Saturday, December 8, 2007

Why are we here? Because Jake's in San Francisco!

So for a couple of months, I've been at a loss. Places I used to love have grown unwelcoming; new places were sometimes too narrow in focus and are now closed anyway. Where does a girl go when she has info like this:

Last night in the end of a dark, dead end street in San Francisco's Twin Peaks, Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon were snuggling together in a garage.  A very cold garage.

But don't assume that Jake and Reese were indulging in their (hopefully legitimate) love of sex in public places, since:

Reese is shooting her movie, Four Christmases, in The City.  Jake came to visit.  Her two kids were hanging, as well.

Also, Jake and Reese continue their culinary exploration of the Bay Area. From the comments on this annoying post:

Totally saw Reese Witherspoon and her "boyfriend" Jake eating at Zuni yesterday afternoon.  They left in a silver Range Rover and just basically looked hot. I hate to say it, but nice!

So there you have it - this is the kind of info you can expect here.  Timely, topical and not at all verified!

Welcome, Jake fans!

Sarah (aka UltraViolet)


FluorescentLamp said...

Nice place you have here, UV.

I've long thought you should have a place of your own for all the a-maaaaaaa-zing Jake bits you uncover.

Thanks for this. And thanks for inviting me along for the ride.

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh yes let me start spamming your blog now.

I completely forgot to comment on your inaugural post. :-/

So the boy found his way from Santa Fe to San Fran this past week?

I don't know how I feel about the SFist sighting in their comments, though coupled with that garage huddle I think I might buy it. I'm easy like that. Also I'm a sucker for romance. In cold garages. At the end of dark dead end streets.

Can you imagine the transportation nightmares just getting him there? Can I have that job?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you have started a blog UVI am sure this will be a great place to visit for any Jake and Jake/Reese news.

lawgoddess said...

UV, I am beyond thrilled to see this.I have always said you are the world's best Jake scout, and I have missed your info.

Looking forward to a fun ride.;) B.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for dropping by, Anonymous. Hopefully, we'll have some good stuff to keep you coming back :)

And LawGoddessB - yay! Thanks so much for the support. I hope the Jake well doesn't run dry.

That sounds nasty. I'll try to refrain from making any puns. ;)

As for Fluorescent Lamp up there, thanks for taking the ride with me! I'd love to know all the logistics of Jake's comings and goings. So to speak :)

JP said...

I hope you carry on the policy of not allowing the "Jake is gay" threads. I hate those idiots.

Glad you are doing this.

suvee said...

Dear UV, you just made my day! Like many others, I'm excited to see this blog.... it's desperately needed.

I have long thought you should start your own Jake blog, and not just because you are the undisputed champion at finding all the Jake news that's available, both major and minor. I am really looking forward to making this my new Jake home...... thank you so much!

And even though I really do have a problem with Jake and Reese's privacy being invaded...... where are the cell phone/pap pics from SF? : )

FluorescentLamp said...

And even though I really do have a problem with Jake and Reese's privacy being invaded...... where are the cell phone/pap pics from SF? : )

Aww, suvee, so good to see you here. And everyone else, too! :-)

I know what you're saying...but just one little cellphone pic wouldn't be that much of an invasion would it???


Anonymous said...

How about Jake is bisexual...that's entirely possible isn't it?

UltraViolet said...

Oh, look, an anonymous comment about Jakes sexuality. What a surprise!

Maybe someday I'll do a post cataloguing the many, many times Jake has said he's straight. For now, I'll simply link you to this.

Please don't respond with a treatise on the PR machine and the history of Hollywood. I am fully aware that Hollywood has a shameful record in its depiction and treatment of gays and lesbians. But I take Jake at his word and his actions.

Thanks for playing!

UltraViolet said...

Hi JP! Welcome. This will definitely NOT be one of those absurd blogs devoted to the nonsense I don't want to even name. But we will try to play nice. For now :)

And hello and welcome to you, too, suvee. So glad you found the place!

I'm hoping Flynet has been vigilant in its mission of stalking, I mean covering Reese and Jake, and that we'll see some pics. Nothing too intrusive. Just little peek :)

twofold said...

