Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Jake Gyllenhaal. Reese Witherspoon. Coincidence? Or. . .Fate

Not much to report in the way of Timely, Topical and Totally Unverified Information on Jake, Reese, Brothers or Four Christmases filming, so today's entry is a little feature we're going to call: Coincidence...or Fate.

Shortly after Jake's Untitled Moon Project made news in Variety I became aware of one of Reese's earliest films and thought "What a coincidence! Or is it...fate?"
Oh sure, it's a stretch since we know Jake's movie won't hit theaters with that title. Though it would be funny if it did.

But no my friends, the coincidences don't stop there.
I mean, what are the odds?

Even more coincidental? A sampling of some of the many, and we're talking MANY, photo shoots they've done throughout their career.

Let's call this The Red Phase.

These have that At One With Nature feel.
How many actors do photo shoots with horses? Coincidence? Or. . . fate?

These come from that Vacant Look/Blue-Green Phase.

Do you think all photographers insist on photographing their subjects in that Lolita, or in Jake's case, Lolito, phase no matter what their age? Works for me.

It's uncanny! Reese was doing photo shoots for Jake's films long before he even appeared in them, right down to the denim shirts.

And learning to play the drums for her photo shoot for Jake's film Proof.

Of course no photos of Young Hollywood would be complete without a shot of the Hollywood sign in the background. Reese - check. Jake - check.

How's this for Coincidence. . . or Fate? Two movies that have become synonymous with Reese and Jake have each been adapted for the stage: Legally Blonde The Musical, now in its 10th month on Broadway. . .
. . .and Donnie Darko which ran at the A.R.T. in Cambridge, MA from October 27 - November 18, 2007.

Photos courtesy of IHJ, Glamour Reese, the Internet


UltraViolet said...

Hee - I love this post, felicia! I can't get over the drumming pic of Reese. That is a kickass shot of her.

You know I'll be in search of more conicidences/fated similarities. This can be an other fun series!

UltraViolet said...

I brought this over from the last post, in case anyone missed it. Monica posted that there was a story about Reese getting a ring, in Star Magazine.

Then Sass commented:

I know this is so wrong...but I had to read the article. I usually never read the Star...Jake what you do to me:)

I wish I could shop this jeweler--Cartier anyplace...Jake shopped in Beverly Hills with his sister... who knows...and he supposedly bought her the necklace from their fantastically beautiful Love collection; I'm pea green:)

Above information acquired while I waited to see "There Will Be Blood," a hella good movie.

Links to Cartier's love collection!

Cartier's love Collection

I love the Love collection, and I really love the idea of Jake buying Reese the necklace from that collection even if it may not be true:)

Hee! Who knows if it is true, Sass. From what I can see, it looks like Jake's rings are from the collection. Someone probably could have seen Reese wearing them and made up a story.

But I love the idea of Jake's buying it for her, so I'll go with that for now :)

(Also, that Cartier site should be renamed HATE. So slow and needlessly complicated.)

Thanks for the news, Monica and Sass!

FluorescentLamp said...

That IS a great shot. I'm getting a distinct Larry Mullen Jnr. feeling about that pic. ;-)

Though seriously, in looking through only half of them - she's done some pretty amazing, and by that I mean sultry AND kickass, photo shoots through the years.

And of course so has Jake.

Anonymous said...

Jake BOUGHT Reese JEWELERY??!!! :) :D and the link to the Star article does not work?!!! :( besides which, I can only see five pics in the post itself, and a whole bunch of rectangular boxes. :((

smile said...

Hi guys! Lots of goodies! Thanks for the pics.

This is what I found when looking for this mysterious ring-a-ding:
"...and finally things appear to be heating up between reese witherspoon & jake gyllenhaal with talk of a ring for ms. witherspoon (gosh i love the picture of her below - she's all 'yeah my boyfriend is super hot') i wonder if we'll see her walk down the aisle again next year?"

Probably BS, but funny.
Have a nice day, cu later.

smile said...

Nothing special, just
ABC´s IT couples and hookups of 2007

Will we ever know what they did this Christmas?

sass said...

Morning Sarah and Felicia,
It's 5AM. :) Insomnia didn't rock until now, cause I can get up and peruse your site ad lib prn.
Wow, it's amazing how Jake and Reese have so many photo shoot similarities, especially the horse shoots.
Positively awesome. What a delightful post.
How do you do it?

About the Cartier post: Anon, please navigate and enter the site. Click the Love collection slide show, then click the necklace with the interlocking rings, one covered with diamonds the other unadorned.
Jake's to Reese is supposedly made of 18k white gold, with one of the interlocking bands all diamonds as usual; the cost reported at more than $3000.00.

Article reports he paid a hush hush visit...guess the hush hush part didn't last long;)... and spent more than two hours at the Beverly Hills Cartier Jewelers, with his sister Maggie, checking out ring bling, asking her what he should buy Reese, talking about how wonderful she is and how classy she is, pondering the love collection's interlocking rings, cost $3800.00, but settling for the interlocking ring necklace.

Unverified rocks:)

I love the Cartier site especially the Love Collection stories.

I hope you can access the site's lots of fun. Again thanks so much you two for my insomnia fun tonight.

agent_krycek said...

I love unverfied stuff like this :D

And with regards to the fate/coindidence, I'm firmly on the side of fate!

gr77 said...

What a fantastic post!!!I love it.

