Monday, December 6, 2010

Sun and stars

Love & Other Drugs had its Sydney premiere in Australia Monday night. Stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway ruled the red carpet after charming the Australian press earlier.

Let's use some "fan/reporter on the carpet" photos for this post.

Not Jake's best look :)

At the press conference, Jake dismissed reports he'd been surfing but did reveal that he's like to:

Gyllenhaal let slip that he wants to spend time boating and surfboarding in Sydney.

I hope he gets to spend some time in the Sydney sun.

We have videos, as well. Some nice moments with Jake here. At the end, he helps out a guy doing his first interview:

Some video of the photocall and a bit of an interview:

Jake perturbs Anne:

The most romantic thing Jake's done:

In case you missed this from the last post, it's a video showing press conference and photo call snippets.

Finally, I hope this link works and stays up until I get home so I can download it :) It's the raw video from Jake and Anne's press conference. It's wonderful to be able to see all the questions and observe the interaction.

We know what Jake's been listening to. From a NY Magazine feature where artists list their favorite things:

Jake Gyllenhaal, Actor, Love & Other Drugs
“Sigh No More” by Mumford & Sons. Even in its sadness it’s life-affirming.


UltraViolet said...

You don't get to see Jake here, but you can hear the craziness. Sounds like it was a loud premiere. Also, this woman answers the burning question: Jake smells fabulous.

For the Jake and Anne shippers or just those who enjoy their chemistry.

From an actress who was in L&OD, but perhaps on the cutting room floor? I can't remember a character named Carol.

I love Jake," gushes Alexander. "I think he's one of the nicer people I have met in LA. He's very laid back and very low maintenance. Anne Hathaway is really nice too, but unfortunately I didn't have any scenes with her, although she was the first person to give me a big hug and welcome me to set. I play one of Jake's many, many love interests on his way to finding Anne."

mary said...

thanks UV jake and anne look fantastic iread some where their flying home tomorrow

mary said...

well with the time change i guess its today for them:)

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, UV! Maybe we'll get to see "Carol" in the Director's cut! :)

Sydney sounds really excited and welcoming. Glad they went. Hope the movie does well,too.

Get Real said...

Great stuff from Australia! Thanks for all the updates. Jake is charming them all over the world. :)

UltraViolet said...

Bobbyanna, forgot to say glad you're back online. Comcast in the Northeast had a similar problem last week. It sucked! I hope we get to see Carol, too.

Added another video to the post.

mary said...

according to to just jared jake has been named the ambassador for the chez panisse foundation edible scholl yard program

UltraViolet said...

I saw that, Mary. Very cool for Jake. It's really a cause he's enthusiastic about so it will be fun to see what he does for them.

Lainey has a very cute report from someone on the red carpet last night. So Bobbyanna won't have to click, here it is:

Today, December 6 2010, I had my first (brief, glorious) encounter with Jake Gyllenhaal, more affectionately known as Jakey G. But first came Anne Hathaway. I've not been kind to Annie in the past. I've been scathing in fact. But when she's standing in front of you, breathtakingly stunning, it's hard to remember why I hated her. Re-applying her lipgloss right in front of me and looking downright radiant she was sweet and obliging and gosh-darn cute (and TINY). As she was first up the red carpet, there was still quite a bit of anticipation for Jakey though. So a lot of the crowd were shouting for him.

So Annie joined in. Out of nowhere, in the middle of the red carpet, in the midst of signing endless autographs, Anne Hathaway began screaming at the top of her lungs "JAKE! JAKE! JAAAAAAKE!!!!" Joining in with the crowd or scared and swamped (did I mention she's tiny? Also, there were so many people around her) I don't know, it was hilarious.

And then as if by magic, he appeared. And it's true, your pants really do evaporate. I am 22 years old but 14-year-old fangirl me reappeared today and I could barely hold my iPhone still to take a picture. He is gooorgeous in person, the bluest baby blues and always that smug grin.

He's much more suave in real life compared to the goofball we sometimes see in interviews. Also, SEXY. Very sexy, and quite rugged also. This surprised me. Now I'm just rambling.

MY POINT IS, the whole thing was about an hour behind schedule and the management people were trying their best to hurry him down the carpet but Jakey would not go. In fact, he did not leave until he had signed something for every single person who had something they wanted him to sign (be it on a giant movie poster or a bus ticket) and in fact started to go back DOWN the red carpet when somebody unravelled a huge Donnie Darko poster the he felt compelled to sign. I know everyone always says he's so charming and amiable and sexy but it really blows you away in person. I'm still buzzing.

I love the part about Anne screaming for Jake. I read another story that said the crowd was really clamoring for him :)

mary said...

^^^ me too UV love hearing stories like that about jake sounds like he was hit over there

bobbyanna said...

ITA! Love these kinds of stories! Anne gets all gushy talking about what a genuinely good person he is,too.

Great news about Alice Waters choosing him as an Ambassador!

I think I saw tweets about them having a few more interviews today,( Tuesday in Oz,)then heading home.

I remember when Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks teamed up for some movies.

I love old movies. I remember the romantic comedies that were also mysteries. Lighthearted stuff. They'd do that well...Or a musical.:)

UltraViolet said...

Jake's most romantic gesture. Aww.

Bobbyanna and Mary, I just loved that report from the red carpet. Someone reported seeing Jake on George Street in Sydney an hour ago, so who knows when he's leaving.

bobbyanna said...

