Sunday, December 16, 2007

Impressions of Jake

While perusing my copy of the latest OK Magazine (the things I do for this blog!), I saw this comment from Terry Seymour, Extra TV correspondent, paramour of Simon Cowell and generally annoying "personality:"

OK: Speaking of stars, who has made a lasting impression?

TS: Jake Gyllenhaal! He was hysterical. He has the most amazing eyes and eyelashes.

This Rendition red carpet interview made it clear that she was smitten by Jake. It's good that what Ms. Seymour lacks in brains she makes up for in taste.

Well, except for that whole Simon Cowell thing.

The quote made me think of all the wonderful things we've heard about Jake over the years - from directors, fellow actors and from journalists. We've compiled an assortment, but feel free to add some of your own.

Big sister gave a little insight into the sibling relationship:

"As you get older you start to look at things that are 'broken' about your parents. "Everybody's parents have those things - it's nice to have someone else to ask, 'Am I crazy?' "Or, 'Was this crazy?' Jake is very good at figuring that stuff out!"

Maggie is usually very guarded about Jake and this was from Contact Music, so who knows if it's true? But it's an odd thing to make up. And I like the idea that Jake is good at analyzing things.

The editor-in-chief for GQ paid Jake a real compliment:

Part of your job entails working with celebrities - any interesting encounters?

Nobody is more down-to-earth and genuinely cool than Jake Gyllenhaal. I just like him a lot personally. I feel that he has not been affected much by stardom.

The best thing about that answer is that he wasn't asked to name someone nice or down-to-earth. He was asked to name something out of the ordinary, and he thought of Jake. And who wouldn't?

I've read a lot of quotes from Kirsten about Jake. It's funny to see how open they both were about their relationship. And sort of sad that I don't think we'll ever see the same kind of candor, from Reese or Jake or anyone else Jake might someday love. But first love is special, and according to Kirsten, Jake was, too:

It does. Jake is a very intelligent and cool guy who makes it very easy to be in love and be happy. It's so hard sometimes to find what you're looking for in a relationship because you yourself don't always know what you want or need until you find it. So I kind of feel that way about him.

One last acknowledgment of Jake's good manners. From the JakeWatch archives, journalist Liane Bonin describes Jake as a polite, thoughtful, tall young man whom she met early in his career. When she encountered him again, she wondered if he'd have gone Hollywood:

He could have developed a swagger in his step, that bored cool guy attitude. But he was, amazingly, still the normal guy with the slightly embarrassed smile. He was a little older, his face a little leaner, but there was still that endearing, boyish quality to him.

He still said please and thank you. He still furrowed his brows when he listened, leaning in, giving his full attention. He was still the same old Jake. And that was a very good thing.

I could go on, but I'll save some for another post. Let's end with Reese's short but sweet and complete summary of Jake, from her appearance on Ellen:

"He's great."

Why say in a hundred words what you can say in two?

Finally, how about a different kind of impression? No, nothing bad. It's a hilarious clip of two Jarhead extras, Jocko Sims and Jamie Martz, taking the piss out of Jake, Jamie Foxx and Sam Mendes.

Please share your favorite Jake impressions!

(Pics courtesy of IHJ.)


get real said...

Those quotes put a big smile on my face! :D Thanks so much, UV for sharing them. Even annoying Terry Seymor, lol. People can't help but be smitten! It is really wonderful to read genuine respect and appreciaton for Jake.

get real said...

^^ Seymour.

get real said...

Sorry to spam, lol, but what I would give to look into those amazing eyes and eyelashes. *sigh* And I love that Maggie and Jake are so close and have such a special brother, sister bond. Would be great to see some new pics of them together (bonus with Ramona!)

UltraViolet said...

Hey get real. We love your spam!

How funny is that pic of Terry Seymour with Jake? She looks like she is going to devour him.

And how unfair that she got to be up close and personal with the Gyllenlashes and Gylleneyes. And that Jake was flirting with her!

Jake and Maggie do seem to have a genuinely close relationship. I appreciate that she protects it, but I wouldn't mind getting a little more insight. Especially in the form of a picture of Jake with Ramona. I can't believe we've never seen one. Well, where you can actually see Ramona, that is!

UltraViolet said...

Not sure if they just got this from the same LJ or if they verified it independently, but the SF Chronicle is now reporting the Jake/Reese/kids aquarium visit:

Reese Witherspoon, Jake Gyllenhaal and her two children, Ava and Deacon, visited the Aquarium by the Bay. Gyllenhaal came in first to distract the crowds before Witherspoon arrived.

Shouldn't a gossip column be a little faster with the scoop?

I guess they got the explanation for the separate arrivals, but some other details might be nice.

agent_krycek said...

Details would be nice, but a nice, non-intrusive, picture, new picture of Jake would be even nicer :D

I think RDJ did the best Jake description ever 'wet, dark and wild' - what delicious mental images that envokes!

annie said...