Hey Sarah (UV)!!! You just made my day too! I was so excited when I went to Reese's IMDb board and saw you had posted. I have missed your little nuggets of info and great post from the last blog.

I was hoping that you would start your own blog and here you go and do it! Thanks so much and I so look forward to all the great info I know you will bring us on Jake and Jake/Reese news. Like everyone else I am ready for another picture now...LOL

I feel to Jake was in San Fran with 2 sightings of them together.

Anyway great first post and I look forward to many more!!!

bobbyanna said...

Yay!!!! I am so happy you decided to start a Jake blog!!! Thanks, Sarah!!

JP said...

Hey Sarah,

You know the "gay mafia" are only going to get worse. They infect every other site with this nonsense.

Why can't any of them say anything any more intelligent than, "he's totally gay, man." Then they offer no proof. They wonder why most people think they are stupid. Half of them can't even spell or use proper grammar.

They are parasites. Nothing more. These people think EVERYONE is gay, from Will Smith to Tom Cruise to Matt LeBlanc to George Clooney to Matt Damon.

But they seem to believe this especially is true of Jake. I guess because Ted Casablanca says so. I guess they feel that gossip columnists are never wrong. Never mind that Ted has been denying that Jake and Reese were together for at least TEN MONTHS now. Never mind that Ted Casablanca had been saying that Jake was ready to "come out of the closet," this came around the same time Jake is KNOWN to have gotten serious with Reese.

I guess I wouldn't mind it so much if THEY ACTUALLY PROVIDED PROOF. But they never do. No pictures. No stories. Nothing. Just their snarky comments.

That's why it pisses off so many people.

Why are they so threatened by this guy being a hetrosexual?

They remind me of those parents who are in DEEP DENIAL about their kids being gay. It's the same thing but in reverse...ironic, huh?

sass said...

Wow, Hi Gyllenbabble,
I am totally happy now. If I want to say something happy and pleasant about my new favorite couple, without getting cussed out or called names: I can come here.

I don't have convince you of Jake's integrity and inherent honesty, and of course We love who Jake loves...because we are his real fans!

UltraViolet said...

Hi again, JP! I can totally understand your incredulity. It's amazing that people can pin so much on so little. And for so long.

But mostly, I just want "them" to stay away from this place. So I'm going to try not to engage them.

I've always found the complete lack of tolerance on their part, as well as their lack of appreciation for what Jake HAS done, ironic. And sad.

Since this is a place that does and will appreciate Jake, I'm hoping they will steer clear.

UltraViolet said...

Oops - somehow I missed you, twofold. You'll have to increase to fourfold, I guess ;) Welcome!

I think the two sightings together make the premise more likely, as well. And I hope we get some pictorial confirmation!

UltraViolet said...

Hi Bobbyanna - so glad you're here! It's fun to have a place to post anything I want.

And Sass - helloooo! I've tried to get in touch with you, but you haven't friended me on LJ :(

I wanted to offer my support after that DC debacle. (Yes, I still do sometimes read Eyelashes.)

It was so clear that the post you objected to came right after Reese posts, and was intended as a commentary on them. All the pearl-clutching that followed was so disingenuous.

Anyway, you are always welcome here :) I hope we'll have some fun.

JP said...

Hey there was another sighting of Reese in San Fransisco. This time with her kids. This is the second sighting of her with her kids in San Fransisco.

This brings up another point. We know Ryan still had the kids on Thursday, because there was a photo of him with Deacon at a playground.

So do you think that JAKE was the one who picked up the kids in LA and travelled with them to San Fransisco together?

Wouldn't that mean that Jake would have to talk to Ryan, and Ryan had to hand over his children to Jake so that they could travel together?

Warrants further investigating, no?

JP said...

Sorry I didn't mention this earlier.

I saw the sighting on imdb.

FluorescentLamp said...

So do you think that JAKE was the one who picked up the kids in LA and travelled with them to San Fransisco together?

Not necessarily, jp. I imagine the kids have a sitter/nanny type that travels with them when their parents travel or go on location. I think it was enough of a haul from Santa Fe to San Francisco for Jake without throwing in LA for the fun of it. ;-)

sass said...

