Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Retroactive Where's Jake?

He's shopping in LA. Well, he was a year ago on December 11th! In lieu of any real news, will you settle for t-shirted Jake?

And even though this is a day late and four years short (taken December 10, 2003), it's one of my favorite Jake pics. I love winter-gear Jake:

Feel free to post links to your favorite winter Jake! Or, you know, any Jake Gyllenhaal at all.


smile said...

The google of today.
Ver, very probably mostly bs, some just recaped bs, but funny, and in lieu of news.


Notice: Reese get´s them or got them.


smile said...

Some news about Reese getting offered to play Amelia Earhart skip, if you don´t


First, first, first:

So next should be Nat and Jake, right?

Monica said...

Congrat's for the blog!


Reese vs Abbie

agent_krycek said...

Please buzzpatrol, read your 'we haven't got any news so we'll make up some gossip' bulletin properly - you're meant to link Jake and Nat, then bring in Reese being driven insane with jealously by him being near her all the time, and then bring in a 'revenge' flirtation with Vince - honestly, can't you people read *rolls eyes*

(Thanks for the updates)

Chica said...

A Jake and Reese sighting from last week in LA a t a screening, most likely before she went to SF on the 5th:


The post says that they were spotted at a screening last week. That would have been before Reese left for SF for shooting on the 5th. There are pap pics of her in L.A. on the 4th.If true it sounds like Jake had all last week off from filming Brothers:

We're sticking around for the rest of the weekend since Ginnie's never been there, and one of the more pedestrian but also pretty cool things we've got planned is to go to a screening of Juno at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that the Academy sets up for its members during Oscar season. A friend of mine works there and hooked us up. She told me that's usually the older members who come but that Angie Dickinson comes to most of them and there's usually another celebrity or two...I guess last week Jake Gyllenhaal came in with Reese Witherspoon

Anonymous said...

Chicago Sun Times mention

No cruel intentions
Phillippe, Witherspoon win high marks for parenting by keeping things civil in front of kids despite split

December 12, 2007
BY BILL ZWECKER Sun-Times Columnist
At a time when many divorced parents, famous or otherwise, use their children as pawns in their vindictive splits -- Hello! Alec Baldwin. ... Hello! Kim Basinger ... Hello! Britney Spears ... Hello! Kevin Federline -- it's nice to see ex-couple Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe doing things right.

Sources close to both stars tell me they constantly put their daughter Ava and son Deacon first. ''They are very careful to never let a negative comment slip out or say anything that disses the other one,'' a good Witherspoon pal told me.

Supposedly to ensure their children will enjoy a Christmas as normal as possible, Witherspoon and Phillippe will even share that day together, but with both of their new significant others (Abbie Cornish and Jake Gyllenhaal) close at hand!

Won't that make for a fun run for the figgy pudding!

UltraViolet said...

Look at all these links - you guys don't even need me:)

The walkie-talkie one is my favorite. Also, we should keep track of all the conflicting stories:

Maggie loves Reese/Maggie doesn't approve.

Reese and Ryan together witht he kids and Abbie and Jake/Reese tells Ryan to tell Abbie to back off!

Seriously, though, I do think Reese and Ryan have handled the whole divorce well. Aside from Ryan's melodramatic "I wanted to kill myself," they have been low-key, civil and very respectful. It's nice to see that can be done in Hollywood.

Here's one poll link I posted on Gyllenspoon but wanted to make sure everyone sees: People's Most Intriguing Hook up. As always. vote early and often!

UltraViolet said...

Just to prove I'm not obsolete! A detailed report of Jake and Reese's culinary choices:

Guess who is back in town to tempt us with their cuteness? Yes, Jake and Reese are continuing their SF gourmet tours! They had lunch at Zuni last Thursday, where they sat at my favorite table (on the bridge overlooking the oven below), and ordered the house-cured anchovies and a salad, plus a chicken sandwich and grouper. To drink, they walked on the wild side with some lemongrass tea and apple juice. From my source: “Reese seemed a little aloof, but Jake (still looking nice and buff) was trying to warm her up by playing Mr. Flirty-flirt with her—even smooched with her. So effing cute!”

Then on Friday night they sat at the chef/pizza counter at A16, where they had minestra marinata, chicory salad, kale with anchovies (they must like anchovies!), butternut squash with pine nuts and currants, a margherita pizza with prosciutto, and a salsiccia pizza. Dang, no tripe.

