Friday, December 3, 2010

Jake's Blue Valentine

Jake Gyllenhaal hosted a CAA screening of the film Blue Valentine last night in Los Angeles. The stars of the movie, Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling, attended, as did Harvey Weinstein.

No pics of Jake and Harvey. Or of Jake and Chevy Chase, thank goodness. It would be fun to know what Jake said in presenting the movie. Hope a few more details sneak out.


UltraViolet said...

Also, Stephanie posted some funny yearbook photos of young Jake here. But they don't want people reposting them.

Also, Bobbyanna, sorry for the confusion. I thought you had said Gosling wouldn't work with Fincher but it was Franco? Or Duvall? Or all of them? lol

bobbyanna said...

Duvall and Franco, but not so sure about Ryan.

Not gonna lie. The two pics of Jake with Michelle brought tears to my eyes.

I'm glad Jake took a stand as an artist about the ratings system creating all these problems for Blue Valentine. Glad he was one of the hosts for the screening!

Monica said...

What is this? all these days talking about Blue Valentine and Ryan and Michelle and now this!
Very happy!
Love the first photo and, of course, pictures of Jake and Michelle. You see there is great affection between them!
Ryan is so hot and Jake too. Jake looks younger!

I do not agree with everything that Robert Duvall said. There are great performances in the films of Kubrick, like Kirk Douglas in Paths of Glory.

Shondra said...

What a lovely surprise, I love the photos of Jake and Michelle. She is so tiny! And Ryan Gosling! He and Jake sort of look similar.

The NC-17 rating is going to hurt Blue Velvet. I plan on seeing it but a lot of people equal NC-17 to an X rating which is silly.

Thanks for that link UV, I saw some of those yearbook pics before but some are new, Jake was a adorkable!

Interesting comments about Fincher from Franco and Duvall. I wonder how many other actors in HW may feel the same because of his methods.

I'm a big Kubrick fan Monica and the cast of Lolita from Sue Lyons to Peter Sellars are perfection.

Happy Hanukkah!!

Monica said...

The NC-17 rating is going to hurt Blue Velvet. I plan on seeing it but a lot of people equal NC-17 to an X rating which is silly.

Help Blue Valentine: Blue Valentine MPAA Rating Appeal

FL said...

Very funny series of tweets from Guy Branum (comedian and a writer on the Chelsea Handler Show) after seeing Jake just a little while ago a M Cafe.

Jeremy Piven and Jake Gyllenhaal are at M Cafe. #wearealldouches

Some girl is recognizing them. This is awful. I wish I could photograph. #hanukkahmiracle #nogluten

Jake just gripped his pecs to make a very sincere comment. Jeremy is wearing a head covering I've only seen on twinks #hanukkahmiracle

If I were really an ass, I'd ask Jake to take a pic with me, then hand the phone to Jeremy to take the pic. #hanukkahmiracle

LOL I get the feeling he's not a fan of The Piven!

Tweety said...

Not a fan of him either so I can relate! A bit of trivia Piven was in Highway!

I got a bit teary-eyed too Bobbyanna looking at the pics of Jake and Michelle. They both look great and happy to see each other.

Ryan looks good but a bit dressed down compared to Jake and he is a lot taller than I thought!

Thanks for that link Monica, I signed it. The rating system in this country is ridiculous.

Hope Jake and Anne have a safe trip to Austrailia. I'm going to see LAOD again, I hope it does a little bit better this weekend.

FL said...

A bit of trivia Piven was in Highway!

Oh that's right! Ha! Good bit of trivia there, Tweety. :-)

bobbyanna said...

Jake got a haircut!

The M Cafe serves lots of sushi! LOL! Hope JP's careful!

UltraViolet said...

Those tweets are hilarious, especially the one about making Piven take the photo.

Jeremy was at the screening last night, btw. And good memory on the Highway connection, tweety. God, that must seem like such a long time ago to them. Or like yesterday.

