Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The year starts off with a bang

Well, for Jake, anyway. I was away for a couple of days, so I'm going to go the lazy route and repost some of the news from the past couple of days, in case anyone missed it.

Reese and Jake did indeed end 2007 and usher in 2008 together. After hiking in Malibu with the kids:

Jake and Reese attended a Belinda Carlisle/Rufus Wainwright concert:

It looks like this relationship is for real, and not a fabrication of the Hollywood publicity machine. The tender touches the two shared between ‘make out’ sessions at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, while watching Belinda Carlisle and Rufus Wainwright ring in the New Year, were refreshing to see.

We'll be on the lookout for any pictures or details.

Special thanks to FL/felicia for the wonderful 2007 wrap-up post, especially the number one quote. From their matching baseball caps, it looks like Jake has recruited Reese to Red Sox Nation! And someone stenciled his name on the cap, so they wouldn't get mixed up.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Updated to include a new poll about Jake and Reese at E!

Another poll, this time on TMZ. You have to choose whether Jake and Reese or Ben and Jen are "more adorable."

(photos courtesy of IHJ)


jp said...

The photos of Jake with Reese and her kids was taken on December 30th, not the 31st, according to US Weekly.

JP said...

Were taken...

My apologies for my bad English.

UltraViolet said...

Ah - thanks, JP. I altered the post to reflect that.

smile said...

Sorry guys, just could not comment on pics, where all four of them looked like they would prefer to cry. Well at least Reese and the kids, Jake looked stunned and hurt. I hate that. I´d rather see no pics than that. I was just furious.
Now that there are pics of them on IHJ things get a little brighter. They actually look happy and relaxed on some of them presumably before they noticed the paps, or before the paps started to make remarks, which would bring joy to the Ted-a-loonies hearts. If I had said anything yesterday it might have ended in a rant.

I have read some ridiculous statements on other blogs, even though I have to say that there are more and more people seemingly annoyed with the TALs. Good trend, I hope this will continue.

Popsugar had the two of them winning favourite new couple of the year

sass said...

Welcome back UV,
I know what you mean smile...Paps are known for their engaging repartee. NOT!
Glad to see a few happy snaps this morning at We are really fortunate that site.

get real said...

Welcome back, UV! Again Happy 2008! :)

I agree with Smile and Sass re: new pap pics.

Although I love hearing about what a nice New Years J/R had at the Rufus and Belinda concert. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back UV and Happy New year, thanks for the links, I can usually handle the hateful comments but today they are really getting to me, I don't know if its because the children are involved or what.

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, I was hesitant about posting one of the pictures because t's the kids, so I went with one from behind. No faces.

I do think they are just annoyed to see the paps. In the full set at IHJ, they appear more relaxed in some photos.

As for the hateful comments: They are painful to read, even though they are laugh-out-loud ridiculous. But I have noticed that the positive comments are outweighing the negative. It's the same old delusionals posting in a bunch of places.

For the most part, I don't think we should engage them there, either. Just let them spout and post positive comments and just ignore them. (Easier said than done, I know.)

Oh, there's a new poll at E! Online about Jake and Reese.

Thanks for all the welcome back words! I have to go back to work tomorrow and am dreading it. I wonder if Jake does, too?

chica said...

Welcome back UV! I agree that that look upset at the paps, glad that IHJ posted the other pictures, and the concert sighting: sigh...

Narcissa said...

I've made a new New Year's resolution: avoid THOSE sites. Just don't go there. Just don't read that stuff. I used to try and post at THOSE sites: calm, reasonable posts. A waste of time. This great place and IHJ get every pic and sighting, usually sooner rather than later.

And I would rather read about that see, if pics are going to be obtained in an unpleasant, intrusive way.

As for Ted and his followers - I believe in karma. What goes around, comes around. If you spit venom at others, you will get it right back in your own eye. If you always believe the worst of others: liars, hypocrites, etc., then you will have others judge you equally harshly and on just as little evidence.

UltraViolet said...

I agree with both your resolution and your karma prediction, narcissa!

I really want to stay away from those places and those people. And I really hope they realize one day how wrong they have been.

Another poll, this time on TMZ. Choose who's cuter, Jake&Reese or Ben&Jen.

bobbyanna said...

Happy New Year UV!!!! I have seen too many examples of pics where people look upset, but if you look at an entire set, or if you get to see a video taken at the same time, you realize it was just a milisecond of time when they were changing expressions or they were in midsentence or something. It is just a snapshot. It really is not a defining moment. That's just my own observation. Of course, I wouldn't discount the fact that J&R are disgusted at discovering pap stalkers. Especially since we know it does upset the kids, particularly Ava.

suvee said...

welcome back, UV. Today was my first day back at work after a nice, long holiday break..... and it was a shock to my system!

I really like the photo of the 4 of them that you posted. It looks like Ava is telling Jake something, and he is kind of smiling and giving her his full attention. Not a big deal, I know..... but it just really moved me for some reason.

And I, too, believe in karma. At some point, T.C. will reap what he has sown.....

Oh, and I did my civic duty.... I voted at TMZ and E! Thanks for the links.

sheba baby said...

I voted on the E poll but I couldn't find the poll at TMZ, help!!

Mondavi said...

Happy New Year UV!

I am so happy to see the new pics of Jake, Reese and the kids. I do like the happier ones of course and I'm sure they struggle with the privacy issues. I am glad they continue to go out and try to do normal things that all families do. The look fabulous!!!



suvee said...

sheba, I had a hard time finding the TMZ poll too.

It's about half way down the first page..... it is really a McDonald's ad, titled something like "Take a McDonald's Break". The poll question is there.

sheba baby said...

Thanks suvee, I found it!! Jake and Reese are winning by six points so far!

l said...

In a perfect world the children wouldn't be photographed. I remember when celebrities were able to keep their kids from being photographed, but that's not how things are now.

And I know it's hypocritical, but I like seeing the four of them together.

Like Holly said, they are doing things regular families do , and that's great.

I am running out of ways to say " Awww."

lawgoddess said...

Ack " L " is me.

The sign-in is beyond my ken. :)

UltraViolet said...

Oh, bobbyanna, I agree that you're just seeing a moment in time. I'm sure the foursome enjoyed their day. That's why I was happy to see the full set of pics. So the naysayers could see that all was not gloom and doom.

Not that the facts deter folks :)

Holly! Hello. And Happy New Year. I knew you'd enjoy the latest photos. I hope you saw the concert sighting report, as well. That really made me smile.

And hello, "L"! I thought you were trying to be mysterious!

And I know it's hypocritical, but I like seeing the four of them together.

Push over on the hypocrisy couch to make room for me! I object to the kids' being papped, but I love these pics.

I am running out of ways to say " Awww."

Hee! That's a perfect way of putting it, l/lg/b ;)