Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to all!

It's been a little hectic in these parts, so we will have to go with some GB classic Christmas greetings:

Wishing everyone a peaceful, happy and joyous holiday.

And because it never EVER gets old, Jake doing the Santa Dance.

Hope Santa was good to everyone who was waiting for him. Thank you to all GBers, old and new, vocal and lurking, for all the good wishes and Christmas cheer!


Extra said...

Jake in the Santa hat never gets old, Merry Christmas to all at GB!!!

Tweety said...

This image of Jake from Jarhead has become one of my favorite Christmas image, LOL!

Watching A Christmas Carol with George C. Scott, my 2nd favorite version my #1 favorite is the 1951 version with Alistar Sims!

Hope everyone spent the day with friends and family, happy holidays!

bobbyanna said...

"This image of Jake from Jarhead has become one of my favorite Christmas image, LOL!"

Me too! Love Jarhead Jake! Thanks for the cute videos, too! I can barely keep my eyes open. Lovely holiday...glad it's over.:)

mary said...

had a nice christmas with my family but very hectic did get to the movie this evening saw true grit movie was okay slowm to to get into the acting was good wouldnt of recognized matt damon if i didnt know he was in it josh brolin got top billing along with with matt and jeff bridges which surpised me as he was only in for like the last 20 minutes of the movie but i id get to see the source code trailer again

Chica said...

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, i'm exhausted!

Thanks for this post, this should get me through the rest of the day::))

We are expecting a blizzard today:(

bobbyanna said...

"We are expecting a blizzard

I heard! They said 16 inches? Laura goes back to ATL Monday,so she might be affected, but Lisa leaves for NYC on NY Eve in the A.M.,so maybe things will settle down. I'm not moving today!
My daughters are with their father and I'm being a vegetable.:)

Paula said...

My Christmas was um, loud and chaotic but it was good to see family and just hang out. I ate too much and drank a bit too much but I think I survived!

Love the videos, Jarhead is one of my favorite Jake movies, very underrated.

Hope everyone here at Gyllenbabble are enjoying their holiday.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Ho, ho ho!!!! Happy Holidays to Jake and all the Gyllenhaalics here at GB!!!

Anonymous said...

effedparkslope Got a tip that Jake Gyllenhaal was just spotted @unionmarket loading up on snowpocalypse provisions #parkslope
about 2 hours ago

Monica said...

Happy Holidays to everyone!!

Jake in the Santa hat never gets old, Merry Christmas to all at GB!!!


Sheba Baby said...

Ah Jake dancing with his Santa hat and very little else is a joy to watch always!

Hope everyone is having a cool Yule!

mary said...

hope any GB who live back east are doing okay

bobbyanna said...

Me,too, mary! Looks like the
"snowpocalypse" really slammed NYC.
Boston and Connecticut, too. I feel really bad about the people stranded on the highways all those hours. That was bad.I couldn't imagine trying to drive in that.

I hope everyone's well provisioned and the electricity's still working! I'm following the effedinParkSlope blog on twitter.
It's a real mess out there, but the blog's having some fun with it too. NYC is shut down.

Saw some other tweets looking for Jake Gyllenhaal and Dennis Quaid. :)

Chica said...

It's stopped snowing here Mary and Bobbyanna but oh what a mess!

No work today and you know it's bad when the head of MTA tells the public not to use public transportation today!

All the airports are closed, I have power, the only area in NY that suffered any outage is Flushing, Queens for some reason.

Office Of Nancy Pelosi said...

I had planned to take today off anyway, good thing I did. It finally stopped snowing in CT but the streets are a mess. I'll just spend this day watching DVD's, I think I'll watch Jarhead and TDAT:)

I remember that tweet of Jake from Thursday with his fur hat on the subway, I doubt that Jake will be riding the subways today!

I hope everyone effected by the blizzard is safe and hopefully there is no need for them to step outdoors!

Monica said...

OT: Awww Natalie Portman is enganged and pregnant!
Congratulations, Natalie!

I hope everyone is ok on the east coast!

Get Real said...

Greetings from the snowpocalypse! Hope everyone had a great holiday.

It is a mess out there and I hope all those affected stay safe. As others said, it is a travel nightmare.

I am in Long Island and we got hit hard but thankfully we don't have to go anywhere today so we will be digging out.

Santa!Jake is ALWAYS what I love for Christmas! Never, ever gets old indeed. :p

Congrats to Natalie!

bobbyanna said...

Awww!!! I'm SO happy for Natalie!...And a teensy bit sad, too. There goes my fantasy!:) This is happy news. Hard to realize she'll be thirty in June.

(I'm remembering a comment from Jake about being happy for "all the engaged people" when he was asked about Prince William & Kate Middleton.)

I noticed she's put on some weight in recent public appearances. The pics with her in the white dress, with Jake at the charty event she hosted, she looked...fuller.

Chica said...

Congratulations to Natalie! I remember you noticing her ring Bobbyanna and wondering if it was an engagement ring! I think she was engaged then but decided to announce it now and yes she did look a bit fuller.

It was noticeable because she is so thin!

Josie said...

Happy holidays to one and all!

Hope everyone on the East coast survived the great blizzard, I got the day off today.

With the exception of the sighting of Jake yesterday morning in Park Slope, he seemed to be under the radar on Chistmas Eve and day, I hope he had a great holiday with friends and family.

What a banner year it has been for Natalie, confratulations!

UltraViolet said...

Ah, good point about Jake's engagement comment, bobbyanna. I know this news is a blow to your plans for Jake :) It's good of you to be happy for Natalie!

I was hoping someone would post a twit pic of Jake shoveling! Luckily I did not have to do that. I did attempt a snow walk but the wind was actually blowing me down the street. I didn't last long.

Hope everyone is warm and dry!

suvee said...

I'm thinking about all our East Coast GBers.... hope you all were able to stay inside today, warm and toasty. Heard on the news that Central Park got 20" of snow!!!

What a year this has been for Natalie! So happy to hear about her engagement and pregnancy.

I'm guessing we're in for a Jake drought....
Well, he'll have to surface for the GG's in mid-January. :)

bobbyanna said...

UV, I love Natalie! Yes,I would've absolutely preferred to see her with Jake. They have such a sweet relationship, but alas! :) I'm glad she's happy. And Jake attended Ben's ballet gala, and more recently coming thru for Natalie's charity gala, tells me they remain close friends.

suvee, I'm hoping not too much of a drought. People in NYC are pretty good about tweeting!:)

To all reports the wind is treacherous. Gusts at 60 MPH!
UV,stay safe! Hope FL is OK, too!

suvee said...

Tweets are alright, bobbyanna, but I'm a visual girl. I need photos. :)

mary said...

congrats to natalie

hope all the east coast GBers are all right were supposed to get more rain here in CA on wednesday hope not like last week

would love to see a pic of jake shoveling snow:)

Lola said...

Congratulations to Natalie on her pregnancy and engagement, even though she was one of the approved women on my list for Jake to date. I'm pretty sure he's not going to end up with any of them, but i can fantasize.

I hope Jake lays low until the GG's, I'm probably one of the few who thinks it's good that he does that and can survive of tweets.

UltraViolet said...

Lola, I continue to wait for the day Jake calls for career and dating advice, but it never comes ;)

Twitter sightings are very cool, but the occasional twitpic is nice, too.

Speaking of visuals... new post!