Thursday, December 30, 2010

Anger management, Anna Kournikova and eternal happiness

Stop me if you've heard this before, but we have more videos of Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway promoting Love & Other Drugs. The film is now playing in some European locales, so more people are getting to enjoy Jamie and Maggie.

The Guardian blocked their video of Jake and Anne discussing their roles in L&OD and the secret of eternal happiness but you can watch it on their site.

Here's a Sky News interview with the pair:

(Scan courtesy of IHJ.)


Reposting for Sheba said...

Any other Brits on this site wanna share their Jake experience last night? I had a dream about Love and Other Drugs last night. Sorry I didn't post this earlier but just wanted to get to bed to dream.

OK, I went to fetch my PoP co-pilot Karen and saw her beautiful baby boy (who looks a lot like dad)which made us late for the showing because of all the cooing I was making.

So, with great anticipation and excitement we bombed up the road but arrived 10 minutes late for the 3.40pm showing. The queues to buy tickets were huge and I guess because a theatre staff saw us dancing and willing the queue to diminish, he said we could buy our tickets from the Ben and Gerry's counter. So excited were we that we didn't even want to get snacks, just get the hell inside.

Then, we had to queue up to hand our tickets to the staff to let us in (why do we have to queue for EVERYTHING in this country!!). They were searching bags and I started to do my little impatient dance again as I thought OH no! we're late AGAIN for another Jake film (yes we were late for the Prince of Persia premier screening even though we got there at about 7am!!). So, yeah, we queue jumped (and please forgive me all those people I brushed passed but I was not going to miss another second of this film) and thrust our tickets at the guy who looked flustered and we escalated up to screen 12.

My heart sank at that point because I though they've put us in a small screen room so there won't be many people. How wrong were we. The theatre was FULL! And the commercials were on Yippeeee! We had to scrabble around for two good seats together. So just as we sat down, the film started.

Put it this way. I can't wait for the video now. I will say that I was expecting to cry.... a lot..... and I didn't.... at all. I was disappointed at that but I did laugh ... a lot!! And the audience did too. They were very engaged with the film and laughed so hard I missed some punch lines so a second viewing was necessary. There was some very sexy, crossing your legs, stuff going on though. Jake looks amazingly boyish on the big screen in what was a very grown up role. Suffice it to say that I will be taking/dragging/coercing a few friends along to share the Jake Love.

There were many scenes in the trailers and stills that did not make it to the film and I think that's where the emotional heart of the story suffers for me. The chopped this film up so badly I suspect at least another half hour would have been perfectly fine. It was too short. I'm intrigued to find out if the UK showing was different from the US showing. There was not as much raunchy, crude stuff as they led us to believe but still sexy nontheless.

In any good love story time and attention is given to the characters and I didn't see them falling in love (am I getting cynical in my old age?) They just out of the blue declared their love. What I'm saying is like any good meal I guess it needed to cook a little more to infuse all those flavours together so that it because one hot flavoursome hotpot :D

So, Suvee, has Jamie replaced Dastan in my affections. Well, he gave a damn good go but No. Dastan does it for me everytime and I guess I need to see LAOD more than twice to get a handle on Jamie's character but I couldn't find his centre in this movie. With Dastan it was instant. So first it was Donnie, replaced by Jack, replaced by Dastan and so I'm still waiting.

December 30, 2010 3:42 AM

UltraViolet said...

Now reposting my comment:

Hi Sheba - thanks for your review! I agree that the movie needed a bit more time on the actual love story. I would also like to have seen some more of Jamie trying to get over Maggie or trying Not to be in love with her.

I've heard other people say they didn't see the two falling in love, but that wasn't an issue for me. I saw it and believed it but wouldn't have objected to seeing more of it.

I also think they should have shown more of Maggie's bad days. Not dramatically bad, but a few times where she was down or depressed or lagging. When she shouts at Jamie about how he might want to go out with someone who has energy, it doesn't make a lot of sense, because all we've seen is the car scene where she's feeling bad. We can infer she's had those times, but it would have helped to see them, I think.

Glad you got to see it, despite the time issues! And I'm really happy to hear it was crowded.

I don't know who my favorite Jake character is. I sense a poll coming on...

bobbyanna said...

Rats! Couldn't see the first video bcz they blocked it.:(

The tweets and FB comments from people seeing it for the first time are great! They're very excited and seem to be loving it.

I hope it does well in spite of the fact it seems not to be in as many theatres as it should be overseas! That wasn't a very smart decision.

Thanks, so much sheba! Enjoyed reading your account.

Chica said...

Can't view the 1st video either:(

The second video is interesting regarding anger management, apparently it was a problem during BBM. Meditation seems to have calmed him:) The trailer in French is funny!

Thanks so much for your review Sheba. I enjoyed reading it and agree with some of the shortcomings in the movie that you pointed out.

I'm a bit disappointed that LAOD has lost so many screens here in the US, I was hoping Fox would use Jake and Anne's GG nomination to push the movie again.

UltraViolet said...

Oops. Sorry about that. I posted the link instead.

I hoped for a little push after the GG noms, too, but Fox blew it again. It's a shame. But it is fun to see the Twitter response to the film.

JF said...

I enjoyed all the new interviews.
I think I watched every single Jake & Anne interview. :D

suvee said...

It cracked me up that Anna Kournikova popped into his head as an example of a superior tennis player. Er, Jake.... I don't believe Anna ever won a pro tennis singles title (she did win doubles though).