And yup, Jake got a haircut and a shave. And LOL about the sushi, Bobbyanna!

Monica and Shondra, I haven't seen many Kubrik movies. Just Full Metal Jacket and that awful Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman debacle. I won't judge based on that :)

bobbyanna said...

Those tweets were hilarious, UV. Guess Piv has a lot of fans...:)

OT, but maybe not:

Well. I found this on Nikki Finke's twitter link. Interesting.
Susan's a producer.

"Robert and Susan Downey are developing a musical project for Warner Bros. from a pitch by "Next to Normal" composers Brian Yorkey and Tom Kitt.

"The Downeys will produce the untitled project as a possible acting vehicle for Robert Downey Jr. Anonymous Content will also produce.

Project will focus on a pair of down-on-their-luck songwriters who take counselor jobs at a theater camp."

UltraViolet said...

Ooh, good find, Bobbyanna. Not sold on the premise necessarily - it would depend on the script. But I love, love, love the idea of Jake working with RDJ again.

mary said...

thanks for the pics of jake and michelle good to come home since i had a bad day when i got my car after work i didnt have any brakes and the engine make a funny noise so i had to have to towed hopefullt it wont cost me too much to have it fixed plus i was suuposed to go to my daughters this weekend now i cant

bobbyanna said...

Ouch! (((mary))) Good luck with the car!

UV, I'd love to see Jake and Robert do a musical comedy together. So far, no names exceptRoberts are attached. It's probably way too soon.

Just found this on FB:

"Saw Mr Brokeback AKA Jake GYllenhal walking through Tom Bradley terminal! He is short in person, and poor guy had the paps in his face!"

Guess he's heading off to Australia!

mary said...

thanks bobbyanna ill need it hopefully wont cost me too much espeicially around the holidays not a good time for my car to break down.

sounds like jake is on his way to australia those pics will probably show up later wonder if anne was with him

Monica said...

All week LAOD was in fourth place at the box office and with a weekend without major debuts:
Love And Other Drugs was coming on strong in late shows and may be building steam to mov into #3. Let's see in the morning:

mary said...

good news monica

mary said...

stephanie has the pics of jake leaving LAX lastnight for syndey up

Get Real said...

I just adore these pics!!!!!

I too got teary eyed to see Jake and Michelle together, Bobbyanna. And OMG Jake and Ryan!!!! They need to do a film together ASAP!!

I really hope we get details of what Jake said when he presented BV.

young!Jake is so cute. :)

Thanks Monica for the Deadline Hollywood. I hope the momentum keeps up and it does well this weekend! I will try and see it again.

Bobbyanna, regarding the tabloids I try to avoid them too. As you said most of it is made up or exaggerated bullshit.

It would be great to see Jake in that RDJ musical.

Hope Jake has a safe trip to Australia.

UV, one last GH thing....I agree Dante doesn't need to be on every single day. I am okay with the character but not every day. I do love Jason though.

Get Real said...

Mary, thanks for LAX pics info and I am sorry to hear about your car.

Chica said...

What wonderful photos!Haven't seen photos of Jake and Michelle together since BBM. How great that Jake was there to introduce and support BV for her and Ryan. I hope he gets to work with Ryan and Michelle again like he said!

That's fantastic news Monica, It looks like LAOD has some legs!!

I hope we get tons of photos from the premeire in Australia.

Good luck with your car Mary!

LOL @ the Piven tweets, poor guy.

mary said...

thanks im waiting to hear the bad news my car has alot of miles ont it so i dont dont if it will be worth it to get it fixed or look for a new one i was planning on looking for oone after the first of the year

JF said...

I like the pictures of Jake with Michelle and Ryan. It would be nice to see Jake and Ryan in a movie together. :)

Sag Actor said...

What a trio if talented actors. I hope Jake gets his wish to work with Michelle again and to work with Ryan. Looking forward to seeing BV, I signed the petition Monica.