Hi again Sarah,
Please give me your LJ handle. If you can, go to any of my last LJ post and leave your comment there for your privacy and I will friend you immediately!

I nearly lost my mind the other day on DCF, with a post stating that Maggie is the most beautiful women in Jake's life right now followed by an AMEN. Meanwhile the person making this statement knowing all along that he has a beautiful new girlfriend in his life who he's been dating. It's so hard to deal with passive aggressive BS... especially for me because I am all action all the time, when I am well;)
Of course I had to apologize for my outburst.

I was rude and wrong. But I know now it will never stop. The disparaging, not so subtle anti Jake/Reese remarks will never stop, so I have to make myself be good and absent myself prn.

I just never realized the reservoir of ill will out there in Jake-land about his choice of partners, nor did I know the level of investment, some people have in Jake's sexuality, even to ignoring his choices, and impugning his integrity to make inane and erroneous statements about his sexuality to whoever will listen.

gr77 said...

Thanks for starting this blog,UV.
I agree with Suvee that you're the perfect person to start a blog of her own (and not just because you're so great at finding Jake news).

I'm glad Jake had the chance to get some time off and visit Reese (I wasn't sure about the first sighting but the second one convinced me he was in SF).

I agree with your comments re the "Jake is part of a sinister conspiracy to prove he's straight" beleivers.For the record, I do understand that Hollywood is hommophobic and that Jake (like anyone else) may be bisexual but I don't get why so many people instantly beleive the latter when there's nothing to support it (and yes, Ted C. is nothing)

Anyway, we have talked too much about these people imo.Thanks again for this new blog

smile said...

Hey, hey, hey, UV! That´s great! That´s fabulous! That´s much needed, indeed!
So glad you did this! About time!
Already bookmarked and will be visited diligently!
All the fabulous guys here!
Made my day!
I really felt lost after TGD closed and felt intimidated by the passive-aggressive behaviour of the Lashers with their pseudo-open-mindedness, which only works one-way. Sass, I nearly delurked (got an account) to give you support, but couldn´t bring myself to do it, since I don´t feel at home there. I guess they got rid of the Jake and Reese thread, because they felt threatened by the positive vibes on this thread and the slowing traffic on Lashers. No, I don´t buy their humbleness in accepting the relationship.

Anyway, great, great, great.
Have a lovely Sunday, guys, will be back later!

smile said...

Me again, should have clarified that I don´t have an account on the DC. I was just a lurker there. I´m writing "was" now, because I don´t intend to go back there. Not even to lurk.
CU later, guys.

Anonymous said...


There is a blog in the Brother's forum, it's from a person who attends the college in which the movie is being filmed, this person was on set with Tobey M 12/8 and they are currently filming the Taliban camp in ABQ and the heli crash is in Taos. Which means Jake would not be needed on set for this part of the filming.

bobbyanna said...

I'm not going to spend time looking backwards, but, sass, I also didn't feel you owed anyone apologies. Passive agressive behavior, coupled with a level of dishonesty that's rather delusional, is much too frustrating to deal with. It's impossible to have a rational discussion with people who've "dug in." Some people "need" to have things a certain way. The arguments become rather circular, IMHO, and too much time and energy is expended with no benefit to anyone. I'd rather be happy. And for me, that condition depends on being reality based! LOL! Enuf said.
On those pictures of Ryan, Abbie and Ava, and Ryan and Deacon a bit later,maybe they weren't actually shot Thursday, but a day or two earlier. I also think Ava's school schedule would affect going to SF to visit mom. I think nanny-transport is probably what happens.

I don't necessarily think things are friendly btwn the two guys, but I also don't think they are as raw as some people might expect. As I said earlier. Things don't just happen when we hear about them. I don't think either Ryan or Jake is "a saint," but I also don't believe they are actively hostile to each other.I'd bet Ryan's attitude has a lot to do with how he feels about things in his own life. If his own life is good he is probably easier to deal with.
(Aren't we all! LOL!!).