Lovely post! Two other articles that I loved where people talked about their impression of Jake, were Fred Schruers's "Jake's Progress" in The Observer a couple of years ago and the article in the Canadian 'National Post' this past September by a guy who met Jake by chance at a Toronto restaurant during the International Film Festival there.

FluorescentLamp said...

Gyllenhaal came in first to distract the crowds before Witherspoon arrived.

That sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? What did he do to distract the crowds? A juggling act? With lobsters and crabs?

No, I think the SF Chronicle did a little LJ-picking and then padded out the sighting to their liking.

If anyone knows where that Kirsten quote about Jake being a goof / Jake making great breakfasts is I'd love to read it again. I think that was one of the first 'impressions' of a personal nature I ever read of him, so I love it for sentimental reasons. :-)

sheba baby said...

"No, I think the SF Chronicle did a little LJ-picking and then padded out the sighting to their liking"

I was thinking the same thing FL when I read it, LOL! There were enough sightings from that weekend to confirm that they were all togther the SF didn't need to add anything unless it was a diffrent sighting.

It makes you wonder where other gossip columnists get their "info". Like us they have google and use it as much as we do.

JP said...

I bet you some gossip columnists get their information from places like this site.

Just my opinion...

bobbyanna said...

This might not really "count" but I like to kind of study the talk show appearances and one thing struck me as pretty consistent. Conan, Letterman, even Jon Stewart. They get really excited and nervous in a sweet kind of way when Jake's going to be on. It's not the usual fake hype. It's genuine. I remember the first time I saw Jake on Conan, the host was almost a nervous wreck. I think it was during the story of Jake peeing on a jellyfish sting, Conan jumped out of his chair and had to walk around for a couple seconds.
My point being, that there's something really special and rare about Jake and he just really affects people. I love this thread, BTW! You put a large smile on my face. What's funny, is that when you see him in person, there's something so real and so accessible about him, you don't think "movie star". You just want to start having a conversation with him. Too bad there are so many issues surrounding being famous. Jake, in real life, seems like the kind of guy who "meets no strangers." He's just open and kind to everybody, without distinction. And not in a smarmy, icky way. In a fun, cool way.

Chica said...

Well at least we know the name of the Aquarium, there are a few in SF. The LJ didn't name the place:

The Aquarium by the Bay recently underwent a multi million dollar renovation with much of the money going to stock the aquariums themselves. SF Bay Whalewatching was invited to take a private tour of the facilities, I was so impressed with the "Aquarium Adventure", which is an aquarium tunnel you walk through or underneath, I went back and spent two hours there. This is how the Aquarium by the Bay describes their walk through aquarium:

"The Aquarium adventure continues with a descent into the hidden world of life under San Francisco Bay. A moving walkway will take you through two crystal clear tunnels, 300 feet in length. You'll be surrounded by 700,000 gallons of filtered Bay water and more than 23,000 aquatic animals.

In the first tunnel you'll see a colorful and dynamic near-shore habitat. In the second tunnel you'll meet the mysterious and compelling marine life that lives in the deep water outside the Bay. From captivating bat rays to rare angel sharks to the graceful giant pacific octopus, it is truly an extraordinary look at life under the Bay.
from the "about us" page at

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, chica. Wasn't there an acquarium scene in Closer, where Clive Owen meets Julia Roberts??? The description you provided sounds similar to that one.

I'm betting on a Reese sighting in NM any day now....

Anonymous said...

Any sighting or picture would be nice right now.

annie said...

And how could I have forgotten Karen Durbin's article on Jake "The two Jakes" in Elle magazine a couple of years ago?! Very endearing.

FluorescentLamp said...

What an interesting cast this is shaping up to be.

Four Christmases news from the Hollywood Reporter:

Jon Favreau and country music stars Tim McGraw and Dwight Yoakam are hoppin' in the saddle with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn for New Line Cinema's romantic comedy "Four Christmases."

Favreau and McGraw will play Dallas and Denver, respectively, two bullying siblings who delight in tormenting their brother, Brad (Vaughn), during the holidays.

Yoakam will play Pastor Phil, the overly zealous partner of Brad's new wife Kate's (Witherspoon) mother (Mary Steenburgen). He persuades the young couple to act in his church's nativity play, one of many chaotic events during their visits to different sets of parents.

Sissy Spacek, Kristin Chenoweth and Robert Duvall also star in the Spyglass Entertainment production for director Seth Gordon.

Matt Allen and Caleb Wilson wrote the original screenplay, with revisions by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore. Jonathan Glickman, Roger Birnbaum and Gary Barber are producing the film with Witherspoon and Vaughn.

"Christmases" is set for release during next year's holiday season. Michael Disco and Mark Kaufman are overseeing production for New Line.

Favreau appeared with Vaughn in 1993's "Rudy" before their careers took off as co-stars in 1996's "Swingers." The friends later reunited for "Made" (which Favreau also directed) and "The Break-Up." Favreau is repped by CAA and attorney Geoff Oblath.

