their development. A wonderful chance for Jake (and also Tobey & Natalie) to show his acting abilities. (Something that is sadly sometimes questioned by some critics and fans)

Does anyone remember the riot that a "tattoo" on Jakes arm caused some time ago? Something written like "Torso" - the reactions of some fans were hysterical.

And yes, I am old-fashioned and happy that Jake has not real tattoos. Some of them are real work of art but most are not very classy.

BTW, in one scene of BBM you can see one of Heath tattoos shining through the make-up......

I gave up hope that ZODIAC will get any awards some time ago - good to see it appearing on many critics list. A pity that "Rendition" did not get the same love.....:-((

suvee said...

"I'm sure there will be other prison-esque tattoos sprayed onto his body for this role. Probably the obligatory spiderweb tattoo on his elbow. Perhaps something on the back of his hand(s) or on his forearms."

I didn't contemplate the possibility of more tattoos.... and a shirtless scene to show them off? Thanks, FL, for giving me yet one more reason (like I really needed it) to eagerly anticipate "Brothers". : )

Surely he is off tomorrow for the holiday break. Would be lovely to see some pics of him (and Reese) in L.A.
Does anyone know if Manka's Lodge is open after the fire? I got the impression it was a Gyllenhaal family tradition to go there at some point for the holidays.

UltraViolet said...

Drive by before I go back out into the holiday maelstrom. Looks like Jake is onset today. Why don't people ever provide more details??

See you all later! Hope everyone's not overcome by holiday madness.

sheba baby said...

Wow UV, you are so good at finding Jake tidbits, thanks! Hopefully he and Reese will hav breaks next week from filming for the Holiday.

Glad to see Zodiac is making it on a number of critics best film of the year lists, I just wish it was recognized for some aards like GG, SAG, etc.

I'm going to be busy the next few days as I know everyone else will so I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas in case I don't get a chance.

get real said...

Oh UV, you are the best at finding info! Thanks for the info on Jake and Natalie onset. I really hope that was it for filming and that they get a break for the holidays. I hope Jake gets to spend quality time with Reese and with his family. :)

Sass, hope you enjoyed The Savages. I thought it was very good and that PSH and LL gave excellent performances.

Good to see more praise for Zodiac!

Gabbana, I saw the original Brothers and I thought it was great.

I will be out and about for the holidays and will try and post when I can. Want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday and a very happy New Year! I know I am very grateful for all of you, this blog and its mistresses UV and FL and I am especially grateful for Jake! :D

lawgoddess said...

Don't have much to say today, but much as I love badass Jake I'm glad the tattoo isn't real. It's hot as a temporary thing, though. ;)

In today's picture of Reese arriving at work, she looks like she's dressed oddly. Is that her jacket in front of her?

I respect Reese's work ethic and the fact that she is a single mom who has to support her kids. And in Hollywood as it is, she only has a certain " shelf life" as a big moneymaker. More power to her.

UltraViolet said...

Hi Gabbana - the neck tattoo made me think of the "torso" incident, as well. And all the blog reports about Jake's neck tat made me wonder what would happen if the guy did ever get a real one!

I haven't seen the original Brothers and am trying to keep from learning too much about it. But I do like that Jake is the black sheep. Even if he is really good down deep, I hope we get to see some of the bad boy!

Does anyone know if Manka's Lodge is open after the fire? I got the impression it was a Gyllenhaal family tradition to go there at some point for the holidays.

I don't think it is, suvee. And I hope Jakes new holiday traditions involve Reese and the kids :)

I wonder how they would have enjoyed Manka's traditional Christmas dinner?

Oh, and my fingers are crossed for a pic, too!

UltraViolet said...

Merry Christmas to you, too, sheba baby and get real, and to everyone else celebrating. Things will no doubt be quiet around here over the next few days. But if there's breaking news, we'll try to be on it!

And law goddess, I think that's Reese's scarf, but I'm not sure. And, yeah, I think Reese is a woman who goes after what she wants. Gotta respect that :)

New post, folks!