Hope everyone had a lovely time at xmas :o)

get real said...

Aww, love the coincidences which truly are fate! ;) J&R really were on the same wavelength all these years. So great. :D

Btw, some of the pics aren't showing up. :/

Anonymous said...

Great post loved the pictures and definitely fate, hope you all had a very merry christmas.

FluorescentLamp said...

Btw, some of the pics aren't showing up. :/

I don't think Blogger can handle all that beauty in one place. ;-)

It's happened before. If you click on where the pic is supposed to be it will either open in a new window or possible open right on the blog.

You might have to try it a couple of times.

get real said...

TY, Felicia! I see them now. :D So much beauty sure is overwhelming even for Blogger. ;p

UltraViolet said...

Hello all! I bought the Star Magazine and will type it up, though Sass has pretty much given us all the good stuff - thanks, Sass!

Another one of the rags (Life&Style) says that Jake went to SFO because he and Reese weren't going to be together for Christmas. Not sure I buy that. They also posted the Pier 39 pic of Reese, Deacon, Jake and a hidden Ava.

I know it's silly, but I hope Jake and Reese were together for at least part of Christmas. Though props to Reese and Ryan for putting the kids first. (If any of this is actually true!)

chica said...

What a great post! If this is going to be a series, I can't wait for the next installment!

PS: I sure hope they spent time together, if not on Christmas then at least after and hopefully New Years Day.

bobbyanna said...

My computer must be having a bit of a tantrum. It will not let me see any of the pictures no matter how many times I try and the Star Magazine post seems to be off limits, too. But I am sure it is a brilliant post. I did get to see the Cartier Love collection. I'm going with the totally unverified report that Jake did, indeed, give Reese something wonderfully Cartier-ish for Christmas.

I guess they're "goin' together!"
(In Donnie Darko, when Jake explains what that means to Jenna Malone, it always makes me smile.)

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:10 here,
Hey SASS, thank you for the recap of the story, that's verrrrry intriguing, ;) I hope Jake is deliriously happy and in love. He deserves it.

And thanks to all of you who contribute to this cool site. :*

suvee said...

Glad I took a quick peek at this post this morning as I was leaving for work, 'cause now, like bobbyanna, I cannot see the pics at all. But I do remember most of them.... and I think Felicia has done a brilliant job of making the case that Fate definitely has had a hand in J & R's relationship! (The drum pictures made me laugh out loud!)

Slightly OT, but JustJared has photos of Natalie P. at LAX yesterday..... I'm guessing she was on her way back to NM..... which leads me to believe Jake might be there as well?

Anonymous said...

It's very possible they did not spend Christmas together. Jake's sister Maggie purchased a home in Brooklyn NYC and she has a 1 year old, odds are that the family might have planned to be in NYC for the holiday. Reese doesn't have the option to fly off with the kids for Christmas, they have a dad and he lives in LA, I'm sure he wanted to spend time with his children. Reese & Jake are not married and they don't live together, so they spent the holiday with their families. Both are also working right now, Reese was working in Santa Monica on location 12/20 & 12/21, we know Jake was working until saturday 12/22.

I also think the tabloids are playing catch up. I think Reese has always had a ring from the love collection, going all the way back to March, sometimes she wears it on her chain, like she did in Rome. She used to wear it on her left hand daily, until they went public.

lawgoddess said...

Hi, I like the idea of juxtaposing Jake and Reese. I can't get the pix either, even after multiple clicks.

Love the idea of Reese having a ring from Jake. I'll go try the Carter site. Are they the ones that have the bracelet you put on and take off with a screwdriver? i like that one. :)

bobbyanna said...

What you say about the ragazines playing catch up on the rings,could indeed be the case, Anon. But I like to think Jake bought her something special from Cartier's Love Collection.

I don't agree with your surmise about the holidays. I just have a very strong feeling that Jake and Reese definitely spent time together over Christmas. Reese always insists on family time in her work schedule,and Jake is clearly a part of that. I think their relationship has moved to another stage. It is clearly more serious, bcz he is definitely spending time with the kids.

Funny. We often see pictures of Reese shopping. But not lately. Often seen Jake out and about, but not lately. Wouldn't surprise me at all if the entire clan, Reese included, is somewhere in the area where Mankas was located, in Marin County. Seems like that is a regular, favorite place for all of them. So that's my 2 cents worth. LOL!

UltraViolet said...

Hello everyone, anons and non-anons!

I guess they're "goin' together!"

Hee - that's how we say it around here :)

I think the tabs don't know what they are saying half the time, but I do like the idea of Jake's buying Reese something new. And this sounds different from Jake's rings in that it's white gold. I'd love it if we get an actual photo of it!

And yes, suvee, I saw the pics of Natalie at LAX and immediately wondered if we'd get some of Jake. My second thought was that Natalie looks good. Her hair looks like it's a better color than it was when she was doing press for Mr, Magorium.

In case anyone wants to see, here's the link.

suvee said...

"And yes, suvee, I saw the pics of Natalie at LAX and immediately wondered if we'd get some of Jake."

UV, I was hoping for some Jake pics, too. How I miss the good old days when Jake couldn't sneeze without being photographed.
Now, nada!

UltraViolet said...

Seriously, that whole privacy thing is so overrated!

Okay, I'm happy for Jake, and for Jake and Reese, and for Jake and Reese and the kids. They hare managing to avoid the madness. But it is the holidays. Give us a little something!