Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Not Neutrality; Don't Forget Joy

Santa keeps bringing gifts, even though Christmas has passed. We have a few more videos from the Love & Other Drugs promo tour. First, Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway tell us how they were planning to spend Christmas together :)

Jake gushes about Anne, who has her mind on other things:

The BBC gives us an extended visit with the pair, as they "exchange" gifts with the interviewer. It's nine minutes of fun! Someone from ISJ uploaded it in five parts, if you can't watch the whole clip on the BBC site:

Next up, Jake goes all cosmic on us:

The AP caught up with Jake, in classic Gyllenbabble form, and asked him about turning 30:

And Jake discusses Source Code and a possible PoP sequel:


UltraViolet said...

Jake looks tired in that 30 clip! It all goes downhill so quickly ;)

Jake is quoted in a USA Today story about Michelle Williams:

Like so many of the women she plays, Williams is enigmatic. But there's also a surprising buoyancy to her. Given her proclivity for embodying insular, emotionally lacerated characters — haunted Alma Beers in her Oscar-nominated turn in Brokeback Mountain, lonely Wendy Carroll in Wendy and Lucy, suicidal and depressed Dolores Chanal in Shutter Island — you'd understandably be a little apprehensive about spending time with Williams. Many actors, after all, gravitate toward roles that are, in ways big and small, direct reflections of themselves, but Williams is no bundle of trembling emotion.

"People tend to box her into a vulnerable corner, but what's lurking underneath is severe strength and a sense of humor," says her pal Jake Gyllenhaal. "There's a tendency in our business to emphasize the business or get caught up in hype. Michelle has never, ever done that. She genuinely prefers her life over her work, and as a result her work is better than almost any other actor out there."

Monica said...

Great videos, thanks!

She genuinely prefers her life over her work, and as a result her work is better than almost any other actor out there.
It's true.

I wanted to see a little more of that friendship. It seems they are more friends than I thought.

Anonymous said...

If i remember correctly Jake knew Michelle before BBM.
Also Jake is Matilda's godfather and you don't just pick someone you kind of know to be that.
Have no doubt he keeps in touch with her and always has an interest in how Matilda is doing.

Monica said...
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Monica said...

Yeah, Annie. I never doubted that he sees Matilda.

UltraViolet said...

Posted another AP video in which he talks about SC and a PoP sequel.

Also, here's a photo of Jake from his Sloan Kettering visit.

Did anyone watch the Christmas video with Anne? They cracked me up. "Can we just have a Bubble Boy morning?" "I think I'll just get you a mirror!"

And Jake's horror at Anne's "neutral" comment in the first video is too funny.

UltraViolet said...

Cute Jake sighting:

We showed up around 8:45 for a 9:00 Tuesday night reservation. We were told by the polite hostesses, “It will only be a few minutes.” The highlight of the night came in those few minutes, during which in strolled none other than Jake Gyllenhaal. While disappointingly unaccompanied by Taylor Swift, Jake was still ogled by all the women in the vicinity, including LM. And if a male might say this without his sexuality being questioned, deservedly so. ...

If given the authority to anoint a number of spatulas upon OM, I award it 4 out of 5. The food is outstanding and relatively reasonably priced. One definitely feels “cool” dining there – thanks Jake! – and the staff is clearly still attentive to the everyman customer ...

Oh, and by the way, Jake was not dining with anyone famous. Disappointing, I know.

FL said...

I know how I always feel in restaurants where tables are always crowded together; you can't carry on any sort of a hint of a personal conversation about anything; best to stick to food you're eating and the weather. So I can't imagine how that must be for Jake...or for anyone famous to eat in such tight confines.

Anonymous said...

It is very interesting to hear that RW is now engaged to Jim Toth. I though that she is not ready for marriage even though that is what Jake wanted before and it is the cause of their break-up.

Anonymous said...

Well she had to get herself in the news for something other than starring in the biggest flop of the year.

FL said...

Why is that interesting, Anon? As you say, Jake wanted to and Reese didn't. That was then. This is now. Apparently now she does.

Anonymous said...

Why is that interesting, Anon? As you say, Jake wanted to and Reese didn't. That was then. This is now. Apparently now she does.

Don't ge me wrong, I am more of a Jake fan than her but with all the publicity about her reluctance to get married again, I just wonder, that's all. As you said, she must want it now.

Monica said...

Thanks for the video and photo, UV.

