Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year
from some of the great places Jake has taken us to this past year.


UltraViolet said...

Happy 2011! What a great post, FL. I love it. We managed to see some fireworks tonight. I love fireworks!

Hope everyone had a celebratory evening :)

UltraViolet said...

Oh, noticed the time, too. Nice!

Shondra said...

I love the fireworks in Moscow, the Kremlin looks stunning.

Happy New Year,I hope everyone had a great time ringing in the New Year!

FL said...

Happy New Year all.

Looks like after a NYE day in the City (which bobbyanna posted yesterday) Jake hightailed it back to BK about 6.30 last night.

So I was standing at Atlanta [sic] Ave station wen lo n behold Jake gyllenhal steps off the N train...beard n all very sexy

There's a funny account on FB where this photographer swore up and down the actor he took a photo of on the train was Tobey Maguire, even calling out his name, at which point Jake shook his head, put his beanie on and turned up his iPod no doubt, lol.

Just saw this tweet. Does it mean NYE is a go then?

yeah. last night was crazy. WB shot some scenes with me and my friends for a new movie with Jake Gyllenhall on Times Square.

FL said...

It would be helpful to see the photo I'm rambling on about, huh?

Jake on a train

bobbyanna said...

(((FL!))) Great post!!! I love those Moscow fireworks pics too! Jake certainly covered a lot of ground! Busy year.

Whoa, FL. Good catch! So he is doing the movie. I'm just glad to hear he's working! The idea of not having any Jake to admire after Source Code is ...unsettling. Yes. I happily admit my addiction:)

Love the subway pic. And the guy thought this is Tobey? Uh. Not. even. close.:)

Lisa's at the airport headed back to NYC, Laura's in ATL, and I broke my first resolution at breakfast!:)

Monica said...

Jake, please stay two years without making a movie, but do not do this shame. You're better than that.
The failure of Prince of Persia was so bad for him that he needs to act in films like this?

Thanks for the photo, FL.

FL said...

So he is doing the movie. I'm just glad to hear he's working!

Me, too. Even the premise of the movie doesn't bother me like it does others.

and I broke my first resolution at breakfast!:)

No hard drugs before noon??

LOL, kiddddding! ;-)

JF said...

Happy New Year!

bobbyanna said...

"No hard drugs before noon?"

Just my Boniva! LOL!

I ate three pancakes for breakfast. They were "healthy", but still...

Just checked IMDB, and there're only five guys listed in the cast, ...and ten women. They certainly need more than Jake and De Niro. (Oops. I'm ignoring Ashton, Zac Efron, and,(cough) Frankie Muniz?;)) And I don't count Abigail Breslin.

Monica said...

I had forgotten that De Niro is in this shame. But he did Machete ... So do not make much difference!
But, he'll be in the next Martin Scorsese.

Chica said...

I love fireworks and these pics are fantastic, especially the fireworks behind Big Ben and Red Square.

A good thing the subways are up and running, Jake seems to really love riding them. I on the other hand try to avoid them. I prefer taking a bus to get around. Tobey? LOL!!

So he is doing NYE, interesting. My Niece said she was watching the MTV countdown or ABC's rocking New Year and they were talikng about celeb couples. They showed a Jake and Taylor FB page (fake) that said in relationship. I thought maybe at first it had something to do with the shoot but Taylor isn't attached to NYE.

Tweety said...

I'm recovering from my New Year's Eve celebration, I had a great time!

This is a great post with incredible photos, Happy New Year!

I'm not sure How I feel about Jake doing New Year's Eve movie. it would explain why he has been in NY so much lately.

I would love to see photo of Jake and Ramona:

lisebeth: RT @mattufford: Saw Jake Gyllenhaal with his niece in Park Slope today. He's purdy.

bobbyanna said...

Hi, Tweety! Yes, it would be sweet to see a picture of the two of them!

Just saw this on FB:
"Celebrity sighting in Brooklyn. Jake Gyllenhaal at the Bergen St station on the 2/3 line. Happy New Year to me"
38 minutes ago

Chica,I didn't know she's no longer attached. Thanks. Maybe Taylor had a schedule conflict, bcz she's getting ready for her world tour in February.

Chica said...

Ok, I judt checked IMDB and Taylor's name is attached as rumored like Jake. I swear her name wasn't listed last time I checked.

As you mentioned Bobbyanna she is getting ready for a world tour so I can't see how she could fit it in unless she will only be needed on set for a few weeks.

FL said...


mary said...

thanks FL clever post i had to work today so didnt do much celebrating didnt stay till midnight last night

not sure how i feel about this movie but glad jake is working

Just a thought said...

I'm starting to think the whole Taylor Swift thing is fake. They didn't spend either of their birthdays together, Christmas and/or NYE.

So apparently they meet and fall madly in love with each other and within five weeks they're setting up photo-ops for US WEEKLY covers. Then they don't spend either of their birthday's together, they don't spend Christmas together and now they don't ring in the New Year together?

I'm calling it: fake!

