Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The lightness of being Jake

Jake Gyllenhaal on his and Anne Hathaway's Golden Globe nominations for Love & Other Drugs:

"I think we tend to think of really interesting, great performances as soul-tearing things. I think Annie and I go to places like that, but ultimately, it's not about the darkness of the soul, but the lightness of it."

The frightening photographer did manage to get some lovely shots of Jake yesterday:

Here's Jake's official statement:

“I’m genuinely excited that the HFPA has recognized both Annie and me for our work in 'Love & Other Drugs.' I’ve always felt the movie is a classic romance because it’s about the nature of love. So, in acknowledging the performances, the HFPA is affirming the heart of the film and the voice and talent of our great director Ed Zwick. I am also deeply honored to be in the company of so many other amazing actors this year, a category with two Johnny Depps, a Paul Giamatti, and a Kevin Spacey.”

Jake on Extra and Access Hollywood, reacting to his GG nod:

Here's Jake on E!, mixed in with other niminees. You can see him at approximately 15 seconds and then again at 1:35 or so.

Get me out of here!

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


UltraViolet said...

Funny account from a blogger who was overly excited to meet Jake in Sydney.

Hope Jake is having a good celebration. From twitter:

Eating a babycakes vanilla cupcake at M cafe. Jake Gyllenhaal is 5 feet away eating. Completely normal.

Amy Rose said...

Nice blog you have here!

Paula said...

The portrait photos are a bit, um well I'm happy with his nomination!! Such great news, I don't know about his chances of winning but the nomination is much deserved as is Anne's nomination.

And we get to see Jake in a tux (I hope) going to the Golden Globe awards!

I think M is becoming Jake's new CZ:))

Love Jake's reaction on the nomination, thanks for all the updates UV!

mary said...

nice post and yes those pictures are a lot better knew they were more better pictures i think on that one tha angle was wrong

UltraViolet said...

Hee, Paula. The new ones are better. I actually really like the first one, and the last one. (Not the scary one, the other last one.)

And yay for Jake in a tux. always a good sight. Here's my advance plea, however - I don't want him to continue the dark-on-dark combo. I don't like that in a tux.

We all know how Jake listens to me, so I'm sure he won't do it now!

Mary, I think the angle was definitely wrong. And it's too close. And just bad! It was totally the wrong mood/message for a happy story, lol.

Here's another happy story, about one of the babies Jake and Anne visited in the hospital. There's a pic, too.

But after more than a month in intensive care, little Sofia pulled through, finally leaving Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick, yesterday and getting a surprise visit from Hollywood actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway.

"They were so lovely. I was a little star struck trying to put sentences together," Ms Pride said.

bobbyanna said...

Not too crazy about these blue plaid shirt pics. He looks exhausted, up too early-ish, or something. Especially when I contrast them with the photo from the Australian hospital visit.
Maybe it's the stark white background?

I agree, UV. I like the dark on dark look at the movie premieres, but I definitely prefer him in the more traditional formal wear look for the awards show circuit.

Hope he gets to present at the Oscars.(I'd love to see him present at all the shows!:)

Chica said...

He does look exhausted in these photos but I bet it was a happy exhaustion!

I hope we don't see the black on black combo during awards season either, definately a tux!

What a sweet story about Jake and Anne UV.

Caught Jake on a few of the entertainment shows, I am so thrilled with his nomination!!!

Get Real said...

Still squeeing about the nomination!!!! :D

Yeah how this photog got such strange pics of Jake I will never know. :/

I am just thrilled that he is excited!

Such a sweet story from their visit with the children at the hospital in Australia.

Bring Jake with a tux...woohoo!!

UltraViolet said...

Happy exhaustion is the good kind :)

The hospital story is so sweet, get real. Not sure if anyone read the blogger story I posted, but Jake was adorable with her. For the couple of seconds she got on camera!

Here's Jake on E!, if you missed it. He's at about 15 seconds and 1:35.

mary said...

just jared has pictures of jake leaving a resturant yesterday maybe stephanie will have them posted later

Josie said...

I'm so excited about Jake and Anne's GG nominations, I hope Jake has texted Anne back!

The Tourist nominations and the snub of Jeff Bridges and True Grit are puzzling??

