Friday, December 17, 2010

It's important to get dirty with the one you love.

Jake Gyllenhaal is in the French edition of Premiere this month. Thanks to Lisebeth, a poster on IHJ, we have scans as well as the new photo above.

Jake opines that American audiences are not as puritanical as many believe and expresses his hope that movies can portray love and sex more realistically. He also says he has no regrets about Prince of Persia. I'm happy someone asked him about that.

I haven't figured out how to upload this video yet, so I can't embed it. But definitely go watch. It's seven minutes of Jake and Anne at their best.

Jake is proudly that they made the reporter cry during the movie.

The reporter also reveals that she bought them as a couple so much that she wishes Jake and Anne were together in real life.

Jake admits he's not making sense. Anne says they are jet-lagged.

At the end, the reporter discusses sexuality in the movie, and Jake talks about the need for adventure in the bedroom. Anne laughs knowingly at his Gyllenbabble.

I do wish someone would ask if they talked about so many different positions and turn-ons, why the sex isn't more daring in the film. Not the nudity - that's bold. But most of the actual fake sex is pretty missionary.

Cute video of Jake and Anne with Australian journalist Alicia Malone. She's a big Jake fan :)

In case you missed the news, Source Code will open the South By Southwest Film Festival on March 11, 2011.


UltraViolet said...

Looks like Jake is back in NYC, as Bobbyanna noted in the previous post:

dining next to Jake Gyllenhaal at Lupa = my reward for a tough week

Another Bataii restaurant for Jake.

Also, IHJ has the Glamour UK scans, via WDW, I think. It's a fun article. Jake suggests getting into bed with the lucky reporter :)

UltraViolet said...

From suvee, in the last post, in case anyone missed it:

Speaking of SC, this is from the current Entertainment Weekly's "First Look" feature.... SC is their movie preview:

.... The movie's multi-level plot has already earned blogosphere comparisons to brainteasers like Inception - which doesn't bother director Duncan Jones (Moon) one bit. "I'm a big fan of Chris Nolan's and would love to be put in the same category as him someday," he says. But don't look for any Nolanesque nihilism here. "The tone of the film is quite light," says Jones. "We get to see Jake play a leading-man action role but still have that little sense of humor to him - almost like an Indiana Jones."
So it's Indiana Jones meets Inception? All aboard!

As suvee noted, there's not a lot of lightness in the trailer!

Tweety said...

Thanks for the description of the Jake and Anne video UV, I can't get the video to play for me.

LOL, yeah the sex in LAOD was pretty vanilla, wished Zwick would have been more daring.

I'm glad he was asked about Pop, he shouldn't have any regrets about it . It was a fun movie, not perfect but I loved him as Dastan.

Not surprised that he's back in NY, with all the excitement about hid GG nomination, I almost forgot that he is turning the big 3-0 on Sunday!!!

That SC trailer is pretty intense, it doesn't sound like anything that Duncan described!

Thnaks so much for the new LAOD goodies that you keep finding UV!

bobbyanna said...

Cute post, UV.

I didn't want to seem pervy, but I confess to being puzzled by the "vanilla" too.:) After they said they talked about what they liked, and watched a lot scenes from other movies, etc.
I guess they raised my expectations! :) I'm old enough to remember when H'wood made a "European" version of certain films.:)

Oh, well.There's always the mythical Director's Cut...or the "unrated version." We live in hope!:))

Cute video of Anne @ PS22 in NYC. She invited the choir to sing at the Oscars. (@justjared.)

The Black Swan really stayed with me. Powerful stuff. Unsettling.

Gwyneth is readng the script for Rock of Ages.

Anonymous said...

Love the German interview. Jake is really opening up a lot theae days.

I thought Anne looked really beautiful on the Australian red carpet. I don't know why they feel the need to airbrush her posters.


UltraViolet said...

It is puzzling, Sunflower. And if you're going to airbrush, do a better job!

Here's some more Australian video, too. This is from the after-party, just a few seconds of Jake and Anne.

Tweety, I hope you can get the video to load. There's also a funny part where Anne is jealous because Jake's answers to "name two good things about yourself" are better than hers. Hee.

I loved Jake as Dastan, too. I imagine he does have some private regrets about it, since it has probably had a negative overall effect on his career. But if he really can move forward with no regrets, good for him. He took a chance on something he wanted to try, and it didn't work. No shame in that.

I guess they raised my expectations!

Exactly, Bobbyanna! Maybe they did edit some of that stuff and we'll get to see it someday. One can hope... :)

Chica said...

I think that this has to be my favoite Jake and Anne LAOD video, thanks UV!!

I like that the reporter is a Jake/Anne shipper::))

I caught Anne on the local news when she made the surprise visit to PS22 on SI, how awesome for those kids. I saw them on Youtube, they are really good and lucky!

I like that UK Glamour interview and I hope that if there are edited scenes on the LAOD DVD, that they include some REAL hot scenes!

mary said...

in EW magazine this week they name their best and worse of 2010 for best picture the cover with jake and anne is one

Monica said...

This photoshoot is not the best, but thanks for the scans!

I saw only three times POP. In the first it was not very good, in the second was better and in the third (on DVD) it was difficult.
Interesting to know that Jake has no regrets. I thought he was exploding inside!

