Monday, December 24, 2007

Jake Card

No doubt inspired by suvee's post, an enterprising ad agency has created some new, compelling ads commemorating the Year in Jake Gyllenhaal:

The first warms my local-team loving heart:

Fenway frank: $4.00

Souvenir cap: $31.99

Ticket for the Green Monster: $2999.00

Watching the Red Sox beat the Yankees? Priceless

And this travelogue is pretty cool, too!

Gelato from Zodiaco Cafe: $1.50

Private tour of the Eternal City: €500.00

First-class flight from NYC to Rome, return to LA: $1999.00

Finally being able to hold hands in public? Priceless.

I forgot the presents! A few pre-Christmas treats for you all - just a grab bag of small but rare goodies:

Pictures of Jake and Reese from the Rendition press conference.

A video with some Reese/Jake answers from the same press conference.

Very brief shots at the end of this video of Jake outside a BBM pre-Oscar party.

A couple of old "Day After Tomorrow" cast interviews. In the second one, Jake talks about Emmy Rossum.

Finally, a trailer for the movie Highway. They manage to mispronounce Gyllenhaal and Leto, so I don't know if it's authentic, but I've never seen a highway trailer before.

Merry, Merry to the Christmas folks. We wish you all joy and peace. And Jake under your tree : ) Thanks to you all for the present of your presence!

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


get real said...

LOLOL, LOVE IT!! :D Happy Holidays everyone! Big hugs and thanks to you all. ((GB))

UltraViolet said...

Yay! Glad you enjoyed it, gr. It was fun to put together.

I also just added some links to relatively rare Jake clips. Enjoy!

sass said...

Morning UV and everyone,

Fantastic post Sarah. I love it and I love the way you've changed your layout. Talk about holiday's here:)

I wish everyone here a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. The sun is out in NYC today, after a few days of clouds and rain.
This post makes my day even better.

I'll be back later, to resume my Jaking. I'll read all the posts very slowly over and over again, maybe make a comment or two, and enjoy Jake clips I've never ever seen before, with eggnog and brandy, my favorite holiday drink:)

FluorescentLamp said...


Brilliant post. And I'm not just saying that as your co-contributor. I love it! But then Jake at Fenway, Jake in Rome...what's not to love.

Well done. :-)

On another note, things I notice long after the fact - I only just now see that on that particular leg of their sightseeing in Rome trip Reese was wearing heels. Spikey heels. Why am I only now noticing that? What's happening to that once spot-on observational skill I was known for? I must have been too overcome by seeing them press flesh to notice anything below the knees.

Also, happy christmas everyone.

bobbyanna said...

This was totally brilliant, UV!... and I want to say again, thank you to you and flourescentalmp/felicia for setting up this blog. I'm having a ball with it.

Happy Christmas everyone!!!!

annie said...

Thanks for all the goodies! To both of you girls a wonderful Christmas and of course as well to all the people who post and lurk!
(P.S. The price of a round-trip, 1st class ticket L.A.- Frankfurt, is what?! Oh my God!)

suvee said...

Just returned from the grocery store.... what a zoo! But my reward was coming home to this fantastic post. I am thrilled if in any small way I provided any inspiration for this really inspired post. Love it.

"Finally being able to hold hands in public".... I imagine that did feel priceless to them at that point. And you have the perfect picture to go with the caption.

Haven't had time to check out all your Jake clips.... that will have to wait until I get home tonight after Christmas Eve dinner party. More goodies to look forward to! Thanks to UV and FL.

agent_krycek said...

Happy holidays to you all, lovely posting again :D

Just braved Oxford Street, and didn't kill anyone, so as a reward I bought myself the original Brothers on DVD - very much looking forward to watching it (I've pretty much spoiled myself with the plot anyway) and trying to imagine Jake (and his tattoos) in the role.

UltraViolet said...

enjoy Jake clips I've never ever seen before, with eggnog and brandy

Well, I hope at least one of them is new to you, sass. Merry Christmas and Happy Eggnogging to you! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and support for Gyllenbabble.

But then Jake at Fenway, Jake in Rome...what's not to love.

Jake in New Mexico. Oh, wait, I forgot, I'm not bitter that they chose Santa Fe over Boston. Nope, not at all.

Glad you liked the post. Even happier that you're taking this blog ride with me!

Thanks for all the laughs and sighs :)

As for not noticing the heels? I think you were so happy about the tights, you forgot the shoes.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Bobbyanna. We're having fun, too!

And Annie, thanks for noticing the airline price, because I made an error. I was checking for more than one person, because they had an entourage! Then I forgot to divide.

Oops! It was late, and my earlier in the day mimosas had apparently lingering effects.

UltraViolet said...

And suvee, you absolutely did inspire this post. And it was so much fun, I'm thinking it might be an ongoing feature!

And you have the perfect picture to go with the caption.

Well, it was tough, but someone had to go through all those Rome pictures over and over again!

And congrats on not committing Christmacide, Agent K! And what a nice present for yourself. You deserve it.

I'm trying to remain unspoilered. But if the movie really doesn't come out until 2009, I'm not sure I'll be successful!

sass said...

Afternoon UV,
I'm dreading the grocery's 1400 and the madness is in full swing.

I didn't notice Reese's heels at first either, though later, I did note the band-aid on her heel, when Jake gallantly carried her across the street.
Heels on cobblestone...not a good choice ever.

I shared the Jake carry pic with one of my bff. We both longed for the days of yore, when we weighed so much less, and had fun with our mates, being swung around, and carried, and loved. *sigh*
Back soon.
Thanks again for my first look Highway, the only Jake movie I don't own. I may have to remedy that situation ASAP...since I'm also a fan of Jared Leto.

Anonymous said...

Great post as usual UV, And may I wish you all a very Merry Xmas.

sheba baby said...

What a great post!!Thanks for the links, and UV and FL, thnaks for this blog, it's the best!!!!

Happy Holidays to all!

lawgoddess said...

Sarah and Felicia, thank you for helping to meet my Jaking needs. I am loving this blog. Great post today, I am saving the clips for the quiet moments tomorrow. Merry Christmas, you guys are the best. B.

UltraViolet said...

Merry Christmas, anons and named guests! Hope everyone is tucked in, cozy and safe from the holiday madness!

hanks again for my first look Highway, the only Jake movie I don't own. I may have to remedy that situation ASAP...since I'm also a fan of Jared Leto.

Oh, Sass, you must get Highway. I was dubious, but now I love it. It's not a masterpiece, obviously, but it is really fun and surprisingly poignant.

Okay, off to wrap some more presents! Wonder if Jake's helping Reese wrap.

Or unwrap :)