Monday, December 14, 2009

New chestage from Prince of Persia

With Brothers into its third week at the box office, it seemed the flood of Jake Gyllenhaal news might lessen. But the good folks at Entertainment tonight have stepped in, providing a couple of new video clips of Jake on the set of Prince of Persia. Most if this isn't new, but the new stuff is quite enjoyable.

Thanks to the ever-vigilant Stephanie for getting the clip - and screencaps - up so quickly!

Jake, this is no time for laughing - they're aiming right at you!

ET Online has a clip with Jake talking about bulking up for the role:

As we saw this weekend, Jake has not made good on his word to get fat. But he looks happy :)

(Photos courtesy of IHJ. Clip courtesy of ET.)


mary said...

wow what can i say i saw et tonite more behind the scenes of pop with shirtless jake he looks yummy cant wait to see more im sure disney wil do early publicity for pop cant wait

Chica said...

Thank you ET , Steph and GB, WOW!! I could look at him shirtless like that all day!

bobbyanna said...

Well, bless you heart, UV!

UltraViolet said...

It's the season of giving, Bobbyanna. I do what I can :)

Mary, I was lucky enough just to click by ET and see the clip on TV. I'm glad I saw it on the big screen!

Chica, I think we all could!

lawgoddess said...

To quote Legally Blonde: The Musical, "Ohmygod, you guys, ohmygod!"

The chest is nice, but even nicer is the definition of the whatchamacallit muscles just above the shorts that look like they're about to fall off of him.

Very nice, thank you!

bobbyanna said...

LG, I noticed those too! As cliche as it sounds, he really should come with a warning label.

UltraViolet said...

Hee, bobbyanna! And yes, LG, those unknown-named parts are looking very nice.

The folks at Wonderwall had some fun with Jake at the VGAs:

Jake Gyllenhaal presented an award to the Game of the Year, which, surprisingly, was not "Try to Kiss Jake Gyllenhaal." (It was Uncharted 2: Among the Thieves.)

JF said...

Yum, how gorgeous is he?

(Lucky Reese, if she's still with him.)

Thanks for the caps! :)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

What a beautiful sight to wake up to, I'm so greatful:) Thanks UV and IHJ!

Don't forget that the GG nominations will be announced this morning.

suvee said...

I have a crazy day at work awaiting me today..... gazing at bare chested Jake is the perfect way to prepare for a stressful day. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Cool pictures!! I love the one of them filming and Jake laughing, too.
People - i know - has a thing about Jake and his Mother..dinner date..They use a picture that if they hadn't cropped it would of shown Reese there also. One of their shopping things a year or so ago.
But the big news for them is Have Kate Hudson and A-Rod split!!! After all they seemed happy just a short time ago and now he's somewhere without her. They haven't heard from their Reps. yet.
They really thrive on that don't they. As someone had said before - as soon as you get someone together they start hunting for anything that might make it seem like they've broken up. Tabloids,other magazines, etc.

Anonymous said...

Just totally to-die-for gorgeous. :)

Anonymous said...

The body's gorgeous - but it's the face that does me in. And the hair and facial hair. The big sexy smile. :)

Anonymous said...

Golden Globe nominations today!

Anonymous said...

They also don't mention they had their dinner date before going to see a movie Maggie was in.
And with A-Rod and Kate had contacted their Reps. and waiting to hear from them? That's different than not contacting and having to hear from them.
If J&R would decide to go their seperate ways then I think they would want that to be in their control to announce.

Tabloid crappola said...

People's rival Us Weekly broke the Arod/Kate split based on "sources" just like the J&R/People split that was based on one "source" and the fact that there were no recent pap pics of them.

The difference between the 2 "announcements" is that Kate and Arod's reps have not shot down this story which means that given their history is probably true so thier reps don't need to respond.

In J&R's case their reps denied it within hours.

Us Weekly is also on record and sticking with J&R are still together and the People story is fslse.

