Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Updated with, at last, a picture of Jake with Bono and the Edge. They dined together in Sydney at Sean's Panaroma. According to the Sun, much alcohol was consumed :)

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway continued their Australian adventure, taking advantage of the sunny weather and cruising around Sydney Harbour. It's a little different from the weather many people are experiencing in North America!

Poor Anne does not seem to be enjoying the ride as much as Jake is...

The return of the sapphires:

there are a ton more pics of the boat trip at IHJ:

Here's a shot of Jake and Anne from the Moet after-party for Love & Other Drugs. One report had Jake and Anne circulating charmingly; another said they did a quick in and out.

And just a nice shot of Jake from the premiere:

Jake and Anne on the red carpet:

Jake and Anne on Sunrise in Australia. I think they are getting a little punchy after all these interviews!

And here's a Fox featurette:

For those who couldn't play it from the last post or who just want to see it again, the most romantic thing Jake has ever done:

If there are any Australian GBers out there, this looks like a fun video but it can't be watched here in the States.

In case you missed it, Jake was named an ambassador for the Chez Panisse Edible Schoolyard program. Jake attended a ceremony for the groundbreaking at Brooklyn's first edible schoolyard in October:

“I have long admired [founder Alice Waters]‘ work and care deeply about helping children better their health, communities and environment….the students get to apply what they learn about cooking and gardening to other subjects, science for example, where they can learn about photosynthesis while planting in the garden and having the invaluable experience of spending time outside.”

“The Chez Panisse Foundation is not only offering an education that students will benefit from for the rest of their lives, but they’re a leading force in the movement to change the future of this country’s youngest generations,” Jake concluded.


UltraViolet said...

This seems like a combination of other interviews. We saw the video of some of these questions. And do we think MTV really asked these questions?

MTV: Jamie’s a real ladiesman in the movie. Do you use chat-up lines yourself, and did you use one to woo Taylor [Swift]?

JAKE: No, I don’t. No…

MTV: Her frenemy Kanye West is in town with Jay-Z right now, are you a fan?

JAKE: Oh yeah of course. BIG fan.

I'd like to see THAT video.

I'd like to see this one, too. I mentioned it in the post. But look how cute it seems:

But it was Jake who had a big secret to admit. He has a crush on Australia!

"I love it here," Jake said.

"Jake's got a massive crush on Australia," Anne told us.

As mentioned in the last post, it seems Jake and Anne visited a hospital in Sydney yesterday. From FB:

Jake Gyllenhaal is as beautiful and lovely in real life... yey for stars that care for sick kids

UltraViolet said...

In case people missed it, Monica posted the L&OD FYC ad.

UltraViolet said...

Jake (and presumably Anne) still in Sydney:

What? What? I hear you cry! Yes people, Jake Gyllenhaal was there watching "Uncle Vanya" like a normal person. He is just so normal (& hot!)
about 1 hour ago

So just saw Uncle Vanya at STC. Cate Blanchett, Richard Roxburgh and Hugo Weaving ARE astounding as is the play. Added bonus was Jake!!!
about 1 hour ago

Chica said...

Thank you for posting that video UV, even at sixteen he had a romantic soul, sigh.

Glad he and Anne are still in Austrailia enjoying the sun. I don't know where he is headed when he returns but it's colder than a witches you know what here in the east!

Uncle Vanya, wasn't that the play Maggie and Peter was in?

It sems that this press junket is less hectic than the NY or UK junket, he looks relaxed.

I wouldn't have noticed the return of the sapphires, thanks for pointing it out!

Love the FYC Oscar ad.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for all the goodies! That Sunrise video, the broadcasters seem punchy, too! Hilarious.

I was really glad to see the FYC poster. Just wish they could have found something more substantial to say about Jake.

UltraViolet said...

I agree, Bobbyanna. The FYC copy was so bland, it could have been written by Gwyneth Paltrow!

Glad you got to see the vid, Chica. Just posted another one to update the post. But more importantly, there's finally a photo of Jake with Bono and the Edge. Be still my fangirl heart. Not the greatest, but still.

And if you're curious whose yacht Jake and Anne were on, it belongs to one of the richest couples in Australia.

Packer was almost lured to Scientology by Tom Cruise, I think, but seems to have escaped the clutches.

Tweety said...

Glad to see the FYC even though it's a bit dull.

Thanks for posting the info regarding Jake and Anne on the yacht, I was wondering who it belonged to! They look and sound (according to that article) like they are having a blast over there.

Punchy is a good description,LOL!

