Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Brother Lode

EpixHD, who gave us this wonderful video of Jake doing a promo, just posted about 200 Brothers stills, as well as new video interviews with Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalie Portman and Tobey Maguire. Are you supposed to find prisoners hot?

These are just gorgeous shots of Jake. I love the one with Tommy and Sam graffiti, though I don't think we get a shot of that in the movie.

Jake had great rapport with the two young actresses playing his nieces, and this snowman scene was really fun.

Sadly, this scene is not in the movie. I would have liked to see more of Player Tommy.

And just because:

A couple of videos - in the first, the trio discuss getting into character:

Natalie and Jake talk about big vs. small. Budgets, people!

Though he doesn't talk about Jake specifically, Roger Ebert gave Brothers 3.5 stars. Even better, Salon raved (justifiably) about Jake:

Jake Gyllenhaal shines in an undeniably grown-up movie about love and loss in the shadow of Afghanistan. ...

Of the three leads, Gyllenhaal gives the finest performance. He's jittery and charismatic -- his eyes shift uncomfortably, as if he were constantly looking for escape. Among Tommy's problems is the fact that he's never been the favored son. His father, an ex-Marine (played by a gruff, angular-looking Sam Shepard), approves of Sam's courage and sense of responsibility and derides Tommy as the fuckup he is. When Shepard and Gyllenhaal appear in a scene together, the air around them is charged -- it's as if the searching, vulnerable quality in Tommy's eyes registers as a taunt in the manly-man world of his father.

The chemistry is a lot less charged, unfortunately, between Gyllenhaal and Portman. Gyllenhaal is superb at channeling his confused feelings into physical awkwardness. ...


UltraViolet said...

Interesting audio Twitter review of Brothers, mostly because the tweete rmentions that Jake was supposed to be at the screening but "couldn't make it." The producer (one assumes Ryan Kavanaugh) was also supposed to speak, but apparently, most people didn't want to stick around to hear him :)

UltraViolet said...

Also, E! has a longer version of the Ben Lyons interview - sorry, Monica :)

There's some good stuff in there. Look also for the "Lyons Den Trivia" vid, where Jake talks about the Adam Levine/I Ran SNL video.

agent_krycek said...

Our beloved Prime Minister Gordon Brown, yes I'm being sarcastic, welcomed the well known American actress Renee Witherspoon to the House of Commons yesterday, twice - yes really *rolls eyes*

Hmmm, Jake couldn't be at the screening, Reece (or Renne as she's now known) should still be over here for JR recording today (shown tomorrow night)- I shall keep my eyes peeled

Extra said...

These stills are beautiful, and so many of them too. One more day for the premiere!

Love what Stephanie Z from Salon had to say about Jake, great review. I remember she was one of the few critics at the time to praise his performance in BBM.

I know a few people for some reason that get Reese and Renne mixed up! Hmmm, where is Jake? LOAD wrapped and they had the cast party according to tweets, enough time to be back in L.A. last night.

I can't believe that Jake is such a fan of D. Kaye, I would have never have thought that, Hans C. Anderson is one of my fav films too! What an eclectic choice of songs he chose to play and so personal. I've learned a bit more about him and his family from listening to it, thanks so much!

FluorescentLamp said...

Just in case anybody was trying and couldn't access that longer video of Jake and Ben Lyons in UV's post above, here's a better link for that.

Anonymous said...

Jake may very well be back in LA. Maggie was at a press screening and Q&A for "Crazy Heart" in LA on Tuesday.

Monica said...

Brothers Review:

Likewise, Gyllenhaal is able to express much with just the slightest gesture, inflection or pause. As the drifter navigating somewhere between indifference and grief, his is the most real character in the film.

Ben Lyons??? Argh!

lawgoddess said...

I feel like it's Christmas already!

Beautiful pictures and I am so thrilled that Jake is getting the recognition he deserves!

FluorescentLamp said...

Likewise, Gyllenhaal is able to express much with just the slightest gesture, inflection or pause.

Thank you for highlighting that part, Monica. I know I sound like a broken record to UV with this, but it's that that Jake does so well, especially in this film. His reaction shots, his sideways glances, all the little nuanced things he brings to a scene make him so fascinating to watch.

FluorescentLamp said...

