Sunday, December 5, 2010

Love Down Under

Update: Photos of Jake and Anne from the Sydney press conference for L&OD. The Sydney Morning Herald has a great video of the proceedings. You can even see Jake fanning Anne.

The two stars posed with the famous Harbour Bridge in the background:

Reporters remarked on the tangible chemistry between the stars. Good to know it travels :)

Jake said that "he was enjoying his time in Sydney, and compared it to New York — with the addition of beautiful beaches.

'I went to some really wonderful restaurants, sat in the sun and ran into people who I had no idea were in Sydney, and just had a wonderful time.'"

We also found out that this is, indeed, Jake's first visit to Australia. And that he planned to eat his way around the city. That included a stop at Fratelli Fresh:

Finally: How many fingers am I holding up, Jake?

IHJ posted some (clothed) pictures from the Entertainment Weekly photoshoot, while Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway are in Sydney for the premiere of Love & Other Drugs.

Jake and Anne arrived yesterday at Sydney International Airport. Jake has been seen out and about in Darlinghurst and Bondi.

Looking forward to photos from the premiere.

(Thanks to IHJ for the pictures.)


mary said...

thanks for the lovely posts and pics UV.

yea its a bad time to but all that money to fix my car i need a new but dont want a car payment right now good thing i have a goodyear credit card with a $3800 limit the guy said with all the work is finished it should last me a cpule more years i hope he right he also said if he doesnt have it ready by closing on monday he would pay for m arental car for me cause i have to work tuesday and wednesday

bobbyanna said...

(((mary!))) Glad you're able to resolve it. My car's muddling along. Hopefully I'll get another two years...or three out of it.

Loving the first picture, UV! Very dramatic, very Pacino, very hot.:)

Sheba baby said...

Pacino, that's who he reminds me of in that picture, thanks Bobbyanna!

Love the photos of Jake, Michelle and Ryan in the previous post, glad to see Jake supporting BV.

LAOD bumped up a notch to #5 this weekend. I would have loved for it to have bumped up tp #3, but at least it's steady and it looks like Fox added a few more screens.

Jake got a haircut! He looks happy, can't wait to see the red carpet pics from down under!

Good luck with your car mary.

Monica said...

This first picture is very sexy! Thanks!
Sorry, Mary. But I'm happy to hear that you're solving the problem.

There are beautiful images of Jake and Anne at IHJ:
Press Conference

Watched Megamind. Very fun!

UltraViolet said...

Wow, sleepy day around here! Not for Jake and Anne, though. I posted some of those beautiful photos Monica mentioned in an update to the post.

Good luck on the car front, Mary!

That first pic is so beautiful, I couldn't bump it even for the press conference photos!

UltraViolet said...

Added a great video, as well.

JF said...

Again wonderful pictures of Jake and Anne. :) Congrats to both of them for the Sattelite nomination and to Anne for the critics nomination.
I wish LAOD was better received, Jake and Anne would have deserved it.

bobbyanna said...

I've had no internet access since around 8PM, and I'm so glad they resolved the connectivity issues so I could enjoy this wonderful post! The pictures of Jake and Anne in Sydney are amazing. He looks incredible.

Apparently Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois were hit with some kind of outage for Comcast. Hope it stays fixed!

Anonymous said...

Premiere for 'Love & Other Drugs'

Interviews: Anne Hathaway & Jake Gyllenhaal - Love & Other Drugs

Ten News

Chica said...

Great photos of Jake and Anne in Australia, love Anne's dress and Jake looks really casual and comfy!!

I saw the tweet about Jake and Bono. Jake beong a fan of U2, that must have been great to run into him.

Fully dressed Jake and Anne are still sexy, I love the first shot of Jake, he looks smoldering!!

Glad you got your connection back Bobbyanna!

Anonymous said...

Jake and Anne at the premiere:

Cathy E said...

Wow, these pics are amazing. Those colors on Jake - tan and Oxford blue, are outstanding. I love Anne's dress, she's adorable in it. :)

Jake Ultimate said...

Love And Other Drugs: Sydney Premiere December 06, 2010

Jake Ultimate

Cathy E said...

^^Absolutely gorgeous. I love Anne's hairstyle. :)

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the links, folks. New post with lots of goodies.