Going to see LAOD this weekend, I saw a screening of it so I didnt see it the first weekend. I hope it continues to hold up at the BO.

suvee said...

IHJ has photos of Jake arriving in Sydney (thanks, Stephanie!).

Smirk Alert for UV!! Check out the second pic posted in the forum thread. It's been a while since we got a good smirk from him..... this one's a mini-smirk, but I'll take it. :)

Paula said...

Love the Jake and Michelle pics, what a treat, thanks UV! Ryan is looking good.

Smirk alert, i'm off to check it out, thanks Suvee!!

I hope LOAD gets a second wind at the BO. It's not a perfect film and for the 3rd time on a row Jake's performance (along with Anne) saves the film. The other films IMO were Pop and Brothers.

I enjoyed Pop but felt that it could have used a different director).

Extra said...

PIcs of Jake and Anne arriving in Sidney:

I love what Jake is wearing in this post, but his hair cut looks a little weird, it looks a lot better in the airport pics.

Michelle's hair is really Blonde for the Monroe film she is doing. I love these pics of them together and Ryan is one of my favs. He looks hot here!

Monica said...
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Monica said...

Jake seems happy to be in Sydney. Must be a wonderful place!

Washington DC Area Film Critics Nominations!
Best Actress:
Annette Bening (The Kids Are All Right)
Anne Hathaway (Love & Other Drugs)
Nicole Kidman (Rabbit Hole)
Jennifer Lawrence (Winter’s Bone)
Natalie Portman (Black Swan)


I am happy for Bale because he's finally found a role to show to everyone that he is a talented actor. I was tired of seeing him always being snubbed.

Monica said...

OT: I can not forget Nicole Kidman, who recently became a joke because her movies always fail at the box office( and of course the use of botox). She can not be the Queen of the box office, but she is very talented (How can anyone forget her performance in To Die For?). So good to see that she is returning.

Lola said...

Its a treat to see some of my favorite young actors Jake, Ryan, And michelle all together. I like Jake's hair longer like he had in rendition, so I can't be to excited about the haircut.

Congratulations to Anne for the nom. I love her boots and sunglasses in the sydney airport pics. Jake look really good to, i love his grey sweater.

Thursday night i spelt water all over my keyboard and wasn't able to use some keys. I got a new one and it feels good to be able to comment again.

Lola said...

OT: Nicole Kidman's botox looks awful, hasn't she said she never has done anything like that and is against it as an actor? She is great though.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

What a joy to see these photos of Jake and Anne together::))

I'm happy that Jake is supporting Blue Valentine along with Kate Winslet and others . The NC-17 rating will not only hurt BO but awards as well.

Love the photos of Jake and Ryan togehter too!

Due to the time difference we will probably see the red carpet coverage of the Australian premeire today.

Congrats to Anne on her Washington DC Critics nomination! This is her 2nd I believe, she received a Golden Satellite nomination along with Jake.

mary said...

stephanie has new pics of jake out at a resturant.

typical jake first place to be spotted at a resturant:)

UltraViolet said...

Hope there are some pap shots of this!

OMG Too exciting...Bono, The Edge n Jake Gyllenhal at Seans in North Bondi!!! Big scary security guard

mary said...

i hope so too i wonder if they were together or just at the same place is bondiss a resturant or club

mary said...

oh the place is north bondi sorry but i think U2 is on tour over in australia if i remember right

UltraViolet said...

UJgh, stupid connection issues. Just lost my post. So Lola, I feel your technical frustration. Glad you got a new keyboard.

And Mary, I hope you get good car news. BTW., Bondi is an area of Sydney. Bondi Beach is a famous city beach. Very jealous of Jake hanging at the beach right now!

Suvee, I'm off to check the smirk... Love a good smirk.

mary said...

going to cost me 2800 to fix my car

UltraViolet said...

Oh no, Mary! And what a terrible time to have such a big expense.

New post - hope it will bring better luck!