Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Those three little words

We have a few more video interviews with Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway from their Love & Other Drugs promotional world tour. And since the movie is all about love, they ask Jake and Anne when they first said ILY:

Watch Jake try to say it in Korean:

Love's no fun without sex, right? Here, Jake tells us he'd do Julianne Moore. Cinematically.

If you missed it, here's a clip of Jake and Anne's London press conference. And WDW uploaded Jake's appearance on Daybreak.

A couple of new clips: Jake and Anne on BBC Radio 1. And a brief clip of Jake talking about his love of cookbooks.

They look mad!

Phlebotomist's dream arms.

Even onscreen, Jake likes brown footwear.

Jake out shopping in NYC today:

(L&OD stills from IHJ.)


UltraViolet said...

Some interesting stuff in this article that was transcribed on IHJ:

SKIP: The two lovers in LAOD are having a hard time letting love happen. How do you feel in this area? Does love scare you?

JG: Love itself doesn’t scare me, just the things surrounding it. There is such an incredible amount of risk with it. First of all you need to be crazy courageous to let someone know you love them. Because there is always a risk the person does not feel like you do. And even if she did the next danger is just around the corner: it is inevitable that this person is going to be gone at one point. Even if love does last an entire life death is waiting at the end. There is no eternal love. And that scares the hell out of me. These feelings are so big and so wonderful that it hurts tremendously to lose them.

SKIP: Is it (love) more complicated with you being famous?
JG: Why should it be?

SKIP: Because the two of you are never really alone together. When you and Reese Witherspoon broke up we have basically all been there too.
JG: Oh, you were? Well then, thank you so much for your support. (laughs) But no, love doesn’t discriminate. Love is always difficult whether you’re famous or not.


SKIP: Which one of your movies is your personal favourite?JG: That’s a difficult one to answer since I am really proud of several of them und not always for the same reasons as critics or audience.

SKIP: Does that mean you care less for box office results?
JG: No, of course I do care! You don’t play this game if you don’t want to win (laughs). I don’t expect success to make me happy or fulfil all my dreams. But it does provide chances. Nevertheless I know that I will always and in any case be able and keep making movies. I have even made a movie with my iPhone. There is nothing that could stop a good idea. But when you are scared by that you will become tense and start making wrong choices.

SKIP: What does make you happy?
JG: A well cut suit. Running. Watching my niece dance. That’s the most beautiful thing at all.


FL said...

Awww x2.

And then *sad face*

SKIP: Because the two of you are never really alone together. When you and Reese Witherspoon broke up we have basically all been there too.
JG: Oh, you were? Well then, thank you so much for your support. (laughs)

UltraViolet said...

And double sad face.

sheba said...

Yep, it's sad but he yet again shows his courage by not letting his fame get in the way of loving. It really struck a cord with me when he talks about loving someone and knowing that inevitably one day you will lose them or they will lose you. I had that same feeling when both children were born and the intense happiness of them being here and at the same time the intense sadness of then bringing them into an unkind world and knowing we will be without each other one day. He seems to commit to love or the idea of it, every time. That 'Choose to Love' mantra that he has is so very brave and shows he has a big heart. If it's all BS smoke and mirrors then I'd be so disappointed if he really didn't mean it but he's said it so many times, I'd like to believe it.

I love that Annie thwacked him across the back of the head as, yes I felt, sometimes he's needed it. I don't subscribe to violence but he handled it so well with her.

A lovely cool post, thank you. And he seemed to enjoy his time in Australia much more than anywhere else.

mary said...

how very poignant of jake i think that statement says every thing he felt about his relationship with reese i think he still believes in true love hope he finds it soon.

mary said...

forgot to say lucky sales girl i smile all day too:)

bobbyanna said...

Awww! Thanks for the goodies. Jake's a real sweetheart. I feel like I've learned more about him as a person during this publicity campaign, then I ever have before. And I love what I see.

suvee said...

He gets happiness from a well cut suit but not from his loyal dog?!?! Jake, I'm a little disappointed in you. Oh well, love him anyway. :)

His first time "I love you" story was so cute! I wonder if Emily Simon knows that she was his "first"?

I feel like I've learned more about him as a person during this publicity campaign, then I ever have before.

I feel the same way, bobbyanna. He has come across as less guarded, more personal. Maybe it's just due to the warm and affectionate relaxed vibe he and Anne have with each other. Whatever the reason, it's been a real treat to see him like this.