P.S. I don't think he's gay, I think he did it all because Reese Witherspoon was getting married. It makes him look sad and pathetic.

Viv said...

Just a thought

Whatever,it's only Jake's business.

But I am happy to see him start being busy at the begining of the year :) and lovely pic from FL,thanks.
I guess subway is the only useful transportation in NY these weeks XD

Anonymous said...

Who said Jake and Taylor fell madly in love. They met and hit it off and spent time together. That does happen with people.
They both have careers and have work to do that will keep them from seeing each other.
They also have families and plans.
Also a little thing like weather possibly got in the way.
We may see them together again and we may not. It doesn't mean any of it was "fake".
As far as "setting this up" because Reese was getting engaged and going to get married - Unless she called him and told him about it before it was announced (and this would of been a couple months ago)he probably found out about it the other day like everyone else and that would include any pictures of them together.
Using the word "fake" about Jake goes against what people who know him have said about him. I keep remembering the Downey comment about him and how he was the real deal and he had his back forever because he was true to who he was.
I'm going with that.
With the break-up with Reese he was a real gentleman about it and the last thing he has looked is sad and pathetic. Maybe that's how some people hope he will look but just don't see it.

Viv said...


I can't agree you more :)
esp. the last setence:)

bobbyanna said...

"Who said Jake and Taylor fell madly in love. They met and hit it off and spent time together. That does happen with people...
We may see them together again and we may not. It doesn't mean any of it was "fake"."
I agree with this, annie.

I do think he was aware of his "ex's" plans before the media told us. I don't think he was ambushed by it. Jake is pure class. He's moving right along. I also have a strong feeling he knows at least a few young women who are very willing to cheer him up when he needs cheering.:)

I'm impressed with the balance Jake seems to achieve in his life, and how he has interests and plans, and stays very busy doing productive things. He seems to be reflective, but not brooding and depressive.

Chica, I ride subways in NYC, but I definitely prefer the buses, too!

Josie said...

I've been away for the past few days, had a very eventful New year's Eve! I hope everyone here had a safe New year's and spent it with friends and family.

I wished I posted on 1.1.11 FL, I love the photos you chose of NYE around the world/places Jake visited in 2010!

Jake looks quite at home in that subway photo, what a great pic!

So he is doing NYE and it's not just a rumor? If true I wonder if all of his scenes are going to be filmed in NY?

I agree with you Annie. It could be that Thanksgiving was the only time Jake and Taylor had free time to spend together and they did. They both have busy schedules and I assume she is getting ready for her tour.

Viv said...

I think maybe....., maybe Jake and Taylor were just filming some scenes for NYE coz they are playing a couple......and paps got the pics....then we all know what is one of posibility :)

Of course it's not my business if they are "truely" dating:P

By the way,does anyone know how's the weather in the east coast?? My family are planing a tour in east coast, but I don't think it's a good at this moment...:/

Anonymous said...

Using the word "fake" about Jake goes against what people who know him have said about him.

The cover of US Weekly was the definition of "fake"

Anonymous said...

Jake and Taylor were first seen together in October and because there were no pictures of them together then, as it was with Reese, a lot of people thought there had been a mistake and as there were no pictures it must not be so.
Then there are pictures and so it must be fake?

Chica said...

Viv, the weather in NY has calmed down. It's suppose to hit 50 today and the snow is melting into a nasty slush!

I doubt that they were filming a scene for a movie in Brooklyn on Thankgiving day/weekend. Movies usually don't film during the major holidays also there were no sightings or reports of them filming during that time.

Sometimes actors will agree to pose for pics for rags like People and Us in order for them to leave them alone, pics but no interview, sort of a trade-off.

bobbyanna said...

"Sometimes actors will agree to pose for pics for rags like People and Us in order for them to leave them alone, pics but no interview, sort of a trade-off."

Exactly! Happens all the time. It also makes photographers back off if an exclusive arrangment is made with one publication, since it limits the profitability.

suvee said...

Sometimes actors will agree to pose for pics for rags like People and Us in order for them to leave them alone, pics but no interview, sort of a trade-off.

I totally agree and I understand that tactic. And it made perfect sense when Jake & Reese (I assume) did that with the European photos in the Fall of 2007. They had been together for months by that time, and there had been tons of reports all summer that they were dating.

But why would Jake & Taylor agree to a public photo op after only a few weeks of dating? (And yes, it did look like voluntary posing to me.) Most people don't know that soon if there's even going to be a real relationship (and apparently, there's not one between J & T). Makes no sense to me.....

I am not accusing Jake of anything "fake"..... I am just baffled and unsettled by what's going on with him lately. Just my 2¢.

bobbyanna said...

suvee, I understand what your saying. I have noticed thru all of this, it seems like most "information" was coming from Taylor's side. Her fan club's really "active."

Jake's side said early on that it wasn't serious,it was just fun and probably wouldn't "last."

Recently his reps denied he spent $$$ on expensive gifts as it was reported.