Love reading about Jake and Anne visiting the children at that hospital.

I would love to see that video too UV, thanks for all the updates!

FL said...

Anne looks a little green around the gills on the boat.

Nice to see Jake serving up food. :-)

What a lucky find on that Jake/Bono/Edge pic for you, UV. :-D All I get is a puffy jacket in a different color! Hee.

FL said...

And if you're curious whose yacht Jake and Anne were on, it belongs to one of the richest couples in Australia.

It's a strange looking superyacht,. Stranger yet is the connection to Jake/Anne.

UltraViolet said...

Hee, FL. It will happen someday, I'm sure.

Hi, Tweety! There have been a few other FB posts about their visit, saying how nice it was for Jake and Anne to go. A good deed.

Get Real said...

Finally, pics of Jake with Bono and The Edge....SQUEE!!!!

Wonderful that Jake was named ambassador for the Chez Panisse Edible Schoolyard program! Such a great cause.

And how nice that he and Anne visited children at the hospital.

Love the pics of Jake and Anne boating around....wish I was there, lol.

I saw Maggie and Peter in Uncle Vanya....good play and they were good.

Jake was sure a romantic evan at such a young age. :)

UltraViolet said...

I've never seen a photo of Jake with Jamie Reidy before. Too bad it's so small.

This Australian journalist is a big Jake fan. Her twitter friends were teasing her about Jake having to up his security when meeting her on the red carpet. And she was VERY excited. So her account is fun. Read from bottom up:

@stalepopcornau haha I never get nervous on red carpets, but I took one look into those blue eyes... And was a mess!! He was lovely!

@JessLomas Couldn't be more perfect that he was my final interview! And he was lovely, gorgeous & fun. Sigh!

@alicetynan I said he was my future hubby & he asked to see my left hand to check I wasn't taken... I showed him my right by mistake! Nerves

@benharlum Ha lucky he offered the hug to me!

@benharlum It was pretty funny! I said to my cameraman afterwards "did I look nervous?!" he said "yes! So unlike you!" haha

@KylieSpeer I meant... Divine! Ack I'm still flustered from my hug! :)

@KylieSpeer Devine!!

@JohnLacey No, and I've been a LONG time fan of his! I was shaking I was so excited!

@benharlum haha when I said he was my future hubby he asked to see my left hand... I showed him my shaking right one instead... So nervous!

Forgive the shouting... but I GOT A HUG FROM JAKE GYLLENHAAL!!!! I'm never usually nervous, but I turned to mush when he looked in my eyes!

I think she's moving to LA, btw.

And her friend described this red carpet scene with Jake:

The chick next to me said 'I love you' and started saying weird things, held onto his arm and the publicist went crazy

UltraViolet said...

No idea if this is true or will pan out. But from the FB for Del Toro shoes:

Del Toro to be featured in the Vanity Fair March Hollywood edition on the cover with Jake Gyllenhal, James Franco, Andrew Garfield, and Anthony Mackie. Burgandy, Navy, and black velvet classics requested

Though I'd prefer to see Jake on his own VF cover, this could yield some good photos. Not a fan of the shoes, though!

And from Deadline:

Williams and Gosling have been doing the circuit drumming up attention for the December 31st release of Blue Valentine on both coasts. Michelle Williams’ Brokeback Mountain co-star Jake Gyllenhaal moderated a Blue Valentine Q&A Thursday in LA while Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal hosted a screening Sunday in New York.

Another tease. Would love to hear more about this.

bobbyanna said...

Jake meets some real characters on the red carpet! LOL!

Very intriguing tweet from Duncan Jones:

"Just talked to top secret surprise "cameo" in Source Code... what a lovely... man or woman... or animal. Hah! I give you NOTHING!"

Lola said...

The Austalian journalists tweets are so funny. Love the bono and the edge photo, and the report that they drank a lot. Thank you guys so much for uploading all these goods. I love it when Jake promotes a movie, and we won't have to wait to long with Source Code coming up in a couple months.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Jake, Bono & the Edge, fangirl overload! What a fantastic picture UV!

Love Jake and Anne on the yacht pictures, I would love to visit Australia, such a beautiful country.

And speaking of fangirls. I love those tweets from the red carpet, I bet Mr. BG was kept extra busy!

Has Jake ever been on the cover of VF? I wish he was solo too UV, but I'll take this, the photos should be amazing.

Love all your hard wotk in keeping up with Jake's promo tour in Austrailia, thanks so much!

That is an intriguing tweet from Jones Bobbyanna, I wonder who it could be?