Chica said...

Jske has really been more open during his LAOD promotion. I think he is a bit more comfortable and more mature plus he has gone through a lot in the past few years.

What he said about love really hit home for me.

Love what he said about what makes him happy, especially the comment about Ramona:)

That is a great pic of Jake and that sales girl, I hope he hangs around NY for mwe to run into him this time!

bobbyanna said...

Found this from yesterday:

"Sightings: Jake Gyllenhaal eating lunch with his mother at E.A.T. on Madison Avenue . . "

There's an E.A.T. Gift Shop on Madison Ave. that's got some lovely children's toys. Looks a bit like "Mr. Magorium's." I wonder if they went there as well.

My younger daughter arrived yesterday, so we're preparing to 'venture forth' for Christmas shopping.I always seem to end up at the Mall two or three days before Christmas!:(

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Reading this interview made me a bit sad, but it also sounds like Jake is hopeful regarding love.

Another adorable video of Jake and Anne, it's the gift that will keep giving after Christmas, thanks UV!

Good luck shopping with your daughter Bobbyanna, I'm finally done with mine!

UltraViolet said...

Ugh. I have more shopping to do, too. Why oh why do I do this every year?

Good to see you, Sheba! And Bobbyanna, very good point about how much we've learned about Jake on this promotional tour. Lots of tidbits about his past, and not just the romantic history. It's been nice.

Suvee, poor Atticus. At least Jake named him his "most fabulous" possession in another interview!

A couple of new clips: Jake and Anne on BBC Radio 1. And a brief clip of Jake talking about his love of cookbooks.

UltraViolet said...

Apparently SC is being shown for some press people. Someone tweeted to Duncan Jones about it, then deleted the tweet. His reaction was positive, seemingly.

Here's the series of Duncan's tweets, in reverse order because I can't deal with rearranging them :)

@sufferings nah, its cool. Very glad you liked it! and trust me, finished film will be a step up! :)
December 20, 2010 2:21:54 PM EST via TweetDeck in reply to sufferings

@sufferings makes me nervous, having people see an unfinished film, though.
December 20, 2010 2:10:08 PM EST via TweetDeck in reply to sufferings

@sufferings Really cool of you t let me know... I had heard Summit were doing some special screenings for long lead press...
December 20, 2010 2:09:50 PM EST via TweetDeck in reply to sufferings

@sufferings ?! What a terrifying bit of news!! Ummm.. you know its not finished, right?
December 20, 2010 1:44:34 PM EST via TweetDeck in reply to sufferings

And here are the tweets from the guy who saw it:

@ManMadeMoon can't wait!
2:28 PM Dec 20th via web in reply to ManMadeMoon

@ManMadeMoon But again. i understand it was unfinished, and I'm scared to see how good final will be, bc man oh man, that was special.
2:21 PM Dec 20th via web

@ManMadeMoon Exactly. thats what this was.I deleted my tweet almost as soon as I sent it bc i thought it might make you nervous.
2:20 PM Dec 20th via web in reply to ManMadeMoon

@ManMadeMoon eek I know. There was a disclaimer. I plan on seeing it again once it's released. Nevertheless, it's a grand achievement.
2:09 PM Dec 20th via Twitterrific in reply to ManMadeMoon

FL said...

Cute story of social media personality, Selfish Mom, and her meeting and getting a picture with Jake during the EW photoshoot back in November.

Yup, it's a post about my hair and Jake Gyllenhaal

UltraViolet said...

That's a cute story. It's funny to think of Jake just hanging out and chatting while she got her hair done.

I like that hair stylist - she's brought us a lot of Jake sightings!

Jake out and about in NYC today:

work at #eataly has come to a grinding halt because jake gyllenhaal is there - come on people we have shit to do

Extra said...

I would love to see that movie Jake made on his iPhone!

He is very reflective and open in this interview. IMO he really got kicked in the gut when his relationship with Reese ended, I hope he finds love too Mary.

I love that story FL, so that is the stylist that has tweeted about Jake!
It's a good thing that Jake is in NY, the floods in S. California are really bad.

D. Jones sounds nervous about the screenings, I just hope it's just his nerves.

bobbyanna said...