Not exactly my ideal food options, but hey, he is a gourmand!

Anonymous said...

You always find the tidbits UV. I was looking at the menu for A16 and it so reminds me of home (Macaronare) heaven, and fresh anchovies are lovely.

Can I just thank you for this blog, it's my first visit every morning now.

agent_krycek said...

You'll never be obsolete ultraviolet :D

chicken sandwich and grouper

What pray tell is a grouper - I completely misread that as they had a a chicken sandwich and a grope!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, anon! We should get in the habit of posting at a regular time! But I didn't want to skip a day, so I posted late last night.

Also, I wonder if it annoys people that we close comments when we put up a new post. Just seems easier to keep track of the conversation. But please feel free to bring up old topics if you want, everyone!

sheba baby said...

You are so good at finding these tidbits UV, thank you so much! And thanks to the other posters as well for all these tidbits as well. I love reading about these two and this blog is the 1st blog I check on in the morning, my 2nd stop is the Gyllenspoon forum!!

Anonymous said...

"I wonder if it annoys people that we close comments when we put up a new post.I wonder if it annoys people that we close comments when we put up a new post."

For me not in the slightest.

UltraViolet said...

Hee, Agent K - I'll take a chicken sandwich and a grope to go, please!

Grouper is a fish. I don't think I've ever had it, so I can't vouch for the taste. But if the choice were between a grouper and a grope, I'd have to pick the latter.

Hopefully, Reese got both!

And thanks, Sheba! I wish we had a leetle bit more to read about, but (grumble, grumble) I'm happy Reese and Jake are flying under the radar a bit. Well, happy for them.

smile said...

UV, just a few remarks.
1.without you there would be no Gyllenbabble Blog and no Gyllenspoon blog-base.
2. You are the master of tidbits, no matter what.
3. You are both, you and Felicia, lovely girls, who deal perfectly even with the most stubborn blogger.
4. You have a history of knowing all Jake-things.

So how could we ever do without you? We would be homeless wanderers, lost between the "TiTiPoo"-people, DC, IMDB-pages and gossip sites.
This!! is the place to come home to, and I do so gladly, daily, as I promised (even voted again as you told us to do) as long as I may with your permission. And I think a lot of lovely guys will do so too.

Anonymous said...

I second everything smile said, one day I will get myself a name.

Anonymous said...

All these sightings of Jake in SF over the last few days - completely ignored on DC and other forums. Suspicious or what?

Anonymous said...

I think they are dumbstruck because no matter how they spin it there is no way those sightings on the blogs and LJ's were PR.

It's not a like People, Us or Perez sightings which they all suspect as being PR driven. Heck, even the SF Chronicle posted a sighting and that's not a blog!

So they chose to keep their blinders on.

From what I gathered Reese filmed last Wednesday and Thursday and after thursday there was some kind of delay in filming due to weather on Friday (according to IMDB). I think Jake was already back in LA because he wasn't needed for the current filming of Brothers. He went to SF after she filmed on Thursday, that's the lunch sighting at Zuni. Filming didn't resume until Monday so she had Friday and the weekend free. She then arranged to have her kids come up as well on Friday after school (The sighting in the garage was a Friday night) and then they spent Saturday together and most likely the kids at least went back home on Sunday, don't know about Jake but he was obviously off the whole previous week if that sighting in LA of Jake and Reese at that screening is true.

Yeah, it's adding up to a real relationship, and they can't deal.
Who cares reall, just glad we have this blog and the Gyllenspoon forum!

sass said...

Hi UV and everyone:)
I absolutely love following Jake the gourmand, and Reese of course, around San Francisco. Yep, I'm living and eating vicariously with the lovebirds.

See Jake gave lovingly at Reese...cute real cute.

Jake and Reese Rome Film Festival Rendition promo

Jake and Reese in Rome red carpet and cold

More Jake loving gazes at Reese

Jake Reese love

UltraViolet said...

Aww, I love those pics, Sass! Before the secret was fully out. But they are a secret no more, and the naysayers don't quite know how to deal with it.

Then there are the people who just want to pretend Reese and Jake aren't happening. I'm not sure I understand that. But much of the mentality in Jake fandom baffles me.

Thanks so much for all the nice words! I'm glad people feel comfortable here.

I'm giggling at the "Master of tidbits" title, smile. It's almost an oxymoron. I like it!