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Elizabeth Edwards lost her battle with cancer today.

I admired her courage and bravery during some of the most difficult events in her life.

RIP Elizabeth

suvee said...

I admired Elizabeth Edwards also, for many reasons. So sorry she has lost her fight.

On a lighter note, Jake has left Oz. JustJared has photos at the Sydney airport. He looks so good... loving his new haircut.

Monica said...

I love the picture of Jake, Bono and The Edge. Fantastic to see my idols together!

I love the images in the Yacht. They were having fun!

Jake Gyllenhal, James Franco, Andrew Garfield, and Anthony Mackie.

Together, in the same cover? James and Jake?
I said I'm in love with James Franco?
Is that special edition for the Oscar?
Garfield and Anthony Mackie are very talented.

"Just talked to top secret surprise "cameo" in Source Code... what a lovely... man or woman... or animal. Hah! I give you NOTHING!"

Another tease. Would love to hear more about this.
Me too.

UltraViolet said...

Ditto, OONP and suvee. I was very sad when I saw the story earlier. I'm sorry for her and her family, especially the little kids.

Switching subjects, Lola, I loved the story about Jake, Bono and Edge. I can't belive that they identified Jake's publicist as Bono's daughter, however. The poor daughter, who is only 20.

Jake has never been on the cover of VF alone, which is a shame. I'm sure he will be, but I had hoped this would be the year.

Sad to see Jake leaving Sydney, but I haven't had this much fun with international Jake since Moscow!

mary said...

WOW love the pics of jake with bono and the edge cant wait to tell my duaghter that jake had lunch with bono shes a big u2 fan like me were going to their concert again in june when they play in anaheim which was cancelled last june

UltraViolet said...

Yes, I think it would be for the Oscar/Hollywood issue, Monica. Not a Franco fan, but I love Anthony Mackie. And Andrew Garfield was good in The Social Network. Just please - no Justin Timberlake on the cover.

As for DJ's Source Code tweet, I am sort of annoyed. I hate even knowing that there's a "surprise cameo." I realize it's the risk you take, going on the internet. But it's like when someone says, "Watch out for the twist at the end." Don't tell me there's a twist. Just let me see it coming or be surprised!


Monica said...

Just please - no Justin Timberlake on the cover.[2]

Please, Ryan Gosling on the cover!!!

bobbyanna said...

monica, every year Vanity Fair does a "Hollywood Edition." They always have a special grouping for the cover in that edition.

One year it was Kiera Knightly, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, etc. I think that was the year they let Tom Ford be guest editor. I'm very glad they decided Jake was "worthy."(cough!)

James Franco was on Inside the Actors Studio tonight. He's very intense! Sweet, serious, goofy, and intense. He seemed nervous.
He said when he first started,he focused completely on acting and books,& had to learn how to be social. You can tell it doesn't come naturally, but he is very sweet, and very smart. There is something about him that reminds me of Heath.

Glad Jake's headed home, altho he sure made the most of his short visit!

RIP, Elizabeth Edwards. My thoughts are with her children.

bobbyanna said...

"Just please - no Justin Timberlake on the cover."


LOL! With his luck, they'll devote a three hundred page special feature on him with a cover all by himself!:(

I'm a huge Anthony Mackie fan too.

UltraViolet said...

Allegedly, they wanted Jake on the nude cover, between ScarJo and Keira. But he said no. So Tom Ford did it his egomaniacal self.

And I think there's another story that Rachel McAdams was also supposed to be on the cover but bailed when she realized they wanted her naked.

Mary - so jealous you're seeing U2. I've seen them more than 20 times but not on this tour.

mary said...

yes that will be second time.

forgot to say rip elizabeth

UltraViolet said...

LOL about JT, Bobbyanna! I really think he's talented and enjoy him on SNL and Jimmy Fallon. But I'm tired of seeing him wear those glasses to try to seem intellectual.

And talk about campaigning for an Oscar! I saw him on Access Hollywood's talk show a couple of weeks ago, for god's sake.

He was good in TSN but he doesn't deserve a nomination.

bobbyanna said...

UV,I didn't know Jake was a candidate for that nude cover with the girls! Whoa! Tom Ford was clothed, right? Well, anyway, Jake got his nude cover eventually.":)

October Sky is on.

UltraViolet said...

I don't know if the story is true. I think Jake's peeps denied it. But it's a rumor. And yes, Tom F was clothed. And photoshopped in, I think.

How much better it would have been to see Jake!

New post.