Maybe it's simple: a 'friend' introduced them, and her PR machine went into overdrive. It definitely had it's own momentum, and now the brakes have been applied.

I'm betting Jake does things differently than many of Taylor's people are used to dealing with. I think he sincerely likes her, and being a gentleman, he let it play out for a while.

Jake doesn't call media attention to his movements or his social life. He's diligent about keeping things separate.

Some celebs show up for the opening of a can of soda, and notify the rags, and openly discuss every development...or lack of developments in their personal life. Not Jake's style at all.

This is all my conjecture. What do I know. We may see them together again or not. Whatever.

me again said...

One last thing..:) (sigh.) I'm learnng not to get too excited over any of this stuff, and invest it with more importance than it deserves. He's gorgeous, young and single.

JF said...

I don't care who Jake is dating or not, I want to see him in a good movie again, not NYE. What is his next movie after NYE? I couldn't find any information. :(

suvee said...

I'm learnng not to get too excited over any of this stuff, and invest it with more importance than it deserves

Wise words, bobbyanna! And it's not like I don't have far more important things in my own life to concentrate on. :)

And I don't get all the angst over Jake's possible involvement in NYE. He's an actor, it's one movie...... he's entitled to work on whatever appeals to him at the time as far as I'm concerned. Do we even know that this is legit? I have not seen any kind of official announcement that he is indeed a cast member. Is that one tweet the only source?

bobbyanna said...

"And I don't get all the angst over Jake's possible involvement in NYE. He's an actor, it's one movie......"

And Halle Berry, Hilary Swank, and Robert DeNiro aren't exactly chopped liver:) I agree. He'll be fine.

JF, when I read about the process of how movies get made, I marvel that any movies get made! (Nailed!)Jake may have a half dozen projects in various stages of development. Eventually we'll see some announced. Or maybe he'll just show up on set. :)

JF said...

Jake may have a half dozen projects in various stages of development.

I hope so. :)

Anonymous said...

Actors want to do different types of roles and movies if they are truely serious about their craft. Jake loves comedy why not do some more. As said he probably has things being planned and hope can get them made.
The pictures of J&T look like they were taken by paps (those up close pictures don't mean they were taken that way - they could of been quite a distance away) and then sold to US and they did the story.
Tho as said people do make deals with mags. so they can cut down the usage from other outlets.
I don't rem. tho Jake ever being someone who talked about his relationships. He hasn't said Taylor's name in an article or interview that I know of. (As Reese was rarely mentioned and if so he made no personal comments about the relationship). He might of generally talked about things and just having fun but no one specifically mentioned. And if they were I'd be wary of the article.

FL said...

I wonder if he's part owner, lol.

Sitting at abc kitchen. Jake G is here with his Mom(we think!) - so cute! Working on computer.

Ah, sitting next to jake gillanhall at abc kitchen,,,, thanks for the table Ms.F , you Rock!

Bless him and his CZs.

Anonymous said...

do we have a release date for the LAOD dvd yet?

bobbyanna said...

Working on his computer? Wonder if he ever drops by! LOL!

Monica said...

JF, I also do not want to see him in this movie, but I think this is a consequence of the failure of POP.
The film will get bad reviews and will be one of the worst of the year.

And Halle Berry, Hilary Swank, and Robert DeNiro aren't exactly chopped liver:)
Three actors who acted in the worst movies in recent years. I would not feel safe in a movie with them.
Robert DeNiro has done everything in the cinema. And he will do more in the next film of Martin Scorsese.

Actors want to do different types of roles and movies if they are truely serious about their craft.
I love versatile actors, but in good roles. Nicole Kidman has several different roles since winning an Oscar, but all were very very bad.
This did nothing to her.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I love Jake and his CZ's, especially the ones in NY! I will have to check out ABC Kitchen next time i'm in New York.

I really don't care about who Jake is dating but I do care about what his next project is. I will reserve judgement on NYE until it's been confirmed that he is actually doing it.

Happy New Year!

Tweety said...

Jake at another one of his NY CZ's!

GIAVOS: Finally met my doppelgänger in real life. Sitting next to Jake Gyllenhaal at Tea & Sympathy.
33 minutes ago

Anonymous said...

Don't think there's an actor anywhere who hasn't picked the wrong role or movie. But sometimes what they read on paper they think is good doesn't translate onto the screen or there are re-writes they had no control over.
That's why when some end up in things that aren't too good think they thought it was going to be good when they started.
They'll find something better.
I think it's the ones who keep going to the same type of thing the same type of character. If it is fairly successful it gives them a chance to keep working, but doesn't do a lot for stretching them as actors. Unless this is what they want and that's o.k. too.
And if its needed sometimes its done just for the money.
That can work in "real life" too so don't feel too harsh toward them.

Lola said...

I'm not excited about NYE, but I don't think Jake really cares if I am or not:) So I'm not going to complain about it, I'll just pray that the next one will be interesting.

Thanks, suvee and bobbyanna for you thoughts on the J&T thing. I thought the pap shots looked staged, and I am sort of sad that he would do that. So maybe thats what Taylor wanted, and he just went along with it? I don't know. It doesn't look like they are still together, its been like 3 weeks since they hung out. I guess we will see.

