Thursday, December 9, 2010

Still more L&OD

Update: New picture and article from the Sydney Morning Herald. Jake talks about the conflict between health and profit, and the irony of a movie that is about love and Viagra:

The pharmaceutical representatives sell this idea of health that is much more about business and sales. There is something a little cold and cut off about that." ...

"I spent a lot of time with Jamie and he had some funny stories and some disturbing ones about the things people do to create sales," he says. "These are the kind of things that happen when you mix the issue of someone's health with making a quota."

Despite this research, Love and Other Drugs is less severe on the drug industry than Reidy's book. Some critics have suggested the film is a free publicity kick for Viagra. Not so, Gyllenhaal says.

"I don't think those criticisms of the pharmaceutical industry were softened," he says. "What happened was we decided it was a love story and the comment became more about love . . . I don't think there's an avoidance of the drug issues but it's not blatantly political.

"What it's about is comparing real love with the drug.

"It's asking what really turns you on . . . The love story was fascinating in relation to this drug that is supposed to create intimacy."

Jake Gyllenhaal is back in the States after a whirlwind promotional tour to Sydney for Love & Other Drugs. We've gotten a lot of photos and videos from the trip. Now the print press kicks in. Some highlights, sprinkled with a fresh dose of new L&OD stills. I sure hope the scene above scene is on the DVD:

The Herald Sun talked to Jake and Anne:

Unlike Jamie, Gyllenhaal never felt any pressure to join the family business - sister Maggie is an actor, father Stephen is a director and mother Naomi is a screenwriter.

"I felt always supported in whatever I wanted to do. I think whatever pressures were put on me were put on me by me," says the actor, who made his movie debut at the age of 11 in City Slickers.

Love and Other Drugs might be the first film to cast Gyllenhaal as a ladies' man, but the actor had no doubts about his ability to play an incorrigible flirt.

"It just comes naturally. If you put a charming, beautiful young woman in front of me, it's hard not to try and flirt."

When it came to casting Hathaway, who had previously played Gyllenhaal's wife in Brokeback Mountain, neither actor nor director had a moment's hesitation.

"I have wanted to work with Annie again ever since we did Brokeback, because even though we didn't have much together in it, we just really connected as actors," says Gyllenhaal.

Love and Other Drugs capitalises on the screen chemistry between the pair who reveal a surprising amount of flesh in the film's cheeky promotional campaign.

After posing for a risque bedroom shot for the Love and Other Drugs poster, Gyllenhaal and Hathaway went even further for a series of nude shots for the cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine.

"It's always a bit awkward, but there is no one I would rather have movie sex with than Annie," says Gyllenhaal.

Jake reacts to the nudity question

"When people get married, the vows say 'in sickness and in health', and these are the questions that a real relationship needs to ask," says Gyllenhaal, suddenly becoming serious.

"You need to have the courage to ask them."

"Would I describe myself as a romantic? Yes, yes I would. What else is anyone supposed to be? How can you be in a relationship and not be a romantic?"

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

Gyllenhaal says he based much of his schtick on advice from Jamie Reidy, who wrote the book about his experience selling Viagra, which was one of the inspirations for the film.

In rehearsal he practised using everyone's name constantly, prefacing almost every sentence with "honestly" and countering every objection in improvised sales with a friendly, "Really?"

Gyllenhaal is 30 years old next week. He feels at a point of transition. "I don't know if it's to do with turning 30 but I do feel like there's a big sea change with who I am and what I want to do, what I care about," he says. "I do feel that."

In one respect, at least, he feels something in common with his character — a kind of tranquillity. "When I was younger I always wanted to be ahead of where I was," he says. "Whereas now I feel that this is where I am. And I feel good about that." You can't get cooler than that.

But that doesn't mean we don't have more videos! From a Finnish site:

And this old interview from PoP. I think we saw it before but maybe not this much of it.

Yet more stills. And even more at IHJ.


UltraViolet said...

I was hoping this story about DOR would have more info on Nailed, but no.

And this is the kind of story Jake - and I - could do without. The headline is absurdly misleading and the cmments are vile. NYMagazine has really taken a tumble lately.

UltraViolet said...

Aww, look at this! Such a sweet pic of Jake and Anne with one of the kids they visited in a Sydney hospital.

FL said...

Dude! These stills from L&OD???? Why aren't these scenes in the damn movie??!!!@#@!@&*??? That first one cracks me up - Jake looks like a natural loading up that roach on the hemostats. ;-) Sigh...good times with the hemostats.

UltraViolet said...

He totally looks like a pro, FL. I love it. And I hate it that we didn't get to see the scene.

I assume the still with him on stage is from the scenes shot with that high school class in the audience. I forgot to agree with you way back when that it's amazing all those kids kept quiet about it until the movie opened. And then they weren't even in it!

Anonymous said...

lovely stills, thanks UV

Anonymous said...

CUTE pic of Jake and Anne and the baby

Anonymous said...