Yesterday Long Island. Today LA? Maybe? Hopefully?

From Twitter: saw Jake Gyllenhaal at Barbara's Kitchen yesterday.

mary said...

the daily ten is going to run more of jakes interview tonight

bobbyanna said...

"Ben Lyons??? Argh!"


You can be a broken record, FL. It's that thing Sheridan was talking about when he described Jake's being in character, taking everything in, etc. He's a joy to watch. He really engages.

Jason Matheson, an entertainment reporter on Fox just tweeted that he "is on standby" to interview Meg Ryan and Jake Gyllenhaal.
These photos are beautiful, UV. Maybe there will be a Director's cut and we can see even more of Jake.

Monica said...

jasonmatheson: Standing by waiting to interview Meg Ryan and Jake Gyllenhaal
33 minutes ago from SimplyTweet

mary said...

i wonder if hes interviewing him in la or ny jimmy kimmel is filmed in la i think so i would image jake should be back in la now

Anonymous said...

There's a private airport near Mastic, I think, and friends.

FluorescentLamp said...

i wonder if hes interviewing him in la

I think it's one of those satellite linkup interviews - this guy is based in Minnie/St. Paul.

bobbyanna said...

@VeronicaDLCruz is hosting a special. Watch her interview Natalie Portman, Jake Gylenhaal & Tobey Maguire 2nite @ 8pm EST

I think this is referring to the TVGuide station. They have a gossip program at 8PM called Hollywood 411, I think.They'll cover the Brothers premiere at8:30.

Chica said...

I despise Lyons, but I will have to click on it just to see Jake's longer interview.

Kimmel usually tapes the same day he airs so I would assume Jake is in L.A. right now.

Too bad they edited out the scenes of Jake and that girl in the bar from Brothers, that would have been fun to watch.

The rest of the reviews for Brothers should be in now, i'll check the rottentomato site.

Monica said...

Duncan Jones' 'Source Code' Could Be The Best Sci-Fi Movie in Years


It kicks off with COLTER (to be played by Jake Gyllenhaal), a thirty year old man with a military buzz cut, waking up on a commuter train heading into Penn Station from New Jersey.

Love this:
Jones couldn't be a better choice to direct - it expands the scope from his debut film a little, while playing to its strengths (great capacity with actors, love for thoughtful sci-fi). Gyllenhaal is a solid choice for the lead, and we look forward to seeing the rest of the cast fill out. We imagine that we'll see "Source Code" hit theaters in the early part of 2011, and we can't wait.

FluorescentLamp said...

Kimmel usually tapes the same day he airs so I would assume Jake is in L.A. right now.

He does. Matter of fact, his taping begins at 7pm Pacific, ends right at 8pm Pacific - just an hour before it goes to air at 12.05AM Eastern. The veneer of his desk is much duller in person than it appears on television. Weird that.

Carla said...

I love all those interviews, videos and the pictures. For me this is special because I do not know when I will be able to watch the film....

I am waiting for Kimmel and the premiere.

Chica, Brothers is not doing so well at Rotten Tomatoes. IMO "Metacritic" is much more reliable because all critic scores are converted to a 100-point scale.
Brothers at Metacritic

They also have a user score - we are able to vote and make comments starting with the release date.

It would be great chance to support the film and Jake on that site - it is used by many film geeks to inform themselves....:-))

UltraViolet said...

Stephanie posted last night's E! News>Jake interview.

I forgot to post this link to an LA Times piece on Jim Sheridan. Some good stuff in there.

Busy day for me - and tonight is my work holiday party. But for now, I'm going out for a walk to enjoy the very un-holiday-like temperatures.

Hope Jake emerges soon :)

Love the Source Code stuff, Monica!

FluorescentLamp said...

Let's try that E! News Link again.

Josie said...

For some reason I can view it but I couldn't hear it, aaarrghh!!

I'll try again at home. The title of the segment is called The Perfect man, perfect!

I did love how they showed the Tommy/Grace kiss twice and they showed a clip of Jake and Reese at the Vanity fair party and a pic of Jake and his parent's and Atticus, I can't wait to get home to hear it.

There has been so much news that I haven't had a chance to catch up, I need to listen to DJ Jake's selections and read UV and FL's Brothers review among other things.