"IMO he really got kicked in the gut when his relationship with Reese ended, I hope he finds love"

I agree, Extra! And he's handled it all with such grace!

Cute story about the hair stylist. Love reading that Jake hung out.

Dang, I'm feeling optimistic after reading the tweets abuot SC!:)

I now know exactly what they mean by "dead on your feet." I hate the rushing around of Christmas shopping.

bobbyanna said...

Sometimes things can get pretty ridiculous, so I am posting a link here to Gossip Cop. Apparently they went directly to Jake's rep, because they not only set the record straight, they plugged two of Jake's favorite causes.


Monica said...

I feel like I've learned more about him as a person during this publicity campaign, then I ever have before. And I love what I see.

I feel the same, Bobbyana. He's amazing!

UV, thanks for the info about SC. But I do not want to create the same expectations that I created with laod. So, I'll wait.

Good to know that he is enjoying New York with his family. Sometimes, I wonder if after spending so much time in NY, he might consider moving there.

Monica said...

Laughing a lot of these stories, Bob. They look the same stories that I read three or two years ago involving Reese!
They need to be more creative!

UltraViolet said...

I'm not making conclusions about SC but it's nice to have a good report.

More Jake sightings:

OMG spotted Park and 22nd - Jake Gyllenhaal holy crapola..appeared to be going to a holiday party of some sort

Surreal day in NYC. Bought fresh truffles at cost alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in Eataly ... and then found myself walking down the street with a "to go" cup from my local bar. There's a reason I love this place.

Monica said...

I know you're not making conclusions, UV. It's nice to see something positive, but I want to go slowly this time.

A friend of a member of the ISJ was in the Eataly:
he was talking about having a party in Brooklyn tonight and bought some food to cook with. Something like prosciutto, oysters, pasta, and a couple other things. She also said he was alone.

Chica said...

Holy crapola is right! I work on Park and 23rd!!! I can't believe it, why couldn't he be there earlier!!!

Holiday party? Well there are several places in the area where I assume he would be going for a holiday party, our company had ours in the area.

Lola said...

I get what you're saying monica. With Jake's movies I'm no longer going to think about box office or critical success, I just hope I enjoy it. I love that Jake is able to be open without giving to much away. Thanks to everyone who goes on twitter and gets sighting, I tried to go on there and it was the same story over and over again. I had to laugh at the in touch story about Jake buying pounds of coffee for her, that was ridiculous:) Thanks for the gossip cop link bobbyanna, I like that Jake doesn't spend extravagant amounts of money on things, and is relatively normal.

Tweety said...

The twitters about the bracelet and guitar are ridiculous and I have been trying my best to ignore them.

That fan pic posted is one of the best I have seen, usally they look so awkward but not this one!

I wonder too about Jake moving to NY Monica, he spends most of his time there and seems to love it.

We are learning so much new stuff about Jake during this round of PR for a film and i'm enjoying reading his interviews and watching the videos. He sounds more mature and serious and honest about his film work and relationships.

At this point I just hope that SC is a good movie, i'm not going to worry about BO.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the Eataly sighting! Monica. Sounds like a yummy menu.

Here's another sighting:

...his furry hat on :-)
11 minutes ago

I know this is so common of me but I saw Jake Gyllenhaal on the train and was super excited about it. He is so good looking, even with....

Wading through the inanity on Twitter is especially trying these days!

Monica said...

From FB about an hour ago:
OMG....i can not believe it...i saw Jake Gyllenhaal in the subway today!!!!

i did not realize him at first. he like a normall passenger. after he got off , everyone talked about him then i found who he was...n i missed the pic... too bad...
about an hour ago

She said he was with a wine in hand!

mary said...

yes jakes lucky hes in NYC not here in CA the rain is terrible this morning it took me a hour and a half to get to work which is only 17 miles for me and usually takes a bout 25 minuttes i start work at 0700 didnt get to work till 0730 half the roads roads around where i work were all fllooded and closed what a mess but coming home tonight the rain had stopped for awhile and only took me 45 minutes to get home never driven in some thing like that before and hoped never to do again

UltraViolet said...

Mary, that sounds awful! Hope things are better tomorrow.

Monica, it made me laugh to think of all the subway folks talking about Jake after he got off.

And here's another train tweet:

we def all just seen Jake Gyllenhaal on the 2 train!
about 1 hour ago

Viv said...