Very well said, FL.
Interesting that I'm away from all the gossip and it's always comes to me.

Shondra said...

I watched the video UV, Jake and Anne are so adorable and funny together! Thanks for the continued holiday gifts. Love the fan pic of Jake from his Sloane Kettering visit and Osteria Morini sounds yummy!

If Jake is still in NY , he must be buried in snow with everyone else, I hope he and everyone else is careful when they go out in that mess.

Jake and Reese broke up over a year ago, she wasn't ready to marry then but is now, simple.

IMO Jake was the rebound BF, they hooked up too soon after Ryan. Rebound BF/GF's always get hurt in the end. I hope Jake is happy now, that's all I care about.

Monica said...

Yeah anon, but these are things of life. See Natalie. She said in some interviews in the past that did not want to marry, so it was a shock to many the news that she is going to marry and have a son. For me it was a shock.

mary said...

i just want jake to be happy too shondra and i think he is now

i believe jake is still in NYC he was seen on sunday so i doubt if hes been able to fly out

sheba said...

Hey I understood every word in that Gyllenbabble 30 clip. Am I becoming desensitised?

I like how Anne can give Jake verbal taps to the back of the head when he needs it. She can hold her own with him very well.

I am sooo buzzed. How friggin long did we have to wait for LAOD??!! Trying not to watch too many trailers, hear reviews and share in everyone's view of the film was hard. I can't wait for tomorrow when it opens here in the UK. I'm hoping that Jamie will try to replace Dastan in my affections. I'm even looking forward to the 'vanilla' as it's my favourite flavour especially when real vanilla pods are used ;D

I've only seen one TV spot about the film and almost crashed the car when I saw the poster on a bus stop. It also appears that it may be on limited release over here as at one cinema, it's only showing at 6.30 and 9.30pm What's that all about? It's a good job it's made back it's money domestically but it should do well overseas as well.

It really must be frustrating for the actors to have to defend their craft and constantly remind people that it's 'ACTING'. I guess in the same sense it must be very difficult to get to know the actor as a real person because you only know them through their work. I saw an interview with Michelle and Ryan where Michelle talked about Heath and how unreal it all seems to her. It appears that it is getting easier for her but that year of magical thinking has gone and that she will never accept and understand or find meaning in what happened to Heath. I'm so full of admiration for her. Such strength from someone that looks so fragile.

Oh, and Thank You. For the Santa hat dance, it really does never get old. Thank you :DD I excitedly look forward to Jake's film choices for 2011 and his ambassadorship for charity. Hope all had a happy, peaceful, restful christmas/holidays as we look forward to an exciting 2011 for our Goldenhaal. I suspect he'll be celebrating his 30th for the entire year. I hope we all have a year of magical thinking for 2011.

sheba said...
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sheba said...
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Anonymous said...

Maybe Reese feels she has met the person she does want to marry even tho even fairly recently saying she was happy with her life as it was. But people do change.
I know sometimes people go on about the movies Jake makes and how they aren't "blockbusters" but Reese's movie...with a big name director..good cast..and costing something around, i read, 120 million and its now #12 with a little over 15 million and is going to slip down even more.
Just a comment.

UltraViolet said...

It's hard to know what to think of it all since we don't know what happened between Reese and Jake. As shodra said, I hope Jake is happy now.

Jake is still in NYC, shondra. Spotted at paragon Sports again and again ABC Kitchen:

Some girl just freaked out and started screaming... Lmao
6 minutes ago

Jake Gyllenhall is at my fav restaurant!!!
18 minutes ago

Afghani food= check, sitting next to Jake Gyllenhaal and Taye Diggs at ABC Kitchen= check, food and wine bar tonight= check!

Lovin' my hometown per usual ;)

The ABC sighting was about an hour ago, as was this:

: Was just standing next to Jake gyllenhal at paragon sports. He tried to hide in a furry hood but it didn't work.

UltraViolet said...

Hey, Sheba! Hope you enjoy L&OD. I'm sure it's been hard to resist the spoilery clips. Unfortunately, Fox/whoever is distributing it overseas didn't do a great job with the release, IMO. It could be making more money her but it's on only 144 screens at this point. But it will make a good showing in the end, with the overseas box office, one hopes.

Seems like the santa dance is a favorite for most :)

As for the Gyllenbabble, I think we're all becoming more fluen!