I found an interview with David ORussel, where he talks about Nailed: The Playlist

Get Real said...

Chica, I saw the Anne school thing all over the local news too. :) How excited were those school kids in their Glee club to go and perform at the Oscars!

Jake and Anne continue to charm me to death....LOVE them!!!

Glad he is back in NYC! Hope he has fun here for his 30th birthday tomorrow. :D

Extra said...

Busy with Christmas shopping today!
Love this post, and another squee worthy Jake and Anne video!

I'm happy to read that Jake has no regrets about Pop. He really worked hard on that film and I enjoyed it, too bad the BO here didn't pan out.

Hope he has a fantastic Birthday tomorrow!

Off to do some more shopping!

UltraViolet said...

Jake in the CZ, from a half hour ago:

Had to wait an hour to get a table at Prune and Jake Gyllenhall just walked right in. I thought this was New York, people.

Thanks for the DOR interview link, Monica. You can kind of see in the interview even how he can be kind of an ass. It's too bad he didn't even get a final cut done before he left the project.

I'm actually going to start my Christmas shopping today! Yes, I'm a procrastinator. Fingers crossed that Don't Ask, Don't Tell is overturned this afternoon.

bobbyanna said...

Take care out there, UV!!! You're a brave soul. I'm cleaning.:(
I still have to bake something for home, and something for a neighbor. But that's tomorrow.

I hope Jake gets a surprise,and does something wonderful for his birthday! I think Peter and Maggie are performing tonight in Three Sisters?

DADT was defeated in the Senate 63-33!

suvee said...

My shopping is done! Been running around since 9:30 this morning and got everything checked off my to do list. Yay!!

All I have left is write & mail Christmas cards and figure out what new and exciting dessert to make for a Christmas Eve dinner party. I need something small and light.... thinking about attempting lemon curd mini tarts.

I have not had a chance to watch the new 7 minute interview. That will be my reward tonight for being so productive today. :)

Maybe we will see photos tomorrow of Jake attending Three Sisters?

Hooray for the repeal of DADT!

bobbyanna said...

(((suvee!))) I have one gift certificate left to pick up from "Tarjay." I'm hosting a family dinner Thursday. I'm 'researching' dessert ideas, too. I'm doing an Asian dinner, but not sure what kind of dessert.

bobbyanna said...

Oops. 3 Sisters starts its Off Broadway run with previews January 12th, and opens to the public
February 3rd. I guess they're in rehearsals. I saw a tweet from someone who said they were going. Must have read it wrong.

Lola said...

Yay for the repeal of DADT!!!

That video is great. I spent most of the time looking at how fit Jake looks in that shirt:) I hope Jake has a great 30th birthday tomorrow. Oh how time went.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

DADT has been defeated, what great news!!

Did some shopping today too, I'm starting out late this year. I mailed all my cards out yesterday.

Love this video UV, I really love watching their banter and chemistry. I do hope that they do another movie together.

I hope Jake enjoys his birthday, glad to that he is hitting all his fav CZ's in NY!

UltraViolet said...

Don't know if Michelle, Jake and Maggie were together. I'm assuming Joe Jonas wasn't with them ;)

Just saw michelle williams, jake gyllenhaal, maggie gyllenhaal, and @joejonas at one place. Not telling where though :)
about 1 hour ago

Hope they raised a glass to Jake's big day.

Also, someone sneaked a photo of Jake earlier at Prune.

UltraViolet said...

Yay for the repeal of DADT.

I'm not going to say anything petty or bitter to all of you who have your shopping done :)

Happy Birthday to Jake. Full post tomorrow.

Chica said...

My sister in in Ny from MO for the holidays ao I have been busy catching up with her.

What fantastic news out of Washington, DADT has been repealed!

Hoping to catch The Black Swan today, I'm pretty much done with my shopping.

Jake hope Jake has a very Happy Birthday.

mary said...



Get Real said...

HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY, JAKE!!!!! Hope you have the best deserve it!

Thanks everyone for the updates. :)

YAY for the repeal of DADT!!

Chica, Black Swan is really excellent. Natalie really takes on this wrong full force.

I also recommend, The Fighter and The Kings Speech. Both brilliant.

JF said...

Happy Birthday Jake! :)

bobbyanna said...

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Jake!!!!!
Hope he realizes some of his happiest, wildest dreams in the year ahead!

I feel lucky to share a small part of the journey with all the great people on this blog, especially UV & FL who make it happen.

(I feel less guilty crushing on a 30 yr. old than I did when he was a very boyish 24!:)

Black Swan was really powerful and very well done! King's Speech isn't here yet, but The Fighter is on this week's "to do " list.
My brother's taking us to see True Grit.

Get Real said...

Sorry mean to say above, "Natalie takes on this role full force," lol.

Bobbyanna, I want to see Tru Grit too. The Fighter is worth seeing for sure.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Happy Birthday Jake!

Thank you very much Jake gives us his art!!

Tweety said...

Wishing Jake a Happy Birthday!

Have a great day and enjoy your 30's as much as I hope you enjoyed your 20's!

mary said...

people has a photo special celebrating jakes birthday has 30 pictures posted some i havent seen very nice

FL said...

At long last, a new post, a birthday post!