Thanks so much for all the updates!

Anonymous said...

You always give us the best stuff!!
Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Strange that the break-up story has not been taken down at People. I wonder why.

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh because maybe it's true and maybe it isn't? And maybe only time will tell?

Good try on the baiting, though.

bobbyanna said...

I loved the E! segment. Giuliana is clearly a huge Jake supporter.

Tweety said...

4:57: People still has the reps.denial up on their site as well. The reason why the first story is still up and visible as oppose to the second up and invisible is because the former had more hits, simple.

People on the stands doesn't have break-up, but trouble and Us says that everything is great and the People story is BS, dueling rags with different stories, oooh the plot thickens!

Heads up: The TV guide special on Brothers looks like sit down interviews with the cast that looks like it was done on the 21st during the press junket and the premiere looks like footage from the NY premiere. I doubt that there is anything happening in L.A. tonight.

Tweets placed Jake in Pittsburgh on Mon & Tues. and LI yesterday but i would think he is back in LA to tape Kimmel for tonight.

Reese is on her way back from the UK, she already taped the J. Ross show.

The reviews for Brothers range from good to mixed, I plan on seeing it this Saturday. Thanks for the links to the reviews and thanks for your reviews as well UV & FL!

Tweety said...

Jimmy Kimmel show!

Annaaa0382: Omg!!! I just got Jake Gyllenhaal's autograph.
about 2 hours ago from txt

get real said...

Wow, I can't keep up!! All the videos and and interviews and reviews, etc, etc are brilliant!!

That DJake show was lovely and it was just wonderful to hear Jake talk so personally about his family, the music, which I loved to hear, and how that influences him. :)

Sag Actor said...

Brothers is 1t 63 on the metacritic site not too bad, thanks Carla for the link!

Chica said...

Ok I just watched the TV guide special on Brothers and was very dissapointed. The interview with Jake was brief and i'm sure I've seen it already. Also it wasn't recent, it looked like it was done around the same time as he did the In style photoshhot.

They added clips from Jake's other red carpet appearences because he wasn't there for the NY premeire. It was very heavy on Tobey and Natalie Jim and the girls who are adorable but I was hoping for more and new Jake.

Which reminds me, I better tivo Kimmel tonight!

Thanks for the heads-up on metrocritic Carla.

FluorescentLamp said...

Veronica De la Cruz did interview Jake today. That will air tomorrow night at 8pm according to her Twitter.

My Brothers special airs 2nite at 8pm EST on TV Guide. I just finished intv'ing Jake Gyllenhaal.That will air 2moro same time!

And hasn't aired in LA yet. I can't WAIT to see it!!! I esp want to see interview with Jake 2moro. What a class act!

Chica said...

Thanks FL, that's more like it!

bobbyanna said...

The woman reviewing for the LA Times is saying Jake and Toby fail to bond convincingly as brothers.
These criticisms stand out bcz there are so few of them. They come from left field!

I agree,the TV Guide thing was somewhat disappointing.I always want more Jake.:) Thanks for the heads up,FL.

Something about Jake's "humorous, life of the party"style in a few, not all, of the interviews,seems almost manic,to me. Like it's forced,as if he feels obligated to be funny.I picked up some edginess.

I like it better when there's a balance and he's a little more conversational.(With Ben Lyons I guess he did what he had to, to get thru it! But it was a little odd.:))I really loved the radio segment with the 5 songs,where he was just talking. (He'd probably done a dozen interviews the day he did E!)

Truthfully, I'm just grateful he's been on so much and we are seeing some decent promotion for his movie.

FluorescentLamp said...

What are the reasons so many don't like Ben Lyons? I've been seeing it here a lot these last few days. I really don't know him from Adam, don't feel one way or the other about him, but he seems to bring out the grrrrr arrrgh! in folks. So I'm curious.

bobbyanna said...

Speaking only for myself, IMO, Ben Lyons tries to noticeably dominate interviews and he talks too much. (That's probably good when his interview subject is boring and inarticulate.)He also steers it where he wants it to go and doesn't give his subject a chance to talk. He also doesn't have a lot to say, when he talks too much.:) I just don't care for his personality, I guess.

bobbyanna said...

Shorter version: Ben Lyons' interviews seem to always be about Ben Lyons.