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised Jake is still in New York, flights in amd out of New York are all canceled, they got hit really hard up there.

Tweety said...

Another sighting 3 hours ago, I wonder if it's ABC Kitchen or a different place:

korkimon: was just next to jake gyllenhaal at a restaurant whatelseisnew LIFE IS GOOD
about 3 hours ago via web

I am enjoying all these videos you are finding UV, thanks so much.

There is such a true friendship and chemistry between Jake and Anne, it's a joy to watch. He does look tired and loopy in that 30 video, I think the interview was done the same time he received his GG nomination.

I love what Jake said about Michelle in that interview.

My 2 cents on Jake and Reese: she wanted someone in the biz but not an actor and that she wasn't going to marry another actor after Ryan.

Good observation regarding Natalie Monica.

Anonymous said...

Just looking over some of the articles with Reese and of course notice the comments again about how it's nice for her to "be with a real grownup". That's probably the thing that bugs me the most.

suvee said...

I'm hoping that Jamie will try to replace Dastan in my affections.

Oh Sheba..... I bet you will adore Jamie! Personally speaking, he is my favorite Jake character to date. You need to let us know your verdict regarding Dastan vs. Jamie.

I'm keeping my thoughts about Reese to myself. My only hope is that Jake really has moved on and is in a good place now. I hate thinking that Reese found her "real love" a mere 2 months after she and Jake broke up..... and Jake is still sort of at loose ends. I want him to have a special woman that adores him.

UltraViolet said...

I hate those "grown up" comments, too, Annie. If Reese is indirectly responsible for those comments, it makes me have less respect for her.

Tweety, seems like Jake is having a long dining afternoon in the city :)

Lola said...

The tabloids came up with the story that Jake wanted marriage and reese didn't. We have no idea what the real reason for the split was. I really don't believe anything the tabloids say anymore even people mag.

I hate thinking that Reese found her "real love" a mere 2 months after she and Jake broke up..... and Jake is still sort of at loose ends. I want him to have a special woman that adores him.

I feel the same way.Oh and i like twitter pics to UV, I was talking about paparazzi pics on the last post.

Anonymous said...

My hope is the same as with your hope Suvee - that Jake is in a good place now and happy.

I really hate those articles that potrayed Jake as immature and needy. They could have talked about the other guy without mentioning Jake but I guess it's more palatable and saleable to put Jake in a bad light. Her publicist or her people had done a good job of putting down Jake. And this is why I hate her so much and I am happy that her film flops. From now on, I promise to myself I would not pay attention to her.

mary said...

i agree lola we will never know the real reason why they broke up i dont think reese not wanting to get married is the only reason there must of been something else too but i think jake wanting to get marred was one of them though

i just hope jake is in a happy place too

Anonymous said...

You can, at the same time, see the magazine people sitting around saying do you think maybe Jake being younger than Reese wasn't grown-up enough for her and They are the ones that made that assumption. Stranger things have happened.
Overall he has said pretty much next to nothing and there have been no articles where he has said she was this or that. With the mags. they sometimes have their articles pointing to the women's side.
It was the magazines doing the he wanted to get married, etc. And they might of just been going with the things he has said about wanting a family.
Possibly could of just been it ran its course as those things sometimes do.

lawgoddess said...

The turning 30 clip made me tear up a bit, probably because my older child will turn 30 in 2011. And I loved the way he talked about the importance of giving back.

And Source Code looks like a really cool movie.

Thanks for posting these- great stuff!

bobbyanna said...

I really loved the "Bubbleboy/I'll get you a mirror" video, too!

The tweets/sightings are fun! Last I read, Jake went out for provisions just before the storm hit, so I'm not surprised he's out and about.

I've been running around with my daughter all day, so I missed the latest "engagement" news.

"I'm keeping my thoughts about Reese to myself. My only hope is that Jake really has moved on and is in a good place now. I hate thinking that Reese found her "real love" a mere 2 months after she and Jake broke up..... and Jake is still sort of at loose ends. I want him to have a special woman that adores him."

I agree completely, suvee, and
I bet Jake knows a lot of young women who are very sympathetic.:)

Chica said...

It took me awhile tp warm-up to Bubble boy, but I eventually came around, the movie is quite funny!

These videos are a great pick me up. New York is a nightmare if you live in the outer boroughs. I assume the Jake sightings are in Manhattan because Brooklyn and everywhere else are nearly impossible to move around. The mayor and his administration are lying pieces of shit and has put the entire city in danger because of their response to the blizzard.