I am glad the early screening of source code is positive,but I've learned the lesson from the early positive reviews of POP and LAOD....so I will try not to make my expectation too high :p

I kind of angry about the rumor of Jake spend tons of money on Taylor Swift.This is negative to Jake's image.We all know Jake never splash so much money on his girlfriends......God..I hate these tabloids...

mary said...

hope todays better too UV its not raining right now so hopefully its okay ill be leaving in a little while ill still have to take the long way just in case the roads are still flooded or closed they were last night when i left work

Monica said...

Viv, everything that comes from this girl is negative for the image of Jake.

Sheba baby said...

I hope Jake was seen with a wine bottle in his hand when he was spotted on that train and not a glass of wine!

I would seriously freak out if I saw Jake on any form of public transportation. It's cool that he is comfortable enough to travel around NY like that and people mostly leaves him alone.

Thanks for finding and posting all the new LAOD goodies from Jake and Anne's OZ/UK PR tour. His interviews overseas are always more interesting than the interviews he does here.

I hope SC does well, it would be nice if Jake did a movie where he got good reviews and good BO.

I ignore all the tabloid stories involving Jake and Taylor, it's not worth getting upset over.

Yikes Mary, be careful!

UltraViolet said...

It is annoying to keep hearing this tabloid crap. But it will die down soon enough. We've had so much great Jake info over the last couple of months so I just try to ignore the silliness.

Meanwhile, it seems like Jake is doing some holiday good today. from FB:

Amanda was throwing up last evening and in the night but seems better today. She made a number 2, which is a big deal after surgery! So we'll see how she does by tomorrow. Also the exciting news for me today is that Jake Gylenhall is suppose to being coming by to visit all the kids! You know how I love my celebrities! Should I ask for his signature or is that uncool?

And another:

Me and lee just met Jake gyllenhaal prince of persia himself. Nice guy real down to earth. Lee got a nice poloroid and i got sam a auto. Im pissed they didnt take a polo of me lee and him now i have to wait for there digital one they took.
29 minutes ago via iPhone

Man he so cool hearted and seeing him bring joy to all the kids here is amazing. God bless him for his time. He defently made my sons day.
8 minutes ago

And from Twitter. This is funny/poignant:

"I at least need to put on lip gloss" - quote from my chemo taking wife when told that Jake Gyllenhaal would be visiting our hospital room.
about 1 hour ago

UltraViolet said...

Sheba baby, I can't imagine seeing Jake on the subway! It is great that he still gets around that way.

IHJ has a German article in which Jake declares that he thinks he's good in bed:) We need Carla to translate for us! Where is she these days?

Always miss people when they disappear but it's great to have newer folks like Viv and Lola and sunflower here. Please forgive me if you're new and I skipped you! It's hard to keep track.

You old timers know who you are!

Monica said...

Aww, so sweet UV!
thank you!

UltraViolet said...

It is sweet, isn't it?

Someone on IHJ translated that article I mentioned. Not sure I believe the quote about Taylor but some of the answers are revealing.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

As if we need anymore reasons to love Jake, thanks so much UV.

Thanks for the link to the German interview, not sure if the translation is 100% correct but it's an interesting read!

UltraViolet said...

Looks like Jake visited Sloane Kettering, one of the country's most prominent cancer hospitals. Having had my own hospitalization this year, I can't imagine being there for the holidays. It's very nice that Jake took some time to visit folks.

Unsurprisingly, he's been described as "dreamy" by two people :)

How dreammmy :D hahaha
16 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

noo lol we just talked and he shook my hand haha so cutee!

Taylor Swift, you are one luckyyyyy girl, Jake is SO hot in person!!
about 1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Jake Gyllenhaal is going to the hospital to visit Evan.... So Allie and I are too :) Yayy!

I feel very shallow as I go off to buy some more presents...

Lola said...

The TS quote sounds like what he said about Gwyneth Paltrow at the ELLE awards. At the end the "slow burn" is obviously about his GG nomination. The artical did have some good answers if it was real and not made up. Very sweet of Jake to visit the hospital. Good luck to everyone whose still christmas shopping! I went yesterday and it was bad. And thanks UV, I enjoy coming here.

Viv said...

Thank you, UV
I always like your blog,oh...and Jake :P
Jake visited hospital and kids?? This the true Jake we know :)
I hope someday I can meet him in person(dreaming),and maybe I will faint.