There was a bit about Toby and a friend working with trainers at a gym in Santa Fe in the past few days. Santa Fe New Mexican said Toby has a "buzz cut!" to look soldier-ish. Maybe Jake had to go to NM for some preliminaries and now he gets a break while they shoot Toby's "Afghanistan War" scenes.

smile said...

"I'd bet Ryan's attitude has a lot to do with how he feels about things in his own life. If his own life is good he is probably easier to deal with.
(Aren't we all! LOL!!)."

Hear! Hear! Bobbyanna, wise words. Let´s hope for us all that things are working out.

Someone on a board, sorry, can´t remember where, asked about the logde where Jake and family had spent their X-mas holidays last year.
Found it, link is below.
They are still rebuilding the lodge and restaurant, but are partly open. Would guess though that the Gs will have to look for another place to spend the holidays this year.

chica said...

Thanks for starting this blog Ultra! I really enjoyed all the info you found and posted on the now defunct Gyllenspoon blog.

lokking forward to the new Gyllenspoon forum to be hopefully
started by WTL!

There is another Jake blog that is Jake and Reese friendly, Jake Weird, maybe you can link there as well.

sheba baby said...

Hi Bobbyanna! I remember your comments from the Gyllenspoon blog!

I thought that the Ryan/Abby and the kids were taken last weekend and posted earlier this week.

The SF sighting of Jake/Reese and the kids was on a Friday and it sounded like it was towards the evening, so I don't think it affected Ava and school. The 1st sighting was on a thursday w/o the kids.

suvee said...

Morning everyone..... it's very cold and icy here, so I am in for the day.

Just wanted to apologize to flourescentlamp..... didn't mean to ignore your role as co-contributor in my post last night. I was so excited to see this site, my brain sort of shut down for a few moments!
And I do like the synergy you and UV have going with your user names. : )

Anonymous said...

"passive-aggressive behaviour of the Lashers with their pseudo-open-mindedness, which only works one-way."

Tell me about it! I got dragged into a full scale row on DC. Some of those people seem to be used to posting on boards where everyone agrees with them and no-one challenges them, and they were at first shocked to be challenged. Now they are pretending to "play nice" while all the while using this passive-aggressive attitude. That thing about Maggie was ridiculous.

JP said...

As said it before, my rant last night notwithstanding, that it's only a handful of people who make those comments.

There are only a few people who post on blogs/message boards regularly to begin with. Example us...many of the people who post here also post on imdb and use to post on the Gyllenspoon board before it was shut down. Am I right?

Well the same is true of the "gay mafia." It's a handful of people who go from site to site and make the same scurulous statements. If you look at the user names, it's usually the same ones repeating themselves over and over.

I'm willing to bet you it's no more than two dozen people.

The problem is that they are rude and disruptive. They makes slanderous statements and never back them up with facts. They just disrupt. That is the classic definition of troll-dom is it not?

Like I wrote last night, they remind me of parents who are IN DEEP DENIAL about their children being gay...but it's only the reverse. Jake is straight, and they are IN DEEP DENIAL about that.

It's actually kind of funny if you think about it. Jake doesn't seem to care, and I don't think we should either.

Second, I think it's entirely possible that Jake was the one who picked up Reese's children in Los Angeles. At least it's plausible enough for us not to dismiss it out of hand.

Like i've written many, many times. I think the relationship between Reese and Jake is FAR MORE SERIOUS than people realize.

smile said...

"I'm willing to bet you it's no more than two dozen people."

I would round up to about 30, jp, but I agree, not likely much more. Has nothing to do with the
"hell hath no fury than gay men scorned" attitude on some gay sites now. These 24 to 30 die hard Ted C/Austi-poo worshippers are only interested in their soapy romance. Anything else is unacceptable to them. To each her/his own.
What I utterly loathe though, is their schizophrenic Jake-image. To them he is either a liar, bearding, in the closet, blah, blah, blah, only to protect his career, or his evil PR is presumably standing behind him and Reese with a whip, forcing them to have sex in bathrooms. (I´m joking, right).
This suits their passive-aggressive attitude, I guess, but I, for one, prefer to see them as people with integrity. Because of that I would assume that if they were not involved, they would not pretend to be. Not only because they love and protect their families (and their image), but also because of a basic decency they both have.