Speaking of the red carpet,I'm just real...impressed with the outfit. I love particularly like the shirt. Silk? I don't know if he's still doing Burberry, but he is definitely working the sexy, in that outfit!
This is at least the third time, now, that he's worn the dark shirt, dark tie, dark suit look. I like it. A lot.
I love Anne's golden Valentino dress, too.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

They both look amazing here, I love Jake on black on black and Annie just sparkles on that Valentino dress!

I love that story about Jake on the red carpet, exspecially the part about Annie yelling Jake's name, LOL!! She sure gushes about him and you can blame her?

Congratulations to Jake for being named ambassador to the Chez panisse foundation, it's a cause that he so passionate about.

Loving all the continued coverage of the LAOD press junket express, thanks so much!

mary said...

maybe jake decided to stay a little longer since hes never been to sydney before

Anonymous said...

I was hopng Jake was staying longer but that George Street sighting was actually last night. The guy apparently forgot to hit send. So who knows if Jake is still there. Oprah is on her way so he might have cleared out!

I have to disagree on the fashion. I was disappointed to see the dark combo again though I think he still looks good. And I'm not a fan of anne's dress either. I loved her press conference dress.

I also wish someone had snapped a pic of Jake and Bono!

UltraViolet said...

That was my post above btw.

Extra said...

He looks good but I'm bored with the black on black combo too.

I love both of Annie's dresses!

What a great fan account from the red carpet and what lucky fans!

What great news regarding Jake being named ambassador for the Panisse/Edible school yard project, Alice Waters chose the perfect man.

suvee said...

Still do not like the dark on dark combo. He looks so much better in the press conference IMO. That blue shirt, provocatively open just enough.....
(Okay, I know it was because it was very warm in the room, but who cares why.)

There's so much here to watch and read.... it will probably take me a few days to get caught up. Thanks, UV!!!

So far my favorite Jake moment was from the press conference when they were asked what they would give up for love. He avoids a serious answer (naturally), but the look he beams at the reporter as he answers, "meatloaf".... Good Lord! If he looked at me like that, I wouldn't remember the question I asked, much less care that he didn't really answer it.

And I absolutely loved the Lainey red carpet report. Always satisfying to read about how nice and cool he is, plus I love that Anne was joining in the Jake pandemonium!

Chica said...

What a gorgeous set of photos !I'm meh on his suit, he needs to mix it up a bit. I like Anne's drees she wore at the photocall best.

I love reading stories like this about Jake and his interaction with his fans. LOL on her discription of her underwear evaporating ::))

I would love to see a video of that!

What a fantastic idea making Jake the ambassador for the Edible schoolyard proj., congratulations Jake!

Off to catch up on the rest of the Oz coverage, thanks UV!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Jake is sticking around in Sydney or if he has caught a plane back to the states. If you read Lainey's post she claims he and Taylor are going to be in London together working. Who knows how true that is

Lola said...

Yes i agree, Jake should've changed it up a bit and wore something different. He sure loves that shirt he wore to the press conference, i think i've seen him wear that like 3 times.
Anne looks lovely, i like both dresses. I loved that she joined in on the chanting. That video of him talking about the most romantic thing he did is so sweet. I would love to see photos of him surfing in Australia if that ever happens.

UltraViolet said...

Suvee, I'm with you now on the dark. Also, about that meatloaf thing. I think Jake was making a cute reference. He said, I think, "I'm Meatloaf," meaning that he'd do anything for love. In the words of the famous Loaf song. Pretty funny.

Oh and thanks for the smirk alert! Hope we get some more and can do The Smirk 2.

Chica,it would be so fun to see a vid of Anne screaming jakes name!

Anon, I think Lainry is recycling incorrect info from Us, who reported that Jake would be in London for the premiere. There was one scheduled for 12/6, but they did Sydney instead.

UltraViolet said...

Lola, I missed your comment. Surfing photos would be awesome! And I agree - that romantic gesture video was adorable.

Chica said...

I can't get that video of Jake talking about the romantic gesture to work:))

Damn computer, I'll try again!

suvee said...

UV, thanks for the Meatloaf clarification. That went right over my head! Makes more sense now.... and makes his expression even sexier. :)

UltraViolet said...

Hee. It does enhance the expression. Might have to rewatch.

Jake and Anne apparently visited Sydney"s Children's Hospital today according to a couple of FB sightings. So they are still in Oz.

UltraViolet said...

And now I have that Meatloaf song stuck in my head...

bobbyanna said...

Thanks,UV, I caught a FB mention from someone who'd been at the hospital "all day" and just met them, and I wondered. Glad they were just visiting!:)

I'd love to see Jake surfing...anywhere!

I love the blue shirt he wore to the news conference...and I love that he had it discreetly unbuttoned.

mary said...

jake tends to wear the same clothes alot especially shoes i guess he feels comfortable with them at least he gets his money worht out of them:)

bobbyanna said...

There was mention in an article linked on twitter, that Anne was planning to see Cate Blanchett on stage in Uncle Vanya. Didn't say if Jake was going too.

bobbyanna said...

There was mention in an article linked on twitter, that Anne was planning to see Cate Blanchett on stage in Uncle Vanya. Didn't say if Jake was going too.

Monica said...

I had a very busy day. So, It's so nice to see all these wonderful pictures of Jake and Anne in Sydney.
They look gorgeous!

So Bobbyanna won't have to click, here it is:

Me too. Thank you! Jake is great!

Great news about Alice Waters choosing him as an Ambassador!

aww He deserves! thanks!

This image is new to me:

Oh, For Your Consideration: LAOD

thanks for all informations, videos, photos...

UltraViolet said...

Monica, I was wondering where you were :) Hope you got to rest after the busy day. Thanks for the goodies.

And chica, I reposted the video but from youtube in the new post!