FluorescentLamp said...

Okay, fair enough. I guess I can see that. He fancies himself somewhat of a "personality" rather than just a movie reviewer, doesn't he?

Oh and in case you were a little worried, like I was, that Jake might be a last minute no-show, because hey, stranger things...

His name is listed as a guest.

I am worried that he has all these guests on tonight. Kimmel never has 3 guests + musical act. Sigh...

mary said...

yea i was a little worried too that he may pull out at the last minute but then i think no jakes a professional and he wouldnt do this he is able to keep his professional and private life separate

bobbyanna said...

Here's the link and maybe it's out of date or I'm just in the wrong place or I'm missing something, but it looks like Reese isn't listed on Jonathan Ross's show tomorrow.

When I saw photos of Reese in a beautiful pink coat, and her make-up was flawless even tho the caption said she was on her way to Heathrow,I thought she was going to tape Ross, then go to the airport. Now I'm just puzzled.

FluorescentLamp said...

I'm on J. Ross' twitter and I think he did say Reese was Friday night.

Yeah, here it is -

On tomorrows show---Gordon Rasmsey, Russell Howard and Reese Withersppon plus Them Crooked Vultures! Sophia Loren can't make it now ;(

Also, some of Kimmel's audience is tweeting about Jake's appearance tonight...

jake gyllenhaal was amazing on j.kimmel.

Jake G. So cute. Ashley pretty. Guillermo so funny. Honor Society did super.

Jake Gyllenhaal is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!


shoe89 said...

omg jake looked amazing on jk...he was great...i love his hair cut.

UltraViolet said...

He was hilarious and he looked great. Love the haircut, love the suit, love the tattoo :)

It's criminal that Lionsgate did not arrange for him to do more talk shows. Almost as bad as that ad they just ran, where both Tobey and Natalie were singled out for praise. Fuck them - I am really pissed off about that.

But I don't want to let it ruin Jake's appearance, which I'll be rewinding and rewatching!

UltraViolet said...

I saw a couple of tweets earlier about Jake being at a screening tonight, but wasn't sure if it was valid. Looks like it was:

Brothers...awesome...moving...amazing...Q and A...Jake G is awesome and hilarious with a crazy tough subject matter.

bobbyanna said...

Wasn't he just! O.M.G. I guess his haircut is the buzz cut for Source Code? He looked amazing! Delish!

I hope the video clip is posted, because I have to watch it again.
I was really, really happy to see him! He looks so good. (sigh.)

I thought Kimmel's opening was great fun.

shoe89 said...

nice review from cinemablend.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, that is a nice review, shoe! Well, not so much for Tobey, lol.

Richard Roeper calls Brothers the best movie of 2009. Pretty cool!

agent_krycek said...

Reese definately on tonight - never realised Russell Howard was that short (man standing beside Reese), Why The Hood is there I've no idea and Jonathan appears to be pregnant :o

Will attempt to catch up on the Jake news/appearances today

Sheba baby said...

Oh man he was so funny on Kimmel and looked gorgeous, loved his buzz cut!

Loved the fake Steelers tattoo and it sounded like he needed to cover up down there to film love scenes in LAOD-Merkin!, LOL!!

Catching up on all the Brothers reviews and getting for work right now but I will be stopping by later!

Anonymous said...

Jake is wicked hilarious! He was so energetic and upbeat! Love his hair,too. Tonight I'll see Brothers, but I can't help but feel odd about it. We have been so thoroughly spoiled with so much news,videos,photos, etc. that I am always sort of "hung over" and dreading the long dry spell that often follows.

Anonymous said...

Devilishly funny! Oh man how I miss his talk show interviews. He is rocking a Jarhead buzz, i wonder if it's for a film, Source Code? Or is that too soon??

Love the fake Tattoo bit, he is so full of energy and so funny. The TV guide special was a bit of a snooze. Glad that an interview will airof him tonight on the same channel, maybe it will make up for last night. He also has an interview with some Fox show if i'm not mistaken .

I will probably catch Brothers this weekend, probably on a Sunday, thanks for all the links to the reviews.

I also think that After this Jake will "disappear", we have been so spoiled these past few weeks after such a drought.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

^^^^ ^^^^^
I got so excited I forgot to sign my name!

