Thursday, December 17, 2009

Walking and shopping

It's been a while since we've seen the trademark Jake Gyllenhaal L.A. candids. But here he is shopping yesterday in West Hollywood:

It's like a puzzle - how many Jakes can you spot?

This is one of those "pap pics as art" photos they used to do on The Gilded Moose. Remember their glorious "Breaking: Jake Gyllenhaal crosses street" posts?

And look - he's done it again. But this time against the Walk signal. Don't do it, Jake - despite the sign on the wall, it's not safe!

I guess he made it after all. Phew!

Thanks to Monica for sending this link to the HD version of Dastan: Behind the Scenes from Prince of Persia:

Much though it pains me to post this, the Lionsgate Amateur Hour did figure out they should do a TV spot noting Tobey Maguire's Golden Globe nod.

Maybe they'll have a British ad that showcases Jake's performance. Yes, still bitter.

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


bobbyanna said...

I used to love the Gilded Moose! Her Jake comments were laugh out loud funny, but my personal favorite was her occasional "letters" from Matthew McConnaughey. "Namastay!"

Is Jake getting into a new red car?

Carla said...

Yes, I remember the Gilded Mouse. That was so funny :-))

I think we will now getting again those "Jake walking", "Jake crossing the street" pictures.

Jakes car is the silver/white one- you can see it at IHJ - he is opening the cars door.

Next year will be busy for Jake - filming in March, then PoP promotion, perhaps "Moon project" filming starts, promotion for LAOD (I have read this one will be released in the fall?).

Chica said...

Oh how I miss the Gilded Moose! They had the best commentary on the Jake walking around posts.

Jake is getting into silvery type car, the red car is in front of it.

Yes it will be very busy next year for Mr. G. which will be great for him and us!

Didn't get to comment on the last thread Bobbyanna about watching old flicks on Youtube. I have to admit i'm a fan of TCM and probably know all the dialog for Casablanca, Wuthering Heights and Mildred Pierce!!

My favorite line in Pierce:

Veda to Mildred "My mother a waitress!" Veda, the all-time bitchest daughter ever!

Sag actor said...

The Sag nominations will be announced today, maybe they will show Brothers love!

mary said...

nice to see jake out and about again fingers crossed for the sag awards

Anonymous said...

He is wearing new jeans?
They look too baggy and scratchy.
Tighter, Jake, softer!

Monica said...

He is skinny!

No Sag for Brothers!

The HD video is much better. You can see more details of the action!

Sag actor said...

Nominations are in. No Brothers love here:

An Education
The Hurt Locker
Inglourious Basterds

Best Actress
Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side
Helen Mirren, The Last Station
Carey Mulligan, An Education
Gabby Sidibe, Precious
Meryl Streep, Julie & Julia

Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart
George Clooney, Up in the Air
Colin Firth, A Single Man
Morgan Freeman, Invictus
Jeremy Renner, The Hurt Locker

Matt Damon, Invictus
Woody Harrelson, The Messenger
Christopher Plummer, The Last Station
Stanley Tucci, The Lovely Bones
Christoph Waltz, Inglourious Basterds

Penelope Cruz, Nine
Vera Farmiga, Up in the Air
Anna Kendrick, Up in the Air
Diane Kruger, Inglourious Basterds
Mo'Nique, Precious

Anonymous said...

Close but no cigar. Jake's car:

Reese's car:

Both are white but there is one difference, guess?

Yeah I know but it reminds moe of when they started dating and we would do play detective!

He has lost so much weight!

Monica said...

Has a nonsense in that list. Diane Kruger?
I had such high hopes for Abbie Cornish!

Brothers is not on any such list of awards, because Lionsgate did not include the film in any film festival.

Anonymous said...

Remember the description of the character he will be playing in "Source".

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, sag actor! Well, I guess this is probably as close as we get to Oscar predictions. SAG nominees are pretty consistent with AMPAS. I am baffled by the love for Inglorious Basterds...which I did not see and shouldn't comment about. The critics panned it. Anna Kendricks, Diane Kruger, and Vera Famiga? Where's Marion Cotillard, Maggie, Natalie, Amy Adams

OK, not a red car.