Apropos: fluorescentlamp, love that name, love that you put up with this blog and us ;) Thank you!
Do you have an abbreviation you prefer?

FluorescentLamp said...

suvee said...Just wanted to apologize to flourescentlamp..... didn't mean to ignore your role as co-contributor in my post last night. I was so excited to see this site, my brain sort of shut down for a few moments!
And I do like the synergy you and UV have going with your user names. : )

Absolutely no apologies necessary. :-)

When I was thinking about a blogger name, something to complement UltraViolet's - I thought about this one and have to admit I laughed for a good five minutes. I think UV may have chuckled. :-D

smile said... Apropos: fluorescentlamp, love that name, love that you put up with this blog and us ;) Thank you!
Do you have an abbreviation you prefer?

Sure. We can use felicia as an abbreviation. :-)

JP said...

This is the MAJOR contradiction in their argument, that many of them don't even acknowledge, much less explain...

If Jake and Reese are only "pretending" to be boyfriend and girlfriend for publicity purposes or to cover up for the fact that Jake is gay, then why did they hide it for so long? Why do they keep it under wraps even now?

You see initially the "gay mafia" believed that the whole story was a lie. As in no relationship at all. There were no photos of them together. No photos, no relationship. Simple as that [BTW, this is a standard they should apply to themselves]. They DENIED EVERY SINGLE sighting of the two together.

That way, they could still believe all the ridiculous things Ted Casablanca was writing about TT [ie that he and Austin were going to adopt a baby; or that Jake was about to 'come out' in May of '07].

But once the relationship went public in Rome, then suddenly they couldn't deny it anymore. So they changed course and began accusing the thing of being made-up.

However, they never acknowledge the fact that Reese and Jake HAVE BEEN TOGETHER THE WHOLE TIME. Which means that all those retarded "sightings" or TT stories, made up by Ted Casablanca, from the past year HAVE TO BE UNTRUE. If they are untrue, then doesn't it stand to reason that ALL the TT stories were UNTRUE as well? If the TT stories are untrue, then JAKE CAN'T BE GAY, because there is no other evidence of him being gay other than what Ted Casablanca has written.

Logic is obviously something these people have a serious problem with. Ted Casablanca won't recant, because to do so would be essentially conceding that the Toothy Tile thing was completely made up.

I'll tell you a story. I went on to the Awful Truth site and basically made the same argument I made above. I spelled out how, logically, Ted Casablanca's argument was SERIOUSLY FLAWED. I finally concluded that THERE WAS NO SUCH PERSON AS TOOTHY TILE. It was completely made up, and a figment of Ted Casablanca's imagination. I wasn't rude. There were no references to "the gay mafia" or anything. I didn't call anyone stupid. I just made my case --- and a convincing one at that.

You know what Ted Casablanca did?

He erased my post.

The man is a liar and a coward.

Anonymous said...

I've had posts on TWT deleted as well.

UltraViolet said...

Okay, Jake's sexuality is always going to be a bone of contention (crude pun intended), but let's not give the haters anymore free ink. Especially the cowardly, absurd E! "correspondent," whose lies I do not want to discuss.

I'm also uncomfortable with the term "gay mafia," even used ironically, which I hope you're doing, JP. I don't think it's an agenda driven by gay people, as much as an agenda driven by people, straight and gay, who need Jake to be something he is not.

I despise their hypocrisy and double standards; the lack of logic, reason, sensitivity or humanity. And I hate that they can twist anything Jake says or does.

But even though I think you overestimate their numbers (nowhere near even 24 regular posters, IMO), they are still everywhere. Everywhere else. We don't have to engage them here.

suvee said...

thanks, UV for your latest comments. I concur with all you said. I have no desire to read about TC and his lies...... and certainly not on a Jake site like this one.

gr77 said...

I completely agree,UV!!

And sorry felicia for not thanking you too for this blog

Anonymous said...

Another sighting, sounds as if the beard is back.