End if rant, sorry.

I have nothing to add to the engagement news except that I think that Jake and Reese just came to a natural end and that she probably wanted someone behind the scenes all along.

moviephone said...

Moviefone's top 5 sexiest scenes:

1. Natalie and Mila from BS
2. Jake and Anne from LAOD
3. Michelle and Ryan from BV


Chica said...

I should clarify that I think Reese realized that a relationship with someone working behind the scenes would work better for her.

Thanks for that link moviefone, I saw BS and LAOD and I would switch places!

bobbyanna said...

I agree about BS, chica! They could have picked at least three scenes from LAOD. IMO, the kitchen scene,was over way too fast:) A couple of other love scenes between Jake and Anne that gave me goose bumps. Big time.:)

People date and break up all the time. No way to know why. I just find it disgusting to trash someone you dated. That's the part that pisses me off. No way does Jake deserve any negative comments. Anne was around him thru all of that and she thinks he's a real sweetheart. That tells me a lot!

UltraViolet said...

Jake at a familiar haunt:

Amazing dinner tonight at Il Buco, and in walked Jake Gyllenhaal... love his work!

From TheEvolutionNYC:

Shout out to our recent celebrity costumers Jake & Maggie Gyllenhaal, and James Gandolfini who all came on Christmas Eve for last min gifts

Another short video with Jake and Anne.

bobbyanna said...

From pictures,Il Buco looks like a great place! I went to the website. It's owned and run by an independent filmmaker.:)

(I'm praying we don't read about Anne Hathaway getting engaged!)

bobbyanna said...

Speaking of which: just read this item from f@@kedinparkslope blog:

"Move over Jake-n-Maggie Gyllenhaal! Watch out Johns! (Turturo, Hodgman)..and step back Steve Buscemi!

Park Slope has a new celeb in town: Anne Hathaway!"

I guess Anne and her boyfriend Adam Shulman are moved into his apartment on the border of Gowanus and Park Slope. I think I want to move to BK! LOL! Now all I need to do is hit the lottery.:)

Accordng to twitter, Jake was out and about walking around BK late this morning.

NY Times said...

The 110 things New Yorkers talked about in 2010:


Taylor and Jake are at #29

Anonymous said...

I know, should stop reading these things but someone mentioned on the People deal (as we all now can see her ring) that it was good that Reese found someone who would be good with her kids.
WHAT! Sure seems like the kids really took to Jake. of course it might just be the number of pictures but Jake and the kids with a lot of hand holding and putting them on his shoulders. Rare pictures of Toth like that with the kids (but again, might not be fair).
But then you know these people don't know anything about Jake.

Anonymous said...

And forgot to mention Ryan. Even with all he'd done he still is their father and loves them.

Anonymous said...

So the E online report was right - that Reese broke up with Jake because of Jim. US Mag reports that Reese and Jim met at a CAA party whike still dating Jake in 2009. At first, I thought the E report was wrong but now I think they got it right. The E report was around Oct or November 2010. It stated that the break up was earlier than they anticipated because Reese fell hard with Toth.

All the reports that are coming out,are breaking my heart. I really hope that Jake is in a good place right now.

bobbyanna said...

You know what? Reese is engaged to some guy. More than a year has past since she and Jake broke up. As far as I'm concerned this new development in HER life has not one single thing to do with Jake at all.

I'm not reading that garbage. Jake handled the entire mess with a lot of grace. He has nothing to say about it. He's been busy getting on with his life this past year.

People get together and they break up all the time. Anonymous sources and nasty speculation, all these so called "reports" are nothing but an attempt to profit off someone else's life.

We really know nothing except that they broke up. I really do think the horse is dead and there's no point beating it. I am SO over this Reese bullshit. But that's just me.

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

I think Jake is ok, Anon. If this is what happened, he probably did not even think about it anymore after all this time.

Think that all this made him more strong.

Report from E!???

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

No it's not just you Bobbyanna.Stop with the Laura Jean shit, they broke up over a year ago. What next? Posting E and Us crap about who Kiki is hooking up with? Jake is a grown man and I think he has moved on and is over it and you should too anon. And while you are at it, you should upgrade your reading material and visit other sites, Us weekly and E, tsk.

I adore the Christmas Jake and Anne video, I can't get enough of those 2!