I wonder if Jake will move to NY. He spends a lot of time there, and doesn't most of his family live there?

Monica said...

Laod is receiving many high praise in foreign countries. Up to 50% in RT, with 69 fresh and 68 rotten.

bobbyanna said...

"The film will get bad reviews and will be one of the worst of the year."

Monica, there's entirely too much competition for such an 'honor!' I don't believe that for a minute.:)

This is fluff. It might even be fun. Or,it may just disappear quietly.I want totry to stay positive.

I'm not jumping up and down with excitement, but Jake's career will be fine. He's going to make lots of movies. Some will even be classics.;)

All I know is, we might get two Jake movies in 2011. I like to see him busy working more. If he's really working on it. Natalie Portman works all the time and makes a lot of crap movies. She's doing fine. She even survived Star Wars.

Anonymous said...

So some have already decided Jake must be a disappointment because he posed for fake pictures. We don't know if that is what happened just because some have said that. I'd wait until someone who was actually there and just a regular person hanging around would have a comment about it.
Negative seems to rule a lot of the time it seems. Because maybe some don't like Taylor then its hopeful to think maybe it was all fake. Of course along with that comes the fact Jake must be fake too.

Anonymous said...

Remeber all those pictures of Jake and Reese we'd see. Of course some people thought the whole thing was fake - but for people who knew they did have a real relationship we sure loved seeing all the pictures of them together.
Rem. the first pictures of them in People mag. after the publicity for "Rendition" was finally over. Those were their - yes we are a couple - pictures.


Monica said...

Bobbyana, I understand your point but is a shame to know that jake will act in a movie full of improbable situations and dialogues shameful, a film that will be a vast emptiness.
Like all films of Garry Marshall.
What will be next? He will star in a film by Michael Bay?

Paula said...

Happy New Year to all the posters here at Gyllenbabble! I had a crappy 2010 so I was more than happy to say goodbye!

Jake's career will be fine. If NYE is his next film then we fans will have to decide to see it or not when it comes out. It sounds like mindless fun and it's an ensemble cast so it's not like Jake will be carrying it on his shoulders.

I suspect that Jake and Taylor are casually dating despite the Us cover. If they agreed to do it so the rags can get a story and leave them alone then I would think that it was Jake's idea not Taylor's since it took place in Brooklyn and involved Maggie and Ramona, but that's just my opinion.

me, again said...

"What will be next? He will star in a film by Michael Bay?"

Ouch! :/

Monica said...

Paula, I hope 2011 is a great year for you!

Adding information about the singer (cough cough), she was seen leaving the Turks and Caicos Island in Miami on the 24th, accompanied by her mother and brother. This would explain why she was not with Jake on his birthday and Christmas(oh, nooo!).
But during all this week she is in Nashville.

Pics: that girl

UltraViolet said...

Monica, it's absurd to keep calling Taylor "that girl." I think one of the complaints about TS is that she's not mature enough for Jake, yet people persist in this silly name calling.

They haven't been seen together for weeks - that should make you happy.

As for NYE, it's not a movie choice that thrills me. But since we don't even know if Jake is actually making it, I'm not going to waste time worrying about it. If he is doing it, maybe it's because Anne told him she had a good time on Valentine's Day. Or maybe he needs the money. Or maybe he has actually read the script and decided it's worth a short amount of his time.

There are certainly worse movies he could make.

I was really happy to see L&OD get to 50% on RT. I think it deserves a higher rating, but I can live with 50-50.

UltraViolet said...

From FB:

Oh my goddess!!! Having tea at TEA & SYMPATHY with Lindsay and Monique being SANDWICHED in the tiny cramped place by no other than JAKE GYLLENHAAL and KIEFER SUTHERLAND!

Jake was also spotted last week at ABC Kitchen at the same time as Taye Diggs - much more swoon-worthy. Not sure if Jake was with Taye or with Kiefer.

Monica said...

It is too early to be happy. I can say I'm with a smile.

Kiefer worked with Reese in Monsters Vs. Aliens. Jake was with them in Europe during the promotion.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, UV! The FB comments about Jake having tea are hilarious.



Lola said...

It is too early to be happy. I can say I'm with a smile.

That made me laugh. I don't know anon 9:00 if you were adressing me, but imo the photo's looked fake. I don't think it was all fake or that Jake is a fake person, just the photo's.

There is a lot of negativity towards jake because of this relationship. I know that it was like that with reese, but it seems more extreme with Taylor. I hate the things that people are saying about jake(they lost respect for him, will never see another one of his movies...etc.), and the jokes they said about him with reese's engagement. I hope this doesn't "hurt" him to bad.

The peoples choice awards is coming up, is that the award show that tells the winners ahead of time, so that the winner only shows up not the other nominees? Jake probably didn't win, but i voted for him alot which i don't normally do because he wasn't up against anything from twilight. :)

Viv said...