I'm thinking there's something other than her tennis skills that impressed him! :)

Extra said...

Yeah, A lot of guys like Anna for her looks and not her tennis skills Suvee!

More Jake and Anne goodies, I never will get tired of watching their interviews.

I'm going to try and catch LAOD again before it disappears from the theaters.

bobbyanna said...

From FB:
"Jake Gyllenhall at ABC Kitchen. I love NYC"
6 hours ago

UltraViolet said...

Jake loves that place, Bobbyanna!

He also got around today - a sighting at Matsuri and then several tweets of him, Maggie and Peter at a show at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC. The artist is named Chris Thile.

Suvee, I cracked up at the Anna Kournikova thing, too. I couldn't tell if it was a joke or if he really couldn't think of Serena Williams!

JF - I think I've seen them all, too. And loved them all.

Extra, good luck catching L&OD again. it's playing at one cinema in Boston that I can find.

UltraViolet said...

I did post another Sky video in the main post. And I can't play this clip, but you UKers should be able to. It's the UK L&OD press conference. I think we've seen most of it, but there might be some more tidbits in there.

Sheba Baby said...

Chris Thile! I wonder if he performed with his group The Punch Brothers. He went solo but they occasionally play togehter. He plays the mandolin! His sound is Folk/Bluegrass, I read that Peter is a bluegrass fan and is going to do the bio of bluegrass legend Bill Monroe.

I don't think LAOD is playing anywhere near me anymore, I would like to see it again on the big screen too if possible. Thanks again UV for finding all the Jake and Anne interviews, they are just perfect.

Thanks so much for your review Sheba! I wonder if the UK version was edited and made less raunchy, hmmm.

Monica said...

I love all interviews of Jake and Anne. Amazing how they have chemistry on and off screen. No, not yet seen laod. I will not download more, because it will debut a few weeks.

Yesterday I was watching a show and they showed the trailer of Love & Other Drugs. A member of my forum said he saw the movie poster in a mall in Sao Paulo. Very happy with this news.

Good to hear that Jake is enjoying NY with his family.

Each day I love more and more this blog and the people who are here. Happy New Year Gyllenbabble!

Chica said...

Thanks for the link to the 1st video UV::))

He really does love the ABC Kitchen! It's a little better in NY regarding the snow. Some of the areas are still a bitch to get around.

I love this blog and the posters here too Monica, Happy New year everyone!

bobbyanna said...

"Each day I love more and more this blog and the people who are here. Happy New Year Gyllenbabble!"

"I love this blog and the posters here too Monica, Happy New year everyone!"
My sentiments exactly! :)

I love hanging out here! This is a very special blog, with a lot of very special people. Love to all, and a very happy,healthy, wonderful New Year!

And for all your hard work, keeping us 'in the loop' special hugs:
(((((UV & FL)))))

(FYI: Maroon 5's playing the Hard Rock in Atlantic City tonight.)

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Oh! La !! La!!


Happy New year everyone!

Thanks UV Great work!!!

MARY said...


Get Real said...

Jake at ABC Kitchen.....omg I love him for making that and Paragon are his new cz. :) ABC is very cool and eclectic!

I continue to LOVE the LAOD J/A lovesfest promotion.

Happy new year everyone!!! :D

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Wishing everyone here at Gyllenbabble a very Happy New Year! I love this blog and all the posters here.

Thanks UV and FL for making this blog so great and for all the Jake news and events. I'm loving the Jake and Anne love train, it just keeps trucking along!

Tweety said...

Watching the Twilight Zone marathon on SyFy, it never gets old!

This blog is the only Jake blog I visit and I will continue to do so in the New Year. Thanks so much UV & FL and to Jake, the inspiration for this fantastic blog!

Wishing everyone here at GB a very Happy New year !

UltraViolet said...

Happy New Year to all GBers. Thanks for all the GB love :) We're glad to have a place where people have fun as Jake fans.

It was a pretty good year to be a Jake fan, with lots of Jake on movie, theater and computer screens. Hope 2011 brings us all health and happiness.

suvee said...

Thanks for all the GB love

You and FL make this an easy place to love! Thanks to you both, and to everyone here, for making GB such a wonderful and special Jake online home.

May 2011 bring you all good times, good health and much happiness. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

random question - but would anyone have the picture out there of jake playing drums? i'm not talking about a screen cap from proof, 'cause i know he played them in that, but i remember there being a single picture out there, maybe taken in a radio studio of him sitting behind a drum set? does this sound familiar to anyone else?

Sag Actor said...

This is a great place, thanks so much for your hard work UV & FL!

Have a Happy New Year, and please be safe if you are going out to celebrate.

bobbyanna said...

tweety, we've had the LOTR trilogy on dvd in one room and the SNL marathon on MTV in another.:)

Just family hanging out and eating bad things:)

Recommendation: Get some of those jumbo pretzel sticks, make a dip of some Nutella with a swirl of peanut butter,heat it slightly (25 secnds) in the microwave. Delish!

bobbyanna said...

Several Jake sightings in NYC late this afternoon, @ Eataly again,buying stuff,and Tea & Sympathy, a British-themed restaurant and store in the West Village.

Extra said...

Just stopping by to say Happy New year to everyone!

I have guests over and they are getting thirsty!

Sheba Baby said...

Hanging out with family and friends too Bobbyanna and eating and drinking things we are going to regret in the morning!

Have a very Happy New Year, I love this blog!!!