I saw that EW removed Jake's name from the list on the article about Jessica Biel joining New Years Eve. I think they were getting their information from IMDB because I can not find his name any where linking him to the movie.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the info, anon. The confusion continues.

And you're welcome, anon. I love the stills. And the baby pic is just too precious.

I keep reading snippets from a Glamour UK article with Jake. But the article is nowhere to be found.

JF said...

The picture of Jake, Anne and the baby is extrememly cute. If they ever have kids of their own, they'll make great parents. :)

mary said...

love the pic of jake and anne with the baby

yes very confusing about NYE movie but yea i hope jake is not doing this one

Tweety said...

Ha, ha!! Love the first still, this scene better be on the DVD!

That pic of Jake and Anne is too sweet.

I'm glad that EW took Jakes name off of NYE, methinks someone is playing tricks over on IMDB!

suvee said...

Great L&OD stills, UV! Seriously. The one where he is leaning against the car? Words fail me. Except for "thanks!".

I stupidly clicked on the NYMagazine link. So sorry I did. Since when is 21 a teenager? Yes, Taylor's young, but this relationship is not exactly in Jerry Lee Lewis territory. Just more yellow journalism... which they don't deserve.

Loved the pic of Jake and Anne with the baby!

UltraViolet said...

I really don't think Jake and Anne are going to have their own babies... And look at it this way, we'll get to see them together onscreen again someday. If they were together in "real" life, they'd keep all that stuff hidden.

Suvee, that article is the kind of thing Jake's good-for-nothing PR people should be dealing with. They should somehow force them to change that misleading headline. And she's not a teenager! Ugh. So annoying. And the comments are even worse.

They try to make themselves out to be so provocative, but the age difference has been talked about since this news first leaked.

NY Mag has had a lot of snipes at Jake, as has Movieline. Not sure what the agenda is, but it's irritating.

Tweety and Mary, the NYE thing is baffling!

suvee said...

UV, I agree about J's PR team. I've often wondered how much he controls what is and what is not done on his behalf. But crap like that NYMagazine article should be addressed by them IMO.

Slightly OT: I read that Anne is going to be in DOR's next movie. With Bradley Cooper, maybe. Cannot remember the name, but it sounds like another very off-center dark comedy.

Chica said...

Love the stills from LAOD, a great tonic for a crappy day, thanks!!

The photo of Jake and Anne with the baby is adorable:))

For years I have wondered about Jake's PR. From his "official" fan site to shit like this. Since when is a women who will turn 21 next week a teenager?

I think the whole NYE thing is a joke, well I hope so!!

I heard about Anne being attached to the next Russell film, didn't know about Cooper, thanks Suvee.

bobbyanna said...

I SO agree NYMag is full of crap, and Jake's PR team's useless!This is when they should be earning their salaries! The caption next to the picture of Jake and Taylor is incredibly offensive. WTF needs nymag's permission or approval, or cares what they can or cannot accept! She'll be 21 in four days.

I adore the picture of Jake, Anne and the baby! Talk about fantasies! LOL!Maybe we'll see more from the visit.

I am loving the new pictures from LAOD. We should start a petition. LOL! We want a Director's cut with lots of extra footage,& we want to see a kazillion deleted scenes, etc. etc.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Loving the Jake leaning against the car too! The stills are gorgeous, I hope all the scenes turn up on the DVD.

Thay is one lucky little baby!

I've been trying to ignore all the Jake and Taylor snark but it's hard. Jaks's team is a joke, always has. This isn't the first time they allowwed stuff without issuing a statement.

Anonymous said...

The anti Jake and Taylor comments in that mag are over the top. Twenty and twenty one is old enough to be dating a late twenties guy. Surely it up to Jake and Taylor to decide whether they are compatible? Weren't Charles and Di a similar age when they got engaged? Their age difference seemed a non issue then (not that they were good role models for long lived relationships.)


Ofice of Nancy Pelosi said...

They act like Jake is 40 and Taylor is fifteen!

I'm surprised that NY magazine went there sunflower, how disappointing.

suvee said...

One of these days I want UV or FL to walk me through how to do live links.

In the meantime, Jake & Taylor in Bev Hills today....

It amazes me how shameless these pap sites are.... trying to convince us that they are the poor innocent party, and they have absolutely no idea why these celebrities are upset by having their privacy invaded. Oh, please!

bobbyanna said...

X17 has some of the most agressive & disreputable photogs.(that says a lot!)They're also notorious liars. Sometimes you'd think they live in a parallel universe.

Whatever was going on,they were right in the middle of it. Nicole Ritchie's pressing charges against one guy who really scared her kids.

These people are a plague! Jake & Taylor were probably getting "swarmed." It's a common tactic. They hem your car in and shoot pictures of you trapped. Glad Jake called the cops. The police need to get more agressive with them.

Forgot all about Charles & Diana. She was 19 when they got engaged.