Youtube said...

Jake on JK PT.1:


maureen said...

Well, at least we have Twitter. We know Jake is scheduled for the Doug Liman project, and we know he is doing Source Code so hopefully, fans will keep track of him during all that if it's at all possible..

Sag actor said...

Good review from the Washington Post:,1108784/critic-review.html?wpisrc=newsletter&wpisrc=newsletter

suvee said...

Good review from The K.C. Star:

mary said...

loved jake on jk he was so funny and looked greatjust wait till pop comes out hell be doing ptactically all the talk shows then but yea think hell probably be lying low for awhile off to see brothers later today cant wait

UltraViolet said...

People Magazine's Breaking Jake and Reese News of the Day: Jake Gyllenhaal Drops the G-Word:

Is there hope for Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon's relationship?

Amid reports of "are they or aren't they still a couple," Gyllenhaal, 28, used the buzz word of the week – girlfriend – shortly after arriving at a Beverly Hills Hotel suite Thursday for a press conference for his new film Brothers.

"I've learned so much from the kids in my life, and somehow they just become the center of your life and the way you look at things," he told Grazia Australia, referring to his 3-year-old niece Ramona (daughter of Maggie Gyllenhaal) and possibly Witherspoon's children, Ava, 10, and Deacon, 6. "Obviously I exist in my girlfriend's world and my sister's world in a different way, but it's opened my heart and I feel much more grown up and want to be grown up as a result of it."

Regardless, he'd rather talk about his movie about a love triangle with Natalie Portman and Tobey Maguire than about his actual love life.

"As I get more famous, there is less that is just mine so I hope you understand I want to protect that as much as I can," he says. "I understand the news cycle, I really do, but as we all know news cycles come and go and I don't have to comment on them."

A source maintains to PEOPLE that Gyllenhaal and Witherspoon have split after two years together, but their reps say they are still together.

bobbyanna said...

"As I get more famous, there is less that is just mine so I hope you understand I want to protect that as much as I can," he says. "I understand the news cycle, I really do, but as we all know news cycles come and go and I don't have to comment on them."

What an elegant, gracious way to say "None of your business."

UltraViolet said...

Thank god you responded, Bobbyanna - I was afraid I'd broken the thread! And yes, that was a polite way of saying to back off.

This is a fascinating comment from Jake. It's the first time we've ever heard him refer to Reese's kids, even indirectly. His comment is so thoughtful and poignant.

mary said...

yea i agree bobbyanna he addressed the rumors in anice gracious way

suvee said...

"As I get more famous, there is less that is just mine so I hope you understand I want to protect that as much as I can," he says.

I'm so impressed with his good manners and professionalism..... such a diplomatic and classy way to refuse to answer certain questions.

But I'll admit it..... I'm happy to hear him use the present tense (I exist in my girlfriend's world).

agent_krycek said...

Very polite, diplomatic, but very clear message from Jake :D Always eloquent

And to my American friends on here - see you at the World Cup next year - Game On!

Tough draw for you Monica, but I'm sure Brazil will come storming through.

Anonymous said...

They have never talked openly about their relationship..other than a mention here and there by Reese - but never goes beyond anything surface..talking about the Farm..talks about she and her children..but doesn't mention Jake is there too. (And they only..through pictures..let it be known they were a couple. They'd been seeing each other months before that...doing their best not to have their picture taken together.)
So it's not surprising he has nothing to say to the reporters, etc.
People doesn't seem to want to let go.
So many couples in the public eye talks about their relationships in terms of telling about everything that goes on - so it seems odd to the reporters that not everyone does.
I figure we'll be seeing them out and around before long.

mary said...

in ew magazine that came today it lists the best of the decade and it lists bbm as the number 2 movie of the decade

FluorescentLamp said...

I'm not a fan of Kate Hudson's, but I thought her quote from Harper's Bazaar could very well fit the Reese/Jake situation.

On why she doesn’t talk about her relationships : “I have a child, and there are people involved, and it’s unfair to talk about somebody else, especially when you’re not in that place yet to be discussing those things. If I was sitting here with a belly out to here, I’d be talking about what the relationship is and how important that is in my life right now.”

FluorescentLamp said...

I think there's a new post up. :-)