Monica said...

Thank you, Lola. I was trying to remember where I had read this quote.
Maybe some German website has published the quote and the magazine just picked up without having done any research or they just wanted to try to show they had an exclusive.
But the interview is good. Very good.

Get Real said...

Lovely that Jake is visiting folks in the hospital. SK is especially tough being a cancer hospital.

And squee at him being in NYC, on the subway and in that pic with the fan it looks like it is Paragon one of the best sports stores! :)

Want to wish everyone wonderful holidays! This blog is the best and I am grateful for Jake being the one to get us all together. UV and FL rock!!

Chica said...

Love this blog too and double squee at Jake being in NY during the holidays!

How wonderful of Jake to visit Sloan Kettering, it has to be really tough being there, especially during the holidays.

Happy holidays to everyone here ast GB!!

Anonymous said...

Jake went through 3 years with Reese and in any interview over here did he ever talk about the relationship in any personal terms. Also, so far has he really said anything about Taylor which means I think a lot of the German article is made up. I don't know the magazine, but some years back Tom C. was quoted as saying certain things in a German interview and it was proven he did not say them.
Look at all the things Jake could of said about his relationship to Reese and he hasn't. It just doesn't sound like him to be going on about his personal life and esp. about someone he really hasn't been in a long term relationship with.

bobbyanna said...

Just wanted to pop in for a minute. I'm exhausted! Family dinner a my house. I am so moved to know Jake did holiday visits to SK. He's a real sweetheart.

Glad he's in the same time zone, too. Love to hear about all the cool restaurants in NYC, for future visits.

UltraViolet said...

I'm exhausted too, bobbyanna! Hope everyone has a merry christmas eve/Friday!

Here's a nice account of Jake at Sloan Kettering today:

You can tell he really is a nice person and he totally made all of the kids’ and mom’s day today:) Not to mention, Liz, who was over the moon to say the least:) Maybe he will rock the Rockstar Ronan bracelet on the red carpet and help us raise awareness for childhood cancer:) He seems like he has a very good heart.

UltraViolet said...

Oops posted too soon. What a beautiful boy. Ronan and Jake :)

JF said...

UV, thanks for the info about SC. But I do not want to create the same expectations that I created with laod. So, I'll wait.

Same here.

How nice of Jake to visit the kids in the hospital. Loved reading that. :)

suvee said...

How wonderful of Jake to spend so much time at SK with the kids. It never gets old hearing confirmation of his good character. He really is a mensch! Thanks for finding the SK story UV!

And to all GB'ers..... Happy Holidays to you and yours from me and mine!

Shondra said...

Jake is an amazing man with such a big and warm heart. Thanks so much for linking that story about Ronan, he is a beautiful child.

And thanks for this incredible blog UV and FL. I love stopping by here to get my Jake fix and I love the posters here. You do a great job keeping up with all the Jake news and it's very much appreciated.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Monica said...

Jake is a great person with a big heart. Thanks, UV.
The little boy is beautiful!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Get Real said...

Awww, such a beautiful story of Jake visiting Ronan. :)

Merry Christmas everyone!!

mary said...

always great to hear about all the good things jake does he has such a good heart.

merry christmas every one

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas everyone!

It is Christmas Day already in my time zone -yay my shopping has to be done by this stage!

Jake is such a sweetheart to visit the hospital.

I heard the $100K bracelet story on the radio here - big news. Like all the comments above, I don't think it is a true story. Spending that much money on a new girlfriend doesn't match the Tshirt wearing, subway riding really down to earth and normal guy we know Jake to be.

Thanks for the mention above, UV. It really is a pleasure to visit this blog and thanks to you and FL for all your great efforts. I really enjoy reading all the comments too.

Merry Christmas again,


bobbyanna said...


I hope everyone has a wonderful, Merry Christmas! I really enjoy being here! We have a lot of fun.:)

Lola said...

Merry christmas everyone! I hope everyone on Gyllenbabble has a lovely christmas day. Also that was wonderful of Jake to talk to those people and wear that childs bracelet, I hope he continues to wear it:)

T said...

Merry Christmas all, thanks for a wonderful site UV

Sag Actor said...

Merry Christmas to everyone here on Gyllenbabble!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks to everyone for the thanks and the holiday wishes. We appreciate all of you for being here.

New post.