I've seen better pics of Jake, but he just woke up so I'll forgive the photgrapher this time!

That is such a sweet story about Jake and Anne in Sidney visiting the childrens hospital, love reading and hearing stories like this.

Anonymous said...

Love the new interviews, he does look tired though.

Amazing how one simple quote " I am not rushing into anything" is being twisted around today. I am convinced people did not read the original article. facepalm.

Lola said...

Yes, please Jake don't wear the black on black suit again. I loved it for the first premiere of LAOD, but got tired of it by Astralia. He should defenitely go with a tux.

Its so strange how these professional photographers get some bad pics of jake(Esquire,GQ) while there are some great paparazzi photos of him.

What is that "I'm not rushing into anything" quote from and how is it getting twisted(I think I know how but still)?

Lola said...

^^^Nevermind I just found out. Gosh US weekly is just so stupid this is the second time in what? Like 2 days that they got something wrong.

Lola said...

I was watching Access hollywood with my family, and Jake and Taylor made People magazines most intriguing people issue as the most intriguing couple. My family had some harsh things to say about her even my father who likes her, but he did say she could write songs very well. Its always interesting to hear from people who don't pay attention to hollywood.

Sorry for my third straight comment I just thought I would share for people who actually like them and would probably enjoy hearing this:)

Monica said...

I love what he talked about Ed Zwick. Very cute.

I love his reaction on the Golden Globes. He is so happy. Thanks for all videos, UV.

I am very happy to see Jake's work be recognized after a long time. I think he deserved for Brothers last year, but unfortunately the studio did not make a good promotion for the film.

News about SC: Clint Mansell Not Scoring 'Source Code', Replaced by Chris Bacon

hmm did not like that.

Angie said...

Thanks for the link to my meeting Jake in Sydney post! He was so gorgeous! Have you met him before??

UltraViolet said...

Hi, Angie! Thanks for sharing the story of your Jake meeting. I'm sorry you didn't get it all on video. But it seems as if Jake was very nice to you. Love that he chose his dog as the most fabulous thing in his life.

I haven't met Jake, but a few of our posters have either met him and/or seen him in person. General consensus is that he's even cuter in "real" life.

I read about another blogger who was kicked out of the event. I'm glad you got your turn on the press line!

UltraViolet said...

Lola, I triple post all the time. Not to worry :)

The whole "not rushing into anything" sound bite was from an interview and was in answer to who he was taking to the GGs. Nothing to do with how his relationship with Taylor is progressing. The whole thing is so silly.

I read another article where they determined that Us and other places will just make stuff up since Jake and Taylor aren't talking.

Monica, the SC story is odd. The "scheduling conflict" does sound suspicious. I'm not a film score geek, but people had been excited that Mansell was doing the movie. Guess we'll have to see how the no-name replacement does.

To quote a certain co-blogger, it sure was nice of Duncan to congratulate his film's star on his GG nomination...

bobbyanna said...

SAG Awards nominations live at the link, starting in a few minutes:

They're live streaming on tnt and tbs as well.

bobbyanna said...

SAG Awards nominations live at the link, starting in a few minutes:

They're live streaming on tnt and tbs as well.

Shondra said...

Absolutely thrilled with Jake's GG nomination, congratulations!

Congrats to Anne, Ryan, Michelle and Natalie as well and to Colin Firth and all the nominations for The King's Speech. I saw it over the weekend and it is one of the best movies I have seen this year.

The portrait photos could have been a lot better, but considering the circumstances i'm sure Jake doesn't care!

Thanks for sharing your story with us Angie, how exciting for you to meet and talk to Jake!

More lazy journalism regarding that Jake quote. I knew it was from the USA interview and that it was taken out of ontext, sigh.

I don't like that news about SC Monica:(

bobbyanna said...

Well. No Ryan Gosling, no Leo Di Caprio, no Sean Penn, no Michelle Williams,no Naomi Watts, no Mark Wahlberg(but Bale, Adams,and Melissa Leo got noms for The Fighter.).

I really didn't expect Anne and Jake to be recognized,but I was surprised Hilary Swank was nominated for Conviction. Robert DuVall was nominated for BA, for Get Low, another surprise.

Winter's Bone was recognized in the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor categories.