OONP, suvee, I subscribe to NYMag and I am really disgusted. I think this "Vulture" blog is their online version of a gossip blog. It stinks. I expected more from them.

mary said...

im sure they were swarmed by the paps i dont think jake would of called the police otherwise he can usually handle it so he must of felt the situation was getting out of hand

UltraViolet said...

I updated the post with a beautiful new pic of Jake, from another Sydney Morning Herald article.

Some video of Jake and Anne arriving in Sydney.

I love X17's attempt at moral indignation. Such sleazy hypocrites. And somehow Jake and Taylor will be blamed for the cops sending a helicopter, if that's even what happened. So ridiculous, all of it.

Charles and Diana are certainly an argument against a May-December romance. But the age difference was far greater, and the circumstances much more difficult.

Suvee, to do a link, simply do this:

< a href="">YouTube Video< /a>

But don't include the space after the two < symbols.

Hope that makes sense!

Viv said...

Wow!!!!These pics are BEAUTIFUL!!!!
and Jake and Anne with the cute baby makes them look like a real couple :)

I've hardly seen Jake being so mad.Those paps must be over the top and out of control. I feel bad for Jake.....even though I don't like Taylor, but I wish paps can leave them along.Thy are really annoying :(

JF said...

And look at it this way, we'll get to see them together onscreen again someday. If they were together in "real" life, they'd keep all that stuff hidden.

:) We have to look at the bright side.

Extra said...

The stills are stunning aren't they Viv? Jake, Anne and that adorable baby are too cute for words!

The NY magazine "article" is totally uncalled for, what the hell is up with that? All this hand wringing over a 9 year age difference, don't they have more important things to write about?

And as far as hellicopters arriving on the scene, are there actual pics of this from X17???

I think someone forgot to take their meds @ 4:06AM....

Anonymous said...

Rem. Anne saying Jake was such a "protector". Am sure if he felt there might be some problem it was as much to protect Taylor as anything.
My Dad was 8 years older than my Mother. Seemed to work.
Silly making a big deal out of this.
Jealousy is where a lot of this is rooted. People who love what they do, are attractive and have a lot of people liking them. It's like they're the kids in school who always were enevious of the kids who were the prettiest, more handsome did a lot of stuff in school and seemed to enjoy their lives. And they strike out at them.

Anonymous said...

the website containing the pic of Anne & Jake plus baby isn't loading for me.

maey said...

according to the gossip cop site there were 6 cars following jake and that they were in a residental area with families out on the streets that is why he called the cops even after the cops stopped the 6 cars and jake had pulled away 4 more cars then started to follow them again

as we had figured the situation got too dangerous for jake he didnt call the cops because because he didnt want their pictures taken as x17 tried to insinuate

Sheba baby said...

These scenes gotta be in the DVD extras, the first still of Jake/Jaime doe look a bit natural for him FL, LOL!

I went into Jake/Annie shipping mode when I saw that pic of them and that baby, adorable.

Jake must have had a good reason to call the cops yesterday but I'm curious that there doesn't seem to be actual footage of this event, hmmm..

bobbyanna said...

I never, ever trust X17. They have a solid, well-deserved repputation for sleeze and dishonesty, and even criminal behavior.

Us Magazine must have purchased some of the pictures they're showing. X17 will likely shop the pics and video around, and eventually show what they can't sell.

Jake and his family, and loved ones have been bothered by paparazzi before, many times. For years, even. But this is maybe only the second time police were involved.

Interesting to see if it gets coverage on the gossip shows. Hard to cover without buying the visuals.

bobbyanna said...

OK. Three entertainment gossip shows: A.J.Hammer's hour long show didn't even mention it.

Access was infuriating. They simply said, Jake Gyllenhaal called the police and possibly a police helicopter, for help with paparazzi,then quoted "a photographer said Gyllenhaal totally overreacted!" That was it! Their tone was very mocking.

E! was a tiny bit more sympathetic...and clearer. Said there was no police helicopter. Also said Jake felt the situation was dangerous. They were respectful.

Monica said...

Previous Post:
I did not think that comment I said about the young girl would be so bad. That's what I felt after reading an interview of her.

Just an opinion.

I'll read about other subjects. I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Great photos :)

mary said...

stephanie has pictures up of jake out on his bike today

Lola said...

Bow chicka wow wow to the motorcycle pics, sorry thats literally the first thing that came to my mind when i saw them:) Now these are the paparazzi shots i don't mind seeing. I feel bad for Jake being hounded by the paps, but I don't see them lightening up on him as long as he is dating the uber famous Taylor Swift.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:52 I don't know what you are trying to prove with that pic but you failed to circle the pile of leaves on the right of the pics that clearly have moved.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you are trying to prove with that pic

There's nothing to "prove". The pictures say it all :)

Draw your own conclusions

UltraViolet said...

We do so appreciate it when the busy anons take time from studying the Zapruder film to bring us links.

New post.