Glad to see that Jake is getting around NY and visiting all his haunts after that blizzard!

bobbyanna said...

Love readng about Jake out and about!:)
Reading the Effed in Park Slope blog, it seems the side streets in BK are still pretty treacherous. Altho, they've made some progress with plowwing the snow today.

sheba said...

Any other Brits on this site wanna share their Jake experience last night? I had a dream about Love and Other Drugs last night. Sorry I didn't post this earlier but just wanted to get to bed to dream.

OK, I went to fetch my PoP co-pilot Karen and saw her beautiful baby boy (who looks a lot like dad)which made us late for the showing because of all the cooing I was making.

So, with great anticipation and excitement we bombed up the road but arrived 10 minutes late for the 3.40pm showing. The queues to buy tickets were huge and I guess because a theatre staff saw us dancing and willing the queue to diminish, he said we could buy our tickets from the Ben and Gerry's counter. So excited were we that we didn't even want to get snacks, just get the hell inside.

Then, we had to queue up to hand our tickets to the staff to let us in (why do we have to queue for EVERYTHING in this country!!). They were searching bags and I started to do my little impatient dance again as I thought OH no! we're late AGAIN for another Jake film (yes we were late for the Prince of Persia premier screening even though we got there at about 7am!!). So, yeah, we queue jumped (and please forgive me all those people I brushed passed but I was not going to miss another second of this film) and thrust our tickets at the guy who looked flustered and we escalated up to screen 12.

My heart sank at that point because I though they've put us in a small screen room so there won't be many people. How wrong were we. The theatre was FULL! And the commercials were on Yippeeee! We had to scrabble around for two good seats together. So just as we sat down, the film started.

Put it this way. I can't wait for the video now. I will say that I was expecting to cry.... a lot..... and I didn't.... at all. I was disappointed at that but I did laugh ... a lot!! And the audience did too. They were very engaged with the film and laughed so hard I missed some punch lines so a second viewing was necessary. There was some very sexy, crossing your legs, stuff going on though. Jake looks amazingly boyish on the big screen in what was a very grown up role. Suffice it to say that I will be taking/dragging/coercing a few friends along to share the Jake Love.

There were many scenes in the trailers and stills that did not make it to the film and I think that's where the emotional heart of the story suffers for me. The chopped this film up so badly I suspect at least another half hour would have been perfectly fine. It was too short. I'm intrigued to find out if the UK showing was different from the US showing. There was not as much raunchy, crude stuff as they led us to believe but still sexy nontheless.

In any good love story time and attention is given to the characters and I didn't see them falling in love (am I getting cynical in my old age?) They just out of the blue declared their love. What I'm saying is like any good meal I guess it needed to cook a little more to infuse all those flavours together so that it because one hot flavoursome hotpot :D

So, Suvee, has Jamie replaced Dastan in my affections. Well, he gave a damn good go but No. Dastan does it for me everytime and I guess I need to see LAOD more than twice to get a handle on Jamie's character but I couldn't find his centre in this movie. With Dastan it was instant. So first it was Donnie, replaced by Jack, replaced by Dastan and so I'm still waiting.

UltraViolet said...

Hi Sheba - thanks for your review! I agree that the movie needed a bit more time on the actual love story. I would also like to have seen some more of Jamie trying to get over Maggie or trying Not to be in love with her.

I've heard other people say they didn't see the two falling in love, but that wasn't an issue for me. I saw it and believed it but wouldn't have objected to seeing more of it.

I also think they should have shown more of Maggie's bad days. Not dramatically bad, but a few times where she was down or depressed or lagging. When she shouts at Jamie about how he might want to go out with someone who has energy, it doesn't make a lot of sense, because all we've seen is the car scene where she's feeling bad. We can infer she's had those times, but it would have helped to see them, I think.

Glad you got to see it, despite the time issues! And I'm really happy to hear it was crowded.

I don't know who my favorite Jake character is. I sense a poll coming on...

UltraViolet said...

As for the response to the anon who posted about Reese - I can understand suspicions of trolling. Anonymous comment with inflammatory subject. But I can sort of understand why someone might think that was a point of interest.

I have no interest in dwelling on Reese. And if the info is true, which it always sort of seemed to be, then that says a whole lot about Reese. Most of which we probably should avoid!

UltraViolet said...

New post - will repost your review, Sheba!