So who to believe? BTW, Jake and his Mom were spotted last week at dinner before Maggie's premiere, but it took People's intern that long to find that and post it.

Sort of like the tweet of Reese in Nashville on the 29th that they used for their "story", so much for their sources.

The GG's noms are going to be announced any minute!

Monica said...

Crazy Heart
Paul McCartney

Sag actor said...

GG BA nominations:

Jeff Bridges
George Clooney
Colin Firth
Morgan Freeman
Tobey Maguire

No nominations for Jake or Natalie

mary said...

well just heard the nominations tobey for best actor no jake how disappointing

Monica said...

Actor Drama
Jeff Bridges
George Clooney
Colin Firth
Morgan Freeman
Tobey Maguire

bobbyanna said...

Crap! I'm genuinely disappointed for both Jake and Maggie. I am
happy Tobey got nominated,since it sort of 'validates' all their fine work on that movie.

I saw Duplicity and I really do not understand how Julia Roberts got any notice for a GG. That movie had some "moments" but it was generally a pretty mediocre effort. Haven't seen Up in the Air. There's more to object to in these nominations, but I won't.

UltraViolet said...

Congrats to Tobey, I guess. Maybe it will bring some attention to the movie. But his nomination is undeserved, IMO. If any of the three leads should have gotten a nomination, it's Jake.

I guess Jake should have had Robert Downey Jr. throw him a party!

Too bad Brothers didn't make it into the Best Picture category, either.

mary said...

yea i was hoping it would make best picture lets keep our fingers crossed for the oscars which will be announced feb2

bobbyanna said...

"If any of the three leads should have gotten a nomination, it's Jake."

I. Could. Not. Agree. More.

With out his performance, that movie wouldn't be anything special or interesting at all. Kavanaugh and Sheridan should have pushed for BOTH of them if they were so insistent on having Tobey. I guess the politics involved were weighted in Tobey's favor.

Chica said...

Tobey's nomination is no surprise considering Lionsgate's last minute push for him. If anyone deserved a GG nomination for Brothers was Jake and Bailee.

Congrats Tobey and Jeff Bridges, Maggie and Peter would have been cool too, oh well.

Monica said...

But we have to take into account that for some Jake is the leader. Maybe it caused some doubt, as in BBM.

JF said...

The FYC had Tobey as BA, Jake and Natalie as BSA.
I'm genuinely surprised that Tobey got a nomination, since he got mixed reviews for his performance. Interesting.

UltraViolet said...

Yes, there's no question that Jake was in the supporting category. But, as usual with the film, Lionsgate did nothing to promote Jake's performance. And the Golden Globes snubbed him again. It's not as egregious as the BBM snub, but it still pisses me off.

Monica said...

But he was not the only one. Jeremy Renner is also not on the list.

JF said...

I'm sure Jake will be nominated for one of his upcoming roles.

On RT there's a compilation of reviews - reviews

As I've said, I didn't expect a nomination for Tobey, although it was speculated about.

UltraViolet said...

I know, Monica. My point exactly. Jeremy Renner deserves a spot over Tobey. Jake deserves a spot over Tobey. Tobey's nomination is not justifiable, IMO.

And JF, I've seen the RT reviews and the Metacritic reviews. I've read a lot of reviews. And while Tobey has gotten lavish praise, he also, as you mentioned, has gotten criticism.

Just goes to show that the GG votes like to be schmoozed. And Lionsgate and Tobey schmoozed them, so he got his nomination.

JF said...

"And Lionsgate and Tobey schmoozed them, so he got his nomination."

That's probably what happened considering the mixed reception for his performance from the critic's side. Oh well.

Monica said...

My friend said that the nominations of Tobey and Julia are the delusions of this year in GG.
Last year was Tom Cruise.

I agree with you, UV. Lionsgate has campaigned for Tobey. We must also take into account that the film did not participate in any festival, not a box office hit and Jake made no effort to win a nomination.