Sag Actor said...

I wasn't expecting noms for Jake and Anne either but I'm shocked at Swank's nomination!

At least SAG nominated Bridges for True Grit after the GG snub, would have like to have seen Williams and Gosling's name called this morning, I hope they make the cut for the Oscars.

Happy with the Portman and Winter Bone nominations. Fighter is coming on strong but Bale gives a better performance than Whalberg IMO, so I don't think Whalberg has a shot as BA for the oscars with thst competition

bobbyanna said...

sag actor, I'm expecting the Oscar nominations to track closely with the SAG nominations. They rarely deviate. I think the Independent Spirit Award nominations are already out, but I don't remember how they went.

Monica said...

UV, Clint Mansell is one of the best. The problem is that he was replaced by someone who has no experience.

Hilary Swank?? This is a surprise!

Happy for Bale, Portman, Winter Bone and Nicole Kidman!

Monica said...


Forgot to say I am very happy for James too.

FL said...

UV said...

To quote a certain co-blogger, it sure was nice of Duncan to congratulate his film's star on his GG nomination...

Oh I'm sure he must've been one of the 25 emails and/or texts that Jake received. Right? Because it's not like he lives his life on twitter, right?

bobbyanna said...

"Because it's not like he lives his life on twitter, right?"


Very interesting article. Thanks, Monica. :)

FL said...

Well here's some cool news.

Source Code Opens SXSW

The Duncan Jones-directed Source Code will be the opening night film of the South by Southwest Film Festival. The fest runs March 11-19 in Austin, Texas. Source Code stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga and Jeffrey Wright. The film will be released by Summit on April 1.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Oh i'm sure Duncan texted Jake a congratulation message (eye roll).

Great news about SC opening at SXSW FL!

The Oscar nominations usually mirrors the Sag nominations but with a few variations as pointed out in the article Monica linked to.

Maggie didn't her a GG or SAG but got an Oscar nomination lasr year.

Love the coverage of Jake's reaction, I hope he is just relaxing and soaking it in.

What a great story about meeting Jake on the red carper Angie! I had the same thing happen to me regarding my video camera:(

UltraViolet said...

Apparently Jake can cause technical malfunctions. At least neither of you had a wardrobe malfunction ;)

Great news about SXSW. We'll get a sneak peek on the film and hear some reactions.

Anonymous said...

¿Has anybody noticed that said that he does not drink alcohol?

When he was in Russia a few months ago didn´t seem to think so.
Also, many times in the parties photos you've seen a glass(seems like liquor) in his hand and also drinking wine in restaurants

taylor influence,mmmmmmmmmmmm......

suvee said...

Speaking of SC, this is from the current Entertainment Weekly's "First Look" feature.... SC is their movie preview:

.... The movie's multi-level plot has already earned blogosphere comparisons to brainteasers like Inception - which doesn't bother director Duncan Jones (Moon) one bit. "I'm a big fan of Chris Nolan's and would love to be put in the same category as him someday," he says. But don't look for any Nolanesque nihilism here. "The tone of the film is quite light," says Jones. "We get to see Jake play a leading-man action role but still have that little sense of humor to him - almost like an Indiana Jones."
So it's Indiana Jones meets Inception? All aboard!

Having seen the trailer for SC twice now, it didn't look too light to me. But I guess the director should know.

BTW, great post title UV. Loved that movie!

bobbyanna said...

Guess Jake is back in NYC.

cassiemarsh Cassie Boyd Marsh
"Just had dinner about 10 feet from Jake Gyllenhaal. The meal was good, being among his tastiness was better."
from SoHo, New York
15 minutes ago

Great news about SC opening the the SXSW event!

(I saw Black Swan tonight. Natalie was incredible. She was awesome. She was the best thing about the movie.)

bobbyanna said...

And this from FB
"I'm flying to New York right now and Jake Gyllenhaal is on the same plane as me. This is so cool!"
3hrs. ago

mary said...

had a feeling jake was going to new york ssoon for his birthday and christmas he did say he was spending it with family

Monica said...

Good news about Source Code, Fl. Thanks!

it didn't look too light to me.
For me too.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the title note, suvee :) And the SC info - I'll repost in the new post.