I am kind tired of these complaining.NYE may be mindless,stupid whatever you think,but why Jake must only work with really good director(which he has done so many times before...and guess what ?? not good result)He still has plenty chances to work with good directors and good actors in the futher.Filming a stupid movie like NYE does't mean his career death....Why some people take is SO SERIOUS? I don't get it.
I don't want to offend anyone,but this endless debate makes no sense.....unless you are Jake's agent or Jake himself,you can't ask him to do films you want him to do.

bobbyanna said...

From Twitter about an hour ago:

"Spotted by @SpencerMeeks: At @FelaMusical closing: Bill T. Jones, Spike Lee, and Jake Gyllenhaal. Quite a diverse crowd"

Apparently Jake attended the closing performance of "Fela!"
I think Jay Z and Will Smith and Jada Pinkett are some of the producers/backers of the play.

UltraViolet said...

I agree, Viv. The outrage aimed at Jake's choice of women and roles never ceases to astonish me.

Don't get me wrong - there are movies Jake might decide to do that I wouldn't be happy about. And people have every right to voice their opinions. It's the judgment and the venom that puzzle me.

Lola, as for the negativity about Jake and Taylor, yes, there is a lot of it. Most if it extremely irrational and borderline hysterical.

Bobbyanna, I hope we get some photos :)

And Monica, since you're smiling about not seeing Taylor, maybe you can choose not to be so bitter about her when you post :)

UltraViolet said...

This blogger saw Jake when he was at FAO Schwarz.

This reporter from the Philippines talks about the various celebs he interviewed in 2010:

It was London in May (election time both there and the Philippines) for Prince of Persia with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ben Kingsley who were an interesting study in contrast. Kingsley was nice and easy to talk to, you couldn’t dissociate him from Gandhi whom he plays in perhaps his landmark movie. Born and raised in England, he said he wouldn’t do a Bollywood movie. On the other hand, Gyllenhaal was funny and free-wheeling, “game” in answering any question. If he was already going steady with Taylor Swift at that time, Gyllenhaal would, I’m sure, willingly talk about it with glee. Definitely one of the most interesting Hollywood guys I’ve ever interviewed, very affectionate in an un-“PR” kind of way, saying “Hi!” by raising his hand at you and gently tapping your shoulder to drive home a point.

Hey you, it's me said...

Come on people, do you people think Jake is some delicate little flower. My God, he's thirty now.

Not only was Jake in on the US WEEKLY photo op, he probably set it up himself.

The proof are the photos with Maggie, Ramona and Taylor. Did Taylor's PR people pull off that coup as well?

When you have a large portion of the internet who think you're gay and are part of "showmances" (whether you are or aren't), it's probably not a good idea to start an obvious PR romance and stage photo ops.

Between that, Jake looking like a jackass re: Reese's engagement, his two notable bombs this year Jake has had a terrible year PR wise. I think he's made it all the worse for himself.

bobbyanna said...

"Hey you, etc" must have gotten lost. There are two or three homophobic sites on the internet that peddle garbage. This is not one of them.

UV, I checked Getty & WireImage and didn't find anything last night, but maybe we'll get some pictures today, of Jake at the Fela! closing.

Zari said...

^ Why do you say they "got lost"? Just because you do not like their opinion?

There's nothing homophobic about what they posted. Ignorant people are quick to throw that word around.

Anonymous said...

Zari= hey you it's me.

What happened, banned from your usual cesspool blog? Jake not "performing" as you like? Forgot to change your depends??

PS: Ypur comments are homophobic, you are just too dumb to know.

Hey you, it's me again said...

I take great exception with that personal attack bobbyanna, because I don't think anything I wrote was even remotely homophobic.

For the record, I am one person and not posting under multiple anonymous posters. This is my second post on this thread.

My point was, and still is, that the problem with Jake this year was essentially this:

1. People didn't see him as an action star so his action film failed.

2. People didn't see him as a romantic lead so his romantic comedy failed.

3. Men, teenagers and most other people (except a regular handful here and elsewhere) don't see Jake as "manly enough" and/or think that he is, rightly or wrongly, a closet homosexual.

All of these things are image related. People are beginning to see Jake as nothing more than a tabloid pretty boy now. He's at a dangerous point in his career. He once had a small cultish following for some of his independent films earlier on, but he seems to have lost that as well.

Given this, how on EARTH could an obviously fake tabloid-driven relationship with Taylor Swift help his career in any way?

Answer: it won't help him, it'll only hurt him.

I never bought into the idea that Reese Witherspoon was a fake relationship. Maybe he is gay and he just fooled her too, but there's no way she wasn't in on it.

But if he's setting up obvious photo-ops with Taylor Swift after only "five weeks of dating" and then doesn't spend either of their birthdays, Christmas and/or New Years together (and it was JAKE AND TAYLOR who invited all this "madly in love" talk with the way they went about themselves for those three or four weeks) then there's only one thing you can call that: FAKE!

It's hard to accept, because you don't want to believe that Jake is like that, but it doesn't make it so.