UltraViolet said...

Blech - the whole thing just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I see now that Tobey is going to be on Letterman on Friday.

I don't have any idea how Lionsgate couldn't see the appeal of Jake for promotion. If you look on twitter and other places, there's a whole lot more buzz/action for Jake than Tobey.

Blech again.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Jeremy Renner deserved to be nominated over Tobey, sorry Tobey.

The GG's are all about schmoozing and kissing the press. I didn't expect Jake to be nominated because of the lack of push from Lioansgate and also due to the fact that he is in the wrong category.

Monica said...

List of the 2010 Golden Globe Award Nominees
As far as nominated surprises go, Tobey Maguire getting a Best Actor (Drama) nom for Brothers is surprising, but at the same time it is well-deserved (even if I think Jake Gyllenhaal had the best performance in that flick).

bobbyanna said...

It isn't only about schmoozing and kisssing butts with the HFPA. Altho,they're big on that sort of thing. It's about agents and upcoming projects and industry politics.

I'm tired of the thinking that "Jake will get one for some upcoming role." This was the most glaring example of omission I've ever seen. It's at least equal to the snub for BBM!

Jake was the heart and soul of this movie and I think his agent, and CAA, need to really stop assing around and start pushing.

Since Ryan Kavanaugh likes putting his face out there. maybe he needs to get some e-mails or phone calls or something letting him know that people don't take it lightly when a performance like Jake delivered is overlooked. These nominations were all over the place today.

I'm going to the mall.

Monica said...

Tobey Maguire (“Brothers”) for best actor (drama), as I forecasted, in no small part thanks to a lavish party that pal Leo DiCaprio threw in his honor last week that was attended by many HFPA who left with BluRay players in their gift bags.

Regret the absence of Abbie Cornish.
I am very happy and with my fingers crossed for Kathryn Bigelow.

FluorescentLamp said...

What an underwhelming list of nominees in the film category. I'll pull for Tobey since he's part of the Brothers team. Other than that? I don't care very much.

Sheba baby said...

You're so right Bobbyanna about the politics. Tobey and his people knew what to do to get him the nomination. Jake was MIA for a lot of the Brothers promotion, yes he was filming and he did take time off to do the press junket in November, but with the exception of Kimmel he didn't do any other interviews which is odd since he was done filming. He was in L.A. that week too.

And yet he received the best reviews and if you check the tweets he is getting the raves for his performance.

Jake maybe preparing for his next role which is great, but pre-production starts in January and filming in March so I that couldn't be the reason for his low profile the week the film opened.

I'm just running off with my thoughts here out of frustration.

Extra said...

Tobey over Renner for the Hurt Locker makes no sense especially since the film was nominated along with the director.

I would have liked Abby Cornish over Emily Blunt, that was a surprise. Glad that Michael Stuhbarg for a Serious Man is nominated, he was wonderful in that film.

The push wasn't there for Jake despite the reviews which is a head scratcher.

Nothing for Lovely Bones, that film got trashed by the critics.

Extra said...

I forgot to add: I didn't know Julie and Julia was a comedy! Ilove Meryl but did she need to take up 2 slots for best actress in a comedy: Julia and It's Complicated? Zooey should have gotten that slot for 500 Days of Summer.

sass said...

Morning babblers,
I'm very pleased Brothers got nominated especially with the lack of promotion it received from the studio...and glad about Tobey as well, though I wish Jake had received a nomination. arr

UV, Thanks for all these Jake presents.
I want to see Brothers again eventually perhaps after Christmas if I can wait that long.
Jake is gorgeous and delicious; I hope he's having happy holidays with his loved ones...
Coming back to save Jake pics...
If I can I would like to scan the NY Daily news Magazine insert from 11/29/09. The cover pic is of Jake; the article: "Gyllenhaal takes it to the next level in Brothers. Let me know if you've read it, if not I'll post it here.
I kept it to share with you but know how tis:)

Back later to read more and more....TY TY TY:)

Anonymous said...