(Chica, Joan's reaction to your Mildred Pierce line was priceless. She cried! LOL!) I love the exaggerated theatricality of the old classic movies! What's nuance??!

bobbyanna said...

Honestly, I'm glad Stanley Tucci made the cut, and I really am not surprised by any of the Best Actor noms(or BSAs), but I am thoroughly disappointed that Jake didn't make the cut. Especially with SAG.

Monica said...

Anon, I've never done this kind of game and not want to do. I want to stay away from that relationships of Jake.
Do not get me wrong, I always liked to see him with Reese, because I like her and they were a beautiful couple.
But I do not get so involved, because it is suffocating. You get involved and then when it does not work, you a little sad. As if you were part of the family, you know?
Moreover, it can become unhealthy.

He deserves respect. He is one of the greatest actors of the moment, a great talent, as a brazilian website reported yesterday that: an acclaimed actor.

We are fans and I think we should do it for him, even if he is not interested in our opinion.

Monica said...

It's just my opinion. Don't want to offend anyone!

Sorry for my english!

Chica said...

You are not offending me Monica, well said and your English is fine!

Thanks for the list Sag actor. I do think that this list will match up with AMPAS. BTW, I hat Quentin Tarantino! Disappointed but not surprised that Brothers was shut out.

Can't remember too many of the other actors from that era giving giving any kind of nuanced performances Bobbyanna, i'm sure there were if I went trough my classic DVD collection!

Extra said...

This is from the press conference Jake did on 12/3. This is where he says that quote about his Girlfriend regarding a Brothers question. He says it in the present tense. They take note that they break up rumors came after the interview. So if it was leaked on the 11/29, why was he talking like they were still together? He could have answered the question w/o bring Reese into it. Odd.

Love the HD pop video, thanks! Jake doesn't look too happy in these latest pics. Not surprised that Brothers didn't make the Sag list, Lionsgate sure screwed up bigtime.

Extra said...

I should say he made the comments in response to the interviewer asking about his views on family (they were talking about Maggie).

lawgoddess said...

The question is, how can Jake walk and be so hot at the same time?

Anonymous said...

Comnment under the picture of Jake in the article just mentioned how difficult he is to work with. Some people may see that and not read the article. Why is it then his co-stars speaks so highly of him.
I don't think Jim Sheridan thought he was difficult - just different in the way he approached acting. He thought it showed how the great actors can't be malable. He likes that.
As for Tobey - since Jake talked about hanging out with Tobey and his friends and having a good time why would he do that if he didn't like Tobey.
I do have to bring up the - not sure about him as a step-father. Why don't they run pictures of Jake taking a bouquet of flowers to Ava in her school play. Walking hand in hand with Deacon..putting both of them on his shoulders at various times. Of everything that would bother me the most to think that he had no interest in the kids just Reese, when that is so far from the truth.
She did keep saying in interviews and such she was a single mom taking care of her kids and always she liked the way things were and marriage wasn't even on her radar. Also didn't have the kids all the time because Ryan did. Also when she and Jake went out or went shopping, etc., if they weren't with Ryan at the time they were being taken care of by her Nanny and she had to of had one before she and Jake starting going together.
So - Happy Birthday in a few days Jake! He'll certainly have people around him who love him.

bobbyanna said...

Extra,that interview bothers me(!) It could have been "spun" or framed,or edited,to have some sensational,attention-getting angle that the writer is going for,and presents things different than Jake said,or meant them.

I'd prefer hearing it,or,best of all,seeing him being interviewed for that article. An innocent observation about a director's technique can be misinterpreted.

Jake's mother's a screenwriter,his dad's a director, so he understands the process. I've even read that his mom would test lines of dialogue from her scripts on him, asking him how a kid would say something, for example,or asking for feedback from him about stuff she's written.

To have a "civilian" comment on a scene or on some dialogue, get a fresh reaction, and get a re-write as a result, wouldn't be unusual for Sheridan.He's always concerned about authenticity and about the inclusiveness with his work. It's the essence of "collaborative.":)

I don't think Jake has a reputation for being difficult to work with. I also don't think he is so self-centered,or self absorbed,that he would see himself at the center, or be anxious about the Tobey stuff. How petty!That part rings very false to me.