My point ultimately is:

1. If he was part of one of these Hollywood "romances," with Taylor, for the publicity (which seems likely at this point) then that won't do anything to quell gay rumors that surrounds him, they'll only intensify.

2. If he was part of one these Hollywood "romances," with Taylor, for the publicity (which seems likely at this point) then that won't do anything to quell the feeling that most people have of him as an unserious "pretty-boy" who belongs in tabloids and not starring in important/good films.

I wouldn't care if he dated Taylor, even if I don't like her. But when you create a fake relationship for public consumption that's when you're fair game, IMO.

There's no way Jake looks good if this relationship is, as I believe it is, a fake PR driven one.

Hey you, it's me again said...

Perhaps Bobbyanna can demonstrate what part of what I wrote was even a little homophobic, instead of basing her "retorts" on nonsense and personal attacks because she can't seem to justify her position any other way.

And anon 10:02, I am definitely NOT Zari or anyone else, so maybe you should watch who you call obviously "dumb."

Viv said...

Thank you for your so concerned about Jake's career.You must follow him so long.and did you finish your thesis about the career of Jake's ? You must study the realtionship of Jake and Reese for long long long time:)

Apparently Jake is not the actor you like,why waste so much time on an untalented actor you hate ? You don't deserve this:)

Hey, you - it's Jack! said...

It's been a while!

bobbyanna said...

"Hey you,"
I'm not concerned about you "taking great exception" to my comments. The fact you categorize them as a personal attack demonstrates your propensity for exaggeration. Just as you say "all over the internet" when I am aware of maybe two or three sites that peddle that garbage.

I don't surf those sites,so I rarely come across that garbage. You must frequent them to a degree that it appears obvious you've apparently lost perspective on the larger world.

The "gay" issue underpins your comments,and demonstrates a degree of anxiety on your part, and it is homophobic. When someone who's stated that he's straight,is constantly "accused" of being gay and in the closet,it's homophobic.

It's meant to do harm as if it were shameful to be gay. It plays to the homophobia out here. These accusations are a distinction Jake has shared variously, with Matthew McConnaughey, Hugh Jackman, Bradley Cooper, James Franco, etc., etc., etc. Yet you highlight them as a part of his liabilities along with his artisitc failings as you've defined them.

In general,I have to question a person's mental stability who persists, obssessively, in raging against Jake for not doing, or being the kind of person you need, or want, or think he should be.

He's 30. He'll use poor judgement, make mistakes, and sometimes screw up. But I think the world of him, and make no apologies for it. I like the kind of person he's shown himself to be.

If you insist on defining him by things you feel are his shortcomings, I pity you. You've wasted a lot of time and energy you really ought to spend elsewhere.

I'd love Jake to have huge hits at the Box Office. But the fact that he tries different things with varying degrees of success, and he's generally praised for his acting, certainly doesn't spell disaster in any way.

Maybe you need to re-direct your misguided comments to his management team. I'm sure they'll know what to do with them.:)

This is a response, not an attempt to perpetuate the discussion.

mary said...

well said bobbyanna i didnt know what to say but you have said it very well

Chica said...

Yes you have Bobbyanna, bravo.

I saw Fela, it was an amazing experience and I'm glad that Jake was able to see it.

UltraViolet said...

It's disheartening to see the same old BS trolls even in a brand new year.

Viv, lol! Isn't the concern for Jake and for all of us touching? So sincere, so genuine, so thoughtful!

In general,I have to question a person's mental stability who persists, obssessively, in raging against Jake for not doing, or being the kind of person you need, or want, or think he should be.

ITA x 1000. There are a lot of other actors out there. Pick one and try again!

If you insist on defining him by things you feel are his shortcomings, I pity you. You've wasted a lot of time and energy you really ought to spend elsewhere.

Again, brava, Bobbyanna.

bobbyanna said...

((((GB))))! I appreciate your support a lot. I truly hate posting these lonnnng comments.:)

I'm not against criticizing Jake's choices. All of us have opinions or concerns about his work and his life, etc. but the trolls who come here don't honestly care about that. They're deliberately negative and provocative to no good purpose.
'nuf said.

Chica, I'm glad Jake went to see Fela! too. My daughters saw it a liked it alot. UV, we may well get some pics of him there,eventually.

Mel said...

((UV)) thanks for deleting all those awful posts.

JF said...

1. People didn't see him as an action star so his action film failed.

2. People didn't see him as a romantic lead so his romantic comedy failed.

PoP didn't do well domestically, but it did much better in other countries. I personally don't agree with critics, I found Jake did a convincing job as Dastan.

Most of the critics for LAOD said that the actors did good jobs, but that the script wasn't very good.
I think a movie like LAOD needs raves in order to have ok box office results, but that wasn't the case with LAOD.
It's neither Jake's nor Anne's fault the movie underperformed.

mary said...

LAOD is doing well over seas i believe it was number over in france i read some where

Anonymous said...