Of course not being nominated for a Golden Globe doesn't mean there won't be an Oscar Nomination.
Would think the Lionsgate people would notice the reviews.
There are always articles on who is nominated and there are going to be, as there have already been, some saying but Gyllenhaal gave the best performance in the movie!

Maguire reaction said...

Tobey Maguire, nominated for his best actor in a drama for "Brothers," sat in his hotel room in New York watching the nominations with his son, wife and a friend. "I was genuinely surprised and excited when they said my name. I couldn't hear all of my name because, well, it got really loud," he says. Maguire's performance in the war drama is emerging as a dark horse, fueled perhaps by a party thrown in his honor last week at the Chateau Marmont by his pal Leonardo DiCaprio. "I was bit embarrassed about the idea of it, but he said, 'There's no agenda, let's celebrate your performance. I've been talking to folks who are excited about your performance. I just want to throw you a party, you're my boy, blah blah.' I honestly didn't expect it. And today, just hearing those names, there's some really talented folks, and getting to be a part of that was a real thrill."

Anonymous said...

I remember when pics of Jake first emerged on the net as Dastan, people were saying that his abs were fake! Well looking at his very well defined torso we can all say that his abs are real!

I can't wait until this movie comes out!

Disappointed but not surprised with the Tobey nom and Jaek snub as I call it. The SAG awards may be a good chance for not just Jake but maybe Maggie and Peter too.

OT: Everyhting works except the shoes:

Anonymous said...

Don't forget who Toby's father-in-law is: no doubt that's helping with his award season promotion.

Carla said...

"You're so right Bobbyanna about the politics. Tobey and his people knew what to do to get him the nomination"

I agree with this statement - the Globes are about politics and they need some "stars" - or does anyone believe Julia Roberts was nominated on her performance?

Sometimes I think Jakes people - PR, agents or whatever are not working on his behalf. Everybody was able to read and see that Jake got the best reviews of the cast. If Lionsgate was not able to push his performance it is the damn job of his PR team to get him attention.

I also believe that the whole Jake/Reese splitting story was a fiasco especially with the release date of "Brothers". "People" mag ususally tries to "satisfy" their "clients" and I don´t believe they post such a story without getting some "confirmation". IMO his PR team failed again.

Good to see that Brothers is getting at least some attention - so congrats to Tobey and his PR team.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything Carla said. I think Jake and Reese have split, the ring has been missing since just before Thanksgiving.

Monica said...

his PR team failed again.

Since 2006 I see that he has the worst PR team of an actor A-Listed!

Shondra said...

Sheba baby, Carla, Bobbyanna and Monica I agree with you 100%. I would also like to add that Jake's PR team has not served him well way before 2006. If there was a split then the timong of the announcement was tacky, not only due to the Brothers premiere but also Reese was headed to the UK on behalf of Avon and their domestic violence campaign, if Jake and Reese reps were working on their behalf then they both failed. They obviously didn't consult them because no way would either of them would agree about the timing.

Did they go around and deny it after they got wind of it or was it bad info given to People from someone attached to their reps? It wouldn't be the first time rouge underlings in PR firms form "contacts" with tabloids, that's where they get a lot of their info.

PS: Don't think that ring meant anything, I saw pics of her wearing it back in 2007 after their last break-up, same gold band. I bet you can probably go back to pre-Jake and see it. She has worn it off and on for afew years.

Anyway, congratulationds to Tobey, at least Brothers got some recognition.

At least I have the pretty pics of shirtless Jake to make me feel better!

Anonymous said...

why did Reese's reps. put out a denial too. Or they both could of easily said - yes, it's true.
As said, if it might be - then they would of liked to of mentioned it first.
They may not be "a couple" or they may be..but can't see them not being on good terms..maybe it just ran its course. or going to another level.
Wanted to make myself perfectly clear - ha.

suvee said...