Monica said...

Thank you, extra! Great interview!

Jake Gyllenhaal has a reputation for being difficult.

This is a characteristic of one who loves what he does. He gives himself totally his profession.
All these tensions and conflicts are normal.

UltraViolet said...

Definitely an odd interview, with everything spun in the worst or most exaggerated way. It's a shame, because there's some interesting stuff in there. I like how non-US outlets get more in-depth than the usual questions.

I think we've heard Sheridan speak affectionately about Jake, and Jake about him, so I think the reporter got that wrong.

Saying Jake is difficult in the caption wasn't right, I agree. I think he does challenge directors, and also that is focus can be challenging. But it's not diva-esque.

The stuff about Tobey was also interesting - admitting to competition and awkwardness.

I'd love to see/hear Jake talk more about this but I don't know if Lionsgate will do any UK/Euro promotion.

It makes me sad that we probably wont get to hear Jake talk about the children in his life. It sounds like he might have been at a point to open up about it a bit.

UltraViolet said...

I agree, Monica. And I forgot to say thanks to Extra for the link.

The earlier comments made me even more nostalgic for The Moose. Too bad it went away.

Monica said...

I think the interviewer wanted to provoke him. He must have heard all these stories about him being someone difficult and even arrogant and decided to ask these questions to intimidate him or try to draw something.
He even remembered the competition between him and Maggie.

I liked the interview.

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, at least the interview was different. And I'm sure Jake can be a pain on the set! But it's in the interest of the work, not of his own ego.

Well, not completely :)

Anonymous said...

Jake has said he and Maggie have always liked the idea of talking about scenes with directors. They were brought up to question and try to get the best work out doubt that may seem like a pain at times esp. from someone who doesn't want anything "changed".
Being confident does not mean being arrogant...arrogant people inore everyone but themselves. Jake always seems to be more than happy to speak well of people he works with that he admires.
Natalie thought it was great to work with someone who could do a scene 3 different ways or always add something to it they hadn't before.
Of course he wants to be seen as someone who is right about things . But he always says he learns from each movie.
He wants to be the best he can be, but also wants everyone else to be the best too.
Loved RDJ's comment about them doing a scene in Zodiac where Jake really was upset by how things were going (as was RDJ & Mark R. at times during the movie) but you see the scene and you would never know that because that is the sign of a true professional actor. One of the reasons RDJ admires him.
There have been enough stories from actors who give interviews and then see it in print and see all kinds of slants to it that weren't what they thought was going on.
We see articles too that have taken comments from other articles and put them together and the "writer" of the article makes it sound like they were interviewing them.
I think it was Johnny Depp who said years ago he refused to do an interview with some magazine and he sees this magazine and there is an interview with him which was completely made up.

Anonymous said...

Where were all the stories of him being difficult and arrogant..
He works differently than a lot of actors so directors have to get use to him. Sam Mendez found that out but also said of him he has the highest regard for him.
He's not afraid to speak up - nothing wrong with that.
Also every movie set can have its tensions because of just the nature of the work and the time they have to do it. So many little things that can go wrong in just the filming of something, exp. outdoors. Imagine directors esp. are constantly tense.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

It's been awhile since we have seen the Jake waliking around L.A. pictures! He does look a bit TOO thin. Whatever happened to the Gilded Moose? Damn I miss that blog.

He always does more interesting interviews for the foreign press IMO. He reveals a lot more, like here.

His "problems" with directors are a result of him caring about his character/performances IMO . Also his father being a director and his Mom being a screenwriter comes into play as well.

I was a bit sad too UV reading about the comments about the children in his life.

Thanks for the link Extra and thanks for the SAG list Sag Actor! No surprises except to me anyway Diane Kruger,as you said Monica, nonsense! I was hoping for at least best ensemble for Brothers.

bobbyanna said...

Jake's not some "diva" who'd conduct himself on a set, at the expense of the other actors or director. He may challenge,or question, but maybe he does it because he wants to feel like it's true and he's going where he needs to go with the character. He's still serving the story,and the director's vision.