Actually i thought the majority of critics thought Jake did a good job in POP. One of them said they were hoping he'd do well and he did.
And Reese's last movie didn't do as well as say..even LAOD.
We live in a world now where many people wait until they can rent or buy the DVD and most of the time that will be 4 months after the movie is out. Also some just wait to see it on HBO or pay-per-view.
If we didn't have those I think many movies would do much bigger business at the box-office.


mary said...

meant to say number one in france

JF said...

Actually i thought the majority of critics thought Jake did a good job in POP.

I can't remember, but if that's the case, I definitely agree. The movie may not be great, but Jake was good. I for one enjoyed PoP for what it was.

Anonymous said...

If this is true, I am very dissapointed in him because that is not right. She looked liked she really liked Jake, now I see why she has looked sad in recent candids.

From Twitter
elysiaegal Dunno if this has broken yet (or if anyone cares) but Jake Gyllenhal dumped Taylor Swift - was using her to promote his movie. Douche!

JF said...

Maybe they broke up, but I doubt Jake used Taylor Swift to promote his movie. That's ridiculous to me.
He probably realized they don't suite each other.

Viv said...

LAOD did pretty well here.It is still no.2 in the second week(no.1 is Tron last week,but no.3 in the second week). People LOVE Jake and Anne!! :)

mary said...

where do you live viv?

Viv said...


I am from Taiwan,speaking Chinese :)
Ang Lee is from Taiwan(yeah! I met him in a basketball game before),so many people know Jake coz of BBM.

bobbyanna said...

Anon, 7:31, If they're not together, of course it's Jake's fault! He "used" her!! Poor Taylor. She falls in love & gets mistreated. Sounds very familiar. (Are most of her fans old enough to see LAOD?)
This too shall pass. I just don't think it was ever a big deal. Two people hung out together a few times over a six week period. This was not a BIG LOVE. IMO. It's called dating. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think I ever said anything about "poor Taylor", all I said was she seemed to really like him and I never said one time I believed it, that is why I said IF.
For all we know they could still be together. I just posted it because some people here were debating about the topic themselves.

Extra said...

Happy New Year! May UV & FL continue to do wonderful posts like this one in 2011!

I'm glad to hear that LAOD is doing well overseas, I caught it again this weekend along with Tue Grit. I love Jake as Jaime and I can't get enought of him and Anne, I can't wait until the DVD comes out.

This version of True Grit is closer to the book and is different than the Wayne version. Jeff Bridges hit this out the park and will definately get another AA nomination.

I checked out that tweet anon and the tweeter is some singer and a member of AFTRA. Perhaps she heard some 2nd hand news and spun it into it's Jake's fault or she could be kidding, either way I refuse to believe he would do something like that. Besides her fans aren't the audience for LAOD.

mary said...

i dont believe jake would do something like that he doesnt need to plus i dont think he would use maggie or ramona to be part of it either i think things just didnt work out between thme if indeed they arent together any more it was the magazines that stated they were serious

Anonymous said...

With all the interviews that Jake and Anne did for LAOD how much more publicity would it need.
Because there have been some people who are publicity hounds and make a big splash before a movie is out or something they are appearing in I guess some people think everyone does it.
Again there is No reason why Jake would even be apart of anything like that.
And as said he's not going to use Maggie or Ramona in anything like that. This is a very close family and you just don't do that.
When talking about the paps and all that goes with it he has said you can't Not live your life.
He's not going to alter where he goes and who is with because there might be pictures taken or - i would think - this type of speculation.

Monica said...

From facebook:

Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal on the subway train. His sister Maggie saw him off at the platform. So crazy!!!
I had to work up the courage to come up to him and ask for a picture. Sadly, he shot me down. Then I asked him why he was on the subway, since he's so recognizable. He shrugged and said "just riding the subway". I said I'm a fan and it was ...nice to meet him, and walked away.

And he does have a really nice smile, and pretty blue eyes. And I adore him too

Chica said...

Thanks Monica! I'm getting a kick out of reading and hearing about Jake riding the subways . I who lives here try to avoid them as much as possible, blech!

I don't know how long he plans to be in NY but 2 of the main Brooklyn lines starting this weekend will be going through repairs and therefore screwing up those lines.

UltraViolet said...

That is a fun sighting. Thanks, Monica. Lots of Jake-on-a-train stories lately.

Chica, hopefully Jake got the memo about the train disruptions!

UltraViolet said...

There's been no other sighting of Jake at the Talib Kweli concert as far as I know, but this was on twitter last night:

about 12 hours ago via txt

about 13 hours ago via txt

Monica said...

Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal Break Up: Source

Extra said...

Jake and Taylor over as per People:,,20454920,00.html

It looks like that tweeter was right which I find interesting. She is NY based so it had to come from Jake's camp I assume. Her comment about him using her for movie promotion, I don't believe and it is probably her spin.

mary said...

im not surpised since they hadnt been seen together in over 3 weeks i thought they had probably split up i had thought sll along that this relationship wouldnt last very long

Tweety said...