Can't say I was surprised that Tobey got the GG nomination after hearing about the party his actor friends threw him. Pity that the 2 best performances in Brothers (Jake and Bailee) were ignored.

Here's what Nikki Finke has to say on the subject..... there are 2 pieces that are relevant. Be sure to scroll down to her "Non-Analysis" piece. I felt a little better after reading this.

bobbyanna said...

I not mad about Tobey getting nominated. Really. I'm glad Brothers got some recognition, and as FL pointed out, Tobey is part of the team. So Congrats.

I don't think it was even close to being his best work,and it certainly wasn't the best performance in the movie! There was nothing distinctive about it.

I wonder if Jake, himself,is his own worst enemy about this stuff. Maybe he's the one who limits his PR people and his agent, when it comes to the politics of these awards.(He needs to channel Kate Winslet!:))

I don't think the drama with Reese hurt his shot at a nom. Did that leak hurt the PR for the movie, I think not,but it was sheer luck and excellent crisis management.

Maybe he didn't do lots of PR because he wanted to keep a low profile to help calm down the mini-firestorm.(Thank you, Tiger!)

To some extent,rumors about his love life may have prevented him from doing a lot more for Brothers, but I don't think the people in charge were noticing.

He did the news conference,& lots of interviews during the press availability,& one live talk show. But the decision to push Tobey was made earlier. So his low profile could have been "strategic PR."

Don't worry. When PoP hits it will be relentless.

Anonymous said...

Dating such a well known actress like Reese Witherspoon was bound to overshadow his career. Some saw that coming.

Anonymous said...

He was used to it, he dated Kiki remember?

Monica said...

I not mad about Tobey getting nominated. Really. I'm glad Brothers got some recognition, and as FL pointed out, Tobey is part of the team. So Congrats.

I also have no problems with it, but would like Lionsgate had given attention to all actors in the film.
Harvey Weinstein would have done a better job.

Chica said...

I have nothing against Tobey, I like him. I'm just frustrated like everyone else with his PR team.

Thanks for the link Suvee, so theygave back the Blue rays! So much politics , sigh.

((((Sass))))! I would love to read that article, thanks!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Monica said...

The forum Heath Ledger Forever, in Brazil, made a tribute to Jake. They posted a picture of the two together in honor of the anniversary of Jake.
I'm referring to the main photo of the forum.

The pic:
Jake & Heath

For people who like numbers:
Heath Ledger Forever: 22.073 members
Jake Gyllenhaal: 10.377 members

get real said...

I totally agree with all of you re: Tobey's nomination. You could just see the nomination coming after the party that was thrown for him.

I think he did a very good job, but imo Jake was way better and got the reviews to show how good he was. I guess Natalie lost out on the blitz too.

I also agree about Jake's PR team and how they don't seem to be doing right by him. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing/reading about Jake and Reese, but I never liked that they seemed to be tabloid fodder. I feel that the PR team has seemed more interested in tabloid stories rather than Jake's work as an actor...JMO. Would Jake's agents/PR people fight tooth and nail for him to get a nomination like Nikki Finke said Tobey's did. Unfortunately, I don't think so.

Now, onto the good the pics/ET story was GOOD and mmmmm shirtless Jake....SWOON!!

get real said...

Great to hear from you (((Sass)))!

Monica said...

New video:

Prince of Persia: Behind the Scenes With Dastan

thanks, stephanie!!

FluorescentLamp said...

I don't know who, besides Carrie Byalick, is on Jake's PR team but it's interesting to note that she's been at the same PR company for 8 years. And the CEO of said company, Kelly Bush, has been Tobey's longtime publicist. For what it's worth.

UltraViolet said...

Totally agree with the slams on Jake's PR - it's amateur hour over there for Jake, apparently. Fits right in with Lionsgate.

Sass! Good to see you.

Please feel free to take the PR-attack over to the new post, which has the video Monica linked. I was working on it when you posted, Monica :)