I think Jake brings a prespective to a project that enriches the final result; something unexpected and wonderful,a new way of seeing things.He's worked with some important directors who all speak well of him. The results are what counts.

Tweety said...

Well we will know where Jake is on 1/13, it's in Park Slope Brooklyn:

twheresweevil: SUSPENSE RT @826NYC Our 1st 2010 event will be 1/13 w/Mario Batali & Mike Myers & Will Shortz & Jake Gyllenhaal. But WHAT will we be doing?!
13 minutes ago from Echofon ·

I think that this is great, I remember Jake mentioning the writing program when he visited the prisons to do reserch for Brothers. This program is for 6 - 16. Damn, I'm thinking about Ava and Deacon, ok i'll stop.

Yes, even walking around Jake looks sexy though clearly annoyed here. Thanks for that article, I was wondering when anything from that press conference would show up. The interview is certainly more frank than the usual US stuff.

Josie said...

Hopefully we will see more of Jake walking pictures, not the most exciting thing but I miss seeing him!

Wise words Monica on the whole situation, I just hope it eventually runs it course and we don't get another "eruption".

I'm still bitter too UV.

suvee said...

Thanks, extra....that was a very interesting interview. I much prefer substantive pieces like this to the fluff pieces, even if I don't necessarily agree with the interviewer's interpretation. Although.....

And I'm sure Jake can be a pain on the set! But it's in the interest of the work, not of his own ego.

.... I have to agree with UV. So it's not hard for me to imagine that some people might dismiss him as being "difficult".

I know I should be grateful to finally see pics of him out and about again, but I can't really enjoy these. He looks too thin and too empty (if that makes sense).

Anonymous said...

I just watched the first few minutes of The Insider (Yeah, I know) anyway they had a bit on J&R, he wanted to get married, she didn't, the Us Weekly story. They added 2 things from someone with "sources" that she was also worried that he wasn't mature enough because he had only one other long relationship with Dunst. That makes no sense whatsover considering she has been dating him for 2 1/2 years and she just realizes this? Their twist on the potential stepfather thing was different: That she plans to keep Jake in her kids lives becasue he loves them , etc. So expect them to be seen with him on occasion.

All BS probably but it's interesting how different outlets put a spin on things.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for Maggie to say - "Now wait Just a minute!"
Jake likes to kid and all, but one of the things about him has been what seems to be someone who is older than his years when it comes to understanding of things and common sense.
I do think that the relationship couldn't go any further because she had no interest in getting married and he did.
It's kinda funny you hear so much about how men don't want to make commitments. Hello.
As been said before there will probably be no answer to any of this from him. At least not at the moment.
As for the current pictures. Of course he's not feeling like the happiest guy on earth but he's walking to a car. Most of us don't walk and laugh or smile when we're walking down the street.
There have always been pictures of him walking where he doesn't smile through the whole number of pictures.
Of course now the paps will be saying things and I'm sure Reese will be hearing things too.
As time goes on and more things come into their lives that part should change.

Anonymous said...

No one knows anything. They are speculating and piecing stuff together from old gossip stories. This is Jake and Reese not the Kardashians!
There is nothing new.

Anonymous said...

From Another Anon.
I notice that too in the articles. You can go back to US & People of a couple years ago when they were finally letting people know they were a couple and find those same quotes from sources about him wanting all her time or they have nothing in common. I don't think they have printed much new about them.
Also was thinking that Reese does have a busy schedule and sometimes have to go places for Avon and other things she may be involved with where she isn't able to take the kids. That being away from them has nothing to do with Jake.

Anonymous said...

A Jake encounter

Anonymous said...

One thing i'm curious about is that tweet about J&R on 12/12 the night of the VGA's. It was a re-tweet of a private tweet so it was only seen by everyone for a bit.

The person that originally tweeted it has her account set to private so you can't search her tweets, re-tweets are pulled by the owner of the account. I know because i accidently re-twweted a private tweet and was chewed out, I was only suppose to resond to the tweet, not re-tweet the whole damn thing!

Anyway most of her followers have protected tweets as well. She definately works in the food industry, most likey works at the same place that guy re-tweeted her tweet.