Between recording albums and touring with wife Faith Hill, McGraw has appeared in such features as "Friday Night Lights" and "The Kingdom." Yoakam has a more extensive screen resume, taking supporting roles in "Sling Blade," "Panic Room," "Hollywood Homicide" and "Wedding Crashers."

McGraw is repped by CAA and manager Scott Simon. Yoakam is repped by WMA.

Two Singers, One Swinger

UltraViolet said...

Hey Agent K! We are in need of some pictures. If the WGA can goto Santa Fe, can't the paparazzi? Not even a single paparazzo?

And yes, RDJ's description of Jake is the ultimate. I love him for that.

Hello Annie! Welcome, and thanks for those recs. I remember the "Jake's Progress" article. I'll have to rediscover the Elle one, I think. Always fun to read the god ones again.

UltraViolet said...

I like to think the talk show hosts appreciate Jake, too, Bobbyanna. Jon Stewart definitely does. I like to read the comments of regular TDS viewers after a Jake appearance - they always mention how smitten JS seems :)

Thanks for the aquarium info, chica. And I don't remember an aquarium scene in Closer, BA. I do remember hating that movie, though.

I'm not sold on Natalie Portman as an actress. I'm hoping she surprises me in Closer, that Jake and Jim Sheridan help her do something great.

UltraViolet said...

Oops - must be the cold medicine. I hope Natalie surprises me in Brothers, not Closer!

Mea culpa.

bobbyanna said...

At least cold medicine is a legitimate excuse, UV. LOL! I just have "brain farts." OK. Maybe there wasn't an acquarium scene in Closer. And the one in SF wouldn't have been built then, anyway.

I don't really recall there ever being many pictures from the set of a Natalie Portman movie...unless they were official and came out after filming was over to help with pre-publicity before release. Hope I'm wrong on that.

Maybe Reese will head to NM for his b'day. Jake sure has gotten good at "disappearing!" Altho,this is a really intense week of working, so he will be very focussed, so I'm really glad there aren't distractions to disrupt the filming. (You believe that I have a bridge I can sell you!)

JP said...

I think she may save his "birthday surprise" for the weekend...

Ryan is still in England, the kids are still in school, Reese and Vince are still filming their own movie and Jake is definitely filming his.

I seriously doubt that Reese makes it out mid-week.

Narcissa said...

So glad that this place exists!

UltraViolet said...

Aww, thanks, narcissa! So glad you like it here.

And jp, Ryan was in LA over the weekend. Which doesn't mean that Reese will go to Santa Fe. That's probably unlikely. But we had no idea that Jake would go to SFO, either, so... :)

bobbyanna said...

Rats! Apparently, the paparazzi at are too busy staking out the Target store in LA to bother about New Mexico. Seems
Al Pacino was spotted Christmas shopping at Target with his son, Anton. here in my Midwestern state, we call it Tarjay...the French pronunciation.(sniff.)

sheba baby said...

So Jake will turn 27 on Dec. 19th!
I laughed when some said that Reese was too old for Jake at the ripe old age of 32,LOL!!!! They must not know or remember that be fore Kristen, Jake dated singer Jenny Lewis who was at least 5 years older thanhim and his Father is about 4 years younger than his Mom.

suvee said...

Impressions of Jake..... what a great subject! There are so many wonderful and illuminating observations of him to choose from, and I love the ones you have chosen, UV. But one of my very favorites is yet another gem from Robert Downey Jr.:

"But he's also a total badass. He and Steve McQueen would have gotten along amazingly. Guys who will do anything, anywhere."

We always are reading about Jake's well known good manners, his being so "normal", his sense of humor, his honesty, etc. A little "badass" only makes him more interesting to me. Plus, any comparison to Mr. McQueen, IMO the ultimate cool (and hot) actor, impresses me. : )

get real said...

Suvee, ITA that the quote from RDJ is awesome! And yes the comparison to SM adds to the greatness. :)

UltraViolet said...

Hey suvee - I love that whole RDJ quote about Jake. I'd love to hear more about Jake's badass. Or just see his goodass :)

I'd also love to see an interview with RDJ and Jake together. I bet it would be a blast to see them interact and riff off one another.

And sheba, some people will go to any length to raise objections about Reese. The age difference, which wouldn't even be blinked at if the genders were reversed. Reese has kids - oh no! Ryan and Jake were the best of buddies! Bullshit, a we all know.

And Bobbyanna, Flynet is a huge disappointment. Who cares about Al Pacino in this day and age? (Forgove me, any Al fans out there.) But come on, Jake, Tobey and Natalie. There's gold in them there NM hills, people!

UltraViolet said...

Hi get real! You sneaked in before I posted. Which lets me make up for my mistake in not mentioning Steve McQueen. I haven't seen many Steve McQueen movies. But I know he looks pretty good in photos.