Not surprising, it looks like she likes to casually date and Jake was just another guy she dated for a few months. Despite her writing about getting dumped, methinks she is the one that does the dumping.

Jake= 2 months

Taylor Lautner= 2 1/2 months

Joe Jonas= Almost 4 months

John Meyer= ??? a few weeks?

Monica said...

Oh, Extra, c'mon. He used her? You read Us Weekly? The whole story was from her sources. It means that she also accepted. There were one source from him saying that would not last until next summer.

People said it was casual, remember?

What kind of team she has to let a guy use her? Her team uses her too?

These two are very different.

bobbyanna said...

Jake was more like a little more than 6 weeks,
Oct.23rd- Dec. 11th,I think. Oh well. WEHT casual dating? Two people go out a few times, and the media hypes it into a relationship! So silly.

Tweety said...

If I remember correctly, when she broke up with Lautner *they dated from Oct. - Dec), "sources" claimed they only went out on a few dates and it didn't go anywhere and it was the media that made it seem like they were hot and heavy.

Like you said Bobbyanna, it was casually dating.

UltraViolet said...

Monica, I think Extra meant the tweeter was right that they'd broken up. I don't think anyone here believes Jake was using her.

Us Weekly seems to be placing the blame at Jake's feet. Others say it was mutual. As usual, we will probably never know.

At long last, the long national nightmare is over for some people. Let's hope this storm passes quickly. I'm already tired of all the tweets about it. Although this one was funny:

If you didn't know about Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal breaking up, what's it like having a life?

FL said...

WEHT casual dating?

THIS! So much THIS!

All of this really bums me out though. Because now it's super difficult wading through all the tweets and FB posts to find REAL news and sightings! Jake could be out there right now doing interesting, cellpic worthy things and we'll never ever know!

Office of nancy Pelosi said...

So true FL, they are both trending on twitter and they will unfortunately for a few days.

And it will get in the way of truly important Jake news like what subway train he was riding!

To be honest I didn't think they would last this long!

FL said...

And it will get in the way of truly important Jake news like what subway train he was riding!

OMG totally!

Monica said...

Ok, UV. Sorry, extra.

UltraViolet said...

No problem, Monica.

And ditto to the WEHT casual dating questions. I never understood it was pushed as True Love to begin with. Too much too soon. And yes, I know the Us story didn't help.

Shondra said...

Well that was quick!

And yes WEHT casual dating? Remember early last year he was rumored to be dating Isabel Lucas when he was filming SC in Montreal? He first denied even knowing her then let it slip during Pop promo that they went out to dinner. That's what you call casual dating, the only diff here is that Taylor is way more high profile and they went on more dates plus the Us cover didn't help.

If he would allow me to play Yenta for a bit I could hook him up with someone, ha, ha!

bobbyanna said...

"If he would allow me to play Yenta for a bit I could hook him up with someone, ha, ha!"


Shondra, me too. I think quite a few of us have our 'short lists' at the ready!:) But alas! He doesn't call, he doesn't write, he doesn't even tweet!

He was spotted in Union Square today, but that was around noon, before the tidal wave of lost love swamped twitter...:)

mary said...

several magazines have stated that the age difference was a factor for the split which i think is probably one of the reasons for the break up but as UV has said we will never know the real reason

Vivi said...

I am not gonna lie.I am so happy this relationship ended :)
Keep in mind Did Taylor Swift maitain her any realtionship over 4 months ?? So when break up ,why is always men's fault, not her's fault ??
Not to mention I don't even feel they are truely datind seriously. Now the "splash lots of money on Taylor" bullshit can finally end:)

And we can now focus andlook forward Jake this year' new movie:)

Lola said...

Like everyone else I'm not surprised, they haven't been seen together for awhile. IA Mary i think the age difference played a part. I didn't like all the attention from tabloids Jake got from this and i suspect he didn't either.

If he's still in NY then i guess he isn't going to the peoples choice awards:(

Oh bt the way what does WEHT mean?

Lola said...

I also agree Viv Taylor can't seem to make any of her relationships last more than a couple of months, while Jake is usually in longterm relationshipe. I don't think all the blame could be on him.

bobbyanna said...

Lola, WEHT is short for: W.hat E.ver H.appened T.o

Lola said...

Thank you Bobbyanna:)

Anonymous said...

It's not like they were together for a year or even 6 months. People meet and like each other and go out for a bit and then realize it's not going to go anywhere. It happens everyday!
As said, the magazines make things more than they are sometimes and that also happens with lots of others.
It will be news for a bit and then everyone will move on.

Sheba baby said...

Well what a way to bring in the New Year! I really didn't care one way or the other about Jake and Taylor, but I'm glad the fling is over, too distracting.

I guess the fallout will be Jake being painted as a creep ala Jonas and Mayer for dumping her, sigh.

If he is still in NY I just hope he is just taking it easy, I like your idea Shondra!

mary said...

stephanie has posted a couple pics of jake arriving for the broadway closing of fela that he attended

UltraViolet said...

No new news but a new post :)