Ok, I obviously have too much time on my hands but if the was legit, and I believe it was and since the reported split was amicible maybe they were just having dinner as friends although doing that so soon after a break-up would be odd.

Just something I thought about.

Anonymous said...

I suppose it was only a matter of time.

Anne Hathaway: Digging on Jake Gyllenhaal?

Tacky,. tacky said...

Geez how tacky, Anne has a BF. They couldn't at least wait for a week to start the BS? Although they are accusing her of sniffing around (implying that she may cheat on her BF), the headlines are screaming that he is heartbroken.

Reminds me of when J&R broke up in 2007 and within days they were trying to pair him up with Jessica Simpson!

I wish Jake had better handlers, so much tabloid crap surrounds him and some people forget about his movies. His shouldn't be tabloid fodder but he has going back to his days with Kiki and although they don't have control of what the tacky gossip blogs put out there, they never seem to put the fire out of most of the stuff since I have peen following him.

Anne has too much class for this nonsense and I hope her reps at least puts a end to this or unless they think it's too dumb to respond.

I was actually shocked when his rep responded so quickly a few weeks back but I have a feeling the rep won't say anything this time.

mary said...

not much they can do about the gossip mags best to just annoy thme the stars all know this comes with part of the high profile lifes

bye! said...

It's not just "gossip rags." How are we different from them if we are "fans" and we are doing the same kind of guessing and speculating as the "professional" gsossips! We are peddling the same rumors. There is nothing new. These discussions are pointless.

Sheba baby said...

Yes it is pointless to speculate. We don't know what went on and it's none of our business.

I was a bit sad when it was confirmed but I wish them well, they will go on. Jake mentioned something about news cycles I just wish the news cycle on his personal life would end, I would like to foucus on his movies. He has to be hurting now and I feel for him but enough.

Love the encounter story, thanks anon. I think I prefer that now than the paps taking pics of him at this point, he doesn't look happy here and I can't blame him. I hope things settle down soon.

I liked that interview, thanks Extra! The interviewer definately provoked him but that's the way you get an interesting interview, not the usual fluff.

agent_krycek said...

Can we just put a stop to the idea of Anne and Jake, she's a beautiful lady, and they'd be a lovely couple, but could you imagine the size of any future offspring's eyes - they'd look like flipping bush babies :0

nel said...

I have heard there's two worst times to bother a celebrity. One is when they are eating at a public restaurant and the other time is when they are working on the set. It was nice that Jake visited with them for a minute even though he was polite when he said no. I would feel so embarrassed if I asked someone and they said no!

JF said...

Anne, Jake...I like the idea. She's talented, nice and fun. Also she doesn't have children, which will make dating much easier.
I think she'd be a good match.
But as of now it's just a rumor... ;)

UltraViolet said...

I think we all agree that the speculation is pointless, and we've been trying to stay away from it. The only way to stop it is to talk about other things.

The Anne H rumors are absurd, but I'm happier to see those in my google search than more "Jake is broken-hearted" stories.

The Comme Ca encounter was a nice story. I'm glad Jake had a friendly encounter - can totally understand him not wanting to have his picture taken.

This is an old encounter, someone who saw Jake and Reese at that Carrie Fisher party for Rufus Wainwright a couple of years ago. Nothing speculative, just a recounting of the meeting. And the person mentions Lucy, aka Alice, as Jake referred to her in his KCRW show, lol.

I just looked at the KCRW Guest DJ page, and Jake was surrounded by chefs he likes. Jose Andres did the week before Jake, and Alice Waters did this week.

Tweety said...

Jake is in NY:

lindsayy: Literally bumped into jake gyllenhaal or however you spell it
18 minutes ago from txt · Reply · View Tweet

mary said...

not surpised he went to new york imagine hell stay there for his birthday and christmas with his family

Anonymous said...

Tobey, Robert Downey, Jr. and Natalie are in New York, too, I think. Tonight is the end of Hanukkah, and tomorrow it will be
Jake's birthday, so I hope he has lots of good friends to celebrate with! Also he can disappear in New